Web Forms :: Redirect To Aspx From Embedded Windows User Loaded In Page?

Mar 1, 2010

Got a windows forms user control dll embedded in an asp page using the html form control object tag as it needs to run client side. The windows form control does something and then needs to redirect to a another aspx page passing a parameter obtained from a calculation in the windows form contro dll. Is the redirect possible from the windows form control (same session id needs to be used) since obviously you can't call response.redirect since its not part of the server side wep page.

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VS 2010 / Windows Forms Embedded In ASPX Page?

Dec 19, 2011

Im trying to embed a windows form out of a .dll into an aspx page.

<object id="mytest" classid="ASPXCLASS.dll#ASPXClASS.FORM1" height="400PX" width="400PX" VIEWASTEXT ></object>

All that I get is a blank area where the form should appear - obviously I missing something completely..

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Web Forms :: Display Windows Form User Control In Aspx Page?

Jun 10, 2010

I have the windows form user control with the name usercontrol.cs .. I want to display this usercontrol.cs in aspx page..I tried the below code..but it produced error.. how to resolve my proplem...thx

Control MyUserControl;
MyUserControl = LoadControl("usercontrol.cs");

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HTTPS ASPX Page Redirect To HTML Page Logs User Out - As If Session Lost?

Sep 10, 2010

Building asp.C# shopping app that is using a hosted payment page to process payments (using posting of data to a hosted payment page). SSL certificate is signed and installed.


Prelim) (HTTPS) Users authenticate using asp Login control

1) Users add items to cart.

2) (HTTPS)Users go to checkout page.

3) Users finalize their order, then click pay now after agreeing to T&C.

4) Server gets cart data (from MSSQL2005) and sets a transaction cookie (expiry set to 20 mins).

5) (HTTPS) Server Response.Redirects to an html page (in the same folder as the login protected pages).

6) Html page reads transaction cookie data and generates form fields.

7) (HTTPS) Html page posts data to hosted payment page (php).

8) User enters payment info and clicks pay now.

9) (HTTPS) hosted payment page posts info back to a .aspx page that checks if payment OK.

10a) If payment !OK, redirects to a declined page.

10b) (HTTPS) If payment OK, sets a verification cookie (expiry set to 20 mins). Then redirects to another html page.

11) Html page reads cookie data and generates form fields.

12) (HTTPS) Html page posts data to hosted verification page (php).

13) Verification page verifies (of course), if transaction ok.

14) (HTTPS) verification page posts data to a .aspx page that checks if verification OK.

15) If verification OK, process orders and do receipt stuff.


This control flow was tested on an unsigned dev environment. SSL was being enforced, if needed on the unsigned SSL certificate. So we'd get prompts that certificate may be bad, but the control flow worked seamlessly.

However, now live with a signed SSL certificate, going from step 5 to 6, we are encountering a situation where some users (not duplicated every time, but verified that it does occur) when they click pay now and are redirected to the html page, they are forced back to the ~/login.aspx page (as if they were logged out).

Things to note:

a) The session did not time out.

b) The browsers have cookies and javascript enabled.

c) I can process the entire flow seamlessly on the same machine with other accounts, and occasionally, the same account.

So, basically, I'm stumped... Is this a viewstate error? A login control bug that won't let me redirect to an html page because it is now using a real SSL? Anyone have any experience with this kind of deal? I'm at a loss for solutions at this point.

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Auto Redirect User To Default.aspx If Directly Access Any Page Of Website?

Feb 28, 2011

I have the following pages structure in my asp.net 3.5 website. i want if anybody directly access any page of my site as [URL] then it will automatically redirected to [URL] How to do this using vb.net, asp.net

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Custom Server Controls :: Embedded Css Not Loaded In Update Panel

Jan 5, 2010

I have created a custom required textbox control. In this control's preinit event i load a css file. Alle css and images are inside the assambly. When i use my custom control on a page the control loads fine and also the css and images are loaded. Validation of the control occures when i click the validate button. So this works perfect. But now i want to use my control in the following senario: I have a grid in an update panel. When i select a record in the datagrid i show a panel in a second updatepanel. Inside this panel i have my custom required textbox control.

The following is happening: I select a record and the panel will be made visible. The custom required textbox control is visible, but the build-in css is not loaded. As a test i have created a new testpage. On this testpage i have put my custom required textboxes in an updatepanel the css is loaded fine. So when my controls are in a panel inside a updatepanel and i set the panel to visible, the css is not loaded.

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JQuery :: How To Make Aspx Page With Content Loaded Visible To SE Spiders

Mar 18, 2011

I build my website in jquery manner. On document-complete I request data from server (by page method) and put it into html by jquery template. So, I wonder, would this HTML be visible to Search engines crawlers? And if not, how to make it visible? Is there a common solution? Or is it a great disadvantage if jquery?

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Binding For User Controls Embedded In Page?

Dec 13, 2010

I have an ASP.NET page where I call this.DataBind() to bind the controls. I also have various user controls embedded. One has a drop down list, the bind statement gets called for it 2x but the sender the first time is not the drop down list.

Am I using the databind incorrectly? I use databind to get the properties of my page bound to a datasource so that I can use those properties in the declarative code.

In my DropDownList, I added if (sender == dropDownList) which solved the problem

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Web Forms :: Name Of Aspx Page From Response.redirect ?

Mar 4, 2010

what i have is the follwoing Page1.aspx.cs has the following redirection in it. Response.redirect(Errors.aspx) once i go to the errors.aspx page i have a back button but at the moment it does a history.back(-1) . That is not totally corect, what i want to do is when i click on the back button go to the page that originated the call ie Page1.aspx so it goes through the Page_Load in order to refresh statues on the page. What is the best way of achieving this?

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Web Forms :: Pass Data From A Page To ASCX User Controls Loaded Dynamically?

Feb 7, 2010

I'm developing an ASP.NET application with C# and Ajax.I have a page that holds user controls loaded dynamically. I need to pass some data (integer values and some strings) to the user control that has been loaded dynamically.Now I use Session to pass these values, but I think I can use another way; something like VIEWSTATE or hidden input.What do you recommend me?The fact that I load the controls dynamically is important because controls are loaded on every postback, and I can't store any value on controls.

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C# - Windows.Forms.MessageBox In Page .aspx?

May 19, 2010

I've recently found out that the MessageBox from Windows.Forms can be used in a web page, but there's a problem when showing it, it's not modal. Is there a way to make it modal?

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Web Forms :: On Logout Redirect User To Login Page If User Clicks Back Button Of The Browser

Jul 9, 2010

after user loggs out if he clicks the browsers back button then users had to be redirected to login page

doenst matter how many time the user clicks on back button take him to login page

how to achieve this let me know

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Add User Control After Page Is Loaded?

Aug 31, 2010

I am trying to add dynamically a user control I created to an aspx page after it is loaded. I tried sending an ajax request to a handler that used RenderControl function and sent back the control's html. I appended it to the DOM using javascript.

The problem is that some of the controls must go through their Page_Load function and that doesn't happen when using RenderControl function.

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Security :: Redirect After Re-authenticating Back To "Page B" And An Error Is Produced Because A Session Variable Wasn't Loaded?

Mar 29, 2011

For my current project I am using form authentication.What occasionally will happen is a user will timeout (unbeknownst to them),they try navigating to a different page (call it Page B) and they get kicked back to the login screen.This is fine and I have no problems with this.

However,after they enter their credentials and are authenticated they are redirected back to "Page B" and an error is produced because a session variable wasn't loaded. This is due to the fact that they were redirected to "Page B" instead of the page they would normally hit after a login (call it Page A).Is there anyway to force the user to go to Page A instead of Page B in these situation to avoid these errors?

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Security :: Redirect To Main.aspx After Successful Login Attempt In Login.aspx Page

Apr 25, 2010

I'm trying to develop a simple web application where I need to redirect to main.aspx after successful login attempt in login.aspx page.However,it is redirecting the page to defualt.aspx... Is there a way to redirect my application to main.aspx??

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User Controls :: How To Redirect To Login Page If User Directly Visits Page In MVC

Jun 11, 2013

i am developing one application in mvc my problem is after login it will redirect to some page if i copy url and paste it in another browser its showing error in application but i need to display home page? 

how to solve this ?

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Architecture :: How To Process Data After Page Is Completely Loaded For The User

Aug 23, 2010

I have some logging that has to be done, which are some database update or inserts.

However this logging is of no importance to the user, so I only want to process the data/logs after the page is completed for the user.

As of now, if I process the data while the page is loading, I go from 1.4 to 2.0 speed (server side time processing of code), which is quite a bit comparing it is of no use to the user.

So I want this code only executed after that the page is complete.

I've been checking out Ajax, async pages etc, but the problem is it still gets executed before the page is rendered to the client, which means the client will have to wait longer then it is not being processed.

I've been checking out Threadpool.queueBackgroundWorker, however if I get it correct, this will still be executed before the page is shown to the user, as it has to complete before the prerender.

Then I thought about creating a new thread, and do the processing there, which would not have my page waiting to complete the data/logging.

However when I have 100 or 200 users loading pages at the same time, then that would mean I would be creating 200 threads on those loads, which I doubt will be good for performance. So if I want to solve this, I would have to create my own threadpool and only assign for example a max of 40 threads to it which can process the data.

All I want to get done, are some update/inserts into database after the page is rendered and shown to the user. I don't want the logging to slow down the pageload for the users obviously. I want that logging or no logging makes no difference to the pageloadtime for the user at all.

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C# - Updating Parent Page From Dynamically Loaded User Control

Feb 20, 2011

Hosting page:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
LoadMyControl(Parameters); //Do it every page load to preserve it's state
protected void LoadMyControl(string parameters)
Control userControl = LoadControl("TheUserControl.ascx");
userControl.ID = "userControl1";

Now inside this control, when a button is clicked I want to update ,let's say a Label on the hosting page.
What is the best way to do it? Custom event?

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How To Raise Events To Page From Dynamically Loaded User Control

Feb 23, 2010

I have user control that inherits a base control class and these user controls are loaded using the LoadControl method, I can't seem to figure out how to raise events from user controls to the page that are dynamically loaded this way. Here is the delegate and event in the base user control class.

public delegate void SomeChangeEventHandler(object sender
, SomeChangeEventArgs e);
public event SomeChangeEventHandler SomeChangeEvent;
public virtual void OnSomeChanged(SomeChangeEventArgs e)
if (SomeChangeEvent != null)
SomeChangeEvent(this, e);

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User Controls :: How To Redirect User To Next Page By Incrementing Page Index

Sep 27, 2013

how can i make next or previous button in asp.net? for example, in collection will display all product that i sell...and i want the URL appear like this "/collections/other-fashion?page=1", when user click next, the URL change to "/collections/other-fashion?page=2"..is it i have to make many form? i just want to use 1 form...im using vb languange

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Web Forms :: Redirect Only One User For That Page?

Oct 1, 2010

I have asp.net membership login in my asp.net application in that i have 30 users, What i need is

I have one xxxx.aspx page if user name 'John' is logged in then i need to redirect to that page xxxx.aspx and other user will not able logged in to that page except 'john'..

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Close Aspx Page That Is Redirect From Handler?

Jan 20, 2011

In my application I try to close opened window using javascript function.

function Close_Window() {
var myWin = window.open('', '_parent', '');

this function is used in 3 aspx pages. That page will open from mail means my application is used for sending Mail. In that such as normal newsletter there will be three footer links like UnSubscribe,Forward A Friend,Change E-Mail address. So on click of close button for above these three pages I had written that code. The page will be opened from "ashx" file. And I try to close it using Javascript. So close button is working when I direct click on the above three links.

But by right clicking on that I open it in new window or new tab close button is not working. So how can I close aspx page using javascript or in code behind. My purpose is page should be close any how by javascript or by code behind. I am opening that page using ashx handler.

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Is It Possible To Hide Windows Taskbar During Page Load Of An Aspx Page

Dec 23, 2010

is it possible to hide windows taskbar during page load of an aspx page?

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Web Forms :: How To Redirect User's If There Is No Page Exist

May 24, 2010

i want to redirect all my users to a common page if that page do not exist from the security point

that ie. for e.g if he tries to vist


i want he should be redirect to one Page requested not found

do i need to maintain database too ..?if i want to keep check on who all user's are visiting that page

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Web Forms :: User Controls - Page Not Redirect

Jan 4, 2011

I am using iframe in usercontrols(Sample.ascx).iframe src have differnt page(default.aspx)..default.aspx have one href(hyper link) .user controls added in main.aspx.in main .aspx when i click href it will open in user control only ..but total page not redirect ..give me the solution to redirect tha pages

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