VS 2008 - Server Text Field To Text Box

Apr 11, 2014

I have an old database that still contains depreciated Text fields. I need to pull from these fields and display the results. You would think this should be easy... First my select statement caused a problem:

SELECT DISTINCT ..., CustomerInstructions, ... FROM Orders
where CustomerInstructions is a Text field.

The error I get: "The text data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable." A quick search shows I can cast the text field as a varchar(max).

SELECT DISTINCT ..., CAST(CustomerInstructions AS VARCHAR(MAX)), ... FROM Orders

Now I get an error while trying to load the instructions into a text box: "Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index"

Not sure what the problem is here. I have text and a text box. What's with the "out of range" crap?

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VS 2008 DataFormatString For Text Field?

May 11, 2010

I have an asp gridview that I am exporting to Excel. The data exports perfectly except for fields that are text fields with leading zeros. I have a field in the data grid for job number that has leading zeros. When that data is exported to Excel 000564 gets exported as only 564.Is there DataFormatString expression that I can use that will force that column to be exported to Excel as text.I have also thought about changing the SQL statement to so the job number is definitely a string by concatenating using ĎJí + jobnumber as JobNumber but my users donít want a ĎJí in front of the job number.Is there a DataFormatString expression for a text string?

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C# - Save A Binary File In SQL Server As BLOB And Text (or Get The Text From Full-Text Index)?

Mar 26, 2010

Currently we are saving files (PDF, DOC) into the database as BLOB fields. I would like to be able to retrieve the raw text of the file to be able to manipulate it for hit-highlighting and other functions.Does anyone know of a simple way to either parse out the files and save the raw text on save, either via SQL or .net code. I have found that Adobe has a filtdump utility that will convert the PDF to text. Filtdump seems to be a command line tool, and i don't see a way to use a file stream. And what would the extractor be for Office documents and other file types?-or-Is there a way to pull out the raw text from the SQL Full text index, without using 3rd party filters?Note i am trying to build a .net & MSSql solution without having to use a third party tool such as Lucene

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C# - Making A Description Text - Unable To Get A Description Text From The Whole Text Which Exist In Txt Field

Feb 28, 2011

I have in my database the News Table which consist of => Id, Title, txt . I need to be able to get a description text from the whole text which exist in txt Field , but without any codes like <...> , just a pure text !! how can I do this?

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VS 2008 - Reading Contents Of A Text File Into Text Box On Form

Jul 13, 2011

I'm trying to read the contents of a text file into a text box on my form. When I run the following code, nothing happens.

VB.NET Code:
Protected Sub lbLogs_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object,
ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles lbLogs.SelectedIndexChanged       
For Each li As ListItem In lbLogs.Items           
If li.Selected Then                Using sw As New StreamReader(li.Value)                   
txtLog.Text = sw.ReadToEnd                     sw.Close()                End Using            End If        Next    End Sub

I populate the ListBox with ListItems and each ListItem's Value property holds the full path to the file. But, I removed all of that and just put txtLog.Text = "test" inside of the "is selected" block.

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SQL Server :: Full - Text Feature On SQL Server 2008 RC2 Stops Working

Dec 19, 2010

I'm using the full-text feature on SQL Server 2008 RC2. Everything had been working well until today. I wanted to change the language for word breakers from Neutral to Slovakia. After I did that, I can't perform full-text search anymore. It simply give me no rows. I even deleted the old full-text catalog and created a new one and populated it, but it still gave no solutions. I tried to query dm_fts_index_keywords_by_document on my table and get only 1 row with a display term END OF FILE.

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SQL Server :: Reading Text File Using Sql Server 2000 - 2008

Sep 22, 2010

how to read the data's in the text file using sql server 2000 and 2008. i have a text file in a server and it contains one column name with the multiple column values i need to read that informations and i need to update in a table in the database.

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DataSource Controls :: Importing Text Field From Excel To SQL Server 2005

Jun 10, 2010

from an Access database, I created an Excel spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet I made the adjustments I needed to and then proceeded to use the SQL Server 2005 Import/Export Wizard to import the spreadsheet into a SQL table. I then get the following error message:[Code]....

When I remove the problem columns from the import, then it works just fine. But I really need those text columns! The SQL Server columns that they are supposed to go into are varchar(MAX).

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Saving Foreign Text To A SQL Server Database Table With A Nvarchar Field

Apr 2, 2010

I have a requirement to have a multiline textbox that accepts any text from any language and stores this into the database for later use. I am using Linq with ASP .NET 3.5 with a SQL Server 2005 database.

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DataSource Controls :: Need To Store In MS SQL Server 2005 A Vary Large Text In To One Field Of Type Nvarchar?

Feb 13, 2010

I have the following problem: I need to store in MS SQL Server 2005 a vary large text in to one field of type nvarchar(MAX), In spite of the configuration is apparently correct I keep receiving the following message in the exception: "string or binary data would be truncated".

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SQL Server :: Successful Registration Text Query - Getting The Validation Text To Appear

Feb 23, 2011

i've currently got a registration form that works fully however i've run into a problem getting the validation text to appear. basically i want the form to present the following message "Congrats you are now registered and can login using the login page" only if all the fields in it are filled in. However with what i have coded below it always presents the message, i am using asp.net 2.0 with webmatrix.


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DataSource Controls :: SQL SERVER 2008: Full Text Search Can't Find Prefixes Correctly?

May 9, 2010

I'm implementing an AJAX autocomplete feature where the user types into a textbox and the webpage generates suggestions (pretty much like how Google's search box works). I got the AJAX part to work right, but for some reason, my database query does not.Let's say I want to find "Chicago". Using the following query does not find it.SELECT TOP 10 citynames FROM city WHERE CONTAINS(citynames, 'chi*')But using this query does.SELECT TOP 10 citynames FROM city WHERE CONTAINS(citynames, 'chicago')By the way, "citynames" is an ntext type field and I'm using SQL SERVER 2008.Does anyone know why my first query can't find "Chicago"? I've been staring at that query for hours, yet can't find anything wrong with it. Something wrong with the database maybe?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Parse Normal Search Text To Sql Server Full Text Search String

Feb 13, 2010

How i can make the normal search string to sql server full text search parse, because when we are user enyer search text "how to run windows schedule in C#", in database we have article to to this, but data not returning and sometime is say error in key word and etc.

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C# - How To See Text From One Text Field In Another Text Field

Sep 6, 2010

clarify: i am using a virtual keyboard that has to work on deferent text fields, and deferent pages, every time i click on a text field it sould pop up and every key i press i need to show on the text field....the problem, as every one knows, is to bind a deferent text field to the virtual keyboard, And as i said, also, to use it on deferent pages without rewriting the keyboard code for every page again and again, some thing that will not do... still can not give any code as there is no code to give, so there is no code...

i don't have code to show becouse i am trying to figure out how to do this and not showing a problem...

Background: I have an aspx file that holds a keyboard div and a hidden TextArea or an Input type=hidden (not decided yet). This page is a user control so it cen be used in all the pages that needs it...

What i am tring to do: Using JQuery bind('focus',...) method to bind any field in a certian aspx page (not the keyboard UC itself) to the hidden text field, i want that every thing i click on the keyboard will show in the text field that is on focus....

Can i relate in JS/JQuery to a field that is in a different page, will it recognise it? how can i do the bind, how can i transfer text from one field to another? if there a better way to do this, i will be happy to hear about it...

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How To Show Plain Text In Password Field And Then Make It Regular Password Field On Focus

Jan 2, 2010

how to show plain text in password field and then make it regular password field on focus

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Trying To Get LOGON_USER Into A Text Field?

Nov 11, 2010

I ma sure this is easy but asp.net is new for me. Anyway I'm trying to collect a username and put it into a SQL database. I collected the username just fine:



Then I tried numerous ways of trying to put it into a text box with no luck:


<asp:TextBox ID="userNameTextBox" runat="server"
Text=<%Response.Write(Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER"))%> />

Can someone tell me what goes in the text box? And if I have the variable set right?

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How To Make A Text Field

Mar 1, 2010

I know that this is easy for those that know but alas this is not me ;)

I have a multi part form that is going to write to a dB.

As a point of reference I can offer [URL](i.e., the quote process) as a model for my project.

I need to write a record on the first page and then use the auto number generated from this to populate the child records with the parent's key field.

What I was hoping to do is write the record and then send the data from the dB to the second form. Iwill then need to repeat this process for the children of the child

I am only moderately familiar with ASP.net

one thing to add is that i am not forcing the user to create an account in order to maje the initial inquiry, only if they wish to reaccess theinformation at a later date.

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C# - ListBox - Value Being Set To Text Field?

Mar 3, 2011

When adding list item the Value field is being set to the Text field. Initially I though the problem was related to the input parameter for the primary key ( group_type_id ) as it is configured as OUTPUT variable.

Interesting enough, when I Watch all of the values, everything is correct.
So for example, I'll watch these:

ddr["group_type_name"] comes out as "Dept"
ddr["grouptypeid"] comes out as 4

When the item is created however,

itms.TEXT = "Dept"
itms.Value = "Dept" <-- THIS IS THE PROBLEM

I'm at a loss why the listbox values are being set to the text values when I can clearly see the data reader values are correct. ?

Code sample here:


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Parse Address From Text Field?

Nov 7, 2010

I want to parse an address from a text field. for example

textbox data = 123 test street, mountain view, CA 91302
Dim address = Address.text

I found someones sample code, but it doesn't work all that well. here it is non the less

Public Function parseAddress(ByVal input As String) As Collection
input = input.Replace(",", "")
input = input.Replace(" ", " ")
Dim splitString() As String = Split(input)
Dim streetMarker() As String = New String() {"street", "st", "st.", "avenue", "ave", "ave.", "blvd", "blvd.", "highway", "hwy", "hwy.", "box", "road", "rd", "rd.", "lane", "ln", "ln.", "circle", "circ", "circ.", "court", "ct", "ct."}
Dim address1 As String
Dim address2 As String = ""
Dim city As String
Dim state As String
Dim zip As String
Dim streetMarkerIndex As Integer
zip = splitString(splitString.Length - 1).ToString()
state = splitString(splitString.Length - 2).ToString()
streetMarkerIndex = getLastIndexOf(splitString, streetMarker) + 1
Dim sb As New StringBuilder
For counter As Integer = streetMarkerIndex To splitString.Length - 3
sb.Append(splitString(counter) + " ")
Next counter
city = RTrim(sb.ToString())
Dim addressIndex As Integer = 0
For counter As Integer = 0 To streetMarkerIndex
If IsNumeric(splitString(counter)) _
Or splitString(counter).ToString.ToLower = "po" _
Or splitString(counter).ToString().ToLower().Replace(".", "") = "po" Then....


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C# - Set Custom Text Field In SelectList?

Feb 13, 2011

I'm trying to display a dropdown on my view page that has a custom text value.

I'm trying to display a list a Contacts. A Contact contains a ContactID, FirstName, and LastName.

<%= Html.DropDownListFor(m => m.ContactId, new SelectList(Model.Contacts, "ContactID", "LastName"), "- Select a Contact -") %>

Right now I'm just displaying the last name, but I'd like to display the first name and last name in the dropdown.

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Passing More Than 10 Text Field Data To Another Url?

Jan 9, 2011

I want to pass more than 10 text field data to another url.. How do i pass it securely

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MVC :: Get Selected Text Field From The Dropdown?

Jan 1, 2010

I have a dropdown in the mvc application. I need to fetch the selected text of the dropdown. Here is the code


When I fetch the drpEmployee value from the FormCollection, its returns the selectedvalue means Id not Name. How I can fetch the Selected Text from the dropdown ?

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Optimizing A Table With A Huge Text-field?

Mar 4, 2011

I have a project which generates snapshots of a database, converts it to XML and then stores the XML inside a separate database. Unfortunately, these snapshots are becoming huge files, and are now about 10 megabytes each. Fortunately, I only have to store them for about a month before they can be discarded again but still, a month of snapshots turn out to become real bad for it's performance...I think there is a way to improve performance a lot. No, not by storing the XML in a separate folder somewhere, because I don't have write access to any location on that server. The XML must stay within the database. But somehow, the field [Content] might be optimized somehow so things will speed up...I won't need any full-text search options on this field. I will never do any searching based on this field. So perhaps by disabling this field for search instructions or whatever?The table has no references to other tables, but the structure is fixed. I cannot rename things, or change the field types. So I wonder if optimizations is still possible.Well, is it?The structure, as generated by SQL Server:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Snapshots](
[Identity] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[Header] [varchar](64) NOT NULL,[code]....

Performance isn't just slow when selecting data from this table but also when selecting or inserting data in one of the other tables in this database! When I delete all records from this table, the whole system is fast. When I start adding snapshots, performance starts to decrease. After about 30 snapshots, performance becomes bad and the risk of connection timeouts increase.Maybe the problem isn't in the database itself, although it's still slow when used through the management tool. (Fast when Snapshots is empty.) I mainly use ASP.NET 3.5 and the Entity Framework to connect to this database and then read the multiple tables. Maybe some performance can be gained here, although that wouldn't explain why the database is also slow from the management tools and when used through other applications with a direct connection...

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Web Forms :: Updating Text Field Rather Than Gridview?

Feb 26, 2011

I was able to get the code below to give me the value I want from my SQL table however it has to display it in a gridview so I assume that something in the code acutally makes the result a data source rather than a string value.


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Add Icon To Text Field In Label Control?

Dec 7, 2010

I want to know if there is a way I can add an icon to asp.net Label's Text.

So, something like


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