MVC :: Redirect To Post Method/Action?

Mar 28, 2011

I have an ActionResult that accepts POST, however is there a work around for me to redirect from a controller to another controller containing this POST method/action?

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MVC :: Redirect Action Not Working In Jqgrid Action Results Method

Mar 23, 2011

I am desiging a master and details page from a search page..user can search for something and I need to display the result in jqgrid if the result has more than 1 row or record.. if the result is just one record then i have to directly send then to details page by skiping grid page... I do have an action method for results page and one more action method for Jqgrid data..i am trying to check the row count for the database result and trying to redirect to details action results..but its not working at all..and showing an empty jqgrid..


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MVC :: JQuery Post To An Action Method?

Oct 19, 2010

I'm trying to use the function to post an object to an action method, but for some reason the nested objects aren't initialised properly when they're received by the action method.

Here's my javascript code:


And my action method:


company.Id has a value of 10, but company.User.Id is 0. what I'm doing wrong? I've not named any properties incorrectly, by the way.

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Redirect To Another Page Using Post Method From Code Behind?

Feb 13, 2010

I want to implement a Payment service.I will create some values in code behind and then by using post method I have to post this values to Payment gateway and user must redirect to that page.

I can't Use form action becuase I have to create some values and save some thing in db in code behind.

how can I implement this?

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MVC :: Action Method Returning An ActionResult Used In A Action Method?

Aug 27, 2010

I have the Index action method calling a method that itself is an action method.

Example :


What to do in this case ?

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MVC :: Controller Invokes GET Action Instead Of POST Action

May 20, 2010

I'm trying to add file upload functionality to a page. I've got a form that posts the selected file to a controller with a 'savefile' method. But if I don't add a get version of 'savefile' I'll get a 404 error. Here is the form code which is presented on the Index page:


And here is the controller code:


Intuitively I don't think I should need a GET version of SaveFile but if omit it I get a 404 error when the form posts. Why should I need a GET version of SaveFile when all I want is to post a form and save the file?

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MVC :: How To Redirect From Action To Another Action

Feb 3, 2011

I have a page with three partial views. On the first ascx, I want some data posted when a user clicks on "submit" button, and send that data to another POST action "search" and search the db with that data, the final output should be the view returned by "search". How do I do this?

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MVC: Post Dropdown Box Value To Action?

Jan 23, 2011

@using (Html.BeginForm("Index", "Bill"))
@Html.DropDownList("ToDate", Model.DateList)
@Html.ActionLink("Filter", "Index", "Bill") // I want to post to Index
public ActionResult Index(string fromDate, string toDate)

What is the correct way to post the date range to Index action?

What kind of URL do I need to specify?

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MVC :: Post Action Model Parameter

Jan 26, 2011

i wonder something about mvc post method. for example I created a view "strongly typed" from a model (MyModel).

<%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Views/Shared/Site.Master" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage<Demo1.Models.MyModel>" %>
for Create actionsthere is two way.
first one takes MyModel as parameter
public ActionResult cart(MyModel md, int someID)
//some code
return View(MyModel);
second one does not take parameter as model.
public ActionResult cart(int someID)
//some code
return View(Mymodel);

for first one way, after form post the form values does not delete, I mean form does not cleared,after second one form is be cleared. why this diffirence?

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MVC :: Htmlbeginform (post) Does Not Fire Action?

Mar 2, 2010

I must miss something obvious here when using htmlbegin form. I noticed that it takes (or tries to take me) right to the view rather than the an action. If I replace SearchAction with SearchResult is goes nicely to the view, not considering the action.

Using SeachAction leads to the error that it cant find the view.

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C# - Change Action Of Checkbox To Get Instead Of Post?

Mar 26, 2010

We have an ASP.Net page that uses a checkbox to toggle between a list view and a tree view. The problem is that this triggers a post. When we then click on one of the documents in the list, then press back in the browser, we get a page expired error. Is it possible to change the action of the check box to trigger a get with a parameter?

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MVC :: Redirect To Action By Jquery?

Apr 8, 2010

how can i redirect to an action by jquery

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C# - MVC - Using Model Property As Form - Post To Action?

Jan 12, 2011

public class BandProfileModel
public BandModel Band { get; set; }
public IEnumerable<Relationship> Requests { get; set; }
and the following form:
<% using (Html.BeginForm()) { %>
<%: Html.EditorFor(m => m.Band) %>
<input type="submit" value="Save Band" />
<% } %>
which posts to the following action:
public ActionResult EditPost(BandProfileModel m, string band)
// stuff is done here, but m is null?
return View(m);

Basically, I only have one property on my model that is used in the form. The other property in BandProfleModel is just used in the UI for other data. I'm trying to update just the Band property, but for each post, the argument "m" is always null (specifically, the .Band property is null). It's posting just fine to the action, so it isn't a problem with my route. Just the data is null.

The ID and name attributes of the fields are BAND_whatever and Band.whatever (whatever being a property of Band), so it seems like it would work. What am I doing wrong? How can I use just one property as part of a form, post back, and have values populated via the model binder for my BandProfileModel property in the action?

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Web Forms :: Capture Which Action Cause An Post Back?

May 13, 2010

i am thinking to capture which button has caused a postback in the web pages.

Is it possible to do so?

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How To Perform A Javascript Action Right After Redirect

Mar 9, 2011

After a user creates an account on my website, I want to redirect the user to the home page and display a twitter style message bar on top. This is how I have it:

success: function (response) {
if (response.Success) {
location.href = response.ReturnUrl;

The message bar does appear but it gets displayed only for a second as it gets canceled by the redirect. What can I do to display the message right after the redirect has completed? Is there a complete event for the location.href?

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MVC :: Catch Forunentry Type Into Create Post Action

Jul 4, 2010

i am making a forum application using MVC 2. I have a ForumController which has Index and Create Actions. The Get Create Action returns View and the Post Create Action takes an argument of type "ForumEntry". When i generate create view i make sure that i check "create strongly typed view" and i select models.ForumEntry Model and NOT the models.Forum Model. The Forum model is ADO.NET enitity model that maps to Forum Table. I want to catch ForumEntry type into my Create Post action but mysteriously i get a Forum Object. I have verified this by returning Content When :

Public ActionResult Create(ForumEntry entryToCreate)
return Content (entryToCreate.Title); // No Output


Public ActionResult Create(Forum entryToCreate)
return Content (entryToCreate.Title); // output == new entry that i typed in the create form

I am baffled as the create Form is of type FormEntry. Here is the code for create View

<%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Views/Shared/Site.Master" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage<Aspforum.Models.ForumEntry>" %>

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MVC ::  post To An action It gets Null Values In Hosted Enviroment?

Jul 12, 2010

I am having a problem where when I form post to an action it gets null values in my hosted enviroment although if I use a model to bind to it works fine. Everything posts and works correctly when I run the project.

So far I have tried to pass the form fields back as parameters on the action and get the value through the context request. Both work fine but as soon as I publish it to the hosted enviroment, it doesn't work. in the view I have:

<%=Html.TextBox("subject") %>

<%=Html.TextBox("comment") %>

for the action Method:



public ActionResult Reply(int? id, string subject, string comment)


//Some code...


I have verified that it is hitting the action but the subject and comment values are null. I am guessing I am missing something simple, maybe a security setting in the config, that is causing this since I am still fairly new with MVC. I am running VS 2008 with MVC2.

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MVC :: How To Call Post Action Controller From View Using Jquery

May 12, 2010

ia ma working on an mvc 2 app and i have a Users view, displaying all the users of the database. Then, i would like to add the ablility to display "users starting with fisrt name" capabaility on the same view. For this i created a list of all english leters that actually are links (<a href="#">A</a>, etc...)

I managed to handle the click event of each one of the letters and get the corresponding letter via jquery, but i don't know how to call theHttp.Post Users/FindUserByFirstLetterName(string letter) on the click event.

I cannot use the Html.ActionLink<> helper, since it redirects me to the HttpGet controller action.

I also tried using using jqery.Post but i also couldn't manage to call the action.

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MVC :: How To Get The IDictionary<Int32, String> Values On The POST Action

Apr 1, 2010

I am working with MVC2 and one of the view model's properties is IDictionary<Int32, String>.

This is not to be changed on the view. But when the form is posted back I would like to still get those values.

Can Html.Hidden store this property values?

How should I do this so the model still gets the IDictionary<Int32, String> values on the POST action?

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Web Forms :: Post Message Stating That An Action As Taken Place?

Nov 23, 2010

display a simple modal message stating that an action as taken place?For instance, I have a button on my screen that sends an email. After completing the task I enable a label (visible=true) that states 'Email Sent'.I would rather have something pop up after clicking send mail, stating the email was sent.Do I need to use an AJAX control (popup extender), or is there a simple method of doing this?

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MVC :: Unable To Redirect To Action When Posting With Json?

Nov 8, 2010

I originally have the question posted here, but I need as many eyes as possible on it.Essentially, I'm having issues redirecting to an action in mvc2 when working with JSON data. I post a stringified JSON object to an action and the action in turn redirects as needed. It worked previously when using form fields, but not when I'm posting JSON. To get posted JSON objects to properly bind to parameters objects in MVC, I'm taking advantage of the JsonValueProviderFactory class from MVC2Futures/MVC3Beta.Why is this occuring? The jQuery ajax call is telling the server "I'm giving you json, I expect html in return" and all actions pointed to via RedirectToAction calls are structured in a similar manner. I instead get stuck in a loop, continually hitting the originally requested action, with a prompt to reenter authorization information to boot! It seems lose authentication/authorization information in the process.The linked question on

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JQuery Ajax With MVC Action - Passing Arguments From JavaScript In POST

Mar 4, 2011

I have an ASP.NET MVC controller action with the following VB.NET signature:

Public Function ClosestCities
(ByVal position As MapCoordinate, ByVal citiesCount As UInteger) As JsonResult

The MapCordinate class is:

Public Class MapCoordinate
Public Latitude As Double
Public Longitude As Double
End Class

If I'm trying to send an Ajax POST in jQuery to the ClosestCities action, what should my request look like?

When I use the following code to POST to this action, in the debugger window of VS, position.longitiude and position.latitude are equal to 0.0 (0D):


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C# - Test A MVC2 Post Action With Validation When Using MvcContrib TestHelper?

Oct 12, 2010

I'm attempting to write a unit tests for an ASP.NET MVC 2 post action that takes a view model as its sole parameter. The view model is decorated with validation attributes such as [Required]. I'd like to test two scenarios. The first scenario is when a valid set of data is passed in (ie, all required properties have values) and a redirect to the list page is returned. The second scenario involves passing in invalid data (eg, when one or more of the Required properties are not set). In this case the same view is returned with error messages.The action signature is as follows:

public virtual ActionResult Create(NewsViewModel model)

The NewsViewModel class is as follows:

public class NewsViewModel
public Guid Id { get; set; }


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C# - Redirect User Back To The Original Action After Login

Jan 26, 2011

The sequence of actions that I am trying to accomplish is below.

Context: user can add products to its own account.

User tries to add a specific product. (He/she is not login at this point.

In the code behind, I need to redirect the user to login page before I can add the product to user's account.

After login, how do I take the system back to the logic to finish up the action in step 1.

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MVC :: Posting List Of Checked Items To Controller Action Using JQuery Post?

Feb 16, 2011

I got a list of checkboxes on my form, and a jquery script that catch a button click to get all the selected items (in an array) and post to a controller action.

This is my script: (yes A, looked at your sample but cannot get this to work)


That alert will print out correctly (like 1,3,5).

However when the above post hit my controller action, "selectedInvestments" are null, which I can't figure out why (back to my tekpub jquery videos, can't go on like this)


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