Configuration :: URL Rewriting And Google Indexing?

Jun 20, 2010

I have implemented URL rewriting and I would like someone to answer if my new URLs will be indexed by google or not.


I have many databound linkbutton which redirects to URL like:

What I intended to do is to make above URL look like . Whuich internally should rewritten as above. I could have easily implemented such URL rewriting but all my databound link button redirects to

/product.aspx?PLU=4985783028 and when this the page at this URL is served to browser it will look like
/product.aspx?PLU=4985783028 and not /

WHAT I DID:So I implemented my own method of Rewrite. Steps for which I did is as follows

1. I wrote code inside Global.asax in Application_BeginRequest event.

2. I checked for URL if its product.aspx or not (using fullOrigionalpath.Contains)

3. If its product.aspx I would takeout the "PLU" Query parameter and by string manipulation and then call a function to determine product name from the unique ID ("PLU").

4. And then I would redirect the page to "/" (e.g. here productname is
"MY-Nice-Product1-For-Sale" . AND PLU is "4985783028" so that is redirects to "/")

5. Once redirected, again, "Application_BeginRequest" event will be called. and there I would check if URL contains. ".xyz" extension.

6. If so, I would takeout PLU by string manipulation and then rewrite URL to right URL which looks like

7. Then after user will see "/"
on their browser addressbar

This is how I achieved my goal so that all old URL redirects works too and all new URL works too and in both case user will see new URL.

Following is the code

So finally the question is "Will my new URL be indexed by Gooogle?" because the basic intention of doing this was to help with SEO .

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xmlns="" >
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<li><a href="test.aspx">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="About-the-company">AboutUs</a></li>
<li><a href="contact-my-company">ContactUs</a>

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Site Search Using Indexing Through IIS7 On A Win7 PC?

Apr 27, 2010

Developing a web site in .Net 4. Very close to being complete with most functionality, so I thought I would attack what seemed to be a tough one (something I have not done): site content search.

I've been digging around for an hour or so, and I'm a little perplexed. How do I perform content search on an website?

A few things I'll throw out there before you answer with something I've already seen and cannot implement:

I am developing on a Win7x64 computer using VS2010 w/TFS.Site has been converted to .net 4, and is in C#.Will not have access to put site on Windows Server 2008 for another month, but would really like to implement search if at all possible beforehand.All that said, can I implement searching via indexing? I've looked at using Windows Search, but nothing looked like it worked right. This site will be served up on a Windows Web Server 2008. Do I need to somehow develop against a Server 2008 to implement search via indexing?

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s = ("select datemodified, maintainedby, email, hitcount from updates where id = @footid")
Dim x As New SqlCommand(s, c)
x.Parameters.Add("@footid", SqlDbType.Int)
x.Parameters("@footid").Value = footid
Dim r As SqlDataReader = x.ExecuteReader
While r.Read
If r.HasRows Then
datemodified = (r("DateModified"))
maintainedby = (r("maintainedby"))
= (r("email"))
hitcount = (r("hitcount"))
End If
End While

I thought (after a bit of msdn) that adding;

If r.HasRows Then
End If

after adding I am still getting the same old IndexOutOfRangeException

(ps, I have tried datemodified as string / datetime)

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my webpage perform content search using Windows Indexing Servicemy production machine is Windows XP everything finethen i tested my published Website in Windoes 7the Summary Fields always empty

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Mar 31, 2010

what type of files can we search using Microsoft Indexing Service

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DataSource Controls :: Full Text Indexing -arabic?

Jun 13, 2010

i have made fulltext index in 4 columns in a table ( 2 ARABIC columns (title,Desc(html) AND ENGLISH(title,Desc(html))it works fine locally when i use contains function in search but in sever arabic search doesnt work well .

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May 14, 2010

Situation:I have an ASP .NET application that will search through docs using Lucene. I want to run the initial indexing (the index will be incremental after the initial run so there wont be need to index the whole directory again in future). Currently, I have about 5GB of docs (45000files).Problem: My application times out before completing the process. I have altered the TimeOut like this:HttpContext.Current.Server.ScriptTimeout = 200000;but it still does not complete the process.

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As an organisation, we use Google Apps. We have the paid version (mapped to our domain) etc...We are developing a web based application to manage orders, and other business functionality.I want to be able to use federated login with our google apps accounts-
For example, if a user is logged in to their email (gMail) - they should automatically be logged in to our application

If they're not logged in - the log in form should auth. against our google apps account.How can this be done?Is it possible to be able to "get" the user who is currently logged in using this method etc...?

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