How To Get Files In In All Directories

Oct 25, 2010

This is in class file
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Public Class FileSrch
'' File Search Options
Public Enum FileSearchOptions
End Enum
Public Shared Function GetSearchcriteria(ByVal DatetoSearchwith As Date, ByVal Filename As String, ByVal FileExtension As String, ByVal SearchOptions As FileSearchOptions)
Select Case SearchOptions
Case FileSearchOptions.YearFirst
Return String.Format("{0}_{1:yyyyMMdd}{2}", Filename, DatetoSearchwith, FileExtension)
Exit Select
Case FileSearchOptions.MonthFirst
Return String.Format("{0}_{1:yyyyMMdd}{2}", Filename, DatetoSearchwith, FileExtension)
Exit Select
Case FileSearchOptions.NormalFiles
Return String.Format(Filename + FileExtension)
Case FileSearchOptions.DateinExtension
Dim ExtensionFormat As String = (Convert.ToInt32(DatetoSearchwith.ToString("mm")).ToString() & DatetoSearchwith.ToString("dd"))
'' Month in Double Digit
If DatetoSearchwith.Month > 9 Then
ExtensionFormat = (DatetoSearchwith.ToString("mmm")(0) & DatetoSearchwith.ToString("dd"))
End If
Return String.Format("{0}.{1}", Filename, ExtensionFormat)
Case Else
Return String.Format("{0}.{1}", Filename, FileExtension)
End Select
End Function
Public Shared Function GetFiles(ByVal RootDirectory As DirectoryInfo, ByVal Filename As String, ByVal FileExtension As String, ByVal DatetoSearchwith As Date) As List(Of FileInfo)
Dim FiFiles As New List(Of FileInfo)
For Each DateOption As FileSrch.FileSearchOptions In [Enum].GetValues(GetType(FileSrch.FileSearchOptions))
FiFiles.AddRange(RootDirectory.GetFiles(FileSrch.GetSearchcriteria(DatetoSearchwith, Filename, FileExtension, DateOption), SearchOption.AllDirectories))
Return FiFiles
End Function
End Class
This in Button Click
Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim FileName As String
' Dim fileName As String = txtextension.Text.Trim().Substring(0, txtextension.Text.Trim().IndexOf("."))
If txtextension.Text.Contains("_") Then
FileName = txtextension.Text.Trim().Substring(0, txtextension.Text.Trim().IndexOf("_"))
FileName = txtextension.Text.Trim().Substring(0, txtextension.Text.Trim().IndexOf("."))
End If
Dim extensionToSearch As String = Path.GetExtension(txtextension.Text)
'Dim Directory As String = Path.GetDirectoryName(txtpath.Text.Trim())
Dim Directory As New DirectoryInfo(txtpath.Text.Trim())
'Dim filess As String() = Directory.GetFiles(txtpath.Text, txtextension.Text, SearchOption.AllDirectories)
'For Each fiFile As String In filess
' Response.Write(fiFile & "</br>")
Dim SearchedFiles As List(Of FileInfo) = FileSrch.GetFiles(Directory, fileName, extensionToSearch, Now.Date())
'Dim searchedFiles As List(Of FileInfo) = GlobalStuff.GetFiles(directoryToSearch, "whateverfilename", extensionToSearch, DateTime.Now)
If (SearchedFiles IsNot Nothing AndAlso SearchedFiles.Count > 0) Then
For Each fi As FileInfo In SearchedFiles
Response.Write(fi.Name & "</br>")
Response.Write("No files found")
End If
End Sub

Now,we need to address the following things in that to complete req, 1) If I enter filename_mmddyyyy.txt it should fetch only files having current date in their name in mmddyyyy format.For eg. If I give test_mmddyyyy.txt in txtextension it should return only files with test_10222010.txt and not thee ones with yyyymmdd and all...Right now I am getting all the files created in the current date including the one with ordinary test.txt and also test_20101022.txt .......And the third thing filename.mdd everything is getting passed correctly but it is not fetching the file ..Again test,test_20101022.txt everything comes.It shouldn't be like that it should only fetch files with .mdd (current date)....

In my above code i have two text boxes one for file path and other one for getting extension and also for gettting file names with diff search criteria.....What i do is i should implement file search which is like as mentioned below -

1) it should search for all files if i enter *.*,only jpg if *.jpg, and files like nks.txt if i enter ?

2) if i enter the filename alone without extn it should return me filenames that exist without extension in directories. 3) the final thing is the date in filename where my file will be like filename_mmddyyyy.txt or filename_yyyymmdd.txt or filename.mdd.In first case it should return only files with current date in mmddyyyy format and txt taht....last case is mdd in extn...

where if i enter filename.123,it sould get me files with jan 23(23 currnt date) and for months greater than 9 it is N for nov ,D for dec and so on.But in m,ytext box i will enter only file.mdd only .and also filename_mmddyyyy.jpg like that....

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SetShadowCopyPath(String path) Message: AppDomain.SetShadowCopyPath has been deprecated. investigate the use of AppDomainSetup.ShadowCopyDirectories instead.

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AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ShadowCopyDirectories = "mydirectory;bin"; string test = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ShadowCopyDirectories; // returns bin, which was the original directory

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I have a collection of files with fully qualified paths (root/test/thing1/thing2/file.txt). I want to foreach over this collection and drop the file into the location defined in the path, however, if certain directories don't exist, I want them to great created automatically. My program has a default "drop location", such as z:/. The "drop location" starts off empty, so in my example above, the first item should automatically create the directories needed to create z:/root/test/thing1/thing2/file.txt. How can I do this?

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I need my default document while browsing without redirecting to

What shoud i do to achieve this?

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