How To Push Data To Flash/silverlight Client

Nov 18, 2010

I'm developing chat application. I use flash as front end and back-end. My question is: can my web app send data to flash app in browser without post back ?actually it mean push data to flash client. I don't know much about flash or siverlight, dose flash support to do that ? or other way help me connect direct from server to browser without using post back or Jabber ?

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Push - Sending Data Between Client With 4.0?

Feb 21, 2011

I'm transforming lotus note application to ASP.NET.In lotus note, we can pass the application(data) from staff to his/her manager for approval.The staff can also check status of his/her data whether the manager is opening it, approved it or not.This process can be done in real time. I mean on the staff screen he/she will see status is changing from data sent --> manager is opening --> manager accepted or manager rejected it.In the same time, if other staffs try to track this application(data) they will see the same screen with the first staff.ow, in, i'm thinking of sending data from staff to manager directly. I don't want manager's web browser need to do polling for every xx millisecond. I'm not quite too sure it can be done or not in because i'm not the WEB guy.After doing a research for a while, i found that comet may help me on that but it seems pretty hard. And I don't know it is suitable for my problem or not or someone may guide me a better idea on this.

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Web Forms :: How To Do This Whitout Silverlight Or Flash

Feb 18, 2011

how can i do something like this without silverlight? (i dont want the people need to install it, its a web page of sales)

Comboboxes or dropdownlist like this:

and something like this:

how can i do this kind of things? i dont want to sacrifice design.

what technologies can i use.

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Architecture :: White Board Using Silverlight And Flash

Jun 11, 2010

I want to use some collabartive white board for my project in which users can chat and at the time 3-4 pople works on the same board etc.

I want open source white baord for that purpous so that I can modify code according to me .

If any can tell me which one is better to use.

Silverlight whiteboard or flash white board .Please detail me with reasons which technology is better for this purpous.

It will be of great help if any one can provide link to open source collabarative whiteboards.

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Generate Charts On Server Side And Push Them To The Client?

May 15, 2010

We are getting rid of our flash based charting solutions to users use our site on IPAD.

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Flash Game Embedding Into Web Form And Retrieving Flash Applications Data

Jul 14, 2010

I am a student and i want to make online gaming website as a part of my academic project.

Now the problem that i am facing is that as it is an academic project i have to use downloaded swf games into my project . now i want to fetch the highest score for an individual for a particular game and i want to store that data into my database so that i can populate the list of high scorers for any particular game on my webpage.

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Flash - Associate Session With Client / Request Based On Ip

Mar 18, 2010

In one web page we use a flash upload control but becouse a flash bug in the upload event the session is lost as its posted back with a new session.

We have tought of using a table with ip and old session id or a query string with the old session id in order to reassing it in the uploaded event...

Knowing the old session id how can i reassign it to the client? (In C#)

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Determine Silverlight Installed On Client?

Feb 25, 2010

IIS 6.0 hosting ASP.NET 3.5. From the Visual Studio 2008 aspx code behind (aspx.cs) running on the server I need to determine if Silverlight is installed on the client and if so which version. I know from Java on the client this can be done. That is not what I need. I know I can put in a control that will render if Silverlight is installed. That is not what I need.

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C# - Silverlight Process On Client Side?

Feb 23, 2011

i am a php developer, not knowing much about silverlight, i am working on a project which needs to process request on client browser, like post httprequests and process them, its a auto directory submitter, can it be done in silverlight application?

i want the user to open the silverlight application, which will submit the post request from client side, and also process for success and failure. is it possible?

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WCF / ASMX :: Expose A Method To The Silverlight Client?

Nov 22, 2010

I'm having trouble exposing a method to a silverlight client from a WCF service although I can expose properties.

My WCF service has a LoadDeal method which returns a Deal object

public Deal LoadDeal(int dealerId)
Deal d = new Deal();
return d;


This works fine and the Refernce property can be accessed from the silverlight client.

But when I try to expose a method such as the CancelEdit method below, I can't find a way to expose this method to the silverlight client:

public void CancelEdit()
//Add logic to cancel changes here.

I've tried adding the DataMember annotation but the compiler complains. I've re-compiled without an annotation and then updated the service reference but nothing seems to be working.

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Embeded Flash In Page Iis 7.5 Local Flash File?

Mar 29, 2011

I'm trying to add Embeded flash in aspx page running on iis 7.5 windows server 2008. When i'm adding the Embeded code src=/mylocation/test.swf it works fine. But when I'm adding fileserver location src="file:\c: est.swf the page doesn't load.

The code works fine in normal html file on my desktop.

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C# - Uploadify Flash Button Not Working In Browser Without Flash

Sep 3, 2010

I have done an multiple upload with uplodify jquery, but when i check it in a system with no flash player installed a blank area is present in the region of the uplodify flash button, how can i show the user some missing plug-in like in other sites to install latest flash player plug-in... or suggest some option to make upload possible in a button click (single/multiple) even when user don't have flash installed.

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Create API In C# To Push Or Receive Data?

Mar 23, 2011

I would like to create an API for my website to send and receive data.
For example I need my customers to upload products, single or multiple items. Product feeds can be send daily, weekly or monthly.

Product Name:
Product Color:
Product Weight:
Product Images:

Also I need functionality to send this data to another server. And it should be user friendly.

where to start, what technology to use to make it simple and sufficient.

I have background in Asp.Net, C#. It would be great to see an example how to approach it.

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Web Forms :: Select One Flash Template / Edit Flash Template?

May 14, 2010

I create a static website , but i want to master page, i select one flash template but i dont how to edit flash template.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Push Down Outer ListView From Nested ListView Control

Mar 13, 2011

I have anested ListView control. I also implemented a jQuery to automatically expand the TextBox control inside of the nested ListView Insert Template. The problem is, when the Textbox expand, the outer ListView control is not; therefore, the Textbox control expands underneath the buttons of the outer listView control. How do I expand the outer ListView control as the nested ListView textbox is automatically expand? One great example is in Facebook where if I add a response comment, it'll automatically push any comments below mine down. If nested Listview control is not the best way to do this, what are my options?

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C# - Is Normal To Push Data Into The Stream Before Click "Save"

Apr 2, 2010

I'm making tests with ASP.NET HttpHandler for download a file writting directly on the response stream, and I'm not pretty sure about the way I'm doing it. This is a example method, in the future the file could be stored in a BLOB in the database:

public void GetFile(HttpResponse response)
String fileName = "example.iso";
response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";
response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + fileName);
using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(Path.Combine(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/App_Data"), fileName), FileMode.Open))
Byte[] buffer = new Byte[4096];
Int32 readed = 0;
while ((readed = fs.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length)) > 0)
response.OutputStream.Write(buffer, 0, readed);

When I open the url with the browser, appears the "Save File" dialog... but it seems like the server has started already to push data into the stream before I click "Save", is that normal? If I remove the line"response.Flush()", when I open the url with the browser, ... I see how the web server is pushing data but the "Save File" dialog doesn't come up, (or at least not in a reasonable time fashion) why?

When I open the url with a WebRequest object, I see that the HttpResponse.ContentLength is "-1", although I can read the stream and get the file. What is the meaning of -1? When is HttpResponse.ContentLength going to show the length of the response? For example, I have a method that retrieves a big xml compresed with deflate as a binary stream, but in that case... when I access it with a WebRequest, in the HttpResponse I can actually see the ContentLength with the length of the stream, why? What is the optimal length for the Byte[] array that I use as buffer for optimal performance in a web server? I've read that is between 4K and 8K... but which factors should I consider to make the correct decision. Does this method bloat the IIS or client memory usage? or is it actually buffering the transference correctly?

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Forms Data Controls :: Radio Button List Inside Gridview - Push A Button To Submit The QuestionID

Jul 24, 2010

I have a databound Gridview (with a LINQ datasource). The gridview displays questions from the SQL DB to the user. I've inserted a radio button list into the gridview with 3 horizontal radio buttons with fixed values of 1,2,3 for the user to select. I have a question ID, a tempuserID, and AnswerValue columns set up in the database. It all works nicely.

After the user selects radio buttons, I would like for them to push a button to submit the QuestionID, the associated Radio Button Value (AnswerValue) and their tempUserID into the DB. How do I do this? I'm not sure what to do next and what VB/LINQ code to put in the code behind file in the button click event handler. I'm also not sure on what to use for the tempUserID, can I use the sessionID? I'm using VB and here's my code:


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Web Forms :: Push Data To Page Instead Of Page Pulling Data?

Jun 24, 2010

I have a page that displays updated data every few seconds but instead of pulling data from database, I would like DB to push data only if the data has been changed. Is that possible?

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Push Out JSON In Mvc 2?

Dec 27, 2010

I have a response object which I want to convert to Json, but somehow I can't, propably beacuse of I cannot the framework too well. I'm trying to convert a anonymous object to json but somehow it doesn't go so well. I would preferably do it in JSON than just make a text/plain result. In my controller: ViewData["json"] = new { Ok = false }; In my view: <%: ViewData["json"] %>

In my js-code (ajax-callback) I get back the following: { Ok = False } Which ain't what I am excepting. I want the { ok : false } or else js doesn't recognize the property in the object as a boolean. Or are there some better way to push out json-data? EDIT I did a method in my controller with a JsonResult instead of Actionresult.

var obj = new
Ok = false,
Message = ""
return Json(obj);

And that's the object I'm pushing out. And like this in js: {"Ok":true,"Message":""} C# 4.0 and Javascript goes along so well

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Read And Process Data From Flash Cookie

Dec 12, 2010

I want to create a flash swf file that will store a token in Local Shared Object. What do I need to do to read that token and look it up in the database on the back end? Is this possible at all? here is a possible scenario:

User visits my web page. A token is generated on the server and stored in the database. Token is then saved in LSO. User leaves the site (maybe shuts down his computer) and comes back later. Token is read, located in the database and the user is recognized (lets say that token is a foreign key that links to other user data stored in the db). I researched this for quite a while and all I find is that flash can use LSO to store read data for flash movie. Does this mean that the data can not be accessed by the server?

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How To Get First Flash File Data In (C#) After Two Or Three Form Submission

May 26, 2010

Our team working on flash/ shopping cart projectsIn our projects we need to get previous flash file data.After two or three form submission the first page flash file data are missing.How can we maintain the state of flash file data?

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Web Forms :: How To Implement Push Notification For Wp7

Jun 11, 2010

I want to implement push notification for wp7 so

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.Net MVC And Comet (ajax Push) Implementation

Jun 8, 2010

I'm trying to implement an auction website and I search in web the Ajax Push is the best way where I can use! So, I'm finding some samples in web to learn how to implement Ajax Push (comet) in client and server. By the way, I find some samples in ASP.Net Webforms, but no in MVC version. I'd like to find a demo, sample, anything ... that use MVC

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Web Forms :: How To Implement Push Technology

May 7, 2015

How to implement push technology in ...

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Forms Data Controls :: Invisible Flash Object?

Dec 1, 2010

I am using listview control and inside my list view control im using below line code

<object width="480" height="385">
<param name="movie" value='<%#Eval("URL")%>'>


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