Linq Insert Statement Inserts Nothing, Does Not Fail Either?

Mar 26, 2010

I am trying to insert a new account in my Acccounts table with linq. I tried using the EntityModel and Linq2Sql. I get no insert into my database nor an exception of any kind.

public static Linq2SQLDataContext dataContext {
get { return new Linq2SQLDataContext(); }


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SQL Server :: (INSERT EXEC Statement Cannot Be Nested.) And (Cannot Use The ROLLBACK Statement Within An INSERT?

Sep 25, 2010

have a very important issue,i have three Stored Procedures Sp1,Sp2 and Sp3 .the first one (Sp1) will execute the second one (Sp2) and save returned data into @tempTB1 and the Second one will execute the third one (Sp3) and save data into @tempTB2.if I execute the Sp2 it will works and it will returned me all my data from the Sp3 ,but the problem is in the Sp1, when i execute it it will display this Error:INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested I tried to change the place of execute Sp2 and it display me another error:Cannot use the ROLLBACK statement within an INSERT-EXEC statement.

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C# - SQL Statement Transformed TO LINQ - How To Translate This Statement To A Working Linq

Mar 5, 2010

I am having trouble with this I have 3 Data tables i use over and over again which are cached I would like to write a LINQ statement which would do the following is this possible?


,B.[AID], B.[Data], B.[Status], B.[Language]
SELECT A.[AID], A.[Data], A.[Status], A.[Language] FROM MY_TABLE_2 A
SELECT B.[AID], B.[Data], B.[Status], B.[Language] FROM MY_TABLE_3 B
) B on P.[AID] = B.[AID]
WHERE B.[Language] = 'EN' OR B.[Language] = 'ANY' AND B.STATUS = 1 AND B.[Language] = 'EN' OR B.[Language] = 'ANY' AND B.STATUS = 1

Then i would like it to create a result set of the following


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Forms Data Controls :: Ddl.items.insert On Databound Inserts Twice?

May 20, 2010

I have a DDL bound to a sqlDataSource, and I want to insert an item in the first position. I tried using this code in the onDatabound event:

Protected Sub ddl_onDataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles ddl.DataBound
ddl.Items.Insert(0, "None")
End Sub

But when I load the page, the item "None" is inserted twice at the beginning of the DDL? So I see something like:





Do I need to put the items.insert somewhere else, like on the pageLoad, to avoid it being executed twice, or am I doing something really wrong?

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Forms Data Controls :: Edit & Delete Functionality Fail After Modified Select Statement?

Nov 5, 2010

Edit and Delete functionality works flawlessly in Gridview if all data is pulled ONLY FROM ONE TABLE. But pulling data from one table give you ID's instead of actual values that are stored in other tables.

After creating a usable Select statement that would pull all the correct values, my Edit and Delete functionality no longer work.

Here is code.


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Insert A Join Statement - (Insert Data To Multiple Tables) - C#/SQL/T-SQL?

May 20, 2010

I have a Winform that has fields need to be filled by a user. All the fields doesn't belong to one table, the data will go to Customer table and CustomerPhone table, so i decided to do multiple inserts. I will insert appropriate data to CustomerPhone first then Insert the rest data to Customer table.

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ADO.NET :: Syntax Error In Insert Into Statement / Trying To Insert Data Into Access Db

Aug 4, 2010

i am new to programming i am trying to insert data into access db from web form but it is showing error as

Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement.
my code is :

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

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DataSource Controls :: INSERT Statement For A CSV To Insert Into SQL Express?

Dec 15, 2010

I have a project that I was using Access for but now find I have to change to SQL Express. Well I have no big problem with that but I now find that the SQL Statement I have been using was for OLE and does not work in SQL/Express. I am not even sure anymore if I can dump the entire CSV file in at one time? The statement I was using is below.


Here is my problem. What is the INSERT statement to insert a complete flat (CSV) into SQL Express? OR what method can I use to preform this task?

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Can Insert Rows To Table A Based On Values In Table B By A Single INSERT Statement

Dec 7, 2010

I am doing a data warehouse project.I have two tables tblA (id, type) and tblB(city, no_crimes, type).I want to create (insert) a number of rows based on the value of no_crimes.For Example, in tblB(Leeds, 2000, murder). SO, I need to insert 2000 rows into tblA by a single INSERT statement (not 2000 statements).

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LINQ Statement Vulnerable To SQL Injection?

Sep 29, 2010

Is this LINQ statment vulnerable to SQL injection?

var result = from b in context.tests
where == inputTextBox.Text
select b;

where context is an Entity and tests is a table. I'm trying to learn LINQ and I thought that the benefit of it was that it wasn't vulnerable to sql injection, but some stuff I've see has said differently. Would I need to parametrize this LINQ statement to make it safer? If so, How? Also would this be considered linq to sql or linq to entities?

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C# - Join Is Not Working In LINQ Statement?

Mar 23, 2011

I am new to LINQ. I have a GridView which I am populating using LINQ. My LINQ statement is taking query string from previous page. The query string is in string format. Here is the code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string getEntity = Request.QueryString["EntityID"];


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C# LINQ Joining And Where Statement Not Working?

Mar 5, 2010

I am trying to have the collection of order IDs be used in my where statement how come i can't get this to work?

List<int> orders = new List<int>(){1,2,3,4,5};
DataTable dtTable1 = getOrders();
DataTable dtTable2 = getOrderDetails();
var results = from a in dtTable1.AsEnumerable()
join b in dtTable2.AsEnumerable() on a.Field<int>("ID") equals b.Field<int>("ID")
where orders.Contains(b.Field<int>("OrderID"))
select a;

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ADO.NET :: Conver The Following SQL To LINQ Statement For Method?

Mar 4, 2011

have following method which returns "List"

public List<DistributionGroup> GetDistributionGroupsByUserId(Guid userId)
return (from dgu in db.DistributionGroup_Users where dgu.UserId == userId select


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ADO.NET :: Possible To Generate Dynamic LINQ Statement?

Nov 29, 2010

Is it possible to generate dynamic LINQ statements? I need to be able to build conditional "WHERE" clauses for some of my LINQ statements. I don't want to write a giant block of code to hand every possible combination of filters, sorts and groups. I found a article online that outlines how to use string based where clauses here. Does LINQ in framework 4.0 no longer support this? Every example I've found has giant walls of virtually unreadable, must likely unmaintainable code.

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C# - GridView Not Populating From LINQ Statement?

Mar 23, 2011

I have a GridView which is not bound to any DataSource. In my page load event I am writing this code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string getEntity = Request.QueryString["EntityID"];
int getIntEntity = Int16.Parse(getEntity);


Now I can see the the value is coming from previous page, but my GridView is not populating anything. What I am doing wrong here?

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Access :: INSERT INTO Sql Statement?

Oct 22, 2010

I have a textbox named text1. I use an INSERT INTO sql statement on enter text1's data into my database. But there is a problem. Whenever I use ' in my textbox, I get an error for INSERT INTO statement uses the same ' to enclose string data. The code is like this:

objcmd.InsertCommand = New OleDbCommand

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Binding Different LINQ Datasource Using Same Variable With If Statement?

Nov 27, 2010

OK So I know WHY I am having the error I am getting. I don't know HOW to fix it. Basically, if the user doesn't have a certain permission, I need to join another table. But .NET is so picky I can't just make two different queries in an IF statement and then use it outside of the if statement. I can think of some ugly work arounds for this, but I would rather not. I am fairly new to .NET I know just enough to be dangerous.


I get the error: Unable to cast object of type

'System.Data.Linq.DataQuery1[VB$AnonymousType_111[System.Guid,System.String,System.String,System.String,System.String,System.Nullable1[System.DateTime],System.Nullable1[System.DateTime],System.Nullable1[System.Guid],System.Nullable1[System.DateTime],System.Nullable1[System.Guid],System.Nullable1[System.DateTime]]]' to type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[Ten11CRMLib.Company]'.

because of this: Dim l As IEnumerable(Of Company) its not just IEnumerable of a Company, its got the source in it. I have to explicitly select source to use it in my datagrid. Can I make Dim l something that will make it stop complaining?

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ADO.NET :: Creating Linq Query In Return Statement

Jan 18, 2011



creating Linq query in return statement

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DataSource Controls :: LINQ Statement Can ShowTime In The DB

Apr 5, 2010


I must have a LINQ Statement does i can show if my Time in the DB <= as the Time where i become from my Session +60 Minutes ??

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DataSource Controls :: Update Statement Using Linq To SQL?

Jun 22, 2010

I have a method to execute two "Update" sql statements.

The first one works fine and the second one I can't get to work for nothing.

Here is the entire method:


The error I am getting is "Incorrect syntax near '05'."

It is occuring on the next to the last line which is:


I update the variable "sql" first so I can debug. At the time it crashes the value of sql is:

"Update Blogs set Status = 'Archived', ArchiveDate = 06/22/2010 05:14:46 PM Where (BlogID != 1) and (Status = 'Published') and (AuthorID = 9e37e028-c205-4903-920e-e8643b30a724)"

It appears to be the ArchiveDate that is causing the problem here. The "05" is the hour of the time portion. Both ArcgiveDate and PublishDate are defined exactly the same in the database. If you look at the first dc.ExecuteCommand it does exactly the same
thing with PublishDate (DateTime column) in the same table and it works just fine.

Then I modifed the code and remove the ArchiveDate from the sql statement then I get the error:

"Incorrect syntax near 'e028'."

which as you can see is part of the AuthorIDs value in the where clause. So I am assuming both the date and the Guid / Author ID is causing problems. I have tried enclosing the values in quotes but I just cant make this work even though it seems to be working fine in other places.

I even remove the code for the author ID and left in the code for the ArchiveDate and it still does not work so I have proved that both are causing a problem.

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ADO.NET :: LINQ If Statement Inside Select New Query?

Aug 18, 2010

My application includes BUILDING table with columns BUILDING_ID, NAME, TOWN_ID, I run the LINQ query listed below and need to append two letters to buildings.NAME based on TOWN_ID. I assume that I need to place an "if" or "select" statement inside the query but I can not figure out how to do that,


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ADO.NET :: Check If Statement Is Null In Linq Sql, Then Continue?

Mar 12, 2011

Right now I have an error if f.ParentID is null:

TreeItemRows = (from f
in tidt
where (f.ParentID == TreeItemId)
select f).ToArray();

I must continue if f.ParentID is null, I don't want to include null fileds in the array. What is the right syntax for that is linq sql?

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Web Forms :: How To Get Value From DropDownList And Insert Into A SQL Statement

Mar 1, 2011

I have a drop down List 'DropDownList1' and I want to insert the selected value of that into a SQL Query. I'm working in VB and I cant seam to find a simple way of doing it. The bulk of my code is on my page using GridView to display the data back. I want to have check boxes at the end of each row on the table which once checked when the create option is selected the data from the selected rows is passed to a second page or Panel on the same page.

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ADO.NET :: Insert Into SQL Server Inside A For Each - Next Statement?

Sep 1, 2010

I have the following code to For each Item in the file uploader, Insert Into database.... but It doesnt work in the For Each Statement but if i take it out of the For Each statement it works.

For Each item As AttachmentItem In Attachments1.Items
Dim objConn2 As New SqlConnection("Data Source=XXX")
Dim objCmd2 As New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO clientport (name, event, date1, username, password, path)" & "VALUES (@name, @event, @date1, @username, @password, @path)", objConn2)
objCmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@name", clientname.Text)
objCmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@event", [event].Text)
objCmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@date1", [date].Text)
objCmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@username", username.Text)
objCmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@password", password.Text)
objCmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@path", item.FileName)

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C# - Get The Filepath Out Of Code And Into A Insert Statement For Sql?

Mar 24, 2011

How do I get the filepath out of my code and into a insert statement for mysql?

protected void UploadButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string theUserId = Session["UserID"].ToString();


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