SQL Reporting :: Merge Two Matrix Rows In Rdl Reports?

May 22, 2010

I have design two matrix in single .rdl .

I want merger two matrix rows together in output when i export excel .

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SQL Reporting :: Limit Number Of Matrix Rows?

Oct 27, 2009

I've got a report in SSRS 2000 that I'm having a bit of difficulty with. I'm pulling my data into a matrix and need to limit said matrix to 10 rows (not per page). Due to the grouping, I cannot simply use the TOP command in my SQL query. What I've done is set a filter on one of my row groups to show only the top 10 records, but to do this by counting (actually summing with an inline if) the records for each group. My result is something like this

Result 1 Subresult 1 20

Subresult 2 10

Total 30

Result 2 Subresult 1 25

Total 25

Result 3 Subresult 1 12

Subresult 2 5

Subresult 3 4

Total 21

As you can see, it is sorting by the total amounts and will only show the top 10 totals. The problem comes in when say what would be records 9, 10 and 11 normally all have the same total. What happens is instead of showing 10 records, since those last 3 have the same total, it doesn't know where to cut it off, so it just shows 11.

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SQL Reporting :: SSRS 2005 Matrix Hiding Specific Rows?

Feb 10, 2010

I am using SSRS 2005 and want to hide specific set of rowsin a matrix when a texts has been toggled. The visibility functiondoes not working as i wanted because it hide/show either set. What i need is show everything and when a text is click show a specific set.



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SQL Reporting :: Matrix Table - Able To Insert A Row In Between The Two Rows While Designing In Layout

Nov 16, 2009

I'm designing a report with matrix table contains many rows, I cannot able to insert a row in between the two rows while designing in layout. The rows are inserting at end only.

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SQL Reporting :: How To Display Lines Between Columns And Rows In Matrix Control In RDLC File

Jan 13, 2011

I am using matrix control in RDLC file. I am unable to set the grid lines property.

how to set this property and where it is?

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SQL Reporting :: Inserting A Row Into A Matrix?

Jul 11, 2005

I have a matrix report,

now I would like to insert a row.

I don't want to add a row.

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SQL Reporting :: Last Name And First Name Not Sorting In Matrix?

Oct 6, 2009

I have a report that need to be sorted by Catagory for hours and Last name and First name. But for some reason the last name is not sorting. I have the this is the code I am using and it works great accept for the sorting of the names. the report is in Matrix and the names are in like this dont know if this matters or not

=Fields!Student_Last_Name.Value &
"," & Fields!Student_First_Name.Value
SELECT People_tbl.[Parent ID], People_tbl.[Student Last Name], People_tbl.[Student First Name],


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SQL Reporting :: Can Subtotal In Matrix Be In A Different Group

Apr 13, 2010

I'm using reporting services in visual studio 2005.

I'm using a matrix and it looks like this.


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SQL Reporting :: What Is The Difference Between Matrix And Subtotal

Sep 29, 2009

I have a matrix and i want in the subtotal column, instead of sum, i want to get the difference. Is there anyway to do this ?

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SQL Reporting :: Add A Calculated Column To Matrix?

Apr 21, 2008

I have a situation where I am displaying a range of years with the Matrix Control with say Yr1,Yr2,Yr3,Yr4

Is there a way I can add a Calculated column which displays a new column doing calculation of Growth rates as

New Col Value1= (Yr4-Yr3)/Yr3
New Col Value2 =(yr3-Yr2)/Yr2

I was looking at Inscope function but was able to do it

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SQL Reporting :: Scrolling Of Headers In Matrix?

Sep 14, 2010

I am trying to make the header of a matrix scrollable. I have tried the coloumn and row group editing to check the scrollable option.

Only the rows that are grouped are scrolling on checking the scrollable option but not the coloumns.

I have a coloumn group as static coloum. When I edit it to check the srollable option, it gives an error "The properties of the currently selected item is not valid. correct all erorrs before continuing". And for the Static group in coloumns I get only the add option and not the edit option. What should be done in this case?

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SQL Reporting :: Adding A New Column To A Matrix Report

Jun 1, 2010

I have a matrix report with a series of drugs across the top horizontally. I have series of diseases vertically down the report. In the detail, I have a percentage that is calculated. This all works. But I want to add a column that displays vertically down the page just to the right of the diseases and to the left of the first detail. This column will contain a count of all diseases. Not sure how this will appear on this forum but I will try to illustrate below:

Total Aspirin Penicillin Tylenol Cough Syrup
Flu 10 3 6 5 12
Cold 6 4 2 9 8
Pneumonia 11 2 5 15 6
Malaria 2 4 3 9 3

Presently, my report does not have the Total column. This is what I want to add to my matrix report. And this Total column has nothing to do with the other numbers in the detail. The Total column is the count of each disease. I have no idea how to do this on a matirx report.

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SQL Reporting :: Adding Totals To RDLC Matrix?

Aug 27, 2010

I'm using a local RDLC report in VS2008 / .NET 3.5 which includes a Matrix. It works fine and shows its corresponding Rows, Columns, and Data values as specified.

How can I add row totals / column totals in order to show sum of Data values both horizontally and vertically?

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SQL Reporting :: How To Hide A Column In Matrix - SSRS 2005

Sep 14, 2010

I would like to hide a column in matrix using SSRS 2005 but when i use visibility : hidden then it shows white space and if i reduce a width to 0in; but it accepts by default 0.035in something.

i really would like to hide a complete column without any whitespace and all.

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SQL Reporting :: Sorting A Tablix In A Matrix SSRS 2008?

Sep 29, 2010

This is the format of my report and I am trying to get the rows sorted.I do know about interactive sorting but I do not want to use it because this report will be called by an external web application and I want this report sorted before it is rendered to the user.


I want this to be sorted by the second column in a descending order 5.0,4.0,3.0,2.0,1.0. I rightclicked the matrix,selected the sorting option and chose the grouping name( "Index" in my case) and chose Z to A (Desc I presume), saved and deployed to the server and when the report rendered it was not sorted by the second column(grouping).

Is it possible to achieve this? Does the report always render based on the first grouping in the ascending order (like Agree,Disagree...)

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SQL Reporting :: How To Control Page Numberss And Matrix Header

Apr 1, 2010

Problem 1: My reports come up in one single page instead of many pages. How do I change it. Can I control how many pages we get? I thought its the height of the report. But obviously I am missing something.

Problem 2: I am using matrix. I want the header to stay on the top when the users scroll through the report. Is this possible?

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SQL Reporting :: How To Split Matrix Columns In A RDLC Report

Jan 11, 2011

I am getting a large result set when I execute stored procedure . The result set contains 50 to 60 columns.

I am using matrix in RDLC report to bind the result set.

how can I split matrix columns so that I can display in different pages?

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SQL Reporting :: Set Alternative Background Color Of A Column In Matrix?

May 25, 2010

I am using SSRS 2008. Can someone let me know how to set alternative background color of a column in matrix

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SQL Reporting :: Find Average At The Right Side Of Datas In A Matrix?

Nov 29, 2010

how can we find average at the right side of datas in a matrix. I created matrix and by right clicking on the cell , there is 'Subtotal' But after cliking that dont get any sum, but only last value is displayed as sum. How can i resolve this?

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SQL Reporting :: Show One Matrix At All Times & Hide Another Based On A Condition

Dec 11, 2009

I have to matrixes on my report. I want the one to always show on the report and I want the other to either show or hide based on a condition. I have the following line of code which I am trying use to set the matrix to either hide or show but when I go to view the report it hides both matrixes. It want it so that if in = false then hide this matrix - but I want to show the other matrix which has has its visibitly to be set to show.

=iif(Fields!Inbound.Value=false, true, false)

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SQL Reporting :: How To Format A Cell In Matrix Control In RDLC Report

Jan 13, 2011

I am getting a value from stored procedure (ex:the value is 84.56). In RDLC file I have choose P2 format for that cell . (it will show like 84.56%)

But I have to show like 85%.(ex:if the value is 84.32 then 84%).

How can I do this? Which format should I apply to the cell?

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SQL Reporting :: ReportViewer Scrolls To The Top Of The Page After Matrix Row Drilldown Click?

Feb 28, 2010

I'm using VS2005 / VS2008 and MSSQL RS 2005 + ReportViewer v.8 or v.9.

Problem: when user makes drillthrough click on "plus sign" on Matrix row postback occurs. Then scroll position is lost! It scrolls to the top of the page. It's very bad for report users.

The most interesting thing is that it happens only within ReportViewer! I works acceptable if I open report via "localhost/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?..." . It's based on something similar to ReportViewer :


And it remains scroll position well!

Is there a way to make ReportViewer working correcly? (remembering scroll position on Matrix row drillthrough postback)

I read that Report Viewer 10 (of VS 2010) will lack this issue but it doesn't support MSSQL 2005 which I plan to use so far.

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SQL Reporting :: Making Headings Display Vertically In Matrix Report

May 13, 2010

Is it possible to make the column headings appear vertically in my matrix report?

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SQL Reporting :: How To Calculate Max,minaverage And Total In Ssrs Matrix Report

Oct 21, 2010

in SSRS 2005 matrix report, i would like to do following thins

1- Calculating Max,Min,agerge and Sum for each Row.

2- i have to put this calculated result before matrix column group.

i have 4 row groups in my report. i am expecting report like this:

Country State City Dealer Min Max Agerage Total 1-oct-2010 2-oct-2010 ......

here first four columns i have created as row and Date as matrix column this is dynamic based on rage selected from parameters.

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SQL Reporting :: Matrix Date Columns Are Showing Duplicate Days?

Dec 17, 2010

I am building a report using the Matrix for the first time. It's showing duplicate days across the columns and I can't figure how to filter so that a unique day appears.

I have 2 row groups, quality_code and product_name, and 1 column group repair_dt. In the Date column I showing count of serial_id - associated with product_name this is what I am getting

12/15/2010 12/16/2010 12/17/2010 12/15/2010 12/17/2010
code A
product 1 1 2 0 0 1

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SQL Reporting :: How To Find Value In A Particular Column In Matrix Control In RDLC File

Jan 28, 2011

I am using Matrix control in my RDLC report.Report processing mode is Local.My Stored procedure returns 10 columns. Now I want to add 11th and 12th columns to matrix.

I want to expression for11th column value as (10th column value - 9th column value) and for12th column value as (1st column value - 10th column value) .

How can I find and get the values of 1st ,9th and 10th column values in matrix control so that I can write expressions for 11th and 12th columns?

I want to do this in RDLC file only. I don't want to perform this in stored procedure.

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SQL Reporting :: Color Of Matrix Row Totals Appear Differently In BIDS Vs. Report Server

Oct 19, 2009

I am trying format the colors of the row totals in a matrix report. I have conditional formatting set on the data column with the following ormula. IIF(Sum(Fields!Total_Amount.Value) < 0, "Red", "Black")I don't have an expression set for the color on the row total. Everything looks fine when I preview the report in BIDS. Totals -15.00(In Red) 25.00 (In Black) -14.75(In Red)However, after I deploy the report and run it, all the row totals appear in black.

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SQL Reporting :: How To Merge Two Tables

Apr 1, 2011

I have two Select Queries and I want the result to be one table having 5 columns as Id, ClientId, Height, EyeColor, HairColor.


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SQL Reporting :: Dynamically Setting Background Color For Matrix Reportviewer Control - RDLC

Dec 10, 2009

I have situations where I dynamically set the background color of the report by using an expression;

i.e.=iif(len(Fields!Stream.Value) =0 ,"WhiteSmoke","White")

This works fine. but now I want to gradually set the background colour from Transparent through to Lime Green depending on the value of the cell.eg.

(0=White or Transparent) through to (100=Lime Green)

i.e. 50 would be 50% opacity. how to do this within an RDLC

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SQL Server :: Merge Two Rows In A Table With Same Date Time?

Mar 25, 2011

write the query for merging two rows in a table with same date and time into one row...

2009/12/23 13:46:50 -0.43546 0.02395 -7.1621 0.45529
2009/12/23 13:46:50 0 0 0 0
2009/12/23 13:47:00 -0.47114 -0.00515 -7.1779 0.42751
2009/12/23 13:47:00 0 0 0 0

i want to merge this same datetime rows into one row ..

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