Sending A Binary Stream To The Clients Browser?

Aug 1, 2010

I was wondering if there is any difference in performance (or any other important factor) between a file sent to the browser from our server by this method :

For i = 1 To fileSize chunk
If Not Response.IsClientConnected Then Exit For
Response.BinaryWrite stream.Read(chunk)

the old plain file access method that the IIS comes with.

We are working on a file manager handler for security reasons and would like to know what is the performance hit.

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Send Binary Stream To Browser And Then Update The Page?

Mar 15, 2011

I have an ASP.NET page with a text status and a button to export an Excel file. When the user clicks the button, I want to generate the file on the fly and return it to the client as binary stream. Then I want to change the text status to show success/failure.

So far I can generate and send the file no problem, but obviously the statuses don't get displayed, since the server response was used to send the file and not a new updated page with the new status.

I'm not sure what's the cleanest way to approach this. I can think of something but is it the best way:

User clicks on button. File is generated and saved as a stream in the session. Statuses are updated and the page with the new statuses is returned to the client. A piece of Javascript on the page opens a 3rd party page which retrieves the saved stream from the session.

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C# - The Input Stream Is Not A Valid Binary Format / Cannot Use Binary As The Length Is Around 15.000

Feb 3, 2011

I have a problem with deserializing in C#/ASP.NET, which gives the exact error:

The input stream is not a valid binary format. The starting contents (in bytes) are: 41-41-45-41-41-41-44-2F-2F-2F-2F-2F-41-51-41-41-41 ...

What I am trying to do

I have a structure with 3 classes. I have a class A which is a base class, and then class B and C which are derived from A.

I am trying to store random types of B and C in the database using LINQ to SQL, in a column with the type VARCHAR(MAX).

I cannot use BINARY as the length is around 15.000.

My code...


So the error happends when the first Deserialize method is run, with the above error.

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Convert Flash Binary Stream To PDF On Server

Nov 1, 2011

Any code snippet or third party utilities to do this? Anything built into .NET libraries?

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Forms Data Controls :: Deserialing Binary Stream And Loading To Chart?

Nov 1, 2010

I have a MS Chart Control and I'm trying to serialize the chart to view state. When teh page postbacks, I wnat to de-serialize the chart from ViewState, then load it back to the Chart's serializer. When the Chart1.Serializer.Load is called, I get an error message stating Data at the root level is invalid, line 1 position 1.

So here's what I have:

Chart1.Serializer.Format = System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.SerializationFormat.Binary;
Chart1.Serializer.Content = System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.SerializationContents.All;
ViewState["myStream"] = myStream.ToArray();
On postback, when the routine is called:
System.Byte [] byters;
System.IO.MemoryStream myStream = new System.IO.MemoryStream();
if (ViewState["myStream"] != null)
byters = (System.Byte[])ViewState["myStream"];
myStream.Position = 0;
Chart1.Serializer.Load(myStream); // this line throws a XmlException - data at the root level is invalid. line 1 , position 1.

The length of the stream was 15,518 and capacity was 16,384 when it made the save. On postback, both capacity and length became 15,518.

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Posting Data As Httpwebrequest And Sending It As A Stream?

Feb 12, 2010

I am running the code below to authorize payments but I wanted to know how secure is it to submit sensitive data like that, do I have to worry about any issues going on or no?


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Cross Browser - Is It Possible For Clients To Disable/disregard A 301 Redirect

Jan 23, 2011

I have 2 domains that resolve to my web site and, plus the IP address. I have some code in my Global.asax file that was intended to force all users and crawlers to only use the main domain, like so:

Protected Sub Application_BeginRequest(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

'If the domain isn't the correct top level domain for this environment,

'we want to do a 301 redirect to tell the search engines that this is not the right domain to

Dim Host As String = Me.EnvironmentHost
Dim CurrentHost As String = Request.Url.DnsSafeHost[code]....

I checked and Google has not indexed any pages on, so they are apparently respecting the 301. However, a few days ago we had a customer on our site who got free shipping because the licensing code that is only registered for failed (in other words, the browser was able to access In the past, we have had issues with the 3rd party shipping component because users were able to access the site using the IP address.

In any case, we don't want users to be able to access the site without the correct domain so the SSL certificate doesn't complain.

I have searched for a way to disable 301 redirects in IE7, but there doesn't appear to be a way. So, what I am wondering is if there are any browsers that can disable 301, and if so what kind of workarounds can I put in place to ensure all browsers on my site are going to the main domain,

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Sending Binary Data From Server To Client?

Oct 29, 2010

I want to send a file by converting it into binary file to the client end and then it should be read by javascript which again I am passing to the OCX method.(like my OCX method accept only the binary data so i have to transmit binary data from server side to client).

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Web Forms :: Opening Pdf Stream In Browser Using ICallBackEventHandler?

Jul 21, 2010

i am trying to open a pdf stream in browser but can't acomplish that.

i am using ICallBackEventHandler and when i get the data from the client side i call my function to open stream but this dose not work.

However when i try to do that without ICallBack this works(so the ICallBack is the problem)

this is my code in cs

Default4 : System.Web.UI.Page,ICallbackEventHandler


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Save A File / Stream To Local Folder From Response Output Stream?

Feb 22, 2011

I have an excel file in my Response Output stream. I can Open the stream as a file after a prompt, but it doesn't seem I can save it directly to a specified folder on my client.

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Ajax - Long Process And Sending Updates To Browser

Jan 30, 2010

I've asked this before but I was hoping for another answer and perhaps some code samples because I've been having a difficult time with this. I have an page. The user hits the "Run" button and I have code IN AN ASSEMBLY, not in the APP_CODE folder that is called and runs a long process that moves product info from a file into the database. While the user waits, I would like them to see status updates like what product the import process in on and status info. I'm assuming I'd break off into another thread and use Ajax but I have no idea how to do this.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Creating A Large XML String And Sending That To Browser?

Jun 4, 2010

I am trying to solve a problem that involves creating a very large XML string and stream that to browser. Right now i am using stringbuilder class. Here is the sample code

here i am using only just one property.


total length of the final string will be 120MB or so.

With this code i am getting out of memory errors intermittently. To resolve this issue ..i am planning to create a HTTP handler for streaming XML output to browser.

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Possible To Convert Datatable Into Binary Data And Save It Into On Binary Field On Database

Sep 20, 2010

Is it possible to convert a datatable into binary data and save it into on a binary field on database?

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How To Read XML File Using System.IO.Stream With LINQ / Cannot Convert From 'System.IO.Stream' To 'string'

Jul 19, 2010

i will be passing the xml file like this:



Error 1 The best overloaded method match for 'System.Xml.Linq.XDocument.Load(string)' has some invalid arguments

cannot convert from 'System.IO.Stream' to 'string'

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C# - How To Write Binary Data "as Is" To Registry (ie: I Have Visible Binary Data As String From Regedit Only)

Feb 23, 2011

I have been googling this and have not come along a working solution for an entire day. I don't know anything about binary data types (as I've never knowingly used them) and I'm trying to write a binary value that I see in the registry, to the registry. Now, all I see is the following [shown below]... and if I try to pass that as a string to the RegSetValueEx in the WinAPI and of course it errors out... I do not know what 'numbers' I need to pass into the lpData As Any, argument of RegSetValueEx (i tried a bit array) in order for it to come out as the following [shown below] in the regedit. I really have no idea, and my tests to place random numbers in the bit array just produce corresponding random "figures" as visible in regedit that I do not understand how to 'tie' them together logically.

here is the culprit!


If I had the following in a string or a bit array, what must I populate the bitarray with so that the registry outputs this [above] when written? or, how can I figure out how to do it? I was hoping there'd be a function that reads my string of binary data and transforms it into the real binary format to submit to the RegSetValueEx function in VB6 or other function in VB.Net or C# (this really is a language agnostic question, and the problem exists in all languages; ie: same process).

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C# - Twitterizer 2.2 Sending / Stuck When It Gets To Sending The Tweet?

Jul 22, 2010

I am working on sending twitter updates from my website. I have the authorization down but I am stuck when it gets to sending the tweet here is my code behind:

protected void btnAuth_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// add these to web.config or your preferred location
var consumerKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["consumerKey"];
var consumerSecret = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["consumerSecret"];
//If User is not valid user
if (Request.QueryString["oauth_token"] == null)
//Step 1: Get Request Token
OAuthTokenResponse RequestToken = OAuthUtility.GetRequestToken(consumerKey,consumerSecret);
//Step 2: Redirect User to Requested Token
Response.Redirect(""+ RequestToken.Token);
//For Valid User
string Oauth_Token = Request.QueryString["oauth_token"].ToString();
var accessToken = OAuthUtility.GetAccessToken(consumerKey, consumerSecret, Oauth_Token, txtPIN.Text.Trim());
lblMessage.Text = "<b>Hello " + accessToken.ScreenName + ", Welcome to my Twitter App<b>";
lblMessage.Text += "<br/> Token: " + accessToken.Token;
lblMessage.Text += "<br/> TokenSecret: " + accessToken.TokenSecret;
lblMessage.Text += "<br/> UserId: " + accessToken.UserId;
lblMessage.Text += "<br/> VerificationString: " + accessToken.VerificationString;
protected void btnTweet_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// add these to web.config or your preferred location
var consumerKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["consumerKey"];
var consumerSecret = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["consumerSecret"];
OAuthTokens accessToken = new OAuthTokens();
accessToken.AccessToken = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
accessToken.AccessTokenSecret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
accessToken.ConsumerKey = consumerKey;
accessToken.ConsumerSecret = consumerSecret;
TwitterStatus TweetStatus = new TwitterStatus();
TweetStatus.Update(accessTokens, txtTweet.Text);

I dont know how to get the AccessToken & AccessTokenSecret.

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Ensure That A Sub Doesn't Be Used By Two Clients?

Feb 16, 2010

how can we ensure that a sub,it is not be used by two or more clients??

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C# - Reuse Of WCF Service Clients

Jan 10, 2011

I have a WCF webservice that acts as a data provider for my ASP.NET web page. Throughout the web page a number of calls are made to the web service via the auto-generated ServiceClient. Currently I create a new ServiceClient and open it for each request i.e. Get Users, Get Roles, Get Customer list etc.... Each one of these would create a new ServiceClient and open a new connection.

Can I make my ServiceClient class a global or statically available class so that all functions within my ASP.NET web page can use the same client. This would seem to be far more efficient. Are there any issues with doing it this way? Any advice I should take into account when doing this? What happens if I make multiple requests to a client? Presumably it is all synchronous so it shouldn't matter if I make 1 or 50 calls to it?

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Databases :: How To Run The Oracle 32 And 64 Bit Clients

Feb 22, 2011

As the title says I have a Win 7 64 bit dev machine, Win 2K3 32 bit production box and I run against Oracle 10g which Oracle clients do I need to run? Do I need to run the Oracle 32 and 64 bit clients? And if so what versions?

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C# - How To Show The Progress Bar To Different Clients

Jun 18, 2010

User1 open the website did something the progress bar starts. User2 open the same website that progress bar needs to display here.

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Adding New Clients To Database

Apr 26, 2015

I am adding new clients to a database using I want to check if the username the client has chosen is not already in use by another client and highlight the relevant input box and write a message to select a different user name if it is.

Is there way to write to a specific place in the HTML similar to innerHTM? I haven't been able to find such. Alternatively i guess I could try an interact with client side Java, or re-write the whole page.

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Security :: How To Detect Clients Using Proxies

Jul 2, 2010

I'm not 100% sure that this is the right forum, but here goes.Is it possible with ASP.Net to reliably determine if the client (i.e., the browser) is using a proxy server? I'd like to prevent proxy users to a particular site.

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To Allow Multiple/ Different Clients To Access The Same Application?

Nov 4, 2010

i have an application 3.5. I want to be able to allow multiple/ different clients to access the same application but using different url's. I have already managed to configure the database to allow this. So hia's the main part i want to host my application in a domain say...

then allow different client to access the same application using

also the client subdomains i.e( and be autocreated by the client upon registration

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Preview Of Different Browsers/email Clients?

Jan 21, 2010

I got a task from my boss to do a email previewer for different mails/browsers/clients. How should approach this task? How is such a thing done?EDIT:A tool to see how an email will render in different email clients

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C# - Get Clients Timezone Offset From His Ip Address?

May 4, 2010

I want to get clients Time Zone offset from his IP address for my web app. I have tried using Javascripts getTimezone function, but, some clients have their timezone or time set incorrectly. I want to get the offset and render some information back on client based on their timezone.

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