Displaying Image In It's Original Size?

Mar 19, 2011

I want to display an image in its original size, not depending on the image size on the page. I use IMAGE from the toolbox.

how can I display an image without stretching it to the image size on the form?

I use VS2010 Express

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AJAX :: Original Image Size In Grid View?

Mar 12, 2010

i am displaying image in grid, by the time of displaying image i wants to show image with original size.. like i don't wants to display large or small size image with fixed width and height..

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Web Forms :: Displaying Images With Consistent Size Using Image Control?

Aug 3, 2010

How can I display photogarphs in an image control so that they are all the same size for an online catalogue without distorting the actual image.

I have taken the photos with a digital camera, loaded them in to Photoshop, cropped the image and finally resized the images to an acceptable size (while constraning proportions to avoid image distorsion).

The problem is that the images all have different height dimensions as while resizing i was able to choose the width that I wanted but as I had to constrain proportions to avoid distorsion, it caused the heights of the images to differ.

On my web form I have an image control that is set to the same width as the images but as the heights of the images differ from one and other, it is impossible for me to set a fixed height that will prevent some of the images being distorted when displayed in the image control.

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Web Forms :: To Return The Popup In It's Original Size?

Mar 24, 2010

I'm using return url to restore a users site position after a session times out. This works fine. However if the user happens to have a popup open when a session times out, it returns the user to the popup screen (correctly) but the popup now takes up the entire screen. Is there a way to return the popup in it's original size or another way to check for popups, perhaps using the sitemap?

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Increases The Disk Volume Of Resized Image To Almost Four Times Or Original Image?

Oct 12, 2010

I have very basic knowledge of ASP.net. I am using following script to resize and image, but the problem is it increases the disk volume of resized image to almost 4 times or original image.


Original Image: 1024 x 769px and Disk space: 135 KB
Resized Image: 600 x 380px and Disk space: 825KB
Notice resized image becomes 825KB.



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Web Forms :: Display Thumbnail Image In DataList Image Gallery And OnClick Display Original Image

Oct 12, 2012

I need to develop image gallery

Image saved in Folder called Images and image Name , Description saved in Database Table Images.

On Deafault.aspx

Thubnail images should display with out any change in Quality i.e by DataList Control

On Click of Thubnail images Fullview of image with width and height same as image width and height   
Next, Previous, Close Buttons on Popup window

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ELMAH Not Displaying Original Error Page In MVC3

Feb 4, 2011

[URL] Using the above url as a reference, I can see ELMAH should display the Original ASP.NET error page when the error originates from the View. I have created the following view to generate an error, but the only exception views are Raw/Source data in XML or in JSON.

ViewBag.Title = "ViewError";
<h2>View Error</h2>
throw new NullReferenceException();

Is it possible to view the Original ASP.NET error page in MVC3?

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Web Forms :: How To Generate Thumbnail Image From Original Image

Jul 3, 2012

i want to generate thumbnail image from big image and store into separate folder.

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Delete Original File From Resized Image?

Jan 6, 2010

I have a file name that is either 5464821561564.jpg or 5464821561564R.jpg. If the file has a R at the end of it means it was resized but the orignal is still there. How can i take a file name see if there is a R on it then remove the R so i have orignal file and delete it? So in other words if a file has a letter R on it. It was resized need to delete orignal.

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Web Forms :: How To Provide Alternate Image When Original Is Missing

Oct 11, 2012

How to provide an alternate image when the original image is missing ....

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Web Forms :: Display Not Found Image If The Original Image Not Found?

Sep 22, 2013

in my asp.net+vb web i am using this code to display image of workers in web page as per their id and it works fine

Dim id1 As String = "11022"
id1 = " + idtxt.Text + "
Image1.ImageUrl = "~/photos/" + ID + ".jpg"
End If

there persons whose photo is not uploaded in server . i want to show an alternate image name notfound.jpg if the photo is not found

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Web Forms :: Check Image File Size And Dimensions (Height And Width) Before Image Upload

Oct 18, 2013

How to upload images with some conditions


size not gretr than 50 kb

with = 110px, height 140 px


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Displaying Clicked Images In Full Size

Nov 4, 2010

i have an image field in a griedview as this:

<asp:ImageField DataImageUrlField="PictureID"
DataImageUrlFormatString="~/UploadedImages/{0}.jpg" HeaderText="Image"
<ControlStyle Width="100px" />

I want when user click on any of the images, it should take them to another page UploadedImage.aspx, displaying the clicked image in full size. Can someone help me accomplish that?

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Jqgrid Is Displaying All Records By Default Even If Page Size Is 2 Or 4

Jul 16, 2010

my jqgrid is working fine.but one problem is by default jqgrid is displaying all records even if page size is 2 or 4.. and it is showing page 1 of 0

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Web Forms :: Displaying An Image Within An Image Control On A Website From A SQL Database?

Oct 19, 2010

I am working on a website, using C# with a SQL backend. I'm using the Varbinary data type to store my images because the Image data type is eventually going away. I got the images into the DB and can pull them back out to display on the website. My question is how can I put the images from the DB into an Image control on the website? The images will be different sizes, so I need to keep them confined in one space on the site. I also need to randomly display the images, one at a time, on the website. The user needs to be able to hit the Next button to see the next image when they are ready. The user will only view the images, not make any changes and send data back to the DB.

Since the image will be confined within the image control, how can I allow the user to click on the image and open in a new window? The image needs to be bigger to allow the user to see more detail. Or would it be easier to allow the user to zoom in on the image within the current window?I am using VWD Express, C# 2010 Express & SQL 2005 Express.

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Web Forms :: Avoid Image Getting Stretched When Displaying Image Control

Jun 12, 2012

I have image tag in datalist  that width=100px  Hight=100px

And I have several image in my database with different size

img1=100*100    img2=500*600    img3=150*140 and ...

Now when I bind my image tag from database it show all my image but it stretch all image.

E.g.: if my image be  300*500  when it show in image tag it stretch my image from width .

I want if my image size be reduceو it reduce width&Hight  deppending to real size of image don't stretch it.

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Web Forms :: Error In Displaying Image Over Image Control?

Mar 23, 2010

I want to display image on image control by passing image path such as

image1.ImageUrl = "C:Documents and SettingsadministratorDesktopITINIRARY IMAGEScience North eastTsomgo Lake.jpg"

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System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image/ImageButton Not Displaying The Image?

Sep 29, 2010

I'm a newbie to Asp.net,learning from the Apress's Begining Asp.net...book.While very curious to see an image given by me on the browser,I'm stuck at the very first step,Configuration : Win7(32-bit),VS2008 Pro/.net 3.5,Firefox as default browser.Now,In created a simple website(not web app) in C#,added three images(.png,.jpg,.gif) to the App_Data folder(using the solutn. explorer of course).Then added the Image control from the toolbox & in the ImageUrl property, selected one of the images->presses f5 to start in debugging mode but every time the browser displays the alternate text given by me.

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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender / Datalist Original Image Come In Modalpopupextender After Click

Apr 14, 2010

I have a DataList that contains some Thumbnail Image(Image Button).

Now I want when i click on any Item in datalist the original image come in modalpopupextender.

How I can do this?

<ItemTemplate> <table
ImageUrl='<%# Eval("Img_URL") %>'
</table> <br
my panel that shows as modalpopu

Now where I can to write code that when i click on item in datalist Original Image show in modal popup extender?

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C# - Setting Image Using A Method But Image's Not Displaying?

Oct 13, 2010

<div class="sp1" style="background-image:url(<%#GetImage()%>);" runat="server"> </div>

Tested my method by assigning the String(containing my image's path) returned by it to a label..its getting the path alright..then why wont it display when I run the code?when I viewed the page's source..this is what I see..

<div class="sp1" style="background-image:url(<%#GetImage()%>);"> </div>

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Web Forms :: Image Size In Kb In Asp.net C#?

Jun 8, 2010

how can I get image size in Kb in asp.net c#.I'm providing facility to download image in 800*600 or 1024*768 dimension but along with these links I want to display actual size of image in Kb in both dimensions.

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Get Resolution And Size Of Image?

Jan 7, 2010

how can i get image info(resolution, size, etc..) of an image that i have upload with asp .net?

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Set Image Size In Powerpoint Using Open XML?

Oct 28, 2010

Im am generating a ppt-file using this tutorial here Step 4 describes how to swap out the image placeholder.

Is there any way to resize the placeholder so it can keep the dimensions?


users can upload images of them selves. The images are stored on the server. I am generating a ppt-file with one user per slide. And for every slide there will be an image, if any. I can of course get the dimensions of every image, but how do I replace the placeholder with an image of another dimension than the placeholder?

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C# - Get The Size Of An Image Without Loading It, From A Webserver?

Aug 17, 2010

Is it possible to get the size of an image (probably its size in bytes) from a web server, without loading it?Do web servers have accessible properties (fields) with regard to file sizes? This would allow for checking the image size without loading.Often when a web server's directory is loaded into a browser, it tells you each file's size, from server-side. Can I, as an ASP developer, access that data at all?I'm using C# .Net 4Edit: I am acting as a client and requesting this info from other web servers.

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Setting Image Size Via Css Or Jquery / C#?

Mar 26, 2011

can you set the the image size of this control with css?

<img style="border-width: 0px;" alt="Test image" src="userdata/1/uploadedimage/database%20entry.jpg">

Not sure if theres a way I can assign a certain size to this either by css or by Jquery? Or if I can do it directly in my C# code using something like img.Style?


Just to clarify my css is like so:

div .test
border-top: thin solid #736F6E;


So how would I use the below answers in this combination

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