Images Flickering On First Hover

Oct 7, 2011

I am having a problem trying to prevent my linkbutton hover images from flickering the first time. It only happens on the web server (Windows Server 2008/ II7). So, for example, I have the CSS below for the LinkButton. When the user first hovers over the Submit link then it flickers like it's loading the Submit_hover.png on the fly. I guess my server is a dog (slow) but is there a good way to get it to preload the hover images on the page?

HTML Code:
background-image: url('Images/Buttons/Submit.png');
background-repeat: no-repeat;

[Code] .....

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I have three drop downs in One update panel based on which Text box(in second update panel) value will get updated which is date basically. now when i change the value of text box the values in the drop down should get populated as well. While Selecting the values in drop down and textboxes the dropdowns keep on flickering. Do I need something extra so that Dropdowns wont flicker...

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Feb 5, 2010

i have a menu control which i get text from a sitemap.

But i want to use hover images and static images? can this be achieved?

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I have a website that uses a master page that contains the navigation for the site.The navigation buttons are images.Some of the navigation button images have hover menus tied to them.Those hover menus contain several image buttons, so as to create a drop down menu affect.The problem I have is when any of the pages are loading all of my hover menu image buttons flash on the left side of the screen for a second or less as the page is being rendered.Can this be stopped?

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Update A Telerik RadChart Without It Flickering?

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Is it possible to update the Chart without reloading the whole chart again and if so how?

My site flicker like this example from Telerik: link text

I'm using:

* Telerik RadChart (with horizontal bars)
* asp:timer
* updatepanel
* scriptmanager

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My current project required add/edit functionality in the same page without flickering.

To fill the textbox,fileuploader & dropdown list etc while updating the contents.

I searched google,but fileuploader not working properly in the ajax update panel

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I am using jlinq a library for extending linq to json and hence i filter my json data. Consider i have a json data that draws a yui datatable on page load with 100 rows. I am doing a clientside filter which will reduce my json data and i am now redrawing the same datatable. What happens is it works pretty well but with an annoying flickering effect...

I call the below method from onkeyup event of the filter textbox,


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Feb 5, 2010

I used modalpopup extender in my application. when the page is loading modalpopups are flikering so it is not looking nice.

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AJAX :: Toolkit Combo Box List Scroll Bar Flickering?

Feb 13, 2011

I'm using the Ajax control toolkit Combo box for filtering purpose. If the number of items in the combo box is more and when i try to select an item in the drop down list, the scroll bar in the list automatically flickers in Internet explorer.I read the known issues section in the Asp.Net Ajax control toolkit website, and they say that When ListItemHoverCssClass is specified and the ComboBox list is scrollable, highlighting a list item will cause the scrollbar to flicker when using the Internet Explorer web browser. To avoid this issue, do not specify the ListItemHoverCssClass property.Am not using any ListItemHoverCssClass Property but still it flickers. Please help me on any work around to solve this. I know Auto Complete extender is a best solution instead of combo box, but the clients need combox that should list everything along with editing in the text box.

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Prevent Flickering On Click Of Browser Back Button?

Apr 12, 2010

I am working on Asp.Net application.I wrote the below JavaScript code to prevent the user to not going to login page on click of browser back button when he logs into the application.It is working fine for me,but from the homepage when i click on browser back button,the flickering appears due to post back.How to prevent the flickering.

`function preventBack()
setTimeout("preventBack()", 0);

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AJAX :: Reduce Image Flickering Visual Studio 2005?

Aug 10, 2010

I have a program that will update the graph (using zedgraph) every 60 sec. Every update it will reload a new image file, when reloading there always flickering effect. Anyone can advice me to reduce the flickering so that it will look much more smooth than flickering.

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AJAX :: How To Stop ModalPopupExtender Flickering On Page Load And PostBack

May 7, 2015

I used popup in my page below is my code:

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="Upbdt2" runat="server">
<asp:ModalPopupExtender DropShadow="true" ID="ModalPopupExtender2" PopupControlID="PnPopup2"
runat="server" TargetControlID="BtnPopup2">

[Code] ....

When I click on BtnPopup2 it show popup menu...

I have other button BTNinsert that when I click on this button it insert data into database now problem is that when I click on  BTNinsert it show popup for 1 second  and after that insert data into  database and if I refresh page it shows popup again for 1 second I want when I click on BTNinsert or refresh page it doesn't show popup just for a second...

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AJAX :: Displaying A Modalpopup Programmatically With In Serverside Code - Panel Flickering

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I am displaying a Modalpopup programmatically with in serverside code. The Panel's Style is set to display:none.. But when I click on the target control id (which is inside the Grid) , the panel loads fully in the page itself and then displays the modal popup.

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How To Set Visited And Hover Programmatically

Feb 5, 2010

How to programatically set a:visited and a:hover programatically? I am dynamically building up some hyperlinks server side and want to know how to specify unique css behaviour for each link. Otherwise I would set them all in a stylesheet.

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Calendar Control On Hover Over A Day?

Dec 9, 2010

I was wondering if it was possible to have a div layer or something like that, that can be displayed when you hover over a day on the calendar control. I have done it with a tooltip so that when a day has some data in it and i hover over that day the data is displayed in the tooltip.

I would like to take this further by having a styled div or something like that. Take a look at the link below. go into the site and on the right hand side towards the bottom is a calendar.. hover over the highlighted days to see what i would like to acheive.


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C# - Looking For Hover Link Information?

Dec 14, 2010

how can i get the effect that when u point over a link an information is shown in a box which tells u what that link does.

its like when you hover over a link a box explains its i need to use the ajax - hovermenuextender for this??

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MVC :: Add A Hover Over On Form Fields?

Aug 3, 2010

I am currently designing a MVC Application and I am up the point where I want to add Hover Over information to the fields I have on my forms. The code for these forms take this standard approach:


I need to know How I would say in the case above add a Hover Over Event to the "TblName" field which would then provide some descriptive information to the user in order to provide them with more information?

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AJAX :: Add Hover Menu To GridView?

Mar 21, 2011

I wanted to replicate this on my website. I already hava a gridview with data from my database, and now i wnated to add the hover menu to each row of the gridview. How can i accomplish this?

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C# - Change Picture On Mouse Hover?

Dec 31, 2010

How to set in ASP.NET for ImageButton to change picture on mouse hover?

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Web Forms :: Hover Text In Link?

Mar 6, 2011

i have a link, i want the text "abcde" will come when mouse is pointed to that link, is ti possible or i need css or other stuff?

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Javascript - Jquery Hover() Not Firing?

Jan 20, 2011

I have a ASP.NET user control with the below markup:

<script id="myTemplate" type="text/x-jquery-tmpl">
<table id="t1"><tr>...<td class="myclass"><span>First Name:</span></td>...< r> < able>
<table id="t2"><tr>...<td class="myclass"><span>First Name:</span></td>...< r> < able>

I want to fire the hover() for all classes with class="myClass". I have placed the below code:

$(document).ready(function() {
function() {
function() {

The problem is .hover() fires for td element in table "t2" but not for "t1".

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JQuery Hover Does Not Work Mozilla?

Jun 15, 2010

I have the following Snippet of code.The hover has a problem in Mozilla - It changes color on hover but some times it does not revert back when we go out.Mind you it only happens sometimes.Also in such cases if I examine the HTML using FireBug I can see that the Extra Class is assigned even after hover is out.It works OK on IE .This is a simplified versionAlso as you can see I am setting color on the TR.But this does not change the Color on TextBoxes inside TR. How can I make sure the background color of the Controls contained in the TR is also changed on hover.

<style type="text/css">


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Oct 17, 2012

I want to show a div on the hover of a hyperlink and suppose i have five hyperlinks and i have to show different divs for each hyperlink.

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May 4, 2010

Trying to find in the internet and in this forum answer to my problem, I created a compositecontrol where a Menu control is created when this custom control (.dll) is loaded and generated at runtime, no problem, as menu control is generated ok, but having problem with spacing between MenuItems and Hover won't work. I am using XmlDataSource to supply data to the Menu Control (menu item data comes from a xml).
I am trying to set width of the rendered page elements, to control spacing it does not work, and also set a "hover" css class to mnuCtrl.StaticHoverStyle.CssClass and mnuCtrl.DynamicHoverStyle.CssClass and it doesnot work.

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JQuery :: Simple Hover Effect On Image?

Mar 13, 2011

I have a simple page with 4 thumbs. All I want to do is when the mouse is hovering over a link, the thumb to move up like it's hovering. When the mouse leaves the link, then the the thumb moves down to it's original spot.

I can't seam to find any tutorials on how to create that effect. I tried bing and google but none of them are what I'm trying to do.

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