Web Forms :: How To Auto Delete And Auto Create Table Data

Jun 06, 2010 07:18 AM

I have a simple online web system where it possible for the visitors to "play around" with the system. They can like create categories and products and so forth. Everything they create are stored into a database.

What I want is to be able to reset this database with my default values (table data) every n hours.

So for example if we have a bunch of users that have played with the system and created new things. Then I want to be able to make some kode that deletes all data in the tables in this database and fill it with default data. The default data can come from a backup file, or another database with same tables structure or whatever.

I want this task to be done every day at 12 pm or every n hour.

Is this possible (by forexample scheduled webservice tasks or just something as long as it is simple).


Auto Generate Number In Asp.net Which Is Auto Add In Sql Server Table With Other Data?

1 Week Ago

I have project in asp.net with sql server backend.i want to auto generate a number for particular column.with the auto generated number i want to insert some other data in the same row same table. on button click event.details

railway PNR no.:- want to autogenerat
passenger details:- want to inserted simultaneously

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Create Auto Task To Delete Files From Folder?

Jan 16, 2011 06:50 PM

im looking for help dealing with some task. im wondering if there is any code that can automatic delete all files and folders in server folder. I have folder call "uploads" and i want to: first option - delete all the folders and files that in that folder in some day and hour every week (lets say every sunday at 3 am), and if its not possible, option 2 - to trigger that process with button (delete all folders and files in "uploads" folder after click that button.

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Forms Data Controls :: Best Way To Auto-format Auto-generated Grid Columns?

Mar 09, 2010 02:42 PM

I have a "database explorer" page that is desgined to be pointed to an unknown database and allow users to browse the data, so it basically uses the SQL system tables to develop its queries and pull in data to tables using auto-generate columns.The problem that I have is that I would like certain types of columns to have certain formats and I'm wondering the best way to go about it. I could format the column in code in the RowDataBound event I assume, but I'm wondering if there some better standard way to do this? Is there a setting of any kind that I can use? For example I want all of the datetime fields to be formated for short date, like {0:d}, I want decimal fields to have 4 decimal places, etc.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Delete An Auto Generated Column From A Gridview

Feb 01, 2011 02:24 PM

I am currently working on a module in which I am creating an auto generated column gridview, and I have set the Auto generate edit button field to true. What happens now when I click the edit button The primary key field is turned in to edit mode which I want to restrict from being updated.

To restrict the same I have hard coded a template field which holds that column, But as I have set the AutoGenerateColumns Property to true the gridview automatically creates a duplicate field for holding the primary key column. For which I want to delete that particular column.

My Designer Code is:-


in page load I am binding the grid view.

Even I have tried to hide that column doesn't make any difference for me.

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DataSource Controls :: Create An Auto Incrementing ID For Table Rows?

Apr 27, 2010 07:43 PM

I have an ID column (int) in my table which also needs to be a unique key.

last time I worked with a database (BD2), I set this as an autoIncrement feild and it would automaticaly 'deal with it' (ie, maintain the last used value somewhere and automaticaly used that value (after incrementing it) for any new row on the table).

How do I handle this in ASP.NET. Especially, as I try to add a new line based on form content when the user presses on a button (C#).

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Forms Data Controls :: Delete A Row From Grid View Based Up On Auto Generated Column?

Nov 27, 2009 02:54 AM

i create a data table dynamically and binded to grid view with auto generate column.Now i want to delete a row from grid view based upon auto generate column.

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SQL Server :: Auto Delete Of Data From Database After A Fixed Time Interval?

Jan 11, 2011 10:08 AM

I am using sql server 2005. In my project i wanna auto delete the data from the database after a fixed interval of time say (30 days); Is there any automatic process to delete the data from the database without the user intervention..

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Forms Data Controls :: GV Auto Update Generation And Table Joins?

Dec 08, 2009 09:02 AM

the primary keys for both tables are in there. Or do I have to write the update statement myself?

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Security :: Getting Login Control - Auto LockOut And Auto UnLock?

Dec 02, 2010 06:47 PM

I'm trying to implement automatic lockout after 3 password failure attempts and then to auto unlock after 3 mins. But it does not auto lockout, I can still login if i use the correct password within the 3 mins.

Here is the Web.Config file


Here is the Login Control Logic.


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Web Forms :: Auto Insert Date In Database Table?

Dec 02, 2010 05:36 PM

I am using VS 2010 and VS 2005.

I have a webform with 5 textbox fields on it. Form successfully store data in database table.

I want to add 6th col of "Date" in database table. And when save my webform data. Today's date automatically sotred with save data in database table.

How it could be done ?

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How To Auto Populate / Auto Increment In VB

Jun 3 09

how to auto increment and post to a web page... but its only a Web User Control passing values from VB.NET method statements... I really need the increment and post from a SQL Server 2000 database

See Example:


See Flowchart/Code Behind (I created it in Visio)


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Databases :: MySQL And Auto Generating Insert,Update - Delete Statements?

May 11, 2010 09:57 AM

Before I get too far down the road I just want some advice. I'm building a web app using VWD2008 and MySQL 5. I've got the membership provider stuff working fine and have an odbc connection setup which works "fine". what I've noticed is that when I configure a new sqldatasource (that will be used to provide data to a listview or something) the Advanced -> generate Insert,Update..... option is disabled. I'm assuming its because of the sql syntax difference of the square brackets issue between MS SQL Server and MySQL.

Before I start writing all my own insert and update statements does anyone know if there is a way to get MySQL and VWD to talk the same language, maybe a different connector or something. I'm using mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.15

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Forms Data Controls ::table To Auto Refresh On "check"?

Feb 26, 2010 01:04 PM

I've been reading and trying to figure out a way for half a day yesterday, and any solutions seems to fit to this.My solution is building up xml files from different folders on another server.After the xml is built up, I can run a "File Mapping" which will grab the appropriate information from the a specific xml selected with a dropdown and pass it to the asp:repeater.The binding is done on load, reading all the xml elements and passing it to a collection of object that will be bound to the repeater ( results.DataSource = listOfObjects; results.DataBind(); )

Now here is the problem. In each row of the table there is columns containing static informations and the last cell of the row is an img button that represent a gray checkmark and that on click should change to green. However, onclick now I only change the data to the xml, and on next "File map" it'll be there. I cannot simply refresh the page, because it takes a fairly long amount of time to refresh because most of the times there is over 350 records to load and above that, you cannot simply refresh page because
the page is call through ajax and a refresh will bring you back to the default.aspx.

I've already built a function to get the param back through jQuery, however I really have no clue how to bind it to the image.Current line with image:

<a href="JavaScript: // Toggle Status" onclick="PutParam('<%= ProjectId %>', '<%# Eval("TargetUrl") %>', 'IsQAComplete', '<%# ((bool)Eval("IsQAComplete")) ? "False" : "True" %>', '<%= Lang %>', '<%= ProjectName %>'); "><img height="12" width="12" title="Toggle


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Web Forms :: How To Make Controls Auto Adjust (fits) Into Cell Table

Jan 14, 2010 09:56 PM

I believe this is a newbie question, but i just figure out my head around.. does anyone know how to auto adjust the control in the table cell so its width follows the width of table cell?

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SQL Server :: How To Make Auto Id In A Table

Dec 17, 2010 07:21 PM

i have a table in my database.i want to assign a unique id (primary) automatically when each data is submitted.how to set this one is sql server 2008? i tried but couldnt do it.

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C# - Inserting Row Into Table With Auto Increment Value?

Mar 23 at 9:15

I got a table PartsMedia where I can insert all the images related to a product. The table has the columns :

PartsMediaID , auto-increment

I want to insert a complete row with automatic increment and the PartsNo should be the same as the PartsNo from the PartsMaster table.

The medialink should be the PartsNo + '-2.jpg'
The mediadescription is for example 'image2'
The CatalogCode should be 'catalog'
and the sorting code should be '0'

From The partsMaster table I Just need the PartNo So I can add this to the PartMedia Table. The PartNo is the foreign key in the PartMedia table.

The following I got so far but no luck

insert into dbo.PartsMedia (PartNo,MediaLink,MediaDescription,CatalogCode, SortCode)
values (dbo.PartsMaster.PartNo, PartsMaster.PartNo+'-2.jpg','image2', 'catalog','0')

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DataSource Controls :: Get Next Auto Increment Value From Table?

Apr 28, 2010 08:28 PM

i have a question, suppose i have a table 'tblImage' which have 3 rows of data and my auto increment is not +1.

imageId imageName
1 a.gif
2 b.gif
4 c.gif

i want to query '2' using LINQ C# to the table in MS SQL and show the record which i have done easily BUT now i want to get the next auto incremented value to make Next button on the sane web form, which is in this case is '4' and i also want the previous imageId as well.

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ADO.NET :: Insert ID Which ID Is Auto - Increase In Table Of Database?

Mar 24, 2011 08:54 AM

How to insert a auto increase in table of database? table TechCode consist TechCodeID and TechCodeDesc These following are my code

Protected Sub btnAdd_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAdd.Click
Dim strTechCode As String
strTechCode = tbAdd.Text
Dim sqlCon As New SqlConnection
sqlCon = db.getConnection()
If sqlCon.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then
End If
Using sqlCmd As SqlCommand = sqlCon.CreateCommand()
sqlCmd.CommandText = "InsertTechCode"
sqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
'TechCodeID is the auto increase ID in database
sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@TechCodeID", Decimal.Parse("TechCodeID"))
sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@TechCodeDesc", strTechCode)
If sqlCon.State = ConnectionState.Open Then
End If
End Using
End Sub

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How To Create Serial Auto Number

Feb 04, 2011 06:45 AM

I want to make the number for sales orders as an example:

sales order
sales order

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How To Create Auto Responds Email

Oct 07, 2009 07:10 PM

I have a form that a user fills out and submited, I need it to send the user an email automactically, greeting them by name and saying we will do their request. Is there a tutorial or some code

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VS 2005 Auto Login To Mail Box And Auto Reply To Particular Mail Alone

Dec 21st, 2009, 06:31 PM

i'm having a scenario which involves the following steps: I need to auto login in client mail website. for that.automatically username & password should be fed into the textboxes and then submit button must be clicked.This will take me to inbox. Then i should search a particular text in the mail subject which will be in the form of hyperlink.now again there shoukd be autoclick performed on that subject hyperlink and the following text typed in the mail body as "Invoices Received" then reply button must be clicked followed by a log out hyperlink.. then again this process will be repeated in the time-interval of 5 min..

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SQL Server :: How To Auto Increase Rowid When Insert Into Table

Jul 22, 2010 07:23 PM

I have a table: TableOne

rowid (int, not null)
pid(nvarchar(1020), null)

I get value of pid, gid and tid from dropdown box. I would like to insert pid, gid, tid into TableOne. How to auto increase rowid when insert into this table?

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Create A DropDownList Control With Auto-Complete?

Jan 16, 2009 02:25 PM

In my application, I need a dropdownlist to show the records, and I want to have auto-complete function for the dropdownlist,

so it is easy to use when the dropdownlist has much data. I used C#.

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JQuery :: Create Auto Complete Textbox?

Sep 09, 2010 07:07 AM

I saw many examples from google. But there are nothing that the textbox is automatically completed by data from database.

How can I do this.

I like this example [URL] but how can I modify it.

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SQL Reporting :: Why Does ReportViewer Auto-shrink .rdlc Table And Fields

Aug 10, 2010 02:17 AM

I am having trouble with .rdlc field sizing. Regardless of the table/field size settings in my .rdlc report, the reportviewer always shrinks the fields and table. I have tested everything I can think of, and searched the web for a solution to this problem, but no luck yet.

I have also tried just about every size setting there is and even looked in the output html, but nothing seems to be decreasing the width. I have attached two images. in the first image, I have added a black border around my table, and a red border around one of the fields to demonstrate the auto-shrink issue. the second image shows my vs report settings.

ReportViewer settings:


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SQL Server :: How To Auto Increment Alphanumeric Primary Key In Database Table

Sep 30, 2010 02:56 PM

auto increment alphanumeric primary key(eg :ABC001) in sql server 2005 database table.

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SQL Reporting :: How To Set The Height Of Table Row Details Become Auto In Report Viewer

Oct 27, 2010 11:52 AM

how to set the height of table row details become auto in report viewer? due to my data maximum length is 300, however some data may be short till 10 characters.how to make the height become auto and depends on the content of data?

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C# - Gridview Editing - Auto Resets Back To The Original Table?

May 4 10 at 13:04

I have a gridview (Edit and Delete enabled) that shows a table. A Text Box and A Button. When I type something in the textbox and click the button, the button runs the datasource.filterexpression and filters out the rows. The question whenever I click on the edit button after the filter has been applied The grid auto resets back to the original table? How can I solve this?

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Possible To Create An Auto Complete On A Text Box Without The Need To Use Java Script At All?

May 04, 2009 07:32 PM

Is it still possible to create an Auto Complete on a text box without the need to use Java Script at all?

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Visual Studio :: How To Create Auto Generate IDNo

Feb 20, 2010 09:35 AM

may i ask how to create auto generate IDNo in OO Approach

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MVC :: Create The Twitter Auto-refresh Effect In Application?

Jan 06, 2011 10:22 PM

How can i create the twitter auto-refresh effect in an MVC 2 Application ?

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Create A Check Box Then Auto Refresh The Drop Down (DB) Menu Using C#?

Feb 19, 2011 11:18 AM

anyone got an idea on how to create a check box with drop down menu

for eq.

checkbox BANK / checkbox SCHOOL / checkbox HOSPITAL

if the user selects the checkbox BANK, automatic dropdown list will be the list of bank (from query in DB)

dropdown: BANK Dropdown list

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DataSource Controls :: Insert Auto Incremented Primary Key Into Foreign Key Table?

Dec 31, 2009 07:13 PM

I am using studio express and after having had the tables created manually and the relationships, I am inserting data via stored procedures. The foreign key is not getting updated. How do I get the primary key from table 1( auto incremented values) into the foreign key table2 and table 3?

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DataSource Controls :: Obtain Inserted Table Row Identity With An Auto Increment Key

Feb 18, 2010 02:50 AM

I am using LINQ to store and retrieve data from tables with a clustered index key. However, I also need to know how to obtain an inserted table row identity with an auto-increment Primary key. The "Go To Definition" feature for my data context of dataClassesDataContext provides the following information:

public partial class DataClassesDataContext : System.Data.Linq.DataContext

I am asking for the C# code that is needed in a button click event handler that will insert a row of data in a table named "Fields". It only consists of an auto-incrementing primary key column (FieldID), a string column (Phrase) and a null defaulted variable column.

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Retrieving Auto-incremented Column Value From MySQL Table WITHOUT Using Stored Procedure?

Jan 21 10 at 16:07

I a function that used a mySQL Data Adapter and inserts a new row.

I want the function to return the value of the auto-incremented column of the updated row.

Public Function addRow(ByVal colA as String, ByVal colB as String) As Integer
Dim dbConnection As New MySqlConnection("server=xxx; user id=xxx; password=xxx; database=xxx; pooling=false;")
Dim dbDataAdapter As New MySqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM table", dbConnection)


The "Return..." line doesn't work and don't know what the correct code would be.

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Architecture :: Create Scheduled Task That Auto Send Mails

Aug 24, 2010 01:52 AM

i bought a hosting plan that allows me to send about 500email/per hour but my client wish to send about 2000 or 3000 email at a time. is there a way to split them and 500 email per a time automaticly without the need of reloging again every hour. my hosting plan doesn't allow me to create a sql jop or send mails via Sql Server.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Auto Increment ID Coloumn

Nov 23, 2009 05:21 AM

I made a dataset object having DataTable having 4 colomns: ID, Title, Link,Date.

then I put a ListView that retrive the data from the my dataset object, and I Enabed Editing, Inserting and Deleting.

Now, When I want to add new row, Then 4 TextBoxes shown to enter the ID, Title, Link, Date information.

What i want is to automatically show new ID number in the ID textbox .

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Web Forms :: Auto Generating Data Inside Textboxes?

Apr 19, 2010 07:41 AM

I am having 2 text boxes namely

Bill No. & Bill date. In my project.

Now Here I want to generate bill no. automatically in some sort of sequence.

For ex: If once user clicks on the at that time if bill no. is WS 100

Then other time it must be WS 101.

It must auto increamented.

Same is for Bill date in bill date field I want system date to be taken everytime.

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Web Forms :: Auto Generating The Data Access Layer?

Sep 01, 2010 11:17 AM

I am working on a small website for project management.There are around 15 database tables. Since i will be using asp.net 2.0, I wont be able to use LINQ.I need to finish the development of the website in a very quick manner.How do i generate the data access layer automatically. I found NHibernate as one solution, but it seems too difficult for such a small project.

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