VS 2008 Retrieve Text File From A UNIX Computer?

Jul 28, 2010

First of all, feel free to move this thread if you find it inappropriate for this section of the forum. I placed it here since I intended to use ASP.NET.

So here's my concern...

How do you retrieve a text file from a UNIX workstation? This text file contains information structured like a table (or like a database). I need to create a custom report (in a Windows PC) based on that text file.

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how to make any text file on the client computer ?

can i get any C# asp.net sample code ?

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Dec 8, 2010

I would like to know whether application developed in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008 has the compatible to run in Linux and Unix environment.

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Web Forms :: Make Any Text File On The Client Computer?

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how to make any text file on the client computer ?can i get any C# asp.net sample code ?

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VS 2008 - Reading Contents Of A Text File Into Text Box On Form

Jul 13, 2011

I'm trying to read the contents of a text file into a text box on my form. When I run the following code, nothing happens.

VB.NET Code:
Protected Sub lbLogs_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object,
ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles lbLogs.SelectedIndexChanged       
For Each li As ListItem In lbLogs.Items           
If li.Selected Then                Using sw As New StreamReader(li.Value)                   
txtLog.Text = sw.ReadToEnd                     sw.Close()                End Using            End If        Next    End Sub

I populate the ListBox with ListItems and each ListItem's Value property holds the full path to the file. But, I removed all of that and just put txtLog.Text = "test" inside of the "is selected" block.

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i have a text file but we require some words startting from

<ul id="myMenu">
<li><a href="#edit">FileDownLoad</a></li>
Start Me aaaa[code]....

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I can't seem to find good documentation of My.Computer.Network. We are currently using Xceed FTP in a program and I want to try to replace the functionality with the built-in .NET class. Can anyone point me to comprehensive doc and/or do you know if the class supports doing a diretory listing at the remote FTP site?

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How To View A Web Page Served From One Computer From Another Computer

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I am running a website from IIS on one computer and I want to view the web page on another computer. the only way I can do this is by using the ipaddress of the computer with IIS on it but would rather have a url. How can I generate a url or use a domain name from [URL]. I signed up for an account on that website but dont know how to use it. I dont know how to configure it.

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Access File And Videos From Computer From Website

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My client has given me a project in which he wants to access any file from his computer over internet through website. Do some one has any idea from where to start. Note:- A user has to install windows application in which he will select the files,videos,audio to be accessed and Through website he will access those files or able to play music or videos through website when his computer is on.

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I am uploading this file using browser using the upload control. I owuld like to know how to fetch the path of the file in the computer. I am not talking about the server. But the path of the computer from which it is getting uploaded.

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MVC :: Format Text From Text Area - Save And Retrieve

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I have a text box were people will submit a large amoyunt of text to a field in a database. The text is set out multi line in paragraphs with returns. When the text is saved to the database it saves it as a continuous line of text. how do i save and retrieve it with the returns included.

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Web Forms :: Save File From Server To Users Computer

Sep 5, 2010

I have a file on the server that users will have the possibility to download to thieir computer. For example the filepath could look like below. How would it be possible to save this to the desktop or C: etc.. ?


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C# - Executing Commands On Unix Box?

Feb 3, 2011

I'm in process to create a few utilities for my team to make life a bit easier working with our Unix boxes(most of them Solaris based).

For example I'm creating a ASP .NET page to display the output of TOP. Also plan to be able to restart processes with the KILL -15 command.

Now I wonder if there is any nice modules out the do the work for me or am I better off just going ahead with my own SSH communication?

It would of course make sense building the app on the unix box directly but I'm not able to do this.

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The subject of this thread is my question and I am really very sorry, I cannot brief it. I have generated the pdf file which contains text taken as input by various web-form and have saved it in my local drive then sended it to some email addresses. Now I want to know that how can I save it in client computer and send it to some email addresses provided by Client on demand? I am failed to solve this problem as I don't know how to get INFORMATION OF CLIENT'S LOCAL DRIVE AS CLIENT MAY USES DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEM.

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Web Forms :: Store A File From Desktop To A Folder In Another Drive Of Computer?

Jan 23, 2011

how can I store a file from my desktop to a folder in another drive of my computer?

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Architecture :: Execute The Unix Command Through C#?

Jul 18, 2010

how to make a remote shell connection to execute the unix commands from asp.net

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SQL Server :: Reading Text File Using Sql Server 2000 - 2008

Sep 22, 2010

how to read the data's in the text file using sql server 2000 and 2008. i have a text file in a server and it contains one column name with the multiple column values i need to read that informations and i need to update in a table in the database.

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FTPWebRequest - Looking For Code To Pull The File Contents From The Client Computer, Not The Server?

Sep 21, 2010

I have written the following code that successful ftps a file to the proper location as long as the file exists on the server itself....

However, I need the code to pull the file contents from the client computer, not the server.

Here is the code:


When I deploy this application to my staging server and test it, it's looking for the files on the staging server...not my local computer.

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Web Forms :: Read Root On Unix Server?

Mar 4, 2010

how to connect to unix root and view all file in one specific path.

I need to view mentioned files on page, tree view, etc.....

Usualy i loginig via Winscp with user and pass and manualy checking that root.

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Web Forms :: Can't Retrieve Text From Text Box

Dec 25, 2010

I'm trying to make a dynamic search page, for a table of 121 fields. It'll start by check boxes to check the fields where to search, and check boxes to check the fields in which the results will be shown in. I'm having an issue with taking back values from the text boxes that I add to the page, and I don't know what is the problem.


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Configuration :: Running Website Over Php Hosting Server - Linux/unix

Sep 16, 2010

I want to run my asp.net site over my php hosting server/

In other words i want to run my site over apachi server

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C# - Save A Binary File In SQL Server As BLOB And Text (or Get The Text From Full-Text Index)?

Mar 26, 2010

Currently we are saving files (PDF, DOC) into the database as BLOB fields. I would like to be able to retrieve the raw text of the file to be able to manipulate it for hit-highlighting and other functions.Does anyone know of a simple way to either parse out the files and save the raw text on save, either via SQL or .net code. I have found that Adobe has a filtdump utility that will convert the PDF to text. Filtdump seems to be a command line tool, and i don't see a way to use a file stream. And what would the extractor be for Office documents and other file types?-or-Is there a way to pull out the raw text from the SQL Full text index, without using 3rd party filters?Note i am trying to build a .net & MSSql solution without having to use a third party tool such as Lucene

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VS 2008 - Retrieve Contacts From Sharepoint

Dec 13, 2012

What is the easiest way to fetch contacts from sharepoint server to my custom asp.net web application?

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VS 2008 - Server Text Field To Text Box

Apr 11, 2014

I have an old database that still contains depreciated Text fields. I need to pull from these fields and display the results. You would think this should be easy... First my select statement caused a problem:

SELECT DISTINCT ..., CustomerInstructions, ... FROM Orders
where CustomerInstructions is a Text field.

The error I get: "The text data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable." A quick search shows I can cast the text field as a varchar(max).

SELECT DISTINCT ..., CAST(CustomerInstructions AS VARCHAR(MAX)), ... FROM Orders

Now I get an error while trying to load the instructions into a text box: "Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index"

Not sure what the problem is here. I have text and a text box. What's with the "out of range" crap?

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Jquery - Fileupload - Retrieve File Information Before File Loaded Onto The Webserver

Feb 7, 2011

How can I retrieve file information (size of file) before it is uploaded to the webserver?

I would like to create a multi file upload. I have it working in JQuery but I would like to know the size of the files to set a limition by summing up the total the file sizes together.

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