Web Forms :: How To Speed Up Development Time

Jun 17, 2010

I'm a web developer and I have a website (actually a mega project) which i need to complete in a very less time.

How do i actually boost my productivity and double or even triple my productivity by developing my application fast.??

and in short how do i speed up ASP.NEt development time?

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Web Forms :: When Published And As Well As During Development, The Execution Speed Of Page Is Very Slow?

Apr 21, 2010

i have developed an ERP in asp.net 3.5. The problem is that when published and as well as during development, the execution speed of page is very slow. I have off the compilation mode in web.config and also get all the data in page load and then filter it using Dataview rowfilter property but i can't get much better speed.

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Open Source - Increase Development Speed Of Site?

Dec 10, 2010

I am curious to know that how we can make web site development much faster. I am specific about asp.net.

As far as my knowledge is concern, we can make asp.net website development faster by

Using Log4Net - to capture logging information Entity framework - to increase database operation speed.

So, is there other tools also which we can use to optimize the development process?

If you have used in any of your project, whether it was a small project or large.

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SQL Server :: Calculating Time And Average Speed?

Mar 4, 2011

I have two datetime2(1) fields in my db. I will calculate the time in hours and minutes between them. That I have done this way:


This works. But how can I calculate the avgerage speed if I have drived 665 kilometers in this time? I know how to do it with only houurs but not with the minutes to. I have tried this and I think it works. Is it correct?


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Web Forms :: Page Aspx Download Itself (on FF3) Running At Server But Not At Development Time

Apr 19, 2010

I have a webform that has a master page. In the web form I have a dropDownList it has PostBack=True, cause every time I changed the option I concat paratemer (item choosen) at hyperlink's navigate url property, for example I have 2 items:

id text
1 Option1
2 Option2

If the users select Option1 then concat at the url "?option=1" The problem is, that when I choose one option and then click at hyperlink everything goes right, but at the second time I choose an option the browser try to download de page itself aspx. update: even if I click at other hyperlink or link button after choose an option and click the hyperlink, the same thing happens (the browser ask me for download the page aspx)

I have no idea how to avoid this behavior at browser and it happens just at server with the IIS not while I'm testing at VS2008, update: ah I almost forget, if I click "cancel" at the prompt of firefox, then everything goes right again, until the next time I choose other option and click at the hyperlink, then everything goes wrong again...

Update (Code):


And here is the ASPX page


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How Does Compiling Happen Only For The First Time In Project-less Development

Jan 16, 2011

I read these words in a book:

Projectless development simplifies debugging: When creating a web project, you must recompile the entire application when you change a single page. With projectless development, each page is compiled separately, and the page is only compiled when you request it for the first time.

How does compiling happen only for the first time in projectless development?

Should it recompile every time I run the page to reflect the new code I wrote it?

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How To Request The Extended Permission At The Time Of Authentication Only In Facebook App Development

Nov 8, 2010

I am developing a facebook application in asp.net using the facebook developkit downloaded from [URL] website.

I am practicing a sample application in SDK 3.02samplesIFrame.

They have give an attribute called RequiredAttribute = true in IFrameMaster.Master.cs, which will access the basic information.

But I want to request for extended permission in the same screen itself.

For that i have used this.RequiredPermissions = new List() { Facebook.Schema.Enums.ExtendedPermissions.publish_stream, Facebook.Schema.Enums.ExtendedPermissions.offline_access };

But there is no use.

Is there any way to do it.

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Security :: Development Time Can Managment Roles And Users By Clicking?

Mar 26, 2010

in development time i can managment roles and users by clicking from main menu website -- > ASP.Net Configuration but how to do that after deploy ??

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Is It Wise To Mix MVC Development And Web Form Development In The Same Group Of Products?

Oct 20, 2010

We have a largely asp.net web form team (With some Oracle developers thrown in).

Question 1:

Is it a good idea to start using asp.net MVC which will mean redevelopment of a number of standard controls for not much benefit.

Question 2:

Is it a good idea to hire developers where there most recent skills are with asp.net MVC?

I doubt there is any benefit adopting MVC now, given the 100+ applications in this suite of products, and the maintenance/rework this will cause. Given this, is there any particular reason to hire MVC developers, as they won't be hitting the ground running, which is what I need now.

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Custom Development Versus CMS Development

Jul 16, 2010

I am planning to develop a social networking website for student of a particular university with following facilities.

Forum, Blog, Creating profile, creating groups , Adding Friends, managing groups, dating, chatting etc.

Now if I start developing it from scratch, this will take a lot of time..

I couldnt find any CMS which can in developing social networking website.

Additionally, I would like the website to have my own custom design. Also it should have support for AJAX, SEO and integrating third party applications.

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Desktop Development Versus Web Development

Sep 13, 2010

How do you know what is better to use for writing new programs? We are now using Access 2007 frontend with an SQL backend and we are going to VB.Net, what would be our next logical step?

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Speed Up Web Forms Application With 3.5 Url Routing?

Jul 6, 2010

I started using url routing for my web application. It's a dynamic website and it has more than 50k pages. It looks like now it works slower. how to optimize it, to improve it and make it more efficient?

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Web Forms :: How To Improve The Speed Of Postback

Mar 4, 2011

i have 100 buttons and 101 textboxs, button run scripts and some of them run by code like this:


i meaen i want it run on client side only , before i submit by another button, but the problem is it spent more than 2 second to get value

from textbox1 to textbox2 in this case( because i have 101 button run like these), i know that it need time postback to server. i could not use return()false because if i do like that the value from texbox1 will not add into textbox2, 2 seconds is not reach my golf.

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Web Forms :: Improve Speed And Better Performance?

Jul 14, 2010

I am working on finance domain, we are using many sessions and viewstates for store values and data. Our clients want fast speed of our website. We are using grid/repeater/datalist and chart controls for show data.

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Web Forms :: Measure Website / Webpage Speed?

Mar 21, 2011

i published an web application now, i want to measure that speed, response time etc., what is the best to find these?

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Web Forms :: Test WebApplication In Different Internet Speed?

Mar 29, 2010

how is it possible to test a web application developed in VS 2008, in different internet speed connections?

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Web Forms :: Develop DSL Speed Checker - Code Samples?

Apr 18, 2010

I would like to develop a DSL speed checker (upload and download time) in ASP.Net C # and Ajax for and implemented into any website. Has anyone experience with it or is there somewhere even code samples which you only have to adapt to? [URL]

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Forms Data Controls :: Speed Up Edit Gridview?

Jan 14, 2010

Sometimes my gridview can take a second or two to get into in edit mode, and other time it can be 5-10 seconds. Is there something I can do to make the transitions from each state more uniform?

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Web Forms :: Limit Download Speed While Downloading File

Jan 24, 2016

I design download website that use temporary link for this website that users with this link can download their files below are codes

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
using (SqlConnection conn = General.GetConnection())
using (SqlCommand _cmd = General.GetCommand("Downloadurl", conn))


now how I can merg above code with first code ?

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Web Forms :: Have High Speed On Page (with Thumbnail Image) Load?

Mar 23, 2010

Have a look at this link.Web pageIf I want to have this kind of speed in my page load which consists of many thumbnail images. It that image is stored in database or in file system.What measures to take to achive this kind of speed like indexing, denormalization, caching and what else?

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Web Forms :: Check (Find) Internet Connection (Download) Speed

May 7, 2015

I want to print upload and download speed on label in Mbps not in Kbps.

I want Like this...

Just visit link n seeĀ [URL] ...

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Forms Data Controls :: DropDownList Binding - Ways To Increase Speed?

Oct 20, 2010

I have a gridview that displays query results on a reporting page for a "home-grown" CRM application. From the gridview, a link can be clicked which opens a modal window that contains an iframe linked to a "details" page where record specific info can be viewed/altered. On the details page there are 10 or so dropdownlists (ddls) that are bound every time the page is called. The ddls are bound using a method similar to the example below. I am looking for a way top speed things up a bit. The details page could be called 10-20 times in one session and every time the page loads these ddls have to be bound from the same methods but for different records. What are some options for speeding up the load time for this page??



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Forms Data Controls :: Increase The Speed Of Loading Images In Repaetercontrol?

Aug 2, 2010

I am facing problem with images loading time. In my form I have image server control placed in repeater control. The repeater control every time binds atleast 300 images. When we want to see all the images at a time the page is taking lot of time(atleast 3 to 4 mins) to display. But I need the page should be loaded fast.

The image url is from physical location.And the information related to image is coming from database.

I am using .net framework 3.5 and C#.net as language in asp.net web application.

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Web Forms :: How To Increase Speed To Populate Dropdown List With Large Amount Data

Jan 11, 2010

I have Sql Table for Products that have ~8000 records. In my web form I want use dropdown list to edit code with dropdown list. This drop down list populate very slow. How to increase speed to populate dropdown list with large amount data.

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Forms Data Controls :: Time Used As "amount Of Time Available", Not Time On A Clock?

Jul 6, 2010

how to suppress the "AM" in the gridview (template Bind("RideTimeMin", "{0:t}")? Don't tell me to use military time because the function is not "time on a clock"; it's how much time is allowed for a task (in this case the min/max hours & minutes that horses have to complete a 20 mile trail; e.g. 05:00, 05:27, etc). I'm currently accomplishing this in the "ondatabound" function by "..RTmin.Replace("AM","")". I have looked and looked at all the websites that talk about datetime formatting but have yet to find a way to do it upfront in the gridview bind statement.

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