HttpHandlers / Modules :: Download Files Are Corrupt

Dec 20, 2010

IE and Firefox (but not Chrome and Opera) not downloading the whole installer sometimes. File should be about 10 MB but is about 5-7 MB after download.I had written source code to download file as diffrent name than name in filesystem which may be the source of trouble. This is my code:


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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Files Won't Download From Website When The Site Has A Custom HTTP Handler Mapped

Nov 28, 2010

When I have a HttpHandler class in C#/ASP.NET mapped to a file extension in IIS any file with that extension fails to download/display in web browsers (it's downloaded as a 0-byte file in some browsers and nothing at all in other browsers). After removing the application mapping for the HttpHandler in IIS so it doesn't call the IHttpHandler class in C#, the web browser downloads the file successfully.

This was tested with an IHttpHandler class in C# that has an empty ProcessRequest method.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Redirect Shareware Download URL From A File To A Download Page?

Oct 13, 2010

I'm about to submit my pad file to multiple sharware sites but the pad file has to have a direct link to the download file and can't link to a download page which is what I would like to do, so I can track the traffic and get the downloader's email before allowing the download. I am running an ASP.NET site in VB. Is there a way to tell the web app to redirect to a specific aspx page when it receives a request for a specific file?

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Download Image Automatically From URL Link?

May 10, 2010

I want to download images from third-party server. for that third-party provide url link for each page.

samples are provideded below.


when click on each link it will give an image in browser window.

i want to store each image automatic in server.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: How To Know When A User Finish His File Download Successfully

Aug 8, 2010

i am doing a page to sell files online

the paying method is by a card or bank account and the customer is not registered to the site so i want to make sure that the customer has downloaded the file successfully after that the system completes the payment operation.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Setting Path Of Download Binary File From Sql Database?

Feb 9, 2011

I'm downloading a binary file from a SQL database to a client machine and want to instead download it to a folder on a server. THe code I'm using is below. How would I change the .AddHeader(I assume) to send the file to a folder on my server rather than the computer running the web page.Protected Sub download(ByVal dt As DataTable)

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Website Is Ignoring System.Web.HttpForbiddenHandler And Allowing Download Of Web.config

Sep 9, 2010

My website is allowing the web.config file to be downloaded. However in my C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727CONFIGweb.config file I have this line

path="*.config" verb="*" type="System.Web.HttpForbiddenHandler" validate="true"/>

Which should mean any config file can't be downloaded.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Execute Files From Different Website?

Feb 22, 2011

Is it possible to execute files from a different site in IIS than the one that's actually served? My problem is that my webhost allows for subdomains, but couples the subdomain with another folder than the default folder..

When opening i get the files from public_html on the ftp, but opening gets me the files from the test-folder

I need the subdomain to execute the files from public_html, but the support says that's not possible :( I was hoping some of the brilliant minds in here might have an idea.. I can of course add files and code to the subdomain-directory, but I wouldn't know what to write in like a httpmodule or something like that

I don't know which security settings that comes into play here, all I know is that the server is running IIS ASP.NET 4.0

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Accessing Files On Another Server Using Httphandler?

Oct 29, 2010

I need to access image files (.jpg) on a server other than the web server my app runs on. I would like to use an httphandler to do this but I am unsure of the syntax to specify the path. I have tried mapping a drive on the web server to the file server but that didn't work. I have tried using a UNC path but that did not work either.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Adding MIMEType For .msg (MS Outlook) Files?

Apr 21, 2010

I have an asp page that allows users to view documents, so far all document type are working great. But when I try to open an .msg file It doesnt know what program to use. I did some digging and found that this is probably because the MIMEType is not listed in my IIS. I know I need to add .msg "application/" But the MSDN post that I read said to open up the IIS MMC and right click on the local computer listed and go to properties. Properties does not appear as an option for me on the local computer list (I am assuming that this is because I am running IIS 5.1 on an XP machine, rather than IIS 6) I did find another post where someone said to do the following:

right click on my app

-> HTTPHeaders

-> File Types

->Insert values ".MSG" and Content Types as "application/"


I was able to do this, but it did not fix the problem. how to add an MIMEType correctly in IIS 5.1?

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Large Files Over Httphandler And IIS7 Out Of Memory?

Oct 4, 2010

I have a problem with large respones and IIS7, the server runs out of memory. I've written the test code below that works pretty much like my real code... When i start to download the file i can se the memory usage rise until it hits 100% and Firefox complaints about lost connection to server, looks like IIS7 does not release cache or something.. Works in IIS6 by the way


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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Global.asax 301 Redirect Fails On .HTM Files, But Works Fine Elsewhere?

Mar 4, 2011

I just bought an old domain name and am looking to redirect as many old URLs as possible to acquire backlinks intended for the original owner for pagerank reasons. The original site had a lot of static pages ending in .htm which need to be redirected to directories. I use httpcontext in my Global.asax file to initiate 301 redirects and this works great on folder names or .aspx files, but whenever I try to redirect a .htm it fails.

Sample code:

if (HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.ToString().ToLower().Contains(""))
HttpContext.Current.Response.Status = "301 Moved Permanently";[code]....

I also tried using my Parallels H-Sphere interface provided by my hosting company to do a IIS redirect, but whenever I hit submit the page just starts an infinate loop of sending a request.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Entry Type Of IIS Custom Modules?

Jan 26, 2010

After adding a custom module, Module list is showing MyModule "Entry Type" as "Local".

and Entry Type of all other modules is "Inherited".

what is Entry Type and difference between "Local" and "Inherited"?

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Web Forms :: BinaryWrite Image From Database Is Corrupt On Download?

Feb 18, 2011

We have been downloading Office 2003 documents stored in our database as images successfully using our ASP.NET 2.0 web portals. We recently started storing Office 2007 documents and though they upload without issue, the download and render does not work. The file opens with the error - "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened". It is only with Office 2007 files we see this. The web server supports the Office 2007 MIME types. We also apply the correct content-type when uploading a file to the database. Sample BinaryWrite code below. Is there something I am overlooking unique to Office 2007 files?

Dim MyData()
MyData = dreader("document")
Response.ContentType =
"attachment; filename=" & dreader("file_name").ToString)

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Regarding Http Modules Execution?

Jun 8, 2010

is httpmodules executed each and every time in request and response cycle ?? if Yes is it possible to disable a specific http module ??

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Httphandlers And Http Modules?

Feb 7, 2011

How do we findout the whether the application is using any HTTPModules and httphandler in the applicaion?Is there anyway to findout from the url without checking the web.config file?

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Url To A Subdomain Is That Possible

Jul 2, 2010

I got a website [URL] and I want to redirect to so if
folder has a page called example1.aspx [URL]

It should be called in this way: Is that possible that using IIS 7 and 4.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: What Is Httphandler In .net

Mar 3, 2010

what is httphandler?what is the use ?

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: URL Rewriting On IIS 7.0?

Apr 1, 2010

I have a HttpModule that rewrites the url:

eg: Folder/StaticPage.aspx?PageName=TestPage is re-written as


This works fine on my local dev. machine on the Cassini server. But when its hosted in IIS (5.1 & 7.0) it fails to work, with the error as 404 Page Not Found.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: HttpModule Is Not Working

Jan 24, 2010

I have written simple http module just to print Hello. but it is not working.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: HTTPHandler -> Session_End

Oct 19, 2010

I am using Httphandler to access my pages. Have Loginstatus Control on the master pages.

OnLoggingOut for the Loginstatus control I am doing a Session.abandon()... But My session_end

does not get called in the Gobal.asax.I tried link button and everything. but when I take out the httphandler the Session_end gets executed in global.asax

I can handle the full session end on my own but is there any way to call Session_end in global.asax?

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Ampersand In URL = Bad Request

Feb 24, 2010

If I have an & in the URL I get a bad request. I have followed the instructions at [URL] but still no luck. If I remove


from web.config it works. Encoding the URL does not help.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: How To Attach A PDF To MailMessage

Apr 22, 2010

I am trying to attach a pdf to a MailMessage, but it is not a file, rather it is a web page.

Allthough the pages respondes the PDF normaly, when I am attatching the IO.Stream to MailMessage, it is only 300B, so it cannot be opened.

This is the code:


Also I tried this one, but failed too:


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HttpHandlers / Modules :: How To Url Rewriting Like As Subdomain

Jan 4, 2011

I wants to url rewriting like as subdomain.

For example my website is so that now i wants to url rewriting like ,,,

In my website there are list of client whenever click on client my url like this

Now i wants to url rewriting like as

Also whenever once client is registered,After that client can directly open site

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: URL Rewriting And IIS 6 Subdomain?

Jun 16, 2010

I have created my url rewrite handler and its working fine, but on live site i have IIS 6
and its not accepting the subdomain requests

when i type
it works fine but with
i got the error Server not found

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