Security :: Detect The Country Name Of Users List?

Dec 11, 2010

How can I detect the country name of our users list in membership provider. In addition, the country name which can be found by IP address.

Is there any built in functionality within membership provider? If yes then it is good and if not then how can I implement this?

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Web Forms :: Dropdownlist Contain The Country List From Country Table When Load Page

Aug 10, 2010

i have one dropdownlist in the gridview. i have to load that dropdownlist when that page is loaded. dropdownlist should contain the country list from country table

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Security :: Grab A Users/roles List / How To Implement A User's List Into Website

Sep 16, 2010

Just wondering how to implement a user's list into website ? im using ASP.NET C#. I want to be able to:

add/delete usersadd/remove roles

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Security :: Get List Of Users Who Are Online?

Sep 22, 2010

i am using membership classes,,, i want to fetch the list of users who are online based on a condition... the condition is that i want to fetch the users with a specified userids... eg i have 10 user's userids and i want to check which of these users are online..

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Security :: Getting List Of Users Under A Particular User Group Id?

Oct 23, 2010

Given a particular user group id, how can we most quickly retrieve the list of users under that user group id?

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Security :: Get Current Online Users List?

Jun 22, 2010

I need to know to get current online user list. How can I achieve. I am using membership concepts that is asp login control.

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Security :: Allowed Users List To Be In A Table?

Aug 4, 2010

I would like to make the "allow users" list in my web config to be pulled from a table for easier management.


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Security :: Export List Of Users From Site Membership To Xls File

Jan 8, 2011

I have the requirement to export all my users and custom profile properties to an excell spreadsheet but i can find a way to do it. I have found several exampls of how to export the Profile information eg(


but i can't see a way to export the following info for example;

<profile enabled="true" defaultProvider="AccessProfileProvider">
<add name="AccessProfileProvider" type="AccessProviders.AccessProfileProvider" connectionStringName="ProfileAccessProvider" applicationName="MandS_2010" description="Stores and retrieves profile data from an personal Access database."/>
<group name="SupplierProfile">
<add name="CompanyName" type="String"/>
<add name="HoldingCompany" type="String"/>
<add name="Address" type="String"/>
<add name="Telephone" type="String"/>
<add name="Fax" type="String"/>
<add name="TypeOfSupplier" type="String"/>
<add name="DirectSupplierCode" type="String"/>
<add name="Alist" type="String"/>
<add name="otherCode" type="String"/>

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Security :: Multiple Role Membership / How To Populate A Dropdown List With Users

Oct 13, 2010

I need to populate a dropdown list with users who match certain role criteria. For example, if I have the following roles: Manager, Employee, Supervisor I would like to populate the list with only the Manager and Employee roles. Some individuals have multiple roles and they should be excluded if they also have the Supervisor role as illustrated below:

Name: A , Role(s): Manager, Employee, Supervisor

Name: B, Role(s): Employee

Name: C, Role(s): Manager, Employee

The final list should only contain names B & C.

I can use Roles.GetUsersInRole("Employee") but I am not sure if this is efficient or not.

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Security :: Display A List Of Registered Users Alongwith Their Profile Information And Image?

Jul 22, 2010

I have a profile page where a user can edit their name, city, image, etc.

How can I display the profile database as a list of users, their information, and their image?

As you know, the profile database is not the same as a custom database. The strings are bunched together.

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C# - Detect Users Domain In Asp

Jul 16, 2010

If I have a generic public website, I want to know who is visting my website (I know how to get that), but more importantly, I want to know what company the user is from (is this a microsoft employee viewing my website, or a Coca Cola employee viewing my site or is this person using a home computer to view my site). How can I determine the computers domain name? Hope this is making sense. Update: At most companies, I have seen the company name included as the "Full Computer Name" or the Domain value in "Computer name, domain and workgroup settings". Thats what I am looking to access.

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How To Choose A Country From That Drop Down List

May 15, 2010

I have a dropdown list in my page which can load country list from a SQL database table. Now, I want to choose a country from that drop down list and If I click on the go button, then I want another query which can compare the country name(which I have selected) with another table and load the other necessary info from that table. If I specify the country name on the SQL command , then the data loads nicely(

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource5" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionString2 %>"
ProviderName="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionString2.ProviderName %>" SelectCommand="SELECT [Zone_Name], [Card] FROM [Rates] WHERE ([Zone_Name] LIKE 'Canada%')">

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C# - Webservice To Create Account, Country State List?

Oct 30, 2010

I have a webservice that a developer can use to create a user account, apart of the create user account form, it requires an input of the user's "Postal Address"The Postal address has "Country State Id"Normally, I would provide a list for everything else, but when it comes to country state list it contains thousands and thousands of states/regions and its too much to list in a API specification document.
So my question is, 1) do you create a web service for the developer to retrieve the country state id?
or 2) provide the developer with a database file, with the list of country state id?

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Web Forms :: Binding DroupDownList / Bind Country Names Along With Country Flag?

Apr 3, 2010

In My project I have DoupDownList(ddl). In my ddl in need to bind country names along With Country Flag..So Can Any One Help Me In thi issue...Country Name And Country Flag Bouth i need to Bind in my ddl

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Web Forms :: Populate The Dropdownlist1 With Country And Dropdownlist2 With City Of That Country From Web

Dec 3, 2010

I want populate the dropdownlist1 with Country and dropdownlist2 with City of that Country from web

Is there a place on web where we can get a list of countries and cities handy, and then populate into our dropdownlists in page.

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AJAX :: Get A List Of Cities With Zip Codes When Type In A Country Code?

Jan 30, 2010

The task is this: Create custom AJAX method with option to call server side ASPX page and predefined Web Service: a.) Get all cities from ASPX page by given Country Code. For ex. send country code "US" to get a result of a unknown number of cities such as "Washington", "New York", "Houston" etc. with their corresponded ZIP codes (1000, 1100, 1200 etc); b.) Call a web service, posting ZIP code which returns does the code represent palindrome string (A number that reads the same whether written forwards or backwards).

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Web Forms :: Detect All Logged In Users In Web Application By Session Variable

Jan 28, 2011

I'm wondering if it's possible to perhaps set something up in the global.asx file or something that will build a list of all currently active user sessions that I can then use to display to a logged in user, who else is currently logged in.

Currently I store my userId's in a session variable Session["IsLoggedIn"], so basically i want to build an global array of some sort that will store all these active userId's.

Let me know if this is possible, or who i would go about accomplishing this sort of thing. BTW, I'm not using's built in membership thing for login accounts.

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How To Get The List Of Users And Also To Update/Delete Users

Aug 11, 2010

I have used Login Control + Change Password + Create User Wizard in my project. Everything is working fine. I want to know that how to get the List of Users and also to Update/Delete users.

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C# - Best Pratice: How To Implement A List Similar To Stackoverflow's Users List

Apr 7, 2010

Technologies involved:

ASP.NET Web-forms
Javascript (jQuery for instance)

Case,To make it clearer let's give the Stackoverflow Users list as an example. This list can be manipulated at client-side. I can search, page and so forth. So obviously we would need to call jQuery.ajax to retrieve the HTML of each page given a search. Alright. Now this leaves me with the first question:

What is the best way to render the response for the jQuery.ajax at server-side? I can't use templates I suppose, so the most obvious solution I think is to create the HTML tags as server-controls and render them as the result of an ASHX request? Nice. That solved we have yet another problem:

When the user first enters the Authors List the first list page should already come from the server completely rendered alright? Of course we could render the first page as well as an ajax call but I don't think it's better. This time I CAN use templates to render the list but this template couldn't be reused in case 1. What do I do?

Now the final question: Now we have 2 rendering strategies: 1) Client and 2) Server. How do I reuse code for the 2 renderings?

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Security :: Allow Admin Users To Access Basic Users Accounts?

Aug 26, 2010

Allow Admin Users to Access Basic Users Accounts?

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Security :: After Successful Creation Of 3 Users On My Web Site Now Cannot Create Users

Dec 6, 2010


after successful creation of 3 users on my web site now cannot create users

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MVC :: Error After Clicking "Save" After Changing The Country In The Drop Down List Box?

May 25, 2010

To any [compassionate] fellow coders:

I'm at Step 6 in the NerdDinner tutorial. It runs fine until I put in the code beginning in Step 6. I add...

ViewData["Countries"] = new SelectList(PhoneValidator.Countries, dinner.Country); the DinnerController.cs file. I've already found where PhoneValidator.AllCountries should be PhoneValidator.Countries, so that's fixed. But when I run the app and select a country from the new dropdown list...

<label for="Country">Country:</label>

<%= Html.DropDownList("Country", ViewData["Countries"] as SelectList) %> [code]...

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Security :: How To Display Users And Number Of Users Online

Oct 12, 2010

We have implemented the ASP membership and roles..and we would like to display the users currently logged in and also display the number of users online so we can display that on the page. The list of users woudl only be available to our admins. BUt the number of users will show for everyone.

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C# - Using Some Class Library - Want To Know The Country Of The Visitor And Use That Country Name To Redirect The Visitor To Some Webpage Accordingly

Sep 10, 2010

My code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
String userHost = Request.UserHostName

This is fetching the IP address alright, but now I want to know the country of the visitor and USE that country name to redirect the visitor to some webpage accordingly.

I came across this library but have no clue how to use it in the project. Actually I do, but I am not sure so I am asking.

When I download from the above the ZIP folder has a DLL file and an XML file. Now, what do I do with these two? Like include in the project. Then what do I type in the code file?

Something like the following.

if (countryName=="France")
response.redirect("") [code]....

How do I go about it? Also do I really need to type SO many if blocks for ALL the countries. How do I shorten this code?

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Detect Typing From Users - Display UserA Is Typing Message?

Dec 17, 2010

I wrote a chat client 1-1 but I need a way to be able to detect if the user is typing and display "UserA is typing message..." just like MSN messenger or yahoo messenger.. how can I detect that?

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