Web Forms :: Implement Change Password Feature

Sep 14, 2012

 i have 3 textbox 1 button and in my change password.aspx

1-Txtold== user should enter their old password 
2-Txtnew1== usershould enter their new password 
3-Txtnew2==user should retype their new password

and House_info table

name password behcode Id
sara 12345 1111 1

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Web Forms :: Implement Change Password Functionality

May 7, 2015

I came across the tutorial of ASP.NET C# [URL] .... which was really useful.

How to make use of Changing Password?

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Web Forms :: Implement The SQL Filestream Feature ?

Jul 13, 2010

I'm trying to implement the SQL Filestream feature so that I can store the physical PDF on hard disk, while still allowing full-text searching. I've set up my database to allow filestreaming, and as far as I know, have made the table correctly (I set it up based on this article: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc949109(SQL.100).aspx). I'm just a bit confused about how it's supposed to work, and what steps I need to manually perform.

My understanding is that I convert the PDF to binary and store the binary data in the varbinary(max) field designated as the "Filestream" field, and once the data is stored, the physical PDF file will automatically be placed in the directory I specified when I set up the Filestream option in SQL server. I can also store the file name and extension for retrieval purposes, but the file must be streamed, rather than accessed directly. Is this all true?

What's currently happening is that I save the binary data to the table, but nothing else happens - a file never shows up on the server. The only contents of the directory are two empty folders named: $FSLOG, and, 9953ffec-7c59-41ce-943d-98073853ba0d, and a HDR file named "filestream". Do I need to manually save the file to disk, in addition to saving the binary data?

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Web Forms :: Implement HTML5 Password And Confirm Password Validation?

May 7, 2015

do you have validation using HTML5 and also I am using with Master Page.

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Web Forms :: How To Implement This Feature In Listview Control Which Is Bound To Objectdatasource

Jul 5, 2010

i want to implement this feature in listview control which is bound to objectdatasource... and in on mouse over i have to show the data from database again. when you mouse over the linkbutton then div popup with contents...how to imlement with listview.

link for the feature is


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Implement A Filter Feature With Dynamic Chained Dropdown List

Jan 15, 2011

how to implement a filter feature like this? What Ajax or JQuery controls can be used for this (if any)?

Here is an example of how the UI might look like:

See the Exchange Management Console image:


Here is the spec:

The ASP.NET page has a "Filter" component and a "Apply Filter" button. The "Filter" component consists of 4 UI controls as below:

1. A dropdown list with prepopulated values like "Name", "Department", "Building", "Email Address".

2. A dropdown list with four operators - "Equal", "Not Equal", "Like", and "Not Like"

3. This is a dynamic control. It could be a textbox or a dropdown list. If the user chooses "Name" from the first UI control, the third UI control will become a Textbox. If the user chooses "Department" from the first UI control, the third UI control will become a dropdown list with all departments within this company pre-populated.

4. A button with AND expression. If the user clicks this button, one more Filter component will be created.

One possible user case is like this:

ASP.NET: when the page is loaded, it displays one Filter component (3 UI controls and a AND button), a "Apply Filter" button, and an empty "Filter Result" data grid.

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Security :: Change Password Not Functioning / Password Incorrect Or New Password Invalid

Mar 14, 2011

I can recover my password but when I try to change my password to something a bit easier to remember it gives me:

Password incorrect or New Password invalid. New Password length minimum: 7. Non-alphanumeric characters required: 1.

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C# - How To Implement Stack Overflow's Feature

Mar 4, 2010

On this site if you do too many clicks or post comments too fast or something like that you get redirected to the "are you a human" screen. Does anybody know how to do something similar?

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How To Implement The Feature To Receive The Votes Through Mail

Jan 5, 2010

I am working on voting application. In this application, I have to implement the feature to recieve the votes through mail and also from SMS and to add to the existing voting count. Can any body give me some samples or links to implement this feature.

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Security :: How To Setup An Automatic Password Recovery Feature

Dec 8, 2010

How do I set up an automatic password recovery feature? (This is an internet application using forms authentication.)

I am trying to set up the common senario where when a user who has forgotten his password, clicks a button to request I send him a new password. I then open his browser's default email client (that is no problem, that part I already have coded and it is working fine.) The user then clicks a button to send me his email. Now comes the problem. How do I detect that he has done that?

Am I approaching this problem correctly? Should I be requiring the user to send me an email in order to have his password reset? Or should I just have him fill in textboxes giving me his username & password? Wouldn't this allow a malicious user to abuse the system?

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How To Implement A Live Helpdesk (chat) Feature To Website

Feb 18, 2010

i'm looking to implement a live helpdesk (chat) feature to an ASP website, something similar to LivePerson.

Would anyone be able to direct me towards firstly the required achitecture to help me understand what will be required to even develop such a feture and if at all possible some example code/solutions, if any exist ??

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JQuery :: Implement A Drag And Drop Feature Into Website

Feb 13, 2011

implementing a drag and drop feature into my website. I was wondering if anyone has any good examples on how this can be done?

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Data Controls :: Implement Paging Feature In DataList Control?

Dec 8, 2012

How to Set Paging in DataList control in asp.net?

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AJAX :: Implement Show Hide Feature For TextBox Inside Login Control

May 7, 2015

I see an example on the ASP snippets but can it be done using the supplied Login control template.

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C# Membership Provider - Reset Password Features - Email Confirmation And Password Change?

Jun 28, 2010

Does anyone has a solution (sample code) for the following features:

Create a randomGuid/Cryptographically strong random number Send a unique URL containing the random number to the user's email address When confirmed, the user is asked to change password

My provider is currently parametrized this way:


The security issues with this type of procedure have been discussed here before.

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Security :: Change Password Without Enter Current Password For Membership Provider?

Jan 13, 2010

I using change password control, how can i change the password without enter the current password?

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Change The User Password While Retrieving Current Password Error - Padding Is Invalid And Cannot Be Removed

Dec 10, 2010

I'm using the ChangePassword method of membership provider to change the password and one of the requirement before calling the ChangePassword is to retrieve the current password. But I'm getting error:

padding is invalid and cannot be removed

below is my web.config:


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Web Forms :: Implement Login With Encrypted Password

May 7, 2015

I have trouble using this encrypting and decrypting password

Refer here: [URL] ....

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Web Forms :: How To Implement Forgot Password Functionality

May 7, 2015

how a user will recover the password when they forget?

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Security :: Password Change Control Won't Accept New Password?

Aug 18, 2010

I am developing a shopping cart with asp.net and sqlexpress. I am using aspnet authentication components to create a backend page. I designed the site to let in only authorized users in.

Yesterday, I forget my password to login to backend and asked system recover my password. with recover password of the asp.net I was able to receive the temp password. I took that and logged in, of course asp.net forward me to password change component which I am having problem with.

Every time I change my password , password change shows that I was successfull but after clicking on the continiue button password change component comes back. I went to properties of password change component and entered the main default page as destination but it is not helping.

I close the IE clear the cache , even restart the machine. When I login always taking me to the password change page.

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Old Password Still Working After Password Change In Membership?

Sep 21, 2010

Am using ASP.NET membership authentication in a small website and i just noticed some thing funny during testing. Am trying to enable user to change their login password any time they wish, i dragged a change password control to the form, i changed the password for my test account, but now all passwords are still working.

I can login with the old password as well as the new password with this particular test account. If i try with any other random characters as the new password, i cant successfully login (which OK). But if type the old password, am able to login, if i type the new password, am still able to login, am finding this very strange.

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VS 2010 Change Password With Encryption Password

Dec 25, 2013

I have a problem with changing the password from Microsoft Access Database. I get an Error "No data exists for the row/column". The password in the database is encrypted and when I change the password it should be decrypting the password and new password should be updated with encryption again. I have following Encryption and Decryption Function:

Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.Linq
Imports System.Web
Imports System.Text


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Web Forms :: Implement Case Sensitive Password Check In Login Form Website?

Sep 18, 2013

I want to know case sensitive password for my login form(C#).

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How To Implement "favorites" Feature

May 19, 2010

I have written a dynamic database driven, object oriented website with an administration frontend etc etc. I would like to add a feature where customers can save items as "favourites", without having to create an account and login, to come back to them later, but I dont know how exactly to go about doing this... I see three options:

Log favourites based on IP address and then change these to be logged against an account if the customer then creates an account; Force customers to create an account to be able to use this functionality;
Log favourites based on IP address but give users the option to save their favourites under a name they specify.

The problem with option 1 is that I dont know much about IP addresses - my Dad thinks they are unique, but I know people have had problems with systems like this.

The problem with 1 and 2 is that accounts have not been opened up to customers yet - only administrators can log in at the moment. It should be easy to alter this (no more than a morning or afternoons work) but I would also have to implement usergroups too.

The problem with option 3 is that if user A saves a favourites list called "My Favourites", and then user B tries to save a list under this name and it is refused, user B will then be able to access the list saved by user A because they now know it already exists. A solution to this is to password protect lists, but to go to all this effort I may as well implement option 2.

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How To Implement Dynamic Changing Password

Mar 22, 2010

What is the Best practice of dynamic changing password for this scenario?

The scenario is:

There are three web apps using ASP.NET.

App1 checks the passwords of app2/app3 to authenticate the identity, and if app2/app3 is authenticated then app1 is allowed to receive information from App2 and App3.

And app1 has to change the passwords of app2/app3 every two hour for security reason.

Is it possible that there is a way to implement this scenario without app1 saving the passwords of app2/app3 for security reason?

Or is there any best practice for dynamic changing password scenario?

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