Web Forms :: Can't Get Uploadify To Work

Sep 5, 2012

I just tried to implement Uploadify on my website using this guide: [URL].....

I followed every step of the guide, but when I try to access the page with the upload the following script runs, but the FileUpload stays a plain old FileUpload.

<script type = "text/javascript">
    function () {
        $("#<%=FileUpload.ClientID %>").fileUpload({
            'uploader': 'scripts/uploadify.swf',


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Get Uploadify To Work With Cookieless Session State?

Jan 18, 2010

I have an uploadify control working fine in a vb.net web application - however whenever I switch on cookieless session state in web.config (cookieless="true") - it stops working.

In my upload IHttpHandler I can see that the data stored by uploadify is nothing:

Private Function Process(ByVal context As HttpContext) As String
Dim File As HttpPostedFile
File = context.Request.Files("filedata") ' Nothing
Dim FileExt As String = context.Request("fileExt") ' Nothing, etc

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Web Forms :: Pass Additional Parameters To Uploadify Using JQuery?

Jan 25, 2012

this is regarding a tutorial posted here at [URL] , as such this example is working fine, but what if i have a textbox in the page and i want to call the value in the web handler, how can i achieve that?

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Web Forms :: Uploadify Plugin Save Multiple Files To Dynamic Folder

Sep 18, 2012

I was watching the page [URL] .... and its great , but I would like to use the example but i need a textboxt to input the folder that i want to use to save the images

destination folder: upload/
<input id="Text1" type="text" value="my folder" /><br />
<a href="javascript:$('#<%=FileUpload1.ClientID%>').fileUploadStart()"
style="font-family: Arial; font-size: medium; color: #008000;">Start Upload</a> 
| <a

[Code] .....

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Can Upload Entire Directories Using Uploadify

Mar 3, 2011

I am using uploadify along with ASP.NET to upload files to my server. At the moment I have to recreate the folder structure and upload the images in batches per directory.Does anyone know of a way of using Uplodify or any other tool that would allow me to select a folder and upload the entire directory?

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Jquery - Uploadify Not Working With WebForms

Mar 4, 2010

I'm trying to use Uploadify in a ASP.NET webforms project. The problem is that my script is not calling the generic handler. Here is the script.


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JQuery :: Uploadify Not Finding Handler?

Jul 21, 2010

I am using the jquery Uploadify plugin to upload multiple files. It works great on my development machine; however, when I run the code on the server I get an error that the upload.ashx generic handler (that Uploadify calls to save the file) is not found. Wondering what would prevent it from being found in the server environment. I have even put a copy of the file in every directory to no avail.

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Javascript - Uploadify Response Value Is Always Undefined?

Mar 4, 2011

I'm using Uploadify to upload some images with ASP.NET. I use Response.WriteFile() in ASP.NET to return the result of the upload back to JavaScript. As specified in the documentation I'm using onAllComplete event to check for response string from ASP.NET.

The problem is it that the alert(response); is always undefined in JavaScript.

JavaScript code as below:

$(document).ready(function() {
var auth = "<% = Request.Cookies[FormsAuthentication.FormsCookieName]==null ? string.Empty : Request.Cookies[FormsAuthentication.FormsCookieName].Value %>";


Reason for the FormsAuthenticationTicket object is to pass the authentication cookie though when using the Uploadify with Firefox.

I have seen many examples where Response.Write returns a value back to the onAllComplete event. But all I get is undefined. I have also tried to use Context.Response.Write, this.Response.Write, HttpContext.Current.Response.Write. They all return undefined.

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Getting Content-type In .ashx From Uploadify?

Nov 12, 2010

I able to upload my file through uploadify + .ashx, but the problem is I always get ContentType = application/octet-streamLets say I upload an image, I expected to return me "image/pjpeg", but it always return "application/octet-stream" no matter what file I uploaded.how to get the correct contentType in .ashx

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Controls :: Uploadify SQL Server Upload

May 23, 2012

i'm just wondering whether i can use uploaify for uploading huge lot of file in sql server db. I think uploadify is the right tool for my project but i new to programming. All i want is save file name, file type, file size and actual file into sql server when start uploading the files..

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AJAX :: Uploadify JQuery Plugin In TabControl?

May 29, 2012

Ajax tab change results init of uploadify, So upon tab change FileUploader turn back to its native mode, only allowing one file interaction

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C# - Uploadify - Passing Information Back To The Original Form?

Mar 3, 2010

I have an Send.aspx page that has an uploadify control on it. Upload.ashx handles the file upload.I am adding a file record to a sql database in the Upload.ashx file and I need to get the ID of that record back from Upload.aspx when it is done.Can't get it working with Sessions. =( Something to do with an Adobe bug?

What would the best way to handle this be?Here is the uploadify control:

<script type="text/javascript">
// <![CDATA[
var contestID = $('[id$=HiddenFieldContestID]').val();[code]...

This took a while for me to figure out. But in retrospect it is extremely simple. For this reason, I mad a video tutorial to help newcomers get started quickly and understand how this awesome control works.

Video Tutorial from start to finish:


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C# - Jquery Uploadify Plugin: OnAllComplete Fired Even When There Is An Error

Mar 1, 2011

I'm using the jquery uploadify plugin to let users upload profile pictures. I'm using ASP.NET MVC. I had a few issues that I was hoping to get help with:


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State Management :: Using Cookie In Uploadify Only Works In IE Not FF And Chrome?

May 12, 2010

I have a situation that is need of attention.The following code is inside of a .ashx file, and is used in the Uploadify JQuery Script.(Here is a sample of the working IE/non-working FF,Chrome code)http://ee.cffcs.com/Q_Uploadify/1.zipThis file is never seen, it is only used behind.In IE you can upload images when you are logged in.In FF and Chrome you can only upload images when you are logged in with IE.(That is not right is it?)So, what is wrong, I know that the cookie script is functioning properly within the .ashx file, as I have test with another JQuery page and it works across all browsers, but when I use the cookie code in this, it acts wierd in FF and Chrome.Please someone enlighten me on this issue.What is going on with the cookie with Uploadify.


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Flash - Inaccurate Progress Bar When Uploading Large Files Using ASP.NET And Uploadify?

Feb 10, 2010

I've got an ASP.NET web application (utilizing WebForms) and am using Uploadify to handle uploading large files. This is done by posting the file to an HttpHandler.

Example of code (simplified for demonstration purposes):


the progress bar being displayed doesn't actually reflect the progress of the upload, and shows the upload as being complete long before the file is actually uploaded. Therefore, the user interface effectively appears like it is doing nothing while the progress bar stays at 100%, until the file is complete.

In some cases, the upload simply fails after reaching 100%, with the OnComplete event never getting fired, almost like the response from the HttpHandler is getting lost in transit, even though the file is saved.I've tried both Flajaxian and SWFUpload, and experienced similar issues with the progress bar being completely out of sync with actual upload progress, indicating completion well before the upload was actually complete.

This problem is not apparent when testing locally, or with small files (typically under a few megabytes) as these tend to upload fairly quickly and there's little or no lag between the file being uploaded and the progress bar completing.Is there any way of using a Flash upload solution (such as Uploadify) with an ASP.NET web application and have the progress bar better represent the actual progress of the upload?

Update: Eventually, I gave up trying to use a flash based uploader as they seemed a bit too awkward, especially the progress bar, which didn't represent the actual progress of the upload at all. Replaced this with Brettle NeatUpload instead which works much better.

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AJAX :: Unable To Upload Files Larger Than 10 MB With JQuery Uploadify

May 7, 2015

I want upload file without refresh page. I use this [URL] .... it works great but my file size is greater than 10 mb ....

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C# - Uploadify Flash Button Not Working In Browser Without Flash

Sep 3, 2010

I have done an multiple upload with uplodify jquery, but when i check it in a system with no flash player installed a blank area is present in the region of the uplodify flash button, how can i show the user some missing plug-in like in other sites to install latest flash player plug-in... or suggest some option to make upload possible in a button click (single/multiple) even when user don't have flash installed.

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IIS Configuration :: Crystal Reports Work On Local Machine But When Upload It Does Not Work In VS2010

Apr 27, 2016

I have created a crystal following your article which url is 


It is working fine on local machine but when i upload it on the server it is not working. Crystal Report is showing but data is not showing in the crystal report.

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Localization :: Culture Settings Work On Machine - Don't Work When Moved To Server?

Jan 20, 2010

I am working on a multi-language web site. It is half English and half Portuguese. I have created forms that have portuguese values in it. These forms work perfectly on my desktop. I'm using Cassini as the development server. When I move them over to IIS, they are not loading properly. The text comes up all weird looking. I am declaring the culture in the page attribute: Culture="pt-BR"

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AJAX :: Make This Work For Several Days But It Just Doesn't Work?

Oct 7, 2010

i'm trying to make this work for several days but it just doesn't work.

this is my code:

aspx page:




this was downloaded from this website.

the problem is that the page loads fine but no autocomplete occurs.

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Ajax With WCF Work. But Few Miniute After, Doesn't Work

May 11, 2010

I am a new to WCF. I have written ajax to use a web service before, but on this project I am trying to use ajax to WCF.After I build the project and wcf using ajax, I receive the return successfully. But, 10 or more minutes later I don't get a return, the ajax calls the error function, and the fiddler returns nothing.

If I rebuild the project without any source modifying, I receive the return successfully again.

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Web Forms :: .net 2.0 App Would Not Work On A MAC

Mar 26, 2010

Any reason an ASP.net 2.0 App would not work on a MAC?

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Web Forms :: How To Get FileInfo To Work With URI

Dec 14, 2010

I have a site that access its images in a subfolder under the site root. I am checking for the file existance using he FileExist method of the FileInfo class like this -

Dim fi As FileInfo = New FileInfo(MapPath(img.ImageUrl)) If fi.Exists Then
What I want to implement is saving the images under different domain in order to make images available to other copies of this site. Problem is when I try to FileInfo(http address) I am getting an error saying "URI formats are not supported."How can I get FileInfo to work with URI ? is there a workaround ?

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Web Forms :: ItemSpacing Does Not Seem To Work

Apr 14, 2010

I have a menu control taking its links from a SiteMapDataSource.

The orientation of the menu is horizontal.

The problem is that I can't increase the spacing between the items althought I have tried to alter the ItemSpacing subproperty of StaticMenuItemStyle.

Isn't this the right subproperty to use for this task?

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Web Forms :: Best Way To Work With Layers?

Mar 7, 2010

I have a form with mulptile panels hidden behind others. It is impossible to edit them in design mode without moving them to the side so that all panels are visible, so that is what I do. I use JavaScript to position the panels during runtime, but it is an innefecient way to do it.

Is there a way to make a panel or layer visible or invisible while working in design mode, kind of like autocad works

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