C# - Adding A Marquee In The Middle Of A Page?

Jul 7, 2010

I have an ASP.net page with dynamic content that are inside Controls, some of them custom controls and some of them regular ASP.net controls.

Is there a way to get those controls inside a Marquee? maybe an HTML Marquee? These controls are mostly built in this sense:


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Web Forms :: Marquee With "onClick" Function For Each Marquee Entry?

Oct 7, 2010

i'm new to this forum so please don't punish me if i do somethin wrong :).Okay what i need is a Marquee in ASP.NET C# which consits of something like buttons, hyperlinks or something like that.The arquee as it self is no problem at all. It Shows Data as a String from the SQL Database seperated by a "-"The problem is that i need for each "entry" of this marquee an onClick functionality and that each entry should hold a guid as property.So that if i click on one entry the onClick function fires and get's the guid property to get data from the database relating on that guid.

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Marquee Tag In Html Page

May 12, 2010

The bellow code working, but i don't know it the write way or not?

<td align="center" style=" height:50px; width:100%; background-color:Red;width:10%;">
<div id="divremview" >
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up">
<div id="div1"><asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label">Hi</asp:Label></div>
</div> </td>

Also it not in center alignment. As usual it in left alignment

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Web Forms :: How To Click On Marquee Tag And It Will Redirect On Another Page

Jun 5, 2012

<h1style="font-family: TimesNewRoman,courier; color: red; font-size: 20px;">

I want whenever my link button moves it will redirect on another page on the click event of the text is it possible?

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Web Forms :: Alternate Of The Marquee Tag For Moving The News In Aspx Page?

Oct 11, 2010

Is there any alternate of Marquee for moving the news in aspx page may i move the text without marquee tag?

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Display Ajax UpdateProgress In The Middle Of The Page?

Jan 5, 2011

I am using the Ajax UpdateProgress control. Though it is working just as I expected it to work, I want it to appear at the center of the page. How do I do that

<asp:UpdateProgress runat="server"
id="PageUpdateProgress" DisplayAfter=0
<img src="../Images/load.gif" />

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AJAX :: Set Location Of UpdateProgess In The Middle Of A Page?

Jul 26, 2010

I have a update progress control linked with an updatepanel in my ajax application.

Currently the UpdateProgess control is placed right after a menu of my web app, there are some chart and grid on the page, I want to show the UpdateProgess control in the middle of the page, if possible, add some effect like gray out the background, is it possible? how do I do this?

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CSS - Center Elements In Middle Of The Web Page Vertically And Horizontally?

Nov 19, 2010

My web form is pretty simple. It has to have three lines of text/ASP.NET elements. The Master page has a header and a footer. I need to center those three lines in the middle of the page vertically and horizontally, especially if the bottom changes. How do I do this with CSS?

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Page For File Upload Stops Processing In Middle Of Log Statement?

Aug 2, 2010

We have a very simple ASP.Net page for uploading a file to our webserver. The page has no controls - a client uses it to automatically send us a file each night.

On occasion, the file seems to not get to us, but the client reports that they have sent it.

We added some logging statements to the page, and discovered something quite odd. The page ceases to execute right in the middle of a log statement. No exceptions, just up and dies.

Here is the code-behind:


I assume if there was a error in the transmission of the file that either an exception would be thrown from the reader.ReadToEnd() line. And if not an exception, I would expect the page processing to continue but that I may only receive part of the file (in which case it should log something).

The logging statement is only accessing a string variable, and it's inside a try-catch. NLog is the logging component we use, and we access that through the facade provided by the Simple Logging Facade project on Codeplex. So, we trust the logging component to be more or less bulletproof - we certainly don't see anything in our usage of it here that should be causing problems.

Why on earth could this page just up and stop processing like this?

The fact that we get a half-finished logging statement seems to point towards an error being swallowed in the logging system - but that just seems so unlikely - and we have NLog's internal logging on and it is not reporting any problems.

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Create Dynamic Marquee In C#.net?

Mar 22, 2011

How I can create dynamic marquee in c#.net? That means I want to display announcements in home page, direction from top to bottom in allotted space, only two announcenets at a time, it should come dynamically.

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To Move An Image Like We Can Do In HTML With Marquee?

Oct 9, 2010

I have tried marquee in asp.net But the tag is not defined in it Why?And what alternative has been defined?

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Web Forms :: How To Make Marquee For .net Label

Nov 22, 2010

e four(4) asp.net label.. i need to set this label in Marquee so let me know how to do this...

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VS 2008 - Marquee Not Working (text Not Moving)

Dec 13, 2010

I have an .aspx page. I have a <table> element. In that table, I have a text box. Based on the results of a database query, I will set the text property of that text box. But I want that text to move across the screen from right side to left. So I used marquee element. But the text doesn't move.

<asp:Label ID="LabelArchiveWarning" runat="server" Text="Label" </asp:Label>

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Forms Data Controls :: Marquee Will Not Scroll?

Feb 10, 2010

I am trying to use a marquee tied to a datalist. here is my code: The marquee does not scroll it only displays. If there are multiple items in the datalist, each shows with the label. How can I make the text scroll and only show the label once?


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How To Implement Moving Content / Text Like Marquee

May 12, 2010

How to Implement Moving content/text in website like a marquee. in asp.net. I have values in my data set.the data set value must be displayed in div like a rotating flash news...

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Create / Display A Continuous Image Marquee?

Jan 13, 2010

How can one create/display a continuous Image marquee.

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Web Forms :: Add Event To Anchor Link In Marquee?

Dec 27, 2010

i want to add event to anchor link in marquee and definite this event in other page.

i tell better,

i have a method in DAL class that read top news of database and add to marquee,so

i call this method in newspage.aspx and when i click this anchor link of marquee then display the news.

i want to increase the view count of news in database,but when i click the anchor,i can not add Method with named "IncreaseViewCount" in anchor click event.

how i can add this method('IncreaseViewCount') in click event of anchor lik in the marquee.

for summary, i want increase the view count of news when display the news in newspage.aspx.


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Web Forms :: Dynamic Marquee With Access Database?

Jun 11, 2010

I want to create a scroller in asp.net what is the best and easy method to create using vb.net and getting the data elecment from access database.

how can i careate something like below and also get images and other small content from database.

<marquee behavior="scroll" onmouseout=start(); onmouseover=stop(); direction="up" scrollamount="3" height="60"> <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/download-ie.aspx" target="_blank">Internet Explorer</a><br> <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/mediacenter/default.mspx" target="_blank">Windows Media Center</a><br> <a href="http://office.microsoft.com/zh-cn/default.aspx" target="_blank">Microsoft Office </a><br> <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/windowshomeserver/default.mspx" target="_blank">Games for Windows</a><br> <a href="http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/Pages/index.aspx?wt_svl=10427WH_OS_All1&mg_id=10427WHb1" target="_blank">Windows Home Server</a><br></marquee>

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Data Controls :: Bind Marquee From Database

Dec 11, 2013

How to display moving bar Marquees last 10 posts from table on database...

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Web Forms :: Populate Scrolling Marquee From Database

May 7, 2015

I'm barely new to asp. I need to display a marquee from right to left of the footer on my web page. Data has to come from my db in mssql. My friends tell me it can be done in jquery but other forums don't show how to do it.

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Web Forms :: Display Label Inside Marquee Tag?

Mar 24, 2013

how to display the text on label in marquee tag in asp.net c#

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Marquee For Link Button

Jun 4, 2012

how to apply marquee for link button in asp.net?

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AJAX :: Want Marquee Dynamic Full From DataBase By AjaxContorolTolkit?

Jan 24, 2011

I want marquee Dynamic full from DataBase by AjaxContorolTolkit

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Web Forms :: Display Marquee (News Ticker) From Database?

Oct 21, 2013

in my asp.net+vb web with access database i iam willing to show a marquee with live data from database.

.aspx code

 <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">
<div ><asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label1"></asp:Label></div></marquee>
.vb code
Dim ConString As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("baijuep").ConnectionString
Dim con As New SqlConnection(ConString)
Dim CmdString As String = "SELECT KNo, companyto FROM (InOut) where PosnASOn >= now()-2"
Dim Adpt As New SqlDataAdapter(CmdString, ConString)
Dim KNo As New DataSet()
For Each dr As DataRow In KNo.Tables(0).Rows
Label1.Text &= dr("KNo").ToString() + "<br />"
End Sub

when i use the query (SELECT KNo, companyto FROM (InOut) where PosnASOn >= now()-2) 

in query analyser it works fine and the data is displayed but when i use the complete code .vb is not dispying data in to label.

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Having Common Page Title In Master Page With Each Page Adding Page

Aug 26, 2010

My master page looks like:

<head runat="server">
<asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="PageTitlePlaceHolder" runat="server" />

Content pages look like:

<asp:Content ID="TitleContent1"
ContentPlaceHolderID="PageTitlePlaceHolder" runat="Server">
My Page

This works by placing the content page specific title on the page ("My Page" in this example). Now I want to add a global prefix to the title in my master page for the site name. So I want:

<head runat="server">
<asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="PageTitlePlaceHolder" runat="server" />

However, when I do this content pages are still rendered without "Example.com" in the tile, it's like it's ignored.

Why is this happening and how can I achieve this?

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