DataSource Controls :: Tableadapter Configuration Wizard Cannot Generate The Delete&update Statement

May 4, 2010

in generate the Stored Procedures when using Create TableAdapter configuration Wizard in can not generate the Stored Procedures for Delete and Update Commands, but it generated for Select and Insert. i tried many times, but still get the same problem.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Get And Use Record ID In Same TableAdapter

Feb 5, 2010

There are several articles and blogs that are sort of about this subject but I haven't found one on point. Wondering if anyone has done this? Using VS2008 creating an ASP.NET 3.5 app with a strongly-typed dataset connecting to an MS SQL backend. In one TableAdapter, I have a custom Insert statement that inserts the record into the primary table. There are two other tables the also need records inserted into them and those records contain the record ID from the primary table. Here's an example of what I'm trying to accomplish:


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DataSource Controls :: Syntax To Use To Update Using A TableAdapter?

Jan 3, 2011

I have this Insert statement working fine: [Code]....

It inserts a new record into a single table. The PK is a field named QID.what the equivalent Update code would be? I'm not sure of the syntax for the Update values (old and new) and Where clause.I'm assuming something beginning with: existingQ.Update

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DataSource Controls :: TableAdapter Using Wrong Query?

Jan 19, 2010

I have a quite baffling problem. I've created a Table adapter with 3 queries. 1. GetMemberData() - Return ALL rows. 2. SearchMembersLastName(@q) - Return specified columns from rows that have a column starting with a specified letter. 3. GetMemberDataById(@id)
- Return all rows matching a specified ID.

The Problem is that SearchMembersLastName(@q) is returning ALL coloumns instead of just the ones I want. Here's the query that's in the Table Adapter:


The problem is that it is acting like:

Here's the code that's calling it:

I just can't figure out why this is happening, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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DataSource Controls :: TableAdapter With Filtering Method

Jan 5, 2010

I right click on a TableAdapter, select Add Query, select using QueryBuilder, then select a field to filter upon, and add Filter as =@BookStem. Automatically the QueryBuilder adds the WHERE clause to my new query:HERE (BookStem = '@BookStem')When I press OK, I get "BookStem in expression is not part of the query". And filtering doesn't work.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Add New Itemsin Dataset And TableAdapter

Mar 20, 2010

I create Dataset(Add new item dateset(the name is myDataset)), after
that I made a simple TableAdapter(myTableAdapter) sql query, I want to know how to connect with code to this tableadapter and then with DataGrid(I don't wont to use wizard).

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DataSource Controls :: TableAdapter Null In A Query Parameter

Jan 6, 2010

I am creating a TableAdapter using corresponding wizard, with a GetDataByID() query. The select statement is like this:select * from books where ID = ?Thus books are filtered by ID. But in case a null is passed as a parameter, I want to select all records rather than none. Could you please tell me how I can do it?

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DataSource Controls :: Adapter.Update Is Not A Member Of TableAdapter

Mar 4, 2010

I have created a function that is called when a user wishes to upload a file to the database. The problem I am having is that it won't write the files to the database anymore. This function used to work before I implemented a treeview (which connects to the database). I am struggling to see how the treeview could have cause the file upload to stop working (the error may not even be related to the implementation of the treeview).

The error message I am receiving is: 'Update' is not a member of 'CMS.SiteFilesDSTableAdapters.SiteFilesTableAdapter'.

The code for the upload function is:

<System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodAttribute(System.ComponentModel.DataObjectMethodType.Insert, True)> _
Public Function AddSiteFile(ByVal FileData As Byte(), ByVal FileName As String, ByVal FileDescription As

It is throwing the error at: Dim rowsAffected As Integer = Adapter.Update(SiteFiles)
' Return true if precisely one row was inserted, otherwise false
Return rowsAffected = 1

EDIT: I managed to solve this problem by following:

Basically, I had used an Inner Join to gather all the fields, and table adapters don't seem to like them.

INSERT INTO [SiteFiles] ([FileData], [FileName], [FileDescription], [FileType], [FileCreated], [FileCreatedBy]) VALUES (@FileData, @FileName, @FileDescription, @FileType, @FileCreated, @FileCreatedBy)

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DataSource Controls :: TableAdapter.Update Returning Incorrect Row Ids?

Apr 9, 2010

I'm lost as to where to look next. Here is a sample of what I'm doing:

[Code].... The related tableadapter insert statement was autogenerated by VS2008:

INSERT INTO [ProductCycleCountItem] ([ProductCycleCountLocationID], [ProductID], [CountOnly], [Status]) VALUES (@ProductCycleCountLocationID, @ProductID, @CountOnly, @Status);
SELECT id, ProductCycleCountLocationID, ProductID, CountOnly, Status FROM ProductCycleCountItem WHERE (id = SCOPE_IDENTITY())

With multiple users it's as if it was returning @@IDENTITY instead of SCOPE_IDENTITY(). The table will look like this:

id Location product

1 A 5321

2 A 8273

3 B 2827

4 A 1743
The returned dataset will look like this:

id Location Product

1 A 5321
2 A 8273
3 A 1743

Is it maybe a SQL Server (2005) setting that's incorrect?

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DataSource Controls :: Config ObjectDataSource ? TableAdapter Not In List?

Sep 21, 2010

Going to start this thread over so that it makes more sense.Anyways, my problem is that when trying to configure my ObjectDataSource in design mode, it only gives me 2 options and never gives me the option for the one I need. The other 2 work fine, but for some reason, this 3rd one will not show up in the list.I have a webpage with pics illustrating how I have it setup and the problem ----------> I have another webpage with pics illustrating steps I have taken to fix this problem but still nothing -----> is going on and why it will not show up in my list when I try to configure?

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DataSource Controls :: Updating A Newly Inserted Row In A Tableadapter?

May 7, 2010

I need to insert two rows into a tableadapter - and then take the identity column from each row and update them into a column on each row.

My problem is that I cannot update a column on a newly inserted row. Stepping through the code seems to indicate that I have updated the column, but when I check the database - the column indicates null.

I have tried calling Update on the TableAdapter, then performing the update on the column, and then calling Update again, but the update still isn't taking.

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DataSource Controls :: Cannot Access Newly Added TableAdapter In DataSet

May 16, 2010

I have a FileSystem based 2.0 app that uses Sql Server 2005 Express database.

I have only one dataset for this app with only 4 tables. After i have completed it to a part, a co-worker have added some Classes to it, which are not in same namespace of myBLL classes.

Then i tried added a new table to the dataset. It like all other tables in that dataset uses SQL Statements to access and manage data.

The problem started after i added that new table. I cannot access it from code. I can access all previous TableAdapters but not this new one.

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DataSource Controls :: Dataset TableAdapter Not Showing In Configure ObjectDataSource?

Feb 15, 2010

I have a dataset with several tableAdapters in it. For some reason, one of them that I created doesn't show up when I try to put it into my objDataSource?

I can access and use it from codebehind (testing purposes for this post.

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DataSource Controls :: DataSet TableAdapter Sometimes Not Generating Transaction Property?

Apr 21, 2010

I've got an odd problem and can't figure out what's causing it. We've got 2 different DataSets in the same project and I'm seeing different generated code from the MSDataSetGenerator. Both projects are .NET Framework 4.

In one DataSet, I can open the .Designer.cs file and there's a line like:


This essentially exposes a Transaction property to any partial class I create so I can do with it what I want (by setting it to something).

In the other DataSet no matter what I try to do, this Transaction property never gets generated. I've right-clicked on both DataSets and chose "Run Custom Tool" to get them to regenerate (I've even tried deleting the .Designer.cs file before doing this) and they both get generated the same.

I tried to make sure all the properties of the DataSets were the same. Both are using .NET Framework 4.0 and VS2010.

The file that does not generate the Transaction was from a .NET 1.0 web site that has continually been upgraded through different .NET versions. Right now it's at 4.0 but I don't know if that would have anything to do with it.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Call TableAdapter Stored Procedure With Nullable Parameter

Jun 24, 2010

I spent about 60 minutes sifting through search engine listings trying to figure this out and couldn't find an answer, so I decided to make this post for others.

Situation: Using a Stored Procedure to insert a row and return the new row ID, explained here. In my case, I used the Idenity_Scope to return the new row, like so:


Next, following steps as described in link above, went into the dataset XSD page, configured the table adapter to use this stored procedure. By default, it wanted my return value to be set to some value, but I set to allow Null (makes sense, since I don't want to pass the value in, I want to get it out, so it should be null to begin with).

Problem: Where I ran into an issue was in the method to call this stored procedure. The intellisense displayed the prototype it was expecting, basicly like this:


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DataSource Controls :: Reading Typed DataSet TableAdapter Row From ObjectDataSource.ObjectDataSource_Selected?

Mar 25, 2011

I fill a GridView from a ObjectDataSource that points to a Typed DataSet.

I need to read a couple of row columns from the object data source that IS NOT part of the Gridview.

So far, I have found out that ObjectDataSource.ObjectDataSource_Selected is the right event to do this.

Examples on the internet refers to e.OutputParameters, but that appears to be empy even though rows are returned.

e.ReturnValue seem to contain a type related to the row type, but I cannot interpret this either.

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DataSource Controls :: Configuring ObjectDataSource Not Giving Option To Select Correct TableAdapter

Sep 16, 2010

So, I have 3 table adapters in my dataset, and trying to configure the objectDataSource will not give me the option to select the correct table adapter.

I set up a temporary website to illustrate what I am talking about, along with pics, not much, just 4 pics.

The first 2 pics are irrelevant but just in case anyone thinking I don't have it set up properly. The other table adapters are working fine, which I have gridviews being populated etc.

why it will not give me the option to select aspnet_GetRecordDatesTableAdapter?

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ADO.NET :: Generate Statement Dynamically?

Dec 13, 2010

I have a sp that generates a result looks like below

Userid orgid

1 100
1 200
1 400
2 100

I would like to generate a string something like below by looping thru the output result data table using ado.netUserid 1 should generate It needs to generate below statement surround by {} and separated by comma(,) if it has multiple orgids.. and orgid( after & ) need to be dynamically assigned in the string based on the table..

{[Org].[org ID].&[100], [Org].[org ID].&[200] ,[Org].[org ID].&[400] }
Userid =2
{[Org].[org ID].&[100] }

How can I dynamically generate this statement? I can generate the stament if there is only one orgid for user but if you have multiple orgs .. not sure how Ic an concatenate multiple orgids by comma..

AllowedSet = "{[Client].[Client ID].&[" + ClientID +

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ADO.NET :: Possible To Generate Dynamic LINQ Statement?

Nov 29, 2010

Is it possible to generate dynamic LINQ statements? I need to be able to build conditional "WHERE" clauses for some of my LINQ statements. I don't want to write a giant block of code to hand every possible combination of filters, sorts and groups. I found a article online that outlines how to use string based where clauses here. Does LINQ in framework 4.0 no longer support this? Every example I've found has giant walls of virtually unreadable, must likely unmaintainable code.

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DataSource Controls :: Get Values From Wizard And Insert It To Database?

Dec 30, 2010

Im a PHP programmer and now I'm try to do some work with ASP.NET but I got into trouble just in the first stage of my application.Can Anyone help me find out how to get the user inserted values from CreateUserWizard and insert it to sql database. I have implemented using the following codes, but I keep getting the error message "The name 'identifier' does not exist in the current context". I have tried different approaches but any of them worked.Code:.aspx



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Forms Data Controls :: DataSource Config Wizard Not Working With DropDownList?

May 9, 2010

Stuck trying to populate a dropdownlist with an ObjectDataSource using the wizard.

using the wizard i can successfully configure the datasource, then I can choose the datasource. The next step you should be able to select your display value and the selected value. However, these boxes are not populated within the wizard. I added a gridview to test the datasource and it displays fine.


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DataSource Controls :: Sql Server 2008 Import/export Wizard... Completely Useless

Apr 13, 2010

import/export wizard in 2000 had lots of options.

I could copy databases without a care in the world. Including constraints, stored proc., AND the data, etc.

Now, with v2008, the wizard is dumbed down too much. It's a "stupid" copy function that fails on the first constraint it meets.

"Copy database.." is not an option here: it needs sysadmin on both source and destination server.

Re-adding the constraints manually is not an option either: the database is WAY too large.

I'm actually hoping there is a temporary bug in the import/export wizard. Each option (and you have THREE...) returns with a new error.

Googling, I found I am not alone:

This post is exactly my situation. Here's what his post says: (bolded key parts)
I'm trying to get used to sql server 2008 having been forced to upgrade by my isp. I need to back up my key db on a weekly remote schedule, so have been trying to use ssms to export data from my remote db to a local copy.

Firstly I created a new empty db on the local machine. Then I scripted the structure of the db on the remote machine and ran the resulting query on the local machine to copy the table structure into the new db. This gave me empty target tables to map to (see

I used the export data wizard and selected my remote tables, then highlighted the tables to be copied and used the Edit Mappings option. Here I need to do two things, firstly checking'Enable Identity Insert' (because I have a unique id in most tables which is identity seeded, and I've read that if this is not checked sql server will helpfully renumber your entire table, rendering all your foreign key references useless). Secondly I need to decide what to do with the data already in the destination table. SQL 2k DTS simply dropped the destination table and recreated it. SQL 2008 will either keep the structure and delete the rows therein, or drop the table and recreate it. Because I intend to save this package and call it on a schedule in the future, I need to choose one of these options, because next time the target db won't be empty.

If I choose the delete rows option, when the package runs I get the following error when the process gets ot the first table with an identity ID which is used elsewhere in the db as a foreign key.

Error 0xc002f210: Preparation SQL Task 4: Executing the query "Truncate TABLE [dbo][tblCompany] failed with the following error 'Cannot truncate table tblCompany because it is being referenced by a foreign key constraint. Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "Result Set" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly or connection not established correctly'

Half a dozen preceding tables did seem to transfer fine, but the process falls down on this one table. What I want is for the process to ignore constraints whilst it does the backup.

Undeterred I tried the other option, dropping each table and creating a new version. This time I get the error:

Error 0cx0202009: Data Flow Task 1: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available. Source MS SQL Server Native Client 10.0. Hresult 0x80004005 Description "The statement has been terminated".
An OLE DB record is available. Source MS SQL Server Native Client 10.0. Hresult 0x80004005 Description "Violation of Primary Key constraint 'PK_LoginClasses'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.LoginClasses'.

Then I try unchecking the Enable Identity Insert option to see what happens. This happens:

- Validating (Error)Messages
Error 0xc0202049: Data Flow Task 1: Failure inserting into the read-only column "UserID".
(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc0202045: Data Flow Task 1: Column metadata validation failed.
(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc004706b: Data Flow Task

1: "component "Destination - Login" (40)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN".
(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)Error 0xc004700c: Data Flow Task 1: One or more component failed validation.
(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc0024107: Data Flow Task 1: There were errors during task validation.
(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

I can't see any more options to try. So how do I get SSMS 2008 to do what Enterprise Manager 2k did with no drama?

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DataSource Controls :: Can't DDS Package That's Have Been Save From SQL Server Data Import/Export Wizard

Feb 23, 2010

I have to export some data from excel to sql server. So, I just used simply Import/Export wizard from Management Studio.

Fill up and set the all necessary according to this wizard, after that I saved as SSIS Package.

Because, I have to run this package several time, but unfortunately, I can't find it where she saved it.

That may be funny, but really i can't find it out So, How to i save this package?

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DataSource Controls :: Unable To Select Any Stored Procedure While Creating TableAdapters In Wizard?

Aug 24, 2010

I'm using VS 2008 and SQL 2008.

I have created the tables and the stored procedures in SQL 2008.

In VS 2008, I created DataSet1.xsd in App_Code and created the connectionString in web.config file.

Then when I go into the DataSet1.xsd and try to add a TableAdapter, strange things happened.

First I chose the data connection, then selected "Use existing stored procedure", then there was nothing listed in the dropdownlists (in Select, Insert, Update, or Delete).

I'm sure the connectionString is correct because if I choose "Use SQL statement" and type in a "select * from mytable1", the TableAdapter can be created without any problem.

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DataSource Controls :: Meaning Of N In Statement?

Jan 28, 2010


what does the "N" mean or do in this statement?

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