SQL Server :: Select Only Filled Column?

Jan 25, 2011

I have a suitation where i want to select only those columns only which contain any data blank, null or "0" values data couldn't retrive from query.

for eg.
SL NO Name Contact Address email remarks
01 Atul 0 Ranchi atul@hotmail.co.in
02 Atul 34753 fdsgsdfgdfs

what query i write which display only slno, name, address and email automaitcally for slno 1, or slno,name,contact and remarks for slno2.

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ADO.NET :: Can Add New Column In Already Filled DataTable In Vb.NET

Mar 3, 2011

I have a dataTable filled with data.

And I want to insert new column into same datatable without affecting original data.

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AJAX :: Select A Value From RadioButtonList Which Filled From A Webservice?

May 9, 2010

i have a problem in this code


How I can select a value from RadioButtonList which filled from a webservice?

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Databases :: Play Around With Column's Names Filled By OleDbDataAdapter?

May 3, 2010

I tried to query an excel file which contains a lot of customers' information but my problem is most of those don't have a specific column names. E.g. it's in the following format. (Excel File)

Info1 blur blur
Info2 blur blur
Info3 blur blur

So, when I query using SqlDbDataAdapter, in my DataTable, info1 blur blur becomes column header. e.g. it's in the following format. (DataTable)

Info1 blur blur
Info2 blur blur
Info3 blur blur

I been working on it so that it actually goes down one row and Change the column name in the DataTable into some appropiate name. Something like the following format.

Name1 Name2 Name 3
Info1 blur blur
Info2 blur blur
Info3 blur blur

Is there any way that I could work around it rather than actually going back to change the excel files ? Because I have like 1,000 excel files in that kinda format and seriously giving me headache now.

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Forms Data Controls :: Create A Column While The Datatable Is Being Filled?

Jun 17, 2010

What I have is a datatable being constructed from Sharepoint API. We dont need to worry about the sharepoint api.The code where it fills the data is as follows

Datatable dt = new datatable();

Write what I want is as the dt is being filled is to create another column called full path which has a formula col1+col2I dont want to do a for next loop after the dt is filled . very slow !

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview BoundField Or DataField Has To Be Filled With The Value That Comes From Column1 Or Column?

Feb 4, 2010

I'm using a DataSet to fill my gridview. The dataset contains several columns, like: direction - fromNumber - toNumberThe column direction can contain the values "incoming" or "outgoing". In my gridview, I would like to show only 2 columns, direction and from/to. If direction = "incoming", the values from fromNumber has to be inserted in "from/to". If direction = "outgoing", the values from toNumber has to be inserted in "from/to".I know I can use a TemplateField to show different text values in a column...But I have no idea how to do this when I want to show the values from a column...

<asp:BoundField DataField="direction" HeaderText="direction" HtmlEncode="false" />


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SQL Server :: Select Column From All Tables In Database?

Sep 3, 2010

I want to retrieve the name and phone columns from all the tables in my database not in systables.

Ok this works but i dont want to get it from just the test table I want to get it from all the tables that I create

"USE mrpoteat SELECT name, phone FROM mrpoteat.dbo.test where name = name and phone = phone"

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SQL Server :: How To Select All Columns Of Table But To Distinct By One Column

Dec 29, 2010

How can i select all columns of table but to distinct by one column? i am tryin to figure it out without success, i know how to make distinct (select distinct column from table, but i need all the values from the table and to distinct by Delcompany.

my line is:


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SQL Server :: Select Special Characters From The Table Column Value?

Dec 29, 2010

I want to select the list of messagetext from the messages table where the message text contains any of the Carriage Return Characters?? (Eg: /r/n) what are the other Carriage Returns characters and how can i filter those from the message text?

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SQL Server :: Select Query Based On Two Fileds With Different Column

Dec 21, 2010

This is my Table structure:-Table1

Field1 Field2 Age

Dean Chen 20

Janel Wast 25

ann Miller 20

I used this select statement

select Field1+' - '+Filed2 from Table1

and i binded this in dropdownlist

now on selecting dropdownlist i need to show age in label. so how would be my select statement... to show age base on Filed1 and Filed2

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SQL Server :: Using String Variables As Column Names In A Select Statement?

Dec 20, 2010

I'm trying to use a function in my code behind to let me select a different column each time by calling the function with a different parameter.

However, I keep being told 'invalid column name', even though in the error page the column name appears perfectly valid.

Private Function getData(ByVal s As String) As String

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SQL Server :: How To Select Rows Where The Datetime Column Is Today's Date

Mar 1, 2011

How to do this? I want to select rows where the datetime column is today's date.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE date = ??

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SQL Server :: Select DateTime Column - Show As Short Date

Dec 23, 2010

I'm trying to combine two datetime columns into one and show just the dates in short date format. How do I change this? SQL Code:


PayNumber Time Period

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SQL Server :: Stored Procedure To Select Random Column Value From A Selected Row?

Nov 17, 2010

trying to write a stored procedure to select any 5 random columns from a selected row,this is the query i ve written so far



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SQL Server :: Multi Select ListBox - Retrieve Records Where The Column IN NULL?

Aug 4, 2010

Using a ListBox, where multiple items can be selected. Using StringSplit SQL function the string passed from Listbox is separated where the delimeter is comma ( , ).ListBox is in search form where user enters search criteria using other controls and the ListBox. All works good by simply using below SQL statement in Stored procedure that carries search.


Question:- Now one of List Item is None , when None is selected or None is selected with other ListItems from ListBox it is required to retrieve all records where COLUMN IS NULL.Example: When the Male, Female and None is selected from ListBox, SQL statement in Stored procedure will be


Like to know how this can be handled? It is required to retrive NULL values when None is selected in ListBox as well as in combination of other ListItems(Male and Female) i.e., Male, Female, Null when user selects multiple items from ListBox.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Add A Column Header To A Column Of Auto Generated Select Buttons

Aug 18, 2010

I have a gridview which has a column of auto generated select buttons, where a user can select a row.However, I would like to add a column header to my auto generated select buttons in order to make the gridview look complete, but I am unable to see how I can do this. Does anyone know how I can add a header text to an auto generated select button?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Select Column Value From Grid And Hide A Column

Oct 19, 2010

I'm trying to retreive a column value from gridview5 to use it in a query to display resuls in gridview, Also how do you hide a column in the grid?

Where (p.Link_ID Like GridView5.?


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AJAX :: DropDown Control Filled By Server Then Opened In Client?

Aug 12, 2010

I tried to use a DropDown-Control (WebDropdown from Infragistics) for the following function: Let the user enter any text or if he wishes choosing by a context menu two different "Already exist entries" in the DropDown-List from where he can choose a value. The behaviour should be this for the DropDown: Right-clicking on the DropDown-Control, filling the DropDownList in the server depending on the choosen context menu item, opening the DropDownList in the client.

The way I tried to solve:

Open (by javascript) a context menu by right clicking on the control


What's the problem? The problem is, that the above javascript function does find the WebDropDown1 control only if it is called client side (e.g. with a OnClientClick button event), calling it from server side (as in the ContextMenu_ItemClick subroutine) it does not find the WebDropDown1 control. The error is shown (translated into english): run time error: object expected.

Maybe a completly different solution is necessary as I transfer a windows forms program into a web form ajax style program. I could use a textbox with dropdownextender for example. But the problem seems to be always the same: uncoupling the dropdown function, which is a client side one, by first filling the dropdownlist on server side, and then invoking the dropdown event makes the problem.

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Security ::remote On To The Server And Run The Application Locally LOGON_USER Filled?

Feb 3, 2010

A site that utilizes Windows Authentication.It accesses the LOGON_USER variable to pull the domain and user.It works fine in the development environment.It works fine on one of my servers.We are in the process of setting up a new server for this application to be hosted on.When I setup the new server,the LOGON_USER is always empty for remote computers.Windows Auth is turned on.I have tried it with Anonymous Access on (how the current server is setup) and also off.If I remote on to the server and run the application locally,LOGON_USER is filled.When I access the site via IE from a remote machine,it prompts three times and then fails.Even if I key in credentials in the Windows prompt.nothing

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Web Forms :: How To Store Form Filled Users Data In PDF And Save On Server

Feb 9, 2012

i want to save form filled user's data and then want to save that html into pdf with same html look

pdf on the server

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SQL Server :: Get 3 Tables Sql Statement - Select Table C Column By Using Table A?

Mar 25, 2011

i have 3 tables which are Table A(a Id,b Id),

Table B(b Id,a Id,c Id),

Table C(c Id,b Id)

How can i select Table C column by using table A?

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ADO.NET :: Select Name Column From The Applicant Table And Value Column From ApplicantValue Table?

Feb 2, 2011

I am quite new to LINQ, and I am stuck with this probably basic problem, but haven't been able to find a solution, so I thought I could ask here.

So, I have this repository where I put my functions for data accessing, and now I need to write a function to get all the applicants that have applied for this particular advertisement, and their values too. Now, the values are stored in a separate M:N table, where every row consists of the applicantID,advertisementID and value. I just wanna append the value to every applicant that I show, so that it would look like a Ranking List.

However, I do not seem to know how to select just the name column from the Applicant table, and just the Value column from the ApplicantValue table.

And there's this Iqueryable interface that further confuses me...

Here's my function to get the Applicants only:


Now, if I try to add to the definition of the type two columns, it says that it only messes with types, i.e. one type should be passed. So I figured I would do a ViewModel and then pass it, like this


and then in the function I have no idea how to pass the values:

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SQL Server :: Select & Declared Variable Select Not Connected?

Jan 6, 2011

I am trying to write a stored procedure that takes out a list of blog entries from a table (tblFeedEntry) as well as the amount of comments that each blog entry has gotten (tblFeedComments) but all I can get is the total amount of comments of all blog entries together, displayed on all entries. This is how my code looks today:


I am guessing that the problem is that the declared variable is not picking up the id of the blog entries, instead it picks up everything. The original select and the select in the declared variable are not connected. How do I connect them?

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C# - Use Linq To Sql To Select One Column From Row?

Dec 18, 2010

I am using this C# with linq to sql:

string currentLabel = from s2f in stream2FieldTypesTable
where s2f.s2fID == item.s2fID
&& (s2f.s2fLabel != item.s2fLabel || s2f.s2fIsRequired != item.s2fIsRequired)
select s2f.s2fLabel;

I am getting a compiler error saying i can't assign type System.Linq.IQueryable<string> to string.

I tried this code:

string currentLabel = from s2f in stream2FieldTypesTable
where s2f.s2fID == item.s2fID
&& (s2f.s2fLabel != item.s2fLabel || s2f.s2fIsRequired != item.s2fIsRequired)
select s2f.s2fLabel.ToString();

And that returns the same error. I'm sure this is a simple thing. what am I missing? I just want the first s2fLabel that matches the where clause.

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SQL Server :: Method For Select And Non Select Queries?

Jan 23, 2011

I am moving to the world of ASP.NET from an Access VBA / VB6 background and having read a few books on the subject I am still confused about communicating with SQL server in VB with ASP.NET.

As a very quick explination I am used to communicating with the server by passing strings containing the data I want to write (or read) such as:


I do not seem to be able to work out from ALAX, Dynamic Data, Bound Controls, DataViews, connecting to services with SOAP, DataSources and all of the other methods of database communication in ASP.NET which is the right system to do the simple reads and writes in SQL that I want to do.

At present I have a page with all of the controls on it required to collect a block of data I want to insert, it is all now fully validated but although I can build the SQL INSERT command in a string I cannot figure out how to fire it over to the local SQL Express server. Am I even doing this correctly or do I need to look at other controls?

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