Forms Data Controls ::Postback Of Page Using JavaScript Postback's Slow Down The Page?

Sep 22, 2010

I'm at my wits end on this one looked/Searched/Played/Experimented and I need your help if you can.This page is going to be primarily used on a mobile device using Win Mobile 5 Need to Accomplish:Prevent Postback(serverside) of Page using JavaScript (Postback's slow down the page on mobile device)


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Forms Data Controls :: Go To Next Page In Gridview Without Refresh Page (wihtout Postback)?

Nov 15, 2010

how can go to next page in gridview without refresh page

i thing programmers says wihtout postback?

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How To Prevent Master Page Postback When Update Panel Asynchronous Postback Happened

Oct 15, 2010

When an asynchronous postback happened inside update panel, another postback happens also for MasterPage not only update panel embedded page .

I want to prevent this MasterPage postback .

is this possible ? think like i have a MasterPage

and another page which is test.aspx which is content page of MasterPage

i have update panel at test.aspx

when asynchronous postback happens at this test.aspx update panel it also loads MasterPage Page_Load

i want to prevent this (it should not also load MasterPage Page_Load)

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AJAX :: How To Prevent Master Page Postback When Update Panel Asynchronous Postback Happened

Oct 15, 2010

When an asynchronous postback happened inside update panel, another postback happens also for MasterPagenot only update panel embedded page .I want to prevent this MasterPage postback . is this possible ?think like i have a MasterPage and another page which is test.aspx which is content page of MasterPagei have update panel at test.aspxwhen asynchronous postback happens at this test.aspx update panel it also loads
MasterPage Page_Loadi want to prevent this (it should not also load MasterPage Page_Load)

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Gridview And Page Postback

Feb 9, 2011

I design a page which contains one dropdownlist, gridview1 and gridview2. All of them extract data from the same table (a SqlDataSource). The Gridview1 is used to edit, update data with edit, update and cancel button. My problems are:

1. After update gridview1, the dropdownlist and gridview2 don't update data.

2.After updata gridview1, the gridview1 resets to its original state if refresh page.

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JQuery :: Uframe Postback Button Control Getting Postback The Page Even The Client Side Method Call Also?

Jan 28, 2011

iam using the Jquery Uframe with project.Iam getting a postback problem here.

In side the uframe ,button control getting postback the page even the client side method call also.

i tried with the Html button Control also by setting the type="submit" ,iam facing the same problem.

And I got very limited reference about the uframe(codeflex,codeProject).

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C# - Insert Javascript Only On Page Postback

Feb 18, 2011

I'm sure this is fairly straightforward but i'm having trouble getting it to work. I want to add a javascript function to my page, but only when the page postsback. So I have a button that calls some server-side code, and when it is finished and the page is re-loading I want the javascript function to be called. Thinking about this i guess I could just add a hidden variable and set it when the button is clicked, but i think i'd rather just insert the javascript onto the page when it is loading back. Is this possible, or even a good way to do it? Edit: Okay this is my OnClick method in the C# code.

protected void Save(object sender, EventArgs e)
Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "alert", "<script type="text/javascript">alert('hello world');</script>");

Another Edit: Just realised that the response.redirect at the bottom reloads my page cancelling out the code I put in, duh!

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C# - Javascript Event On Page Postback

Feb 16, 2010

Is there any javascript event which is triggered on postback? If not, how can I run client side code immediately after or before a page postback?

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Javascript - Do Postback Then Redirect To A Page

Sep 9, 2010

I'm trying to do a javascript postback and then re-direct to a different page but it keeps posting back to the current page Here's my code

$(this).prepend('<a class="booknow2 sidelink sidelinkNew" href="javascript:__doPostBack('SetSess','')"><img src="../../images1/button/leftEdge.png" width="4" height="35" style="float:left; margin:0; padding:0;" alt="book now" /><img src="../../images1/button/rightEdge.png" width="4" height="35" style="float:right; margin:0; padding:0;" alt="book now" /><span>Check availability Ľ</span></a>');

And here's my SetSess postback command

Sub SetSess()
Session("TenHolStDateNewCheck") = "%"
End Sub

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Web Forms :: Client Javascript Runs But Then Page Errors Out When Clicking On A Control That Uses Postback

Sep 3, 2010

Using this script on a button click


After it is done, I can't click on my calendar control. I was hoping to add somethign that would force a refresh in the script, but nothing I do works.

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Forms Data Controls :: Editing A Row In Gridview By Postback To Another Page?

Feb 7, 2011

I ahve displayed a group of data in my gridvew with the edit option linkbutton template field for each row. The gridview columns consist of employee name and projectname and total hours field employee worked.

So in this when i click the edit button using the datakeynames alue for project name id and employee id ,i have to redirect the page to another page with the values in the grid for the particular that i can update the totalhours field in the redirected page.and if i press the update button in that page then the page should be redirected to the gridview page with the updated value for the particular employee and project. The page which should be redirected consist of project name dropdownlist, module field,date field and total hours field. No employee name field.

Using the gridview rowdatabound field i have postbacked the url page with the project name id but it does not displays the project in the redirected page.And employee name i have to redirect with the session value i think?

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Forms Data Controls :: Avoid Postback While Change Page No Of Datalist?

Mar 4, 2010

I am using datalist and used custom paging for that but on page index changed there is full postback..because i am sending the values through querystring just have a look to this link


i want to remove this postback...

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Forms Data Controls :: Page Does Postback But The Breakpoint Wont Execute

Mar 12, 2010

have a gridview which has a delete linkbutton in 1 column, problem is that the click event for the button is not firing at all, the page does postback but the breakpoint wont execute and jump in the click event at all.


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Forms Data Controls :: Maintain Page State On Postback From Other Webpages?

May 3, 2010

I have a abc.aspx page having some control like (drop downs, text boxes), i am filling a grid based on selected items in the drop downs and date selected from the ajax calender extender control attached to the from data and to date text boxes.

Inside grid there is a link which redirects to bcd.aspx, this page (bcd.aspx) is having a back button to redirect abc.aspx.

Now what i want is, abc.aspx should main its state like grid, drop downs and text boxes should be shown as it was earlier, i.e. all should have same values as it was at the time of redirecting to bcd.aspx.

Yes, there is a way to maintain the state by passing all values from query string and than get all values back and rebind all controls. But i don't want to go this way because i will have pass so many values in query string.

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Forms Data Controls :: Postback To Masterdetail Inside Tabcontainer On The Same Page?

Apr 15, 2010

How can I use postbackurl with a formview in master detail after I insert an item in the formview which is at the bottom of a big page? The master detail is inside a tab container

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Javascript - How To Keep Whole Page Scroll Position After Asynchronous Postback

Oct 16, 2010

i am using 4.0 iis 7.5 microsoft visual studio 2010

what i want is keep whole page (browser) scroll position (not a div or panel) when asynchronous postback happened (update panel) how can i do this actually i had a function which can keep div scroll bar position after postback like this

<script type="text/javascript">
var xPos, yPos;
var prm = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance();
function BeginRequestHandler(sender, args) {
xPos = document.getElementById('Main').scrollLeft;
yPos = document.getElementById('Main').scrollTop;
function EndRequestHandler(sender, args) {
document.getElementById('Main').scrollLeft = xPos;
document.getElementById('Main').scrollTop = yPos;

bu i could not find browser scroll bar id to get its values to get with document.getElementById

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C# - AsyncFileUpload Postback Does Not Do A Full Page Postback?

Jul 6, 2010

I implemented the AsyncFileUpload control on a web page. This web page requires uploaded files to appear in a gridview. The gridview contains the following columns: "File Name", "Confidential" Check Box, and a "Remove" button to remove the uploaded file.

Since the AsyncFileUpload postback does not do a full page postback, I need to "force" a postback on the OnClientUploadComplete event of the AsyncFileUpload control in order to render the gridview after uploading a file. In the OnClientUploadCompleteevent, I use javascript to call __doPostBack. In this postback, I only bind my gridview and display the file information (I don't re-save the file).

The problem: On the AsyncFileUpload's first "partial" postback, the file is successfully uploaded, as expected. On the second postback that I force with __doPostBack, the file is re-uploaded. You can verify this by using Google Chrome, which displays the upload progress. The behaviour is as follows: After selecting the file, the progress increments from 0% to 100% and the file is uploaded. After this, the __doPostBack executes, and you can see the upload progress increment again from 0% to 100%.

How can I make sure the Gridview is properly populated, but that the file is not uploaded twice?

I attached a sample solution which contains the issue:


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Javascript - Register Script After Partial Page Postback (UpdatePanel)

Aug 26, 2010

I have a simple form (textbox, submit button) which is wrapped in an update panel.


I type some text in the textbox, click submit, then the server creates a database record and returns an object, which has properties like ID, Name, URL, Blah, etc. These are the values that the script requires.

So if i were to call a web service from the client-code, in order to get the values that were just created, i would need to do some hacks (get last record modified that has the value of the textbox). Not ideal, and neither is two AJAX calls for one form post. (update panel postback, then web service call).

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Lose JavaScript From The Browser Cache After A Full Page Postback?

Apr 22, 2010

I have an external javascript file which I include to my page on the code behind (as seen below).

My problem is, when I my page makes a postback (not partial one), I check the loaded scripts by using FireBug, and I cannot see the javascript file in the list after the post back. I asusmed once it is included to page on the first load, browser will be caching it so that I do not need to re-include it.

What am I doing wrong?


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Jquery - Add Dropdownlist Item From JavaScript Causes Page Postback Error

Feb 17, 2011

all elements are in an updatepanel. click on a list of <tr> to fire a JavaScript function to add new <option> to the asp dropdownlist. But, when I click on other buttons to callback to the server, I get an error message:

Invalid postback or callback argument.
Event validation is enabled using

in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %> in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation. I understand the problem. I need to let server side know the change of the dropdownlist before any other postback. Set validation as false won't work in this case, the dropdown will lose the new item anyway. I did some researches, and the possible solutions:

1)Using ViewState? Request Form? could anyone give an example?

2)Add dropdownlist item in server side. But I want to make the whole tr row clickable to fire the event. Could I click on tr and fire eg. its first child linkbutton or a linkbutton in somewhere else.

3)I've tried Jquery.ajax and webmethod , it can fire server event but since all method are static (shared) , it doesn't allow me to edit the downdownlist instance.

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Forms Data Controls :: Selected Index Changed Event Fired On Page PostBack?

Jan 13, 2011

On Button click(postback), my dropdownlist of gridview is getting blank, so i m getting error of "Object Reference...." on the line "ddl.selecteditem.value"Also, dropdownlist's selectedindexchanged event is fired on Button Click(Page Postback), which is making the dropdownlist to go blank. AutoPostBack of dropdownlist is set as False,

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Javascript - Selecting The Contents Of TextBox In An UpdatePanel After A Partial Page Postback

May 19, 2010

I am having problems selecting the text within a TextBox in an UpdatePanel in IE 8. Consider a very simple page that contains a single UpdatePanel. Within that UpdatePanel there are two Web controls:

A DropDownList with three statically-defined list items, whose AutoPostBack property is set to True, and
A TextBox Web control

The DropDownList has a server-side event handler for its SelectedIndexChanged event, and in that event handler there's two lines of code:


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Data Controls :: GridView Inside Master Page Hides On PostBack

Dec 15, 2013

some code thats for bind to the database  is working correctly ,but master-content page that same  code does not work correctly.

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Forms Data Controls :: Using Javascript To Get The Value(Image) Of The Row With Out Postback?

Oct 29, 2010

I m using Javascript to get the value(Image) of the row with out postback. I want to pass that Image Name to the server and get that Image and want to display below the GridView.

I dont want to postback my page to display Image.

<tr><td style="height:500px" colspan="2" align="center">
<div style="border:1px solid #000; width:500px;" id="divSelectedRecords">
<asp:UpdatePanel runat="server" ID="UpdatePanel2" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<Triggers><asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="BtnNext" EventName="Click" /></Triggers>
<Triggers><asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="Btnprevious" EventName="Click" /></Triggers>
<Triggers><asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="GridView1" EventName="Select" /></Triggers>
<iframe height="0px" width="795px" id="TiffSer">
<uc1:TIFFServer ID="TIFFServer2" runat="server" Visible="true" />
</iframe> </ContentTemplate>

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Data Controls :: Need Partial Page Postback When Add Button Is Inside Gridview Is Clicked

Jun 2, 2012

i have a gridview with itemtemplate, edittemplate and footer template placed in update panel..i have placed Add button to insert new record in the footer template.i want  partial page postback when  Add button is insside gridview is clicked.

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
<asp:GridView ID="grdMatReq" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" 
        ShowFooter="True" Font-Size="Small"
        AllowPaging ="True" onrowediting="EditMatReq" 


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