MVC 1- Model Binding With Disabled Textbox?

Apr 16, 2010

I have a textbox that I am defining as

<%= Html.TextBox("Username", Model.Form.Username,
new { @class = "textbox", @disabled = "disabled" })%>

In my action

public ActionResult EditLogin(LoginForm post) {
return View(model);

post.Username will be blank, all other properties bind correctly, but if I change @disabled="disabled to @readonly="readonly" the username binds properly and everything works. It looks like model binding ignores values in disabled fields. Is their a way around this? I still need the field's value to bind to the model. I can use readonly but would prefer to use disabled so it is visually apparent to the user that they cannot edit the value of the field.

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AJAX :: Avoid Model Popup Disabled On Postback?

Jan 6, 2011

How to avoid Model popup disabled on postback? I have a dropdown list in model popup control with autopost back="true". On post back am getting customer name. But on post model popup get disabled

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MVC :: JQuery Disabled TextBoxFor Causes Model Fields To Be Null?

Jul 19, 2010

So i'm working on the form that i started MVC with - the problem is that i'm NOT using a ViewModel for the view, its an actual Linq to SQL object. And so far it works fine. This form is a beast and id rather not refactor it to use viewmodels....

My big problem now is that depending some condition, i pretty much set almost everything to disabled when a particular dropdown is selcted (to mimic a deactivated state) - when the user hits submit, the model fields are now null, even tho you can see them filled in (just greyed out and unselectable) and validation refuses them.

Is there anyway around this other than to refactor the Views to use ViewModels (and set different validation rules so submit works)?

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C# - MVC - Binding Of Parameter To Model Value?

Jun 14, 2010

This seems like the model binding is causing me issues.Essentially I have a model called ProductOption and for the purpose of this question it has 2 fields

ID (Int) PK
ProductID (Int) FK

I have a standard route set-up



This is used to determine (on submit) if we are editing or adding a new option. However the Model binder in .net seems to replace .ID (Which was 0 when leaving the above get actionresult) with 1 (or the value of the id parameter in the URL)How can I stop or work around this?

public class ProductExtraModel
public int ID { get; set; }
public string Name { get; set; }
public int ProductID { get; set; }
public ProductModel Product { get; set; }

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MVC :: Possible Routing Or Model Binding Bug?

Dec 14, 2010

Have been able to get a really strange behavior in mvc 3 rc 2, where an controller action (a) in an area has a nullable enum and long as parameter and an controller action (b) (which is not placed in an area) only have nullable long.

If I compile and first surf to (a) then it works, and then surf to (b) with a number as parameter it throws exception where it seem to have tried to pass the nullable enum!

If I recompile and surf to (b) with same parameter it works, and if I surf to (a) the enum is always null.

Edit: perhaps this is a model binding bug, perhaps caused by some internal cache? Since the routes are correct but the passed arguments are not.

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Upgrade To MVC 2.0 Model Binding ?

Apr 15, 2010

I have just upgraded to MVC 2.0 and I have noticed a difference in the model binding when posting a form back to an action. In MVC 1.0 if I had a posted a blank form back to my action and then looked at the populated model class my empty string values would show as empty strings, in MVC 2.0 doing the same thing and then looking at my model class shows my empty string values as null, why has this changed?

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C# - Binding Xml To Model Class?

Feb 6, 2010

I am experimenting with using xml as a database for small CMS, like gallery or staff profiles etc

how i bind my xml document to a modelclass so that i can then use that class for strongly typed views:

here is my model class:

public class EmployeesModel
[DisplayName("Name: ")]


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MVC - Model Binding Image Button

May 6, 2010

I've got a very complex form and i'm using the MVC model binding to capture all the information

I've got it set up to capture all the different submissions that can happen as there are about 10 different submit buttons on the form, and there are also 2 image buttons

I tried to get a bit clever (or so i thought) with capturing the image button submissions, and have created a child class so that i can capture the x value that's returned


The html for the image button then looks like

<input type="image" id="ViewDataObject_ImageButton" name="ViewDataObject.ImageButton" />

This works fine in all browsers except for Chrome.

When i debug it in chrome, the Request.Form object contains the values that i would expect, but after the model binding has occurred, the ImageButton property on the ViewDataObject has been set to null

The only difference that i can see between the submission values is that Chrome passes the x as lower case (ViewDataObject.ImageButton.x) and IE passes it as upper case (ViewDataObject.ImageButton.X) but i didn't think that model binding took any notice of casing on property names.

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C# - MVC Dropdown List Isn't Binding To The Model?

Apr 29, 2010

I am trying set up a simple dropdown list but I dont seem to be able to get it to bind to the Model. I am using Asp.Net MVC and nhibernate.

My dropdown list is declared like so:

<%= Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.Project, (IEnumerable<SelectListItem>)ViewData["Projects"], " -- Select -- ", new { name = "Project" })%>

I set up the select list like so:

ViewData["Projects"] = new SelectList(projectRepository.GetAll(), "EntityGUID", "Name", editEntity.Project);

This seems to bind the select list to the Dropdown fine, but the SelectedValue is not set.
it shows up as the default --- Select ---

Also when I save this data, the dropdown does not bind to the model, I have to manually set the object like so to save it:

entity.Project = projectRepository.GetById(new Guid(Request["Project"].ToString()));

I believe I have take the correct messures to have this item bind directly to my model. Is there something I am missing here?

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Does Model Binding With A Selectlist Work?

Jan 5, 2011

I'm having problems retrieving the values of a selectlist in my form collection. I've tried making a viewmodel with an attribute with the same name as the select list.

I'm honestly just realizing I REALLY don't understand how model binding works with selectlists. I've just been assuming that the following conventions apply:

Name the select list the same thing as the attribute on the model you want it to bind to. Apart from that, I really don't get it. I've looked at several books on it and they're useless frankly. How does a select list work with a) form collection and b) a particular model?

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MVC :: Custom Model Binding Is Not Working?

Feb 3, 2010

I am working on the example from Steven Sanderson's book 'Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework'. The cart class is coming up as empty in my Index action method of CartController class.


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C# - MVC ActionFilterAttribute Inject Value Before Model Binding?

Nov 24, 2010

I would like to create a custom action filter attribute that adds a value in the HttpContext items that would be accessible during model binding.

I have tried to add it in the OnActionExecuting but it that seems the modelbinding is exectued before the filter. Maybe there's a method in the modelbinder that I could override that will be fired after the filter and use the value injected by my filter.

What I want to do, is to inject a validation context (the library I use for validation supports context, it is ( I would like to be able to place an attribute such as


on my actionresult method, so that the validation that occurs in my custom model binder could know which context to use when doing the Validation. That's why I can't simply make a custom model binder.

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MVC :: Model Binding For File Upload?

Mar 2, 2010

I am working with ASP. net MVC project. There is File upload functionality to be implemented in the project. I am able to show the upload control using input-file. But I am not able to show defalut value (file with path) in text area using model binding.

Can we bind model to file upload control in MVC so that we can show Previous file (already uploaded) in the text area.

what I have in view is this

<input type="file" name="fileupload1" id="fileupload1" />

can we write something like this

<input type="file" name="fileupload1" id="fileupload1" value=Model.Object.FileName/>

will it show the previous file name and will the model get bind?

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C# - Model Binding TimeSpan From Integer?

Nov 2, 2010

I would like to declare some properties of my View Model of type TimeSpan to display the TotalMinutes property and bind back to a TimeSpan.

I've bound the property without using the strongly-typed helper in order to retrieve the TotalMinutes property:

<%=Html.TextBox("Interval", Model.Interval.TotalMinutes)%>

When the field is bound back to the View Model class it parses the number as a day (1440 mins).

How can I override this behaviour on certain properties (preferably using attributes on the View Model itself)?

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Disabled Textbox In IE Page

Nov 1, 2010

i m using one disabled textbox in my page .it is looking disabled in mozilla firefox but looking like a simple textbox in IE. what to do to give it a disabled look in IE also.

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MVC :: Model Binding To Non-null Arrays Fail. Is This A Bug?

Mar 12, 2010

I have several models that implement a array property using null object pattern in the following manner:


The problem is that any time I attempt to bind to a property of this type the DefaultModelBinder.CollectionHelpers.ReplaceCollectionImpl method wants to call ICollection<T>.Clear() and then ICollection<T>.Add() on the zero length array.

The real issue seems to be in DefaultModelBinder.BindComplexModel() method however. The method contains an explicit check for arrays and special handling to account for the fact that they don't support clear/add functionality. The problem is that the check stipulates that the array model must also be null. If it is non-null, normal ICollection<T> handling ensues which presumes support for clear and add. Can any one explain why the null check is there? It seems to me that either 1) the null check should be removed to permit replacement based binding to non-null arrays or 2) an explicit error stating that non-null arrays are not supported should be thrown.

I vote for the former. I can understand that in general, replacing an existing model with a refrence to a different model would be considered a bad thing. The calling code would not expect this in general and it could lead to hard to find bugs. However, in the case of arrays, if the calling code expects the array property to be modified at all, then I think the normal expectation would be that such modification would occur via replacement of the array.

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C# - Does MVC 2.0 Model Binding Work With Ajax Requests

Feb 23, 2010

i'm just sending a normal POST request using Ajax.BeginForm... i output the form elements using the .TextBoxFor and .HiddenFor etc... all as i should... and when it's posted via ajax to my action method, the object in the action method (named "Comment") is not populated with the values!

Am i missing something? here is the relevant part of my code to those who want to see it...


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MVC :: Incorporating JQuery UI DatePicker With Model Binding?

Nov 10, 2010

I incorporated "JQuery UI DatePicker" from this site [URL] to my web application. I have it working but my issue comes with incorporating it with my strongly typed views.

I have included my revelant code below. The view is bind to the "NewEditDataTypeModel" model. I have 2 questions:

1. I have a date variable in my model that I pass to the view, how do I setup the DatePicker to use data from my model has a default value?

2. When an user selects a date from the DatePicker, how do I bind it to the model? Currently this value is passed in as a separate DateTime parameter in the action method (showned below).

I have a HTMLHelper Extension for the DatePicker:


Inside my view it looks like this: (code snippet)


My action method in my controller:


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MVC :: Parent - Child Relationship And Model Binding

Jul 30, 2010

how controls (txtbox, radio, etc) are mapped to properties in my Model. Now to the next part : My scenario (example):

Model: three tables: tblPerson, tblPersonOptions, tblOptionsConfig
Person Name: ______ (required)
Person Age: ________ (required)

radio button: Does Person want to select options? Yes / No ? (required) If yes, then show a checkbox list of options from tblOptionsConfig: (required if yes above). Scenario I tested:

Person Name: Tester User Person Age: Left blank (check if validation error is thrown)
Radion button: Yes. in options check ..let's say 3 out of 5 options. The UpdateModel throws the validation error and the page is returned back to the view(add.aspx).....................

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MVC :: Maintain State Across Pages ( Model Binding)?

Sep 17, 2010

i am working in creating forms based wizard application.user interface is something similar of using ASP.Net wizard control. i like to create 5,6 pages with data collection forms (each page with each section) and final confirmation page. can any one tell me better way of building it using MVC. I am not sure how to maintain state across pages ( Model binding?) .

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MVC :: JSON Model Binding Not Working With AntiForgery?

Nov 17, 2010

As far as I know there is no way to get the ValidateAntiForgeryTokenAttribute to work with a controller action that is using model binding to JSON. I tried adding the __RequestVerificationToken property to the JSON object before posting but it didn't pass the verification.

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Can The Textbox Be Hidden By Javascript Even Though It's Disabled

Mar 2, 2010

n a page with textbox control, lets say this textbox is disabled on server side page load.What would happen if a javascript tries to set visibility of the textbox to false ?dit:Can the textbox be hidden by javascript even though it's disabled ?

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Web Forms :: Get Value From Textbox When Viewstate Is Disabled?

Apr 29, 2010

I have a repeater which viewstate is disabled, inside i have a textbox and a submit button. Before disabling viewstate i could get the text from the textbox in the submit buttons onClick event. But now it doesnt seem to work.

I dont want to enable viewstate on the repeater as my site get really heavy then. How can I get the value form the textbox when I click the submit button? using .net 3.5

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Disabled Textbox / Textarea Still Active?

Feb 18, 2010

I have a multi-line textBox disabled through :

myTxtA.enabled= false

The html it outputs :

<textarea name="myTxtA" rows="10" id="myTxtA" disabled="disabled" style="width:99%;">...

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MVC :: Value Of Disabled TextBox Does Not Submited To Server?

Mar 10, 2011

why the value of disabled TextBox does not submited to server?i have text box to input date(year, day, month), and decide to inforce the user to insert date throgh datepicker jQuery control, so i have disabled the textbox, but the value does not submitted till i have remove the disable attribute(i dont want to lit the user to insert the date manually then i have to do exception handling to the wrong input.. i can not gess what he/she input)

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