JQuery :: Cannot Bind JQGRID In .NET

Jan 4, 2011

I am new to using Jqgrid and jquery.I am not able to bind my json data which I retrive from the webmethod onto the jqgrid.I have also used firebug to cross verify and i am receiving data from it. Some help regarding this will be great. I would aslo like to know if any other references needs to be added.

public static string GetData()
Custome Customer Ctwo = new Customer();
Cone.CustomerID = "100";
Cone.CustomerName = "abc";

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MVC :: JQuery JQGrid - Make The Storemanager Page With The Grid Of Jqgrid?

Dec 13, 2010

I was doing the MusicStore Tutorial, I finished it and now I am trying to improve the tables with the jqgrid, that seems to be great. I found the

Phil Haack blog's post about how to use it.


But I couldn't do a mix of this, I tried to make the storemanager page with the grid of jqgrid instead of the simple table, but doesn't work. This is what I did:


And in the aspx I have the following js code:


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Jquery Jqgrid Not Loading Up - Error "jQuery("#resultsGrid").jqGrid Is Not A Function"

Dec 15, 2010

So all the javascript loads fine except for the jqGrid. It's giving me this error: jQuery("#resultsGrid").jqGrid is not a function Which I'm assuming means it can't find the .js source. However, it is in my main Js folder along with all the other goodies, and everything else seems to work fine. Plus, none of the other javascript needs to reference the grid stuff as a source, so if I reference it in the script tag, it will break everything else right?

$(document).ready(function () {
$("#prepaymentTable").bubble({ width: 400, title: 'Prepayment' });
$("#exposureTable").bubble({ width: 400, title: 'Exposure' });
$('#calculateButton').live('click', function () {
alert('Calculating Prepayment Analysis...');
$('#exposureButton').live('click', function () {
alert('Calculating Exposure Analysis...');
datatype: "local",
height: 250,
colNames: ['Inv No', 'Date', 'Client', 'Amount', 'Tax', 'Total', 'Notes'],
colModel: [
{ name: 'id', index: 'id', width: 60, sorttype: "int" },
{ name: 'invdate', index: 'invdate', width: 90, sorttype: "date" },
{ name: 'name', index: 'name', width: 100 },
{ name: 'amount', index: 'amount', width: 80, align: "right", sorttype: "float" },
{ name: 'tax', index: 'tax', width: 80, align: "right", sorttype: "float" },
{ name: 'total', index: 'total', width: 80, align: "right", sorttype: "float" },
{ name: 'note', index: 'note', width: 150, sortable: false }
], multiselect: true,
caption: "Manipulating Array Data"

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How To Bind Jqgrid With Static Data In .net Without Using Webservice

Jul 7, 2010

i want to bind jqgrid with static data in asp.net without using webservice.

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Data Controls :: Bind JQGrid From Client Side

Jan 24, 2016

bind the data with xml url using jqgrid in asp.net web form client side

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Data Controls :: How To Bind Jqgrid At Runtime Dynamically

Jan 24, 2016

i have bind jqgrid at runtime using append method like this:

Public Sub intializegrid()
Dim sb As New StringBuilder
sb.Append("<script type='text/javascript'>")
sb.Append(" $(document).ready(function() {")


while binding the record it throws error like "system.web.http unhandled  exception" at server end.and also none of the button is working after binding the Jgrid.

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JQuery :: How To Use Jqgrid In .net , C#

Dec 6, 2010

how to use jqgrid in .net , C#

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JQuery :: Can JqGrid Samples Run In .net

Mar 30, 2011

I downloaded the samples for jqGid and they are all *.js files like the one below.


I know this should be put around a <script> tag inside my .aspx file but what should my markup look like. I assume that "#grid1" is wraped within a html <table> but what would the pager: '#pgrid3' be? jQuery will do the replacement on the client side here.

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JQuery ::can Jqgrid Work Under .net Web Form

Jan 2, 2011

full example(visual studio project) of using the jqgrid under asp.net web form that contain paging and sorting

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JQuery :: Connect Jqgrid To Database?

Nov 18, 2010

I have a jqgrid and I want to connect to database in c# (Webforms) and I write below code,but it doesn t show any data in my jqgrid

would you please check my code and tell me what should I do?



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JQuery :: Load JQGrid In UserControl?

Feb 23, 2011

i put jqgrid in usercontrol and i load this dynamically.But can not show jqgrid.

how to load jqgrid i usercontrol.

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Jquery - JQGrid - Cannot Call WebMethod But Can With Ajax

Mar 1, 2011

I am new to jqGrid and I have found it difficult to follow the documentation jqGrid Documentation / I cannot figure out how to call a WebMethod when setting up the JQGrid. I have been successful in making an Ajax call to get the data and then setting up the JQGrid with local data. I think its an extra step in the setup process and that I should be able to provide the path to the webmethod using the url property. The editurl property is the same way. I am never actually receiving the post to the server. Attempted JQGrid Setup

function GetData()
type: "POST",
url: "Default.aspx/GetUsersJSON",
datatype: "json",
height: 250,
colName: ['Username', 'Email'],
colModel: [
edit: true,
add: true,
del: true
public static string GetUsersJSON()
var users = new List();
using(UserAdministrationSandboxDataContext uasd = new UserAdministrationSandboxDataContext())
users = uasd.GetUserList();
JavaScriptSerializer serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
return serializer.Serialize(users);

Current Code I got it working correctly now, but I still have one final question. Why did I have to set the 'repeatitems: false' in order to display the content? Some of the caveats to get this to work include the different ways to setup the ajax request. (Ajax: type) is (jqgrid : mtype) (Ajax: contentType) is (jqgrid : ajaxGridOptions: { contentType: })

And finally understanding the documentation from the documentation on how to setup the JSONReader.

function GetUserDataFromServer()
url: "Default.aspx/GetUsersJSON",
mtype: 'POST',
ajaxGridOptions: { contentType: "application/json" },
datatype: "json",
serializeGridData: function (postData)
return JSON.stringify(postData);
jsonReader: {
root: function (obj) { return obj.d; },
page: function (obj) { return 1; },
total: function (obj) { return 1; },
records: function (obj) { return obj.d.length; },
repeatitems: false
datatype: "json",
height: 250,
colName: ['Username', 'Email'],
colModel: [
name: 'Username',
index: 'Username',
width: 100,
editable: true
name: 'Email',
index: 'Email',
width: 220,
editable: true
name: 'IsLockedOut',
index: 'IsLockedOut',
width: 100,
editable: true,
edittype: 'checkbox'
caption: "Users"
Web Method
[ScriptMethod(ResponseFormat = ResponseFormat.Json)]
public static List GetUsersJSON()
using (UserAdministrationSandboxDataContext uasd = new UserAdministrationSandboxDataContext())
return uasd.GetUserList();
One JSON Object from the List
{"__type":"UserAdministrationSandbox.UserData","PKID":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001","Username":"TestUser","ApplicationName":"Test","Email":"TestUser@test.com","Comment":"TestUser","Password":"D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E","PasswordQuestion":"Is this a blank Password?","PasswordAnswer":null,"IsApproved":true,"LastActivityDate":"/Date(1298869200000)/","LastLoginDate":"/Date(1298869200000)/","LastPasswordChangedDate":"/Date(1298869200000)/","CreationDate":"/Date(1298869200000)/","IsOnLine":false,"IsLockedOut":false,"LastLockedOutDate":"/Date(1298869200000)/","FailedPasswordAttemptCount":0,"FailedPasswordAttemptWindowStart":null,"FailedPasswordAnswerAttemptCount":null,"FailedPasswordAnswerAttemptWindowStart":null}

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JQuery :: Invalid Web Service Call For JQGrid?

Dec 6, 2010

I have Master Details JQGrid.My details JQGrid have Edit,Add,Del options. my problem is when I click on submit button to add data or edit data I faced with this error: "500 Internal Server Error" and it's response is


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JQuery :: How To File Jqgrid With Data From WCF Service

Feb 4, 2011

My WCF service has a method that retruns json string now i need to bind this json string to my jqgrid by consuming the WCF service. Has any one done this

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JQuery :: Disable The Controls Within The JQGrid On Some Other Event?

Nov 4, 2010

I am trying to disable the controls within the JQGrid on some other event. how can i do this. Below is my JQGrid Basically i want to disable the custom buttons btnDeleteExistingRoles, btnAddExistingRoles and the checkboxes that are created in the "Select" column( i have written a custom formatter for this).

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
$('#btnHdnExistingRoles').click(function() {
var lastsel2;
jQuery("#grdExistingRoles").jqGrid({ url: '/SAPWebAccess/Role.mvc/GetExistingRoleForUser/',


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JQuery :: Sorting Data Binded To Jqgrid?

Jan 6, 2011

After a little hard work I was finally able to bind jqgrid in asp.net, but now I am facing another problem that is I am not able to sort the data or use pagination in jqgrid. And it seems There is a post back every time I click on the grid headers or select the page drop down. My code is as follows:


And web method is as follows:


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JQuery :: Jqgrid Usercontrol Dose Not Load?

Jan 4, 2011

I have 2 nested datalist that one of them is menudatalist and the other is submenu datalist. whenever I click on my submenu items a dynamic user control should load in dynamic tab. my problem is : one of my usercontrols that is JQGRID does not load in tab and when I click on that submenu Item an empty tab is created,however other user controls are loaded in tabs correctly.

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JQuery :: JQGrid Loading Deleted Values?

Aug 18, 2010

Some Info:

1. I'm using a multi-select jqgrid.

2. I have my own delete button to delete multiple orders

The problem:

When i press the delete button on the pager of my jqgrid, the records are deleted from the database but JqGrid shows some records (4-5). On refreshing the grid, correct numbers of records are shown.

Here is the code:

function delorder() {

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JQuery :: Loading JQgrid After Dropdowns Are Loaded?

Jul 15, 2010

My page structure:1. 4 dropdowns which serve as filter for jqgrid2. a stored procedure (which shows all records if all dropdowns have NULL or empty value)3. a jqgrid which works on data in the dropdownsNow, due to some role restrictions, i have to disable 2 dropdowns and set a value in them and then load the jqgrid. im using ajax (jquery) to load data to my dropdowns.issue: if i use jquery ajax to load my dropdown data, all records are shown. but, if i use dropdown_load method in C#, i get the correct result that is filtered records.is there a way to load all the dropdowns first using jquery ajax and then load the jqgrid so that the jqgrid params take the updated value from the dropdowns...

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JQuery :: Serverside Code For Add,Edit,Del In JQGrid?

Dec 2, 2010

I have Master Details Jqgrids and I want my details jqgrid to have Add,Edit,Del options. now I have 2 problems :1- when I click on my edit button, formedit just show submit & cancel buttons and none of the fields doesn't appeare.2-in my server side page I don't know what codes I should write to be able to Add,Edit,del through JQgrid.


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MVC :: Desparate - Jquery And Jqgrid - Javascript Paths On Development Vs. IIS?

Mar 11, 2011

I am at my wits end. I am developing an MVC application using the VS2010 templates and have added jquery and jqgrid functionality to my pages.

Everything works perfectly when running my app in debug mode using the Visual Studio Development web server. At runtime, the app comes up in the browser with a URL such as :


However, this app has functions that must run under HTTPS and accept client certificates so I've reconfigured the project to use IIS, configured the virtual directory, loaded a self-signed certificate, etc etc.

The app launches just fine with a URL that looks like this (depending on whether it is configured to launch with https or not).

http://machinename/virtualdirectory or https://machinename/virtualdirectory

but now my javascript and CSS references don't work. I've played around with every variation of ../file, ../Scripts/file.js, ../../Scripts/file.js, ../../Content/file.css. I've tried all the various helpers like ResolveClientUrl and Content.Url, leading ~, etc etc etc.

With some variations, certain jquery functions will work, like an Autocomplete text box or datepicker, but the jqgrid won't. If I leave everything at ../../Scripts/file.js, then all my jquery breaks running from IIS.

My CSS and link references look like this.

<link href="../../Content/Site.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<link href="../../Content/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui-1.8.9.custom.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<link href="../../Content/themes/ui.jqgrid.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="../../Scripts/jquery-1.4.4.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../../Scripts/jquery-ui.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../../Scripts/grid.locale-en.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../../Scripts/jquery.jqGrid.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

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JQuery :: JqGrid Enter Infinitive Loop When Trigger ReloadGrid?

Oct 25, 2010

I am using the JqGrid in my application and in one page I use the setGridParam to change the url and then call the trigger("reloadGrid") method. If the result json response is empty (no row data) my code end up in an infinitive loop reloading the grid. I have checked the gridComplete event and its not triggering the reload. Have any off you guys seen this before or know anything about it?

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Context Menu In Jqgrid On Row Click In Jqgrid?

Nov 17, 2010

I am using Jqgrid 3.6 beta version with asp.net and i wanna add dynamic context menu on row selection.When ever user rightclick a row in jqgrid he wants to see some menu like file,edit and other menus. I have completed using single page i.e. both the jqgrid and its parent(JS files) are in single page . But in my main Application I have one master page in which ill define all the JS and seperate page for the content(Jqgrid). So what happens is the same code which is running in single page application is not working in the master detail page.

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Data Controls :: Bind JQuery Full Calendar Events Database Using JQuery AJAX

Dec 23, 2015

I am using jquery fullcalender..

I want to bind Events to each days of the calender dynamically from the json return by the ajax method..

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Jqgrid - Sorting For JQuery Grid - Error "Incorrect Syntax Near '0'"

Jul 30, 2010

i want to do sorting for jQGrid in ASP.NET. For that i have pass the sidx and sord for column name and sorting order.but it was giving error "Incorrect syntax near '0'. Statement(s) could not be prepared." i wrote query for this select Image,CategoryName,Status,CategoryId from Category Order by {0} {1}

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