C# - Eliminate The Letters Or Marks Out Only Leave Numbers And Apostrophe?

Oct 14, 2010

the cases are listed below;

After Regex

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Regular Expression For Sequential Numbers Or Letters?

Nov 22, 2010

Need reg exp for following.

May not repeat same number or letter more than 3 times.

May not contain more than 3 sequential number or letters in a row.

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C# - How To Encrypt String In Which Result Are Letters Or Numbers Only Without Any Other Character

Aug 21, 2010

I use some code to encrypt & decrypt string in C# but i want a good one that can generate encrypted string that contain only letters or numbers not any other ( + , / , ...)

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C# - Validations For Regular Expression With Numbers Only And It Should Not Allow Spaces And Letters?

Jun 3, 2010

I have a text box which accepts CVV code of 3 or 4 numbers and im using regular expression validator
this is wat im using : is this correct way of using or not

code : ValidationExpression="(d{3,4}$"

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Social Networking :: Display Numbers Or Letters Or Alphabets In Markers Google Maps V3

May 7, 2015


I saw this code it is good but,I have to insert letters inside the markers?

If the marker is yellow color we have to insert 'y' inside that yellow color markers,if it is blue 'b' have to insert.

How would I?

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How To Make A UI With A Panel Of Numbers / Highlighted Numbers

Feb 15, 2011

I would like to to make a UI with a panel of numbers, and when hovered above one of them ten the number becomes larger. something like that:


I want that when I press a numbers it shows it's value in some other textbox. In which .NET technology is it possible to do it? Windows Forms? WPF? other?

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Eliminate A Table Completely From A Page?

Jan 24, 2012

What I have is a masterpage with some tables and contentplaceholders. What I want in some pages is that a table be removed because i have 3 columns on 3 tables and i need 2 columns only(so minus one table). Now i can access the table and give it some css through code but what i give is width:0 (and visibility:hidden if ever successful). The table contains one contentplaceholder inside a <td>. I can also access the td.The problem is that the table (thus contentplaceholder) will not go away.

It remains as entity as extending the second column will just push it downside(behavior expected when the column3 with contentplaceholder is present). So is there a way to remove the table holding the contentplaceholder?Only thought is to hide it and push it right that i admit i haven't tried it yet, I suppose it would be easier to make another master page but the problem is that i want specific designs on many pages so if this does not work i would either have to make many master pages or just use simple pages.

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Use Comma - Hyphen - Apostrophe In String?

Mar 12, 2010

I reading a string. That string is Name like Johnny. If this "Johnny" contains comma, hyphen or apostrophe, I have to throw a error. I m able to read, if that string has numeric data. but I m unable to read this

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C# - How To Put An Apostrophe Inside Of A DataBound Server Tag

Aug 5, 2010

Say i have a TextBox control inside of a ListView where the text is DataBound and I want to use TrimStart. What is the proper way to define the char parameters? When I enter an apostrophe I get a server tag not well formed error... Example below:

<asp:ListView> <!--here-->
<asp:TextBox runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Value").ToString().TrimStart('.',':') %>' />

This is a simplified example of what I am really doing. In my situation I must do this trim in the aspx page.

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How To Encode The Apostrophe Without Encoding The Code

Mar 12, 2011

Have an issue with the HTML editor. Whenever somebody uses an apostophe ( ' ) in the editor and then clicks save (which will send an update to the database) it is taking the apostrophe as part of my command line and it is returning an error. I used a replace to change the apostophe into an encoded html tag but then it was changing it for all the <div> and <span> created by the editor which was causing none of the code to work. how I can encode the apostrophe without encoding the code? Here's my code:


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Web Forms :: UrlEncode Does Not Appear To Be Encoding Apostrophe's?

Sep 2, 2010

I have spent quite a bit of time researching this here on Asp.Net's Forums, but also on the web in general, and I am still drawing a blank.

The problem: I am trying pass a values such as ... "Jacob's Carpentry" as a query string to another page. However, the other pages keeps seeing "Jacob\s Carpentry".

What I have tried: I have tried using both the Server.UrlEncode and HttpUtility.UrlEncode, and neither have worked. I have also tried using them twice as was suggested in this article, but still with no luck. Finally, I went so far as to try and encode the string, but then do a String.Replace on the " ' " apostrophe and substitute with a "%27". This also did not work, as it appeared that the String.Replace wiped out the encoding.

So I am stuck/lost. It appears the standard PHP functions easily encode the apostrophe, but for some reason the .Net function isn't working.

Here is the code I am using ...


I notice, however, then if I put a breakpoint where the PostBackUrl is set, the encoded string is still only showing "Jacob's+Carpentry", no %27.

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C# - Server.UrlEncode Apostrophe(') In Firefox?

Jan 29, 2010

So I have a Hyperlink called lnkTwitter:And I'm trying to set the url in the code behind:lnkTwitter.NavigateUrl = string.Format("http://www.twitter.com/home?status={0}", Server.UrlEncode("I'm Steven"));When I do that and hover over the link, the url displays correctly in the status bar as "http://www.twitter.com/home?status=I'm+Steven", but the actual url, if I click on the link or look at the link's properties, is "http://www.twitter.com/home?status=I%27m+Steven".For some reason, this only happens in Firefox; in IE, I am taken to the correct url.

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Escape Apostrophe In Aspx File?

Apr 15, 2010

<asp:Button ID="myButton" runat="server"
OnClientClick='confirm("How do you escape this apos'trophe?")' />

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Eliminate Html Tags From Text Boxes?

Sep 2, 2010

In my application I am using a login screen. While a new user registers he has to fill the First name and Last name. There is a user search option. The details of the users will be shown in the user details page. Some users try to add html tags like </td></tr> with first name and last name. So after rendering from DB the page alignment is breaking. How to fix this problem?? How can I avoid html tags while entering the user details?

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Security :: Eliminate Browser Login Popup?

Feb 2, 2010

I have a login page and <authenticationmode="Forms"> in my web.config. Every before the login page is displayed, the browser pops up a login form. Is there a way to prevent that popup ?

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Marks Upload Using Editable Grid

Mar 15, 2010

I need to save the marks in database for each student...I have one drop down list..In this drop down contain 2 std 3 std 4 std, etc..if the user click 2 std ,2 std subjects are display in the grid with textbox for marks upload...If the user click 3 std, 3 std subjects are display in the grid with textbox...and also save the entered marks into database..and i need to edit the marks.

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AJAX :: How To Apply Water Marks

Sep 6, 2010

I am displaying data on a grid ..I want to show some watermark kind of thing on that grid (Copy right related information as water mark)

how to acheive this on a gridview.

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Web Forms :: Print Water Marks

Jun 27, 2012

HOw to print water marks. It show's on my  page but when i give prnt command it will dissapear.

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Forms Data Controls :: It's Possible For An Apostrophe To Appear In A Nodes Value

Mar 1, 2010

In my XML, it's possible for an apostrophe to appear in a node's value:


If I have controls bound to this XML:


I've noticed that the text is correctly displayed in the asp:TextBox but not in the INPUT element. I'm assuming that it's because server controls correctly escape the apostrophe. To work around this, I tried
changing the Description node in the XML to the following:


Again, this displayed correctly in the asp:TextBox, but not in the INPUT element.

My next attempt was to wrap the node's value in a CDATA:


Finally it was displaying correctly in the INPUT element, but now the asp:TextBox displayed the two "& # 3 9 ;". I've even tried "& a p o s ;" but the result is the same.

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Javascript - Apostrophe In Ajax Webservice Call?

Jan 28, 2011

I'm calling a webservice using jQuery with .ajaxHere are the data parameters for the call:

var parameters = "{'Titre':'" + Titre + "','Description':'" + Description + "','Contact':'" + Contact + "','VilleId':'" + VilleId + "','QuartierId':'" + QuartierId + "','UserId':'" + UserId + "'}";
It works fine. But when parameters Description or Titre contain the ' character , no call!!!

Does anyone have an idea how can i make it work even with apostrophe character in Titre and/or Description?

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VS 2010 Automatically Converts Apostrophe To Unicode

Jan 13, 2011

I have created a DLL to run javascript. I am trying to pass string value (for javascript) " 'Navy' " to ASPX page from .cs file. On ASPX page this value gets translated to " 'Navy' ". I was wondering why there is an automatic conversion. I want to see the result as "Navy". Here is code:

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Databases :: Unable To Enter Apostrophe ( ' ) In The Textbox (Asp.net C#)?

Sep 6, 2010

Im unable to enter apostrophe(') in the textbox as got error message as per below . How to solve this ? Pls help .thanks

Server Error in '/' Application.

ERROR [42000] [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.1.46-community]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Agriculture, forestry and fishing(cultivation of land or animals).',''','Mr','',' at line 1

Description:An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: ERROR [42000] [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.1.46-community]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Agriculture, forestry and fishing(cultivation of land or animals).',''','Mr','',' at line 1

Source Error: [Code]....

Stack Trace: [Code]....

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Web Forms :: How To Eliminate Postback On Text Change Event

Jan 21, 2011

I have two text boxes and one label control. All three controls are in different "td". Now what i want to do is , i am subtacting a value of textbox2 from the value of textbox1 and storing an answer in label control. I have written a code of subtracting values in the text changed event of textbox 2 and i am also getting an answer in label control. But when text changed event fires, it takes some time to execute which i reall dont like. this is why i want to use update panel to reduce that time. how can i use update panel in this kind of situation. i tried but not successded. so please write some code here related to my controls.

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AJAX :: Disable Button To Eliminate Double Clicks

Apr 13, 2010

I have a form that is Ajax enabled (we use ajax to display a "processing" message). We're having problems with the customers double clicking the button so I want to disable the button upon the first click. I use the code below which works fine in IE but not in Firefox or Chrome.

lnkSubmit.Attributes.Add("onclick", " this.disabled = true; " + ClientScript.GetPostBackEventReference(lnkSubmit, null) + ";");

In Chrome and Firefox, the button grays out but is still clickable. Do you see any problems with the code above? on a workaround or alternate method of disabling the button? I have thought about using session state to flag when the button is clicked and just ignore subsequent clicks but would rather disable the button entirely.

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How To Eliminate Application Reload Delay Using Load Balancer

Dec 21, 2010

One issue with ASP.NET apps is that they periodically reload themselves, causing a long delay and possibly timeout for users who hit the site during that time.

This may not be a problem for small websites, but it can represent significant downtime for high-traffic sites, if users happen to get routed to node in the web farm that is restarting.

Can load balancers somehow "know" if an ASP.NET application domain on a specific server is restarting? Then, they can route traffic around this server until the application has completed restarting.

Currently, I have my load balancer ping a simple .aspx page on the site. If there is a delay or the page fails to load, the host is taken out of rotation. Is it possible to do a more targeted health check, perhaps at the IIS level rather than ASP.NET level?

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