How To Implement Dynamic Changing Password

Mar 22, 2010

What is the Best practice of dynamic changing password for this scenario?

The scenario is:

There are three web apps using ASP.NET.

App1 checks the passwords of app2/app3 to authenticate the identity, and if app2/app3 is authenticated then app1 is allowed to receive information from App2 and App3.

And app1 has to change the passwords of app2/app3 every two hour for security reason.

Is it possible that there is a way to implement this scenario without app1 saving the passwords of app2/app3 for security reason?

Or is there any best practice for dynamic changing password scenario?

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do you have validation using HTML5 and also I am using with Master Page.

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can I change the password algorithm and still use the sqlMembershipProvider or do I have to create a new sqlMembershipProvider. If so, are they any step by step tutorials on how to do that.

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MSChart created a temp compact database ( ASPNET.MDF ).

This was on my personal laptop. I'm moving the project to another PC for a demo at work. But, my sa password is different now.

How do you login to this database? or can I run a utility to push the tables to sql server instead?

I keep getting the sa password fails message, because the laptop and work have different passwords.

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Our user is using integrated windows authentication.

All users hit the login page where they must login with their domain/username/password combination.

Once they login, they can change their password.

Once the password is changed, they are displayed a message and they can navigate through the rest of the site.

I get the following scenarios...

1) User can view one page but not a second page User changes password USer clicks on link and receives page USer clicks on second link and is asked for credentials

2) User can view all pages USer changes password User clicks on link and receives page User clicks on second link (and all links thereafter) and receives page (they are never prompted for credentials)

3) User can not view any pages

User changes password USer clicks on link and is asked for credentials

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I came across the tutorial of ASP.NET C# [URL] .... which was really useful.

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How to show the password strength when user type there password on the password textbox.....

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 i have 3 textbox 1 button and in my change password.aspx

1-Txtold== user should enter their old password 
2-Txtnew1== usershould enter their new password 
3-Txtnew2==user should retype their new password

and House_info table

name password behcode Id
sara 12345 1111 1

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String - Changing The Culture Based Off Of A Dynamic Value?

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I have a web application that tracks financial data. I would like to have the option where a user can edit their currency via dropdown. The different currency types will be held in a database and a user can then select which currency they wish to use. The easiest way I can see doing this would be to check what the currency value is and dynamically change the culture to match the currency, thus I could continue to use the string str = String.Format("{0:C}", revenue);format. I am open to other suggestions but this just seemed the most logical to me.

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I have a griview which is bounded to a sqldatasource and changed dynamically. How do I change the background cell color based on the value? e.g., 0-0.5 green, 0.5-1 red, sth like that.

<asp:GridView ID="grid1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"

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I am adding a set of images on Page_Init, and on some button click I want to update those images. For some reason it doesn't work. why?

This is my code:


I can see that ButtonSubmit finds the correct control and changes its property, but on the response to the client I still see the old image.

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Implement Dynamic Navigation System?

May 29, 2010

im am trying to write a forum using at the moment i have threads -> topics -> comments i realised that at the moment if users try to go back (from comments to topics and to threads), they can only use the back button in the browsers i am now trying to creat a menu like the one used in this forum (at the top "home > forums > general > getting started") as at anytime you can go back to see other topics at the moment i have tried to implement the following :


i thought that if i store get the topic_id from the address bar once, and store it in the session - then when i navigate to ..?comment_id - the topic_id would remain in the seesion i thought that in theory it kind of works, but now that i am trying to explain it here, i know that the session would then = to null. So i wondering is their any way to implement this navigation system

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Changing Dynamic Controls Via DropDownList On Content Page?

Nov 4, 2010

Problem: Content Page with Wizard Control with UpdatePanel and Placeholder. Above the UpdatePanel is a DropDownList. I need to display different input controls below the drop-down list when the user changes the selection in the drop-down list. When the user clicks 'Next' on the wizard control, I need to be able to get the data out of those dynamic controls as well.

I know all the dynamic controls have to be created in the OnInit method in order to get the data back from those controls during the postback. However, when the drop-down list's SelectedIndexChanged event is fired, the OnInit method is called... then the PageLoad... and finally the handler for the SelectedIndexChanged event is called. ViewState hasn't been restored until well after the OnInit & PageLoad methods have been called, so there is no way to know what the user chose in the list box at the time OnInit is called... which exactly when I'm required to create the dynamic controls.

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I have web servie and web application ..Request hit from widows application to web service .if any request got means i need to redirect to some others pages in web application ,how can we do ..web application always open in server ..

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Is there a way to use AJAX Accordion with dynamics texts from SqlDataSource control? If so, will someone point me to a step by step instruction?

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Apr 27, 2010

I have made a gridview by assigning a sqldatareader object to it to display records....but i want to change the headertext of each column.i dont want the default name stored in the database how do i change the headertext?

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How To Implement Animated Dynamic List Using JQuery Or Ajax Control Toolkit

Jul 9, 2010

what I wanted to implement is something like this: lick meThis demo is PHP based, so I wanted to ask whether this is also possible to implement in ASP.Talking about performance, would it be better to use the jQuery framework than the Ajax Control Toolkit?

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Is It Possible To Implement A "forgot Password" Using Membership Provider

May 25, 2010

Is it possible to implement a "forgot password" using ASP.Net membership provider?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Implement A Filter Feature With Dynamic Chained Dropdown List

Jan 15, 2011

how to implement a filter feature like this? What Ajax or JQuery controls can be used for this (if any)?

Here is an example of how the UI might look like:

See the Exchange Management Console image:


Here is the spec:

The ASP.NET page has a "Filter" component and a "Apply Filter" button. The "Filter" component consists of 4 UI controls as below:

1. A dropdown list with prepopulated values like "Name", "Department", "Building", "Email Address".

2. A dropdown list with four operators - "Equal", "Not Equal", "Like", and "Not Like"

3. This is a dynamic control. It could be a textbox or a dropdown list. If the user chooses "Name" from the first UI control, the third UI control will become a Textbox. If the user chooses "Department" from the first UI control, the third UI control will become a dropdown list with all departments within this company pre-populated.

4. A button with AND expression. If the user clicks this button, one more Filter component will be created.

One possible user case is like this:

ASP.NET: when the page is loaded, it displays one Filter component (3 UI controls and a AND button), a "Apply Filter" button, and an empty "Filter Result" data grid.

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