Web Forms :: Fetch Specific Information(string) From Another Website And Display The Same In Website

Sep 21, 2010

I want design a page where the end user enters information on my page and related information is fetched from the another website on my web page.

For example: Capturing City and state name from USPS.com

End user Task : Enter zipcode and click button 'Fetch'

My page perform few task

1. opens usps site backend

2. Enters the zipcode

3. Captures city name and state as temporary value from the usps

4. Displays the same in labels present in my home page.

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Web Forms :: How To Send Some User Information One Website To Another Website

Aug 10, 2010

i want to send some user information one website(ASP) to another website(ASP.NET)

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Web Forms :: Display User Specific Information From Database - Based On Login ID

Jan 7, 2011

I have a online game (written in ASP) which i have finally decided to convert to ASP.NET. However i cannot seem to link the login ID's of users to their specific details in the database. I.E when Joe Bloggs logs in, he will be shown the team information for just his club, not every club. in ASP I use code similar to this below


im not convinced that is the right syntax to be using, but when i execute the code in Query Builder it is showing me the correct data (that i expect to see). So im wondering if there is something else im missing? Is there something extra that i need to be adding in Web.Config file or elsewhere?

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Configuration :: Website Within A Website Won't Display On Host's Server?

Feb 19, 2011

I'm trying to run a website (site2) that I've placed inside a folder (dir-site2) of another website (site1). The default file of site2 displays fine in every browser on my local computer, as in when I type http://localhost:45912/www.site1.com/dir-site2/default.aspx. But when I upload everything to my host's server and type this

http://www.site1.com/dir-site2/default.aspx I get a server "can't access" error message. I can't display any file that is inside the subdirectory, dir-site2.

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Website / Webservice To Fetch Data From Pc

Jun 9, 2010

Is it possible to have a webapp/webservice to fetch data from my pc?? Can anyone give me an idea if it is possible....

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How To Fetch Visitor Name Who Is Online In Website

Feb 1, 2014

I want to display all the user's name who is login to my websites..

So I can see them who is online.

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Web Forms :: Grabbing Information From Another Website?

Jan 31, 2011

I'm using asp.net - I need to grab live data from a website. Here's an example:


That website provides live data share prices. I need code to retrieve the share price from the website and display it in my own page. I know you can get share price widgets online but all I need is a simple way to retrieve the share price values.

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MVC :: Display User-specific Information In My Master Page

Sep 4, 2010

I have a need to display user-specific information in my master page. As a result, I have set up all of my controllers to be inherited from a "master" controller. This has worked well for other aspects of the master page, such as displaying random quotes. However, while using this technique to incorporate the user-specific information, I ran into a problem where, when I check the Request.IsAuthenticated value, the Request object is null.

Here is my "master" controller:


Curiously - at least to me - is that the Request object becomes populated by the time program flow hits the Home Controller:

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AJAX :: Display Specific Date Information From Database?

Feb 22, 2010

how can I retrieve information when the user clicked on a specific link without opening a new web page? The information is stored in the database which is through web service. For example, when the user click on a specific link, e.g the date 28 February 2010, the datagrid will display the information on 28 February 2010.

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Web Forms :: Can Automatically Paste Information Into Website

Apr 21, 2010

I am readin information typed by our customer's and creating a database. We then manually take those responses and type them into another database on line. We do this so that we can track the number of request at each location. My question is there any way I can read the database, one record at a time, and auto populate the online fields. I could then manually press submit if needed.

FYI: The online form is supplied by another sister organization and I do not have a way of changing it.

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Web Forms :: Set Discount Of Specific Weekday In E-commerce Website?

Jun 21, 2010

We are working on an e-commerse application, we have requirement to set discount (10%) on purchase on a specific weekday. Ex. If any transaction made on Wednesday, it will get 10% discount on purchase amount.

Since the website trafic scatered to different geographical area the time should be not be bound to a specific location.

One of the approach which I thought, was to get the IP address of client then use some tool to find out the country and GMT (UTC) time. And based on that decide the exact weekday to provide discount.

But some of the issue with this approach are:

- Which tool to use to find out the IP address

- The tool like IP2Location are paid. Is there any free tool available? etc.

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New Website Attach With Existing Website / Where Attached Website Is Behaving As Pluggable?

Feb 26, 2011

1 new website attach with existing website..where attached website is behave as pluggable. and used anywhere in any website?

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Store The Log Information For Website

Mar 2, 2010

I want to store the log information for website, is there is any inbuild component for that of free source code for that. I want to track the exception and other information that occure in my web site.

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Web Forms :: Make Website Specific For Certain Region - Restrict Users Location Wise

Sep 30, 2013

Just to avoid misuse of website i have to make it specific for certain region. Like people could view menu across the world and only the people of mumbai can order online. I want a submit button that would be visible to only mumbai people.

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How To Collect Billing Information From Website

Jan 7, 2011

we are developing ASP.Net 4.0/C# web application.

We need to implement the payment process (credit card,debit card, netbanking and paypal payment) under my website.

we dont need the third party page redirection and return to back.

We need to collect the information from our site (like billing addres,credit card information) and process through webservice.

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Security :: How To Get Certificate Information Of A Website

Apr 8, 2010

I want to get the certificate information of a website. I means that i've a textbox on a page. When i enter a url in that textbox and press the button. The certificate information of that website should be returned.

Say, i've entered the [URL], Then it should return the Certificate authority, Validation period etc.

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VS 2010 - Get Information About Visitors To Website

Sep 27, 2011

I just created a download counter on my website that increments when a download link is clicked. It also records the times of the downloads in a database. Along with that I was wondering if I could gather some general information about location of the visitor to my website that clicked the download link. Is there a way to do that? Maybe you're not supposed to try to get overly specific data because that would be a sort of invasion of privacy but if I could collect something that would tell me an approximate location of the visitor to my website that clicked the download link that would be nice if that can be gotten without too much trouble.

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Automatically Downloading Files From A Specific Website?

Feb 8, 2011

I am a very new programmer.. A website is providing a lot of zip files that i needed. It will be updated/uploaded new zip files weekly. What I need to do is write a program/script to do auto downloading from the web weekly.. for example, this is the web link

http://www.google.com/googlebooks/uspto-patents-applications-yellowbook.html ( you can see a lot of zip files there )

so my question is What script i have to write(i got no experience in writing any script, so what can you suggest?) so i can download the zip file programmatically? then how should i make it to download the new zip file uploaded weekly?Is it i have to use DOM...unix? if yes, i will do some research on tat to make it work.

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Web Forms :: How To Refresh Page And Fetch Information From Database

Aug 9, 2010

Split of from [URL]

tel me some code to refresh my asp page automatically after say 40 minutes to fetch latest data from database.

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Webhosting - Alternative To Event Log For Website Running/ Get Information About That Failure?

Oct 3, 2010

When I run a IIS site locally, all site failures (aspx compilation bugs, exceptions in code, etc) are logged to the system event log. I can check the event log to see the HTTP request path and the exception details.

When I run the site on a webhost, I don't have access to the event log. How can I get the same level of error information?

I should be using a logging provided that records exceptions to a database or something. But suppose that code doesn't even get a chance to run, perhaps because a DLL doesn't load. How could I get information about that failure?

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C# - Customize Website For Anonymous Users And Remember Settings And Information?

Mar 2, 2011

I have a E-Shop Site and I need some customization for my users like following :

Store favorite products in their own basket.Customize products list in order to what are their favorite. It must remember their basket next time they want to visit our site.

my question is how I can store information for my customers who are new to my web site also most of customers don't like to have username and password then login first they like to buy during a week and at the end of week pay for them then we can send some products to their locations.

I have already written my application using asp.net with framework 4.0.

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SharePoint External Facing Website Ability To Go Full Website And Non Full Website When Accessed In Mobile Device?

Dec 15, 2010

I've got an external site that's built in SharePoint 2007. the user of the site need to have an option to view the full site when accessed from a mobile device. I am thinking of just creating a button control to do this. The question is, what would be the best solution to do this?

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Configuration :: Install Website To Specific File Location?

Feb 22, 2011

Is there a way to configure a web deployment project to install to create and install to a specific directory

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How To Create An IPhone / Android Specific Mobile Website

Jul 9, 2010

I would like to take our current mobile website and redesign it for iPhone use. All of the code on our website is currently run server-side and is split up in multiple pages, but I would like to get all the client-side features like transition animations and iPhone-like buttons that jQTouch offers. Where should I start?

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Pricing For Adding Specific AJAX Controls To Your Website?

Jan 18, 2011

I am going to start and develop a e-commerce website for someone, i just wanted to now if i were to create som AJAX Controls for the site how much should i charge?

The kind of AJAX Control would be where a user clicks on a product and pops open a div element in the center of the screen with the product item and information and an add to basket button. The add to basket button will use an AJAX call and will perform the steps to add the item to the basket.

There will be other AJAX Controls i want to talk to him about but if i can have a general idea of how much this type of control would cost, then i can decide on how much other AJAX Controls can be priced.

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