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After Facebook Login How To Get User Information Using Javascript SDK In Application

I have to implement facebook login and also want to get logged in user's information like birthday,firstname, Email address.

I have already done some other stuff like recent activities etc of facebook using javascript SDK of facebook.

i am developing application in ASP.Net (C#).

How can i get user information.

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How To Get The Work Information From A Facebook User Using Graph API
I am tying to get the work information from a facebook user using Graph API

When I use the Graph API and get the User object, it contains work information, which is essentially a list of the work history. The list elements contain nodes of employer, location, description, etc...

The FQL return it as a JsonObject, how do i get the the value employer out of it. I am only interested in the last employer. I tried something below but could not get it working.


There is more information that says it return the "work_history" as an array

Posted: Mar 17, 2011 05:43 PM

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Cookies - Auto Login The User Like In Facebook?
how to auto login the user like in facebook.what i mean that if the user ticks remember me then next time he will be auto logged in

Posted: 2 days ago

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Obtaining User Information Without A Login?
We have a simple application on our Intranet which logs changes to our customer database. The problem is that I need to know who is using the app to make some key information visible. Is it possible to retrieve the users Windows login name without have a login screen on the application? I tried User.Identity.Name which worked fine locally in test but live on the server the value is blank.

Posted: Jul 15, 2009 01:09 PM

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Security :: Login Information From ASP Ticket To Desktop Application
i have a secure application ,login page and all these stuffs, i want to create a windows desktop application for some resones  but i want to use the same security of the , is there anyway to get the login information of the to login to my windows desktop application?

Posted: Jan 23, 2010 05:37 AM

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How To Login Directly Into Facebook Using Facebook Api Through Webservice Using C#
i created a mathod facebookInfo(string username,string password) ,so i received username and password but after receiving its not possible to login at server side,because ther is only one way to connect to facebook using facebook api ie.


and its open IE browser,so there is any way to login automatically and get session,using any javascript or nay other way at server side using in C#.

Posted: Sep 20 10 at 15:33

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C# - Unattended Login To Facebook Using Facebook Connect?
if i want my facebook connect site to access user information about a facebook user, is it necessary for that user to be logged in?

Posted: Mar 4 10 at 21:12

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How To Save And Use Persistent Information Depending On User Type Login
Iam building a website and i need to store somehow some informations that i will use in the whole site depending of the user type logged in.


1) User XPTO logs in

2) Query DataBase to see where he belongs

3) Store those 2 or 3 fields that i will get in Database in a persistent way to use it in the whole site.

Whats the best practices to do this?

Posted: Jun 11, 2010 11:23 AM

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How To Use Session Variable To Display User Information After Authenticated Login
How can I use session variable to display user information after authenticated login like Address: 37, kings Road. Position: Secretary base on User ID

Posted: Dec 18 10 at 18:09

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Save And Use Persistent Information Depending On User Type Login?
I´m building a website and i need to store somehow some informations that i will use in the whole site depending of the user type logged in.3) Store those 2 or 3 fields that i will get in Database in a persistent way to use it in the whole site.My question is: Whats the best practices to do this?

Posted: Jun 11 10 at 11:24

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Web Forms :: Display User Specific Information From Database - Based On Login ID
I have a online game (written in ASP) which i have finally decided to convert to ASP.NET. However i cannot seem to link the login ID's of users to their specific details in the database. I.E when Joe Bloggs logs in, he will be shown the team information for just his club, not every club. in ASP I use code similar to this below


im not convinced that is the right syntax to be using, but when i execute the code in Query Builder it is showing me the correct data (that i expect to see). So im wondering if there is something else im missing? Is there something extra that i need to be adding in Web.Config file  or elsewhere?

Posted: Jan 07, 2011 04:50 PM

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How To Create Facebook Application Via Facebook Developer Toolkit
I'm trying to create a basic application, i created facebook application before but everything has been changed.

I looked every where to create a basic application, but now i'm getting mad because there isn't any working sample. Because of the changed links, facebook api changes, facebook wiki changes i couldn't find a working copy.

write a basic app that gets permission to write user name to screen in facebook developer toolkit I looked, codeplex, and some other pages but i couldn't succeed.

Edit: I' m adding some screenshots and some codes, it will may be you to find my problem.


Posted: Dec 26 10 at 16:20

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Javascript - Show User Information On Mousehover?
On Mouse-over i wish to show user information such as User Id, User Name, User Location, User Age etc. All this info would be coming from database. As well, this information would be in a rectangular block that would actually come-up on Mouse-over.

I am aware that JavaScript could be use to show div (in mouse-over) but don't know how to fetch from database?

Plus the application is a Windows Based Application. I am not aware whether that could be possible in Windows based as i'm web based developer.

Posted: Sep 28 10 at 13:58

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Pass User Information To Classic ASP Application?
I have developed a small application which is checking the current logged in user to the network by Active Directory. Now I need to pass the UserName and IsAuthenticated information to my existing application in ASP. What are the steps that I need to follow to merge two different application ?

Posted: Apr 10, 2009 06:03 PM

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How To Login To Facebook Using The Facebook C# SDK
I'd like to post messages to a group wall without asking user for login information -I'd like to do it programmatically, I can use my user/pass if necessary-.

¿Is it possible to do this without showing the user the login screen?

Note: I'm working with Facebook C# SDK [URL] under ASP.NET.

Posted: Dec 3 10 at 10:34

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Have An Application, Which Requires A User Login?
I have an application, which requires a user login.The customer I have does not want the session to time out.I have set the webconfig timeout to 160000 to prevent this but I still get an error when the time passes 20 minutes because I use session objects.Can I automatically refresh the browser every 10 minutes if it is not used, so the user can always use the application again after e.g. 3 hours?

Posted: Mar 12th, 2010, 03:29 AM

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Security :: Login A User From .NET Application And Keep It Logged In ASP?
We are developing for a customer a series of .NET intranet applications currentlydeveloped in ASP. However we would like to avoid the users the annoyance of having of login twice when they pass from one .NET application to an ASP one, Is there any way to export the session data from one application to the other?

Posted: Mar 11, 2010 11:42 PM

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Web Forms :: Get Currently Login Windows User Identity In Application
I have this web application where I need the currently logged in windows user Identity. I server on which I deployed this application does not support virtual directories. And I am not sure if that server is configured for "Integrated Windows Authentication."

I tried using:

All these work and retrieve the appropriate currently logged in windows username when the application isn't deployed. But when I deploy it on this particular server, these methods do not give me nothing.

Posted: Jan 04, 2011 06:42 PM

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After Multiple User Login / Some Time C# Application Get Slow
In application all sql connection close properly, Also when user log out its connection close still sql process memory increase in RAM and after some time Application slow down.

Posted: Jul 2 10 at 6:44

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Which Type Of Application Can Be Used To Automate Tasks And Does Not Require A User To Login
Which of the following answer is true and why?

Question: Which type of .Net application can be used to automate tasks and does not require a user to login?

a. Windows Form
b. Windows service
c. XML Web Service
d. Net remoting object

Posted: Nov 26, 2010, 04:48

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DataSource Controls :: User Login Form / Validate Specific User On Login Page
how i can validate Specific user ON My Login Page

whether the username exist or not

if its exist it should match with the right password and right username

Language-ASP.NET C@


Posted: May 28, 2010 03:56 PM

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VS 2005 Is It Possible To Use Facebook Account As A Login To Another Site
I am wondering - can you create a site that uses a users facebook credentials? I have heard they are using open ID but I don't know a lot about it, I found info about creating facebook apps with ASP.NET however I am really looking to let users sign in with their facebook ID so they don't have to sign up for another service.

Posted: May 18th, 2010, 08:28 AM

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Looking To Integrate Login In With Twitter And Facebook Feature?
I'm having a articles directory web site and looking to integrate Login in with twitter and Facebook feature, web site has been developed in, can someone provide me some guidance on how to implement it.

Posted: Oct 19, 2010, 10:06

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C# - Library/SDK Which Allows Me To Quickly Integrate Facebook Login?
Can you recommend a library/SDK which allows me to quickly integrate Facebook Login (using the latest oAuth 2.0 standards adopted by facebook) with my website? I also want to access information from facebook using the GRAPH API and was wondering which is the best library/SDK for that?

The important thing here is to use the latest API by facebook and I am looking for recommendations to a C# library which makes it easy to do that?

Posted: Aug 10 10 at 12:29

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Is This Possible To Login With Our Own Form To Facebook / Google / Yahoo
I am going to creating a project in this user can enter username and password in my web form and that Username/Password will check in these following site with this following sequence if any first get authentication true user will be login...

open id

I have some question

Is this possible to login with our own form to facebook, Google, yahoo, twiteer etc
Is it good way? how can I do that?

Posted: Feb 6 at 10:43

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How To Autofill And Auto Submit Facebook Login Form
is it possible to auto fill and auto login the facebook login form?

i am developing a web application in which , user will in put his,say for facebook, login information in his home page and upon

clicking a button , facebook will open and entered information will get auto filled in the login form and form will be auto submitted

i tried javascript but, i have doubt , can the document object refer to the facebookpage??

reason to doubt:-

i wrote a script and document.URl in this case containing the name of the my web form , but not of the facebook

code is:

this code is within javascript function..and is called upon clicking the button

Posted: Sep 19 10

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How To Access A Facebook Users Details With Their Login Credentials
I have a site where users can register an account. To do this they have to enter various details about themselves (Name, DOB, Email Address, Password, Username etc..).

However, I would like them to just have to enter their Facebook username/password, and have all this information pulled from their Facebook user account.

How is this possible using ASP.NET 2.0?

Posted: Sep 16 10 at 11:28

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How To Provide Login Options Through Facebook/google Accounts
We are developing matrimonial website using 2.0 with C#. we need to provide my site users login using facebook/google accounts. how can i do this.

Posted: Sep 20, 2010 01:44 PM

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Can The Facebook C# SDK Support These Typical Site Login/registration Scenarios
I want to support the following scenarios on my ASP.NET MVC website:First time visitor wants toregister, via facebook connect. I'dlike the user to have an entry in myuser membership table - so I havethem enter a username/password(email gets populated via facebookconnect).Registered user returns to mysite, logged into facebook already.I'd like my site to see they'relogged into facebook already and
auto log them into my membershipsystem.Registered user returns to msite, but is not logged intofacebook.

Posted: Nov 2 10 at 4:02

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Programmatically Get Data On Group's Facebook Wall Without Having To Popup Login Screen?
i have a group page. i am creating a website for the group and they want to be able to see the recent facebook updates (what you see on the group's facebook wall) on their website. is this possible without having to have a facebook popup login and just programatically pass in my login information?

Posted: Sep 16 10 at 1:12

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Web Forms :: Login Control - Cannot Open User Default Database. Login Failed For User "NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE"
I have finally gotten the login control configured to work in debug mode, but when I try it from a web page, I get the following error: Cannot open user default database. Login failed. Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE'.

The connection to the main SQL Server database works fine, as do all other functions. Just no login.

Posted: Aug 28, 2009 02:03 AM

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SQL Server :: General Error Login Failed For User ''on Windows 2008 In Application That Runs Correctly On Wind"
we have a web application that one company prepared for us. this application read connection string from registery key in hkey_local_machine and connect to sql server 2005 database. It worked correctly in windows server 2003. we changed our Server'OS to windows server 2008. but we have a problem to login. after try to login we see this error: Server Error in '/dabir' Application. Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. Source Error:


Stack Trace:


Posted: Sep 20, 2010 06:56 AM

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Javascript - Alert The User To Open Application In IE Or Fire Fox Browser?
When ever user tries to open an application other than mozilla(fire fox) or IE browser , we need to alert the user telling him please open the application in IE or Firebox browser. And the browser which he has opened the application should stop and we should not close the browser in which he has opened
Ex : like other browser ( google crome, opera )

So first I need to check which browser are they running the application based on that I need to send an alert message.

Posted: Nov 29 10 at 9:14

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Javascript - Adding Comments Like Facebook With C#?
I'm developing an blog using ASP.NET, and I want that the user can be able to add comments.

So I want to implement the of facebook on adding comments.

The comment will be stored in the database, so I will be able to load it with the page if the user goes to another web page.

how can I do this thing ( Ajax, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax Toolkit ) ?


I found this :

<form id="form1" runat="server">
<textarea id="textArea">

Posted: Jan 19, 2011 07:27 PM

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Using The Facebook C# Sdk Without A Canvas Application?
Im trying to use the sdk without a canvas application, so have followed steps 1-7 in the quickstart guide up to adding the facebookSettings property in the Web.config.

I have added an image to my page and an onclick event that contains the below code. but when I click the button, it just takes me to the home page (CancelUrlPath).

Changing the Authorizer to a CanvasAuthorizer results in FB loading the login screen, but I get an error 404 not found on the call (even after inserting the handlers into the config)..

fbApp = new FacebookApp();
authorizer = new Authorizer(fbApp) {Perms = requiredAppPermissions};
authorizer.ReturnUrlPath = "http://localhost/User/UserRegister.aspx";
authorizer.CancelUrlPath = "http://localhost/";
if (authorizer.Authorize(this.Context))
Response.Write("hello");//never gets here

Posted: Dec 24 10 at 17:56

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Want To Use PHP Facebook Application API/framework
I am a ASP.NET developer but also have knowledge of PHP.I just want to know if i have to choose facebook application API/framework, which one i should choose ASP.NET or PHP.One of my friend suggest that Facebook itself build in PHP and they officially support PHP API, so use PHP facebook application API/framework.

Posted: Feb 17 10 at 13:29

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C# - Flash Facebook Application How To Do It
I'm experienced in database systems. This is the first time I'm developing a web site completely, either i will use firstly flash.

I do not know how I can put a flash application as a facebook application, which is working behind with a page [web services between]

Posted: Jun 23 10 at 11:09

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C# - How To Invite For Facebook Application
We have a Facebook application. We are using graph api in with C# 2008. We have done the authentication process (Fb Oauth Authentication). We want Facebook app invite functionality. When a user allows our app, he must see invite window. I tried a lot but I didn't find any solution. How can I do this?

Posted: Jan 10 at 6:45

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Create A Facebook Application Using C#?
I was taking a look at this Facebook Guide Documentation, and I was wandering if it is possible to:create a Facebook application not using PHP but ASP.NET and C#?would I have access information like e-mail, username, city/location, etc?

Posted: Sep 24 10 at 17:07

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Facebook .net Application Development?
Whats the best starting point for facebook application development in .net?

Posted: Dec 1 10 at 16:02

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