JQuery :: How To Validate A Group Then Render A Single Error Message

Feb 18, 2011

How to validate a group then render a single error message?

Below returns error message on each field.


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JQuery :: How To Validate A Textboxes Using Single Javascript Method

Jul 24, 2010

i am working on asp.net, for example in a form they are 10 text boxes i want to validate each textbox if it is empty it should display a alert message.

how to achieve this by using a single javasript method. can we pass texbox as an argument into javascript how to achieve this

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JQuery :: Customized Message For Validate - It Works In Chrome But Not IE

Mar 29, 2011

The following code doesn't work with customized CSS.

AddClass('Message'). It works in Chrome but not IE.


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JQuery :: Validate Message Disappearing In Update Panel?

Oct 25, 2010

I am having an issue where i have fields on a form that contains an update panel that i want to do Jquery validation on. The issue is when i click the OK button, the validation error message appears then goes away. the code is below:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %>
<%@ Register Assembly="AjaxControlToolkit" Namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" TagPrefix="asp" %>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<head id="Head1" runat="server">
<title>Project Management System</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.3.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.microsoft.com/ajax/jquery.validate/1.7/jquery.validate.js"></script>......

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Web Forms :: Displaying Error Message Of Validation Controls On A Single Literal Or Label?

Mar 24, 2010

This is something thats been bugging me for a while. I can't even remember if I fixed this before or not. What I'm trying to do is display a single error message for all validation controls on my page. I think this is possible if you write your own javascript function for a Custom Control, hiding the error message, and displaying it on a single control. Writting all the javascript for this and then refering to the control with "GetElementByID". But can I use controls like RequiredFieldValidator, and make them display messages on one single control without having to write javascript for each one of them? One single message on one single literal or label or whatever, at the bottom of the page, that says "fill in the compulsary fields" or something
similar. I find it very annoying having a list of validators underneath each other with different messages.

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JQuery :: JQuery Validate Plugin To Add Rules To Validate ASCX Custom User Control?

Mar 6, 2011

I would like to know how to use jQuery's Validate plugin to add rules to validate controls in ASCX custom user control?

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Web Forms :: Sending Message To A Group Without Using Message.to.add(recipient)?

Jan 28, 2010

I would like to write a loop that sends an smtp message to a list of emails that I'm getting from a database.

I wrote a loop where I used message.to.add(recipient) first to add all the emails to the recipients collection.

However when the e-mail was received each recipient sees the entire list of recipients. How do I send to only

one recipient at a time, or prevent each recipient from seeing who all the other recipients are?

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MVC3 JQuery Validate Plugin Custom Error Placement?

Feb 16, 2011

I am trying to handle errorPlacement JQuery Validate plugin in ASP.NET MVC 3 Project with Unobtrusive validation provided by Microsoft. I am never able to hit the errorPlacement function and I am not sure what am I doing wrong. I am providing the code for Model/View/Controller below. Please let me know what am I doing wrong? View

<%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage<Project.Models.SampleModel>" %>
<!DOCTYPE html>


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Render A Group Of Object Relationships Like Visio?

Apr 8, 2010

Does anyone know of a control or a way to render a group of object relationships like visio? Right now I just have them sitting inside nested divs, but it's not as slick as everything being connected with lines in a flow

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LINQ Group By And Compare Date Error Message - The Conversion Of A Char Data Type To A Datetime Data Type

Jan 27, 2011

I have the following:


I keep getting this error:

Message = "The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value."

What i'm trying to do is group by ContentObjectId and then get StartDate that is greater than today.

I'm using entity framwork and MS SQL2008

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How To Validate More Than One Validation Group At A Time

Mar 13, 2010

VWD 2008 Express. Visual Basic.

I have two validationsummary controls on my page for aesthetic reasons. Each control is assigned a validation group (StudentInfo and Grades). validation controls in the upper part of my page are in validationgroup StudentInfo and those in the bottom part of my page are in validationgroup Grades.

However, I only have one "Save" button control that causes validation. I want the Save button to validate both groups of controls, but it appears to only allow one Validation group to be specified in its properties.

Is there a way to have a button cause validation for both groups?

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JQuery :: Validation Error Message - Place In The Specified Div Whose Class Is Putmehere?

Oct 3, 2010

I decided to use jquery validations because asp.net validation controls are so crazy inside the update panel.But I need to plase the error messages in the specified div whose class is putmehere ! I am unable to do that. here is my code;


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C# - Validate RadCaptcha From Code Behind / Without Using Validation Group

Nov 2, 2010

How Can We Check The Validation Of RadCaptcha From Code Behind - With Custom Validator(ServerValidate) / WithOut Using And Setting ValidationGroup ?

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MVC :: Multiple Views Render As A Single Page?

Mar 20, 2010

I have an MVC 1.0 project and I have created an IView extension so I'm able to render also xslt in addition to normal view form.

the content of each page must be dynamically changes (more or less a CMS), so I write some slots of content (xslt views) and I want to render one or more of this slots into a single page.

It easy to render just one, withe the viewextension or via partial render .. I dont know how to render more than 1. In classic asp the first option should be a virtual include. How can i do that? or smoething similar?

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Databases :: Multiple Select With Single Group By?

Jun 24, 2010

if we are trying to add the several columns in select statement and only one condition in group by.

how can we do that ?



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Web Forms :: Group Data Fields Into Single Value

Jun 19, 2012

Is it possible to group the values of different textboxes to a string....

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C# - How To Group Checkboxes To Restrict Selection To A Single Option

Jul 15, 2010

I'm trying to set up two check box's in a DataGrid so that only one can be checked at any one time.

At the moment, the following renders the existing state of the choice on screen:


How do I go about ensuring that if the user chooses ChoiceOne that any selection of ChoiceTwo will be unselected and vice versa? Is there any way to state in the DataGrid control that these two checkboxes are grouped together?

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Possible To Send A Message To A User Group

Feb 11, 2010

I would like to be able to send a notice (New Content) to a user group so if they log into the system or if they are already logged in it would show a message to say there is new content, in addition to this I would like to system to send an email to a user group I have configured smtp in my application asp.net vb

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Can Validate A Single Field Alone

Apr 6, 2010

i have a field DOB, i want to validate only this field when i give causes validation True for this field, What happens is it validates all the fields in the page are validate. Can we assign validation for particular fields.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Validate From Group Of Radiobutton To Select At-lease One Radio Button

Dec 9, 2010

I have the below code. I want to validate at least one rediobutton to be selected from the group of radiobuttons.


In the output i am getting morethan one radio buttons depending on the data which i added in the database. Before submit i want to validate atlease one radiobutton to be selected using javascript.

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SQL Reporting :: Using ReportViewer.LocalReport.Render() Method To Export Single Report Multiple Times?

Oct 21, 2010

I'm using the ReportViewer control on my .aspx page which displays a single report based on various user parameter selections. Dropdown2 is dependent on the DropDown1 selection (i.e. the user selects Unit A from DropDown1 and that results in 10 selections under Dropdown2, or the user selects Unit B from DropDown1 and that results in 15 selections under DropDown2, and so on). The user makes the selections, clicks the "Run Report" button, and the report displays as expected. The user then can export to Excel or PDF

I've received a request to allow users to run the report for all possible selections and export to their desired format rather than having to run the report for each separate DropDown1 and DropDown2 selection. So in other words, they don't even want to see the report on the screen, they just want to be able to click a button that runs the report for all possible parameter selections and export it to a single Excel or PDF document.

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JQuery Validate Plugin MS MVC Won't Validate?

Oct 25, 2010

I'm trying out the jQuery Validation plugin jQuery Docs Here is the markup of my form:

<% using (Html.BeginForm("action", "contoller", null, FormMethod.Post, new { id = "sxform" })){%>
<div id="manifest">
Manifest Option:<br />
<%= Html.DropDownList("docid", ViewData["manifests"] as SelectList, new { @class = "required" })%>
<div id="release">
Release Version:<br />
<%= Html.TextBox("release", null, new { @class = "required" })%>
<div id="locale">
Localization:<br />
<%= Html.DropDownList("localization", ViewData["localizations"] as SelectList, new { @class = "required" })%>
<div id="label">
Label:<br />
<%= Html.TextBox("label", null, new { @class = "required" })%>
<div id="session">
Session ID (optional):<br />
<%= Html.TextBox("sessionInput", null, new { @class = "required" })%>
<div id="submit"><input type="submit" value="Build" /></div>
<% } %>

I am using MS MVC HTML Helpers to render this form. The resulting markup looks fine. IE each input and selection element contains the attribute 'class' with the value 'required'. When I submit this form the validation does noting.

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How To Validate Two Textboxes At Single Button Click Using Vb.net

Nov 22, 2010

How to validate two textboxes at single button click using vb.net ?

it shows an error :

Protected Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
If TextBox1 = "06:00:01 PM" & TextBox2.Text = "02:00:01 PM" Then
MsgBox "Submit"
End If
End Sub

Whatz wrong with my this code ? I wanna validate two checkbox using if statement ... on Button click

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Validate A Single Property With The Fluent Validation Library For .Net

May 17, 2010

Can you validate just a single property with the Fluent Validation Library, and if so how? I thought this discussion thread from January of 2009 showed me how to do it via the following syntax:

validator.Validate(new Person(), x => x.Surname);

Unfortunately it doesn't appear this works in the current version of the library. One other thing that led me to believe that validating a single property might be possible is the following quote from Jeremy Skinners' blog post:

"Finally, I added the ability to be able to execute some of FluentValidation's Property Validators without needing to validate the entire object. This means it is now possible to stop the default "A value was required" message from being added to ModelState. "

However I do not know if that necessarily means it supports just validating a single property or the fact that you can tell the validation library to stop validating after the first validation error.

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JQuery :: Date Range Validation Using Jquery.validate File

Dec 30, 2010

has anyone implemented date range vaildation using jquery.validate file? when i m trying to implement it with mvc application its not working properly , as its working only for numeric types. wl range validator of jquery validate only numeric values ?

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