How To Use WCF Service To Implement Soap Response

Feb 4 at 11:13

I am new to the wcf services and soap. Kindly give me an example or demo how to generate a soap request and response using wcf services. I need to use for this.


How To Add Detail Element To SOAP Fault Response That Works For Both SOAP 1.1 And SOAP 1.2

Jul 1 10 at 19:06

ASP.Net 2.0 Web Services automatically create both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 bindings. Our web service, however, has SOAP extensions and custom exception handling that make the assumption that only the SOAP 1.1 binding is used (for example, the SOAP extension uses the HTTP SOAPAction header to control behavior).

I am looking to correct the code that makes these assumptions and make it work with either SOAP 1.1 or SOAP 1.2 properly. I am running into a bit of a problem in the generation of elements for our SOAP faults.

Consider the following web method implementation:


The SOAP 1.2 response now has the wrong qualified name for the detail element. It should be <soap:Detail>, but instead is merely <detail>, same as the SOAP 1.1 response.

It seems that the ASP.Net 2.0 framework has done quite a bit to transform a SOAPException into the appropriate form for the SOAP version, but neglected to properly handle the detail element. Additionally, they don't seem to have exposed the correct SOAP 1.2 qualified name for the detail element as was done with the SoapException.DetailElementName property.

So, what is the correct way to add a detail element to a SOAP fault response that works for both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2? Do I need to detect the SOAP version myself and hard-code the SOAP 1.2 qualified name for the detail element?

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Custom SOAP Response Of ASMX Service

Feb 13 at 10:20

I'm trying to implement a custom SOAP response of the legacy web service. At the moment it has the following format:

<ServiceResult>some return value</ServiceResult>

I need to add string value like this:

<ServiceResponse>NEW VALUE
<ServiceResult>some return value</ServiceResult>

I'm not sure if it is a good idea at all? Is this SOAP xml valid? If yes, how it can be accomplished?

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WCF / ASMX :: Missing XML Header And Envelope Header In SOAP Response With.Net (2.0) Web Service

Jul 19, 2010 03:49 PM

In my ASP.Net (2.0) Web Service implementation (The implementation class derives from

System.Web.Services.WebService with WebServiceBinding confirming to WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1 .

The SOAP response sent out by the Service has two elements missing :

1> The XML header itself : (<?xml version="1.0">)

2> The opening and closing Envelope tags with NameSpace ("<S:Envelope xmlns:S=>" and "</S:Envelope>" ).

This results in "breaking" of my client unless the above mentioned headers are inserted at the client end, and my intent is to avoid bypasses at the client end as far as popssible.Is this the default behavior ?

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WCF / ASMX :: Removing Result Tag From The Response Tag In A Soap Response

Aug 19, 2009 04:39 PM

I have created a .net web service and am using soap 1.1 to communicate with it. When I get my response from the web service it has an extraneous results tag in the response tag (the tag is "functionResult" in the code below) and it is being automaticallygenerated by .net. Is it possible to remove this tag and if so how is it done?


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SOAP Webservice XML Response

Jan 22, 2010, 01:08

I have a SOAP webservice. One method has a return type of XmlDocument. I then sent this service to guys that need to consume it. And this is there response: I see the web service returns and xml string. Why not just wrap the results in the web service response itself? what he means by that? I have asked, but I have received no reply from him yet. That I can make it return proper XML and not XML formatted string?

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WCF / ASMX :: Read Soap Response Header?

May 31, 2010 01:38 PM

I am developing a web application which uses a third party Web service. It requires Username & Password in SOAP Header request. I am passing those credentials well and the web service returns an XML string in Response and also a SESSION ID in the SOAP Header.

I don't know how to read/access the soap header from the response sent from the web service.

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How To Intercept Raw Soap Request/response (data) From WCF Client

May 10 10 at 12:34

This question seems to be pretty close to what I am looking for - I was able to setup tracing and I am looking at the log entries for my calls to the service.However I need to see the raw soap request with the data I am sending to the service and I see no way of doing that from the SvcTraceViewer (only log entries are shown but no data sent to the service) - am I just missing configuration?

<source name="System.ServiceModel"

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WCF / ASMX :: Soap Response Does Not Match With TCPMon Tool?

Feb 03, 2011 02:29 PM

When I call a webservice function through WSDL, my response when catched through application does not match with TCPMon tool. Is there a way that I can catch the response before it even reaches the application.

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WCF / ASMX :: Capturing SOAP Request And Response Envelopes On Non-WCF Web Ref?

Jan 06, 2011 09:09 PM

I have an application that is using a traditional web reference (not WCF service reference). I'd like to capture the request and response SOAP envelopes being processed for my referenced service (under the hood). I know how to do this with custom behavior using WCF, but how do I do this using a traditional web reference?

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How To Create Soap Request And Response Message Suing SAML

Feb 21, 2008 10:47 PM

I am working on single sign on using SAML. SAML is a markuo language which sits in the body of the soap message.

So i need to pass the authentication and authorization information from one application to another. so in .net how to implement soap request and response.

who has worked in similar kind of project using saml. how to create SOAP request and response messages and hot to send using http request and response.

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How To Consume XML-SOAP Web Service

Apr 1 at 20:31

I have to consume a public service with the following properties

1. SSL is used as Transport Level Security.

2. User credentials are used for Authorization and Message Level security

NOTE : Source Code is not available for the service.

Sample URL - [URL]

How do I consume from ASP.NET and call the exposed methods ?

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C# - How To Consume SOAP Web Service

Nov 26 10 at 10:07

How do I consume this SOAP web service? how do I add the request header?



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Calling A Web Service Without Using Soap?

Jul 1 10 at 13:42

I have a web service I'm converting it to wcf

I want to create a couple methods in the wcf... these will call methods in the web service

but I don't want to use soap or whatever because it is so slow

So I made a WCF service inside my web project.

Then I new up the web service and call a method...

Is it using soap? Is this just the same as calling any other method in the code? Just as fast?

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AJAX :: ICertificatePolicy And SOAP API Web Service

Jan 21, 2010 12:55 AM

So I'm using the PayPal API. They require bigger companies to send an X509Certificate along with each SOAP API request. I've never heard of using a cert, it's always been just send the API signature along with an API request.

So I first created a class called

[Code].... that implements the .NET


One of the member methods, really the only one you have to implement is:


So far I'm having trouble really understanding what to pass to this method. I guess the method simply validates that the Cerfiticate is valid. So I'm not sure what ServicePoint is and what to pass into it. I assumed it was my web service reference and a proxy class within such as the


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Calling Soap Web Service (written In PHP)?

Aug 6 10 at 7:22

I am trying to call a webservice, written in PHP from ASP.Net. I have added Web Reference using "Add Web Reference". The url is:

In Add Web Reference Window, I can see the list of functions. But, When I try to build the Website, It gives the following Error:

Unable to import binding 'SoaptestBinding' from namespace ''.

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WCF / ASMX :: C# - Soap Exception When One Web Service Calls Another?

Jun 16, 2007 02:43 PM

This year I'm learning C# at school and now we focus on web services.

I created and published a web service which contains a method that calls another web service written by my class mates. When I run a simple windows application which uses my web service I get the following exception which is thrown when my mates' web method is called.


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How To Show Soap Request XML For A Web Service Call

2 days ago

I am using a web method of a company's web service.

This web method requires one parameter when calling it:

CompanyOpereations srv = new CompanyOperations();

How can I see my soap request xml when calling this method?

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Soap - Is There Any Way To Get The Requesting User's ID In A Web Service Method

Apr 30 10 at 18:19

I know this probably isn't possible, but I would like to be able to get the Request user ID from within an ASP.NET web service method. So far, I've tried User.Identity.Name, Context.Request.LogonUserIdentity.Name, Request.ServerVariables["AUTH_USER"] and Request.ServerVariables["LOGON_USER"]. Am I tilting at windmills here, or is there something super simple that I'm missing?

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Sending And Receiving Data Through SOAP Web Service In .Net?

Jan 20 10 at 9:19

I am working on a client - server application and in which I used to send and receive data through SOAP web service.

Now after sometimes I have heard from someone that I might lost some data while this process on soap service created in So now I have decided to send and receive data through batches like first I will send List of 50 objects and then next 50 and so on...

Now I am new to web services and all.

So my question is "Is it true that we can lost some data sometimes while transferring it through SOAP web service?"

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C# - How To Retain Sessions Across Calls To Web Service From A Soap Client

Sep 14 10 at 16:03

Here is how my system is set up:

A web service using ASP.Net web service The web service has a web method with EnableSession=true
A client which refers to the web service using "Service References" (note: not "Web References")
The app.config of the client has allowCookies=true


The call to AppendUpload returns false, because of the mismatching session ids. Why is that?
As far as I can see, I have the right attributes for the web method, the client has the correct config, and the same instance of the proxy is used.

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Security :: Invoking Web Service / SOAP Request With Certificates Over SSL

Aug 02, 2010 03:53 PM

I was wondering if it is possible to call a webservice or send a SOAP request using a provided certificate to encrypt my password (my identity) and use another to encrypt/sign a timestamp, service header, & soap body? Does anyone have any material or sample code where I can test encryption and security too? It doesn't have to be my own certificates, I just want to see it work and then I can possibly tailor it to my needs. After the SOAP request, there will be a provided response which I assume I will have to decrypt.

I found this thread, but it doesn't seem to use signatures or an SSL connection. Does VS 2010 have some extra features to help out on this? I believe the SOAP should look like this.

(Signature Info)

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AJAX :: Call Web Service Methods Using Soap Headers .Net 2.0?

Feb 02, 2010 03:17 AM

I have a web service/wsdl file that requires client authentication to passed through SOAP headers.

There is not property or method available in web service to set the SOAP headers.

how to call the web service method along with SOAP headers in .NET 2.0

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Is It Possible To Use Excel/Access To Consume A SOAP Based Web Service Using WS-Security

Jan 28 10 at 6:31

The extent of my ability is in vba and asp. I'm interested in consuming a SOAP web service from Excel or Access, mostly because it's easier for me. I've also got the wsdls for the web service which is using ws-security. Is this even possible? From what I've read, .net is my logical option, but there's obviously a gap in my skill.

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SSL Certificate Type Required For PayPal HTTPS Web Service (Payments Pro SOAP / NVP)

Feb 25 at 0:22

We set up a paypal gateway on our site using paypal NVP API: Our IIS web server is set up for SSL, though I just created a cert on the locally machine. When we load HTTPS the browser gives a warning about security before the page will load. I know a local cert won't cut it for SSL, so I think we need a verisign cert? [URL] Is this correct? How can I know that the cert I am getting will get along with paypal and elimante any security warnings for the user.

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WCF / ASMX :: Prevent XML Web Service / SOAP From Enclosing Returned Data In CData[]?

Nov 18, 2010 05:55 AM

I'm maintaining a legacy XML web service system (Framework 2.0), and is trying to return an XML fragment as part of a SOAP response. Problem is: SOAP will auto-enclose the XML fragment in <[CData[]]> tag, and I want to avoid this.

In short, SOAP Response gave me this:

<MessageContent xmlns=""><![CDATA[<DataSourceResponse>blah..blah..blah..</DataSourceResponse>]]></MessageContent>

But what I want in the SOAP response is this (without the CData enclosure):

<MessageContent xmlns=""><DataSourceResponse>blah..blah..blah..</DataSourceResponse></MessageContent>

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WCF / ASMX :: Unable To Retrieve The Attachment From Soap Message Returned From SAP XI Service

Oct 28, 2010 01:31 PM

I am trying to get attachment from the SAP XI Web Service which is returning the following soap response..


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WCF / ASMX :: Adding Web Reference To Web Service With SOAP Header In Visual Studio 2005?

Sep 04, 2008 07:48 AM

I'm a beginner in web service. Recently, I created a web service with custom SOAP header so it support security feature. I modify my code from a tutorial that I read: Imports System.Web Imports System.Web.Services Imports System.Web.Services.Protocols _ _ _ Public Class SecureHelloWorld Inherits System.Web.Services.WebService Public authentication As AuthenticationHeader _ Public Function HelloWorld() As String If authentication.Name = "Hello" AndAlso authentication.Password = "World" Then Return "Hello World" Else Throw New Exception("FAIL") End If End Function End Class Public Class AuthenticationHeader Inherits SoapHeader Private strName, strPassword As String Public Sub New(ByVal strName As String, ByVal strPassword As String) Me.strName = strName Me.strPassword = strPassword End Sub Public Property Name() Set(ByVal value) strName = value End Set Get Return strName End Get End Property Public Property Password() Set(ByVal value) strPassword = value End Set Get Return strPassword End Get End Property End Class The problem is, when I right click my solution in the Solution Explorer, and then click "Add Web Reference", select my .asmx file in the "Add Web Reference" tool box, I receive the following error in the "Add Web Reference" tool box I mentioned: Server Error in '/Test' Application.

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Implement Response.Flush() In ASP Web Applications

Feb 27, 2009 11:17 AM

how to implement Response.Flush() in ASP.Net Web Applications, i had develeoped web applications where user inputs the from date and to date and the application creates the graph depending on the graph. i had used dot net charting tool for drawing the graph. this application takes nearly five minutes to load the graph into the web page. i had come across the command response.flush(), it is not working for me, i want to display a comment or image (showing that the graph will be loaded within few minutes) could you let me know how to get my requirement? did you get my point? if not let me know i will try to explain more.

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WCF / ASMX :: Web Service Latency / How To Measure The latency(response Round Trip Time) For a Web Service

Jun 17, 2010 12:43 PM

I am writing a program to measure the latency(response round trip time) for a web service. I need to have this at client side.

My initial plan is to store the time at which request is sent and then calculate the difference in time when we recieve a response from the web service. Is this the correct way to measure latency of web service. This has some overhead because of storing time and all. How can this be done?

Another option is to attach a timestamp with the SOAP request. But the server should return the timestamp. This will not be possible in case of third party web services.

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AJAX :: Implement Within An Existing Application / Slow Response?

Jan 31, 2011 07:29 PM

I'm trying to implement AJAX within an existing application and it seems to be running slow.

I have 3 datallist that all have checkboxs. I have buttons that all users to check all checkbox for a specific datalist. I have an update panel around each datalist. When I check and uncheck it seems to be really slow. I also have 3 textboxes and 4
buttons within my update panel.

When I user uses this site it hides and shows different panels and that seems to be really slow when the users press a button. There is no database stuff happening when the slowness occurs.

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Implement Generic Web Service API

Feb 10 10 at 6:12

What is the best way to implement a open/cross platform web service API to an existing .NET App? Not being a strictly .NET friendly API. It already has ASP.NET exposed web services, but need to be built into an generic API allowing inserts, updates and deletes and returning results based on user criteria in standard SOAP, JSON or other common formats, similar to Google's Data API's. Are there any frameworks designed for this or is it a build it from scratch project implementing each format/protocol manually?

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ASMX :: Implement Transaction With WCF Service?

Sep 21, 2010 09:38 AM

We have a common WCF service Which takes stored procedure name and value as parameters from .ASPx page and execute in Database. In some cases, We need to execute 3-4 stored procedure in Sequence. Here, If any stored procedure fails then we need to rollback. How can we implement Transaction with WCF service.

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C# - Way To Create A Web Service With XML Response

Oct 4 10 at 10:36

What is the easiest way to create a web service with XML response?Use WCF to create the web service? (seems really complicated)If i want to use WCF to create my web service, where do I start?

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How To Hijack Xml Response From Web Service /wcf

Apr 18, 2010 10:49 PM

i want to"steal" the xml that the web service return to the can i steal it ?what can i override ?i dont care if it will be also wcf...i just want to reach the result as xml after a specfic function start on the web serviceike there is no over ride to on serlize or something like that on the web service or any property on the client side ?

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WCF / ASMX :: How To Implement Form Authentication Service

Nov 01, 2010 06:31 AM

How to implement form authentication wcf service?

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Implement A Service To Download A Image File?

Dec 31 10 at 4:50

I am trying to implement a service to download a image file. The code does nothing but upload a file to the response with each client request.

There are no SOAP messages involved but I am planning to implement it as ASP.NET web service. It can also be implement as ASP.NET website but since it has no view (forms, html etc) I planned to implement a web-service.

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How To Implement Window Based Authentication For Web Service

May 30 10 at 6:38

how to implement window based authentication for web service

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C# - How To Implement Windows Service Kind Of Infrastructure

Jan 10 at 10:25

I have limitations to host Windows Services in my web hosting provider. But i need run small task frequently.

Do we have any other framework/api which provides similar infrastructure like "Windows Services" from ASP.NET?

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C# - Implement Restful Url In .net Where Service Is Implemented Using IHTTPHandler?

Jan 18 at 15:10

I want to implement a restful service in ASP.NET. I want it to be compatible with .Net 2.0 and IIS 5+. I am constrained to not use ASP.NET MVC or REST starter kit. By reading on internet I have learned that it can be implemented using HTTPHandlers. The problem is, the request will come in as a POST request. And I want to URL to be like:

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