Application Performance And Stress Testing?

Jul 29, 2010

I want to test application for stress, load and performance. Please guide me what free tools should be used for this ? Is there any tool which particularly can be used to analyse individual components, functions and scripts and resources they use ?

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MVC :: Very Low IIS7 / MVC2 Stress-testing Performance With A Real Simple Request?

Jul 22, 2010

I'm currently developing a few ASP.NET MVC2/.NET 3.5SP1 web-services that are mostly IO bound (execute a couple HTTP back end calls + DB write per request) and i'm getting really poor load-testing performance.

To make sure it wasn't something in my application, I created a brand new ASP MVC 2 project (project -> new -> "ASP.NET MVC2 Web Application", based on .NET 3.5 SP1), added a "TestController" with the following action:


I deployed this on a dual-core test server, running Win2008 and IIS7, Application Pool set to "integrated mode". I have the following in my C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v2.0.50727Aspnet.config:


Just in case, I added the following DWORD key in the registry:


I verified I was able to access my test action from a regular browser and started a load test from another machine on the same network: user load set to 500, no "think" time.

The following is what I observe on the machine running the loadtest after about 8 minutes:

req/s: 5.98avg response time: 78.4 secondsno errors whatsoevernote that the local CPU is 1-2% On the test server, this is what I observe using perfmon:

request current: flat line at 501request execution time: flat line at 1506 ms avg => this makes sense though I don't understand why I see the request coming back after 78 seconds at the other end% proc time avg < 1%request queued as well as all others v2.0.50727 counters at 0 I don't get it. I believe the expected behavior would be to see about 333 req/s (500/1.5) with a avp response time of 1.5xx seconds...

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Stress Testing Managed Host With VS 2008?

Jan 31, 2010

Is it possible to stress test a managed host (not my own machine) using VS 2008?

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Visual Studio :: Limiting Webdev.webserver Bandwidth For Stress Testing?

Jul 25, 2010

I wantto make a slower transmitting/transferring data speed for debugging issues.(no threading sleep is not my answer) searching a way to limit webdev.webserver speed (bandwidth) ?

for example maybe checking on "custom web server=webdev.webserver /BandwidthLimit=128bs"

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Web Forms :: Automatically Populate A File Upload Control's File For Automated Testing And Server Stress And Java

Aug 9, 2010

is it possible to automatically populate a file upload control's file for automated testing and server stress. I have one upload control (that simply brings up the browse and selects the file) and a button that uploads the selected fileupload control's file. Is it possible to give the file upload control a file pather "C:myImage.jpg" and submit the file by pressing the upload butto:

document.getElementById("fileUpload").value = "C:myImage.jpg";

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Is There A Performance Testing Tool For Dll's

Feb 18, 2010

I know red-gate's ANTS Performance Profiler but it works with source code. I have an ASP.NET web application that is deployed on a remote server. I'm going to test its performance while it is working on the server.

My main goal is to detect what method of what class is slow and then is a bottleneck. Is there a way or a tool?

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Testing ASPX Page Performance On Simultaneous Requests

Oct 26, 2010

I have to test my web application for performance when there are simultaneous requests for the web site in my developer machine before deploy in production. How can I achieve this using Visual Studio?.(without using third party tools preferably Visual studio 2010 professional edition

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Visual Studio :: Load And Performance Testing Using .net 2008?

Feb 4, 2010

Is there any way to test my website using MS .net 2008 tool.

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DataSource Controls :: LINQ Performance Application Performance Is Not Up To Par?

Apr 29, 2010

I am not sure if this is the right forum. I can not find a forum for LINQ.

I am working on an application using LINQ. Application performance is not up to par and my tests show that it is LINQ queries that are slow. I was wondering if anybody can recommend where I can find an article about optimizing LINQ performance maybe by compilation or other methods.

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How To Implement Unit Testing For A .Net Web Application

Sep 3, 2010

I want to imlement the Unit Testing in my web application.How to identify the scope of this. I mean, How should i start on this front.

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Web Forms :: How To Do Automation Testing For Application

Jun 8, 2012

i have made a project in c# and i want to do automation testing for it.

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Sql Server - A Book On Load-testing An .NET Application

Feb 12, 2010

I need a book to recommend strategies for load-testing an ASP.NET application with SQL Server backend.Some info that may be useful:how to write a load test planwhat perfmon counters to use andtypical threshold valuesfinding bottleneck various load testing tools

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Good Techniques For Load Testing A Web Application

Jun 30, 2010

I am trying to load test a web application, but I am having a hard time finding good tools that are affordable. I cam across Web Performance Load Testing Tool which is pretty cool, but limits you to 10 users and after that it costs thousands. any good techniques for load testing a web application?

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Installation :: Testing A Cloud Application Locally?

Nov 26, 2010

I am currently building a web application that will involve many servers to get it to run efficiently. I am trying to test this web site at home and I have a few computers running the website. To connect to the website I would type this into the address bar or I would typehttp:// However when I transfer my site from one computer to another the web browser can no longer read the cookies. I would like to set up a home DNS server and have the computers in my house access the site like this and instead of or I would type so I can test if my cookies are working accross subdomains. how to set up a local DNS server so I can do this?

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State Management :: Got .net Web Application And Testing The Pages?

Nov 28, 2010

Ive got an web application and was testing the pages.At the moment I store a variable in the


say the user is authenticated when they have been verified on login.So if the login is successful the authenticated is set to true.This is checked on every page load to make sure they have logged in.What I did was to log in and then the Main Menu page is displayed.I copied the address of this, set the page to goggle's page then pasted the address back into the address bar and the page loaded back up.How can I stop this from happening?Should have some mechanisim to prevent this?If so how.

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Visual Studio :: Unit Testing Tool For Web Application?

Aug 26, 2010

I am lookinf for a Unit testing Tool for web application. i intended to use visual studio 2008 web test. Please tell me where can i get nice tutorials to start up on this tool. and also suggest me is any other web testing tools out there.

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Visual Studio :: Application Testing At Developing Stage?

Mar 22, 2010

For developing a VS-2008 application at developing stage best softwares for test the application.we found some of the testing applications like NUnit and MSUnit, which are the softwares best to test the application at developing stage.

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Architecture :: Unit Testing - Testing Private Methods Using PrivateObject?

Feb 23, 2011

Recently for a class to implement unit test for one of its private methods I used PrivateObject by creating private accessor instead of refelection, to which i received a code review comment as below

"My main concern with Private Object is the use of object[] in constructor. It replaces strong typing enforced by compiler with JavaScript-style run-time error detection.Consequently , personally, I would not recommend it."

Comments above confused me beacuse as per my understanding reflection also needs the object[] to invoke any method.

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How To Integration Testing On Application Without Necessarily Running All The Tests Via The Browser

Jun 4, 2010

ASP.Net MVC - How should i do integration testing on an MVC application without necessarily running all the tests via the browser?

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Web Testing Software - TFS And Visual Studio Testing Tool.

Jan 18, 2011

am working as a web developer in a company. I am not aware of anything related to testing. Our company is planning to buy some testing softwares. Presently we are working on ASP.NET. We will be working on PHP and JAVA in future. I need your help to find out the best but cost effective testing sofwares.on TFS and Visual Studio Testing tool.

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Performance - Application Slow But CPU Is At 40% Max?

Nov 19, 2010

I have a strange situation on a production server. Connection for get queued but the CPU is only at 40%. Also the database runs fine at 30% CPU.

Some more history as requested in the comments:

In the peak hours the sites gets around 20,000 visitors an hour.
The site is an webforms application with a lot of AJAX/POSTs
The site uses a lot of User generated content
We measure the performance of the site with a testpage which does hit the database and the webservices used by the site. This page get served within a second on normal load. Whe define the application as slow when the request takes more than 4 seconds.
From the measurements we can see that the connectiontime is fast, but the processing time is large.
We can't pinpoint the slowresponse the a single request, the site runs fine during normal hours but gets slow during peak hours
We had a problem that the site was CPU bound (aka running at 100%), we fixed that
We also had problems with exceptions maken the appdomain restart, we fixed that do
During peak hours I take a look at the performance counters. We can see behaviour that we have 600 current connections with 500 queued connections.
At peak times the CPU is around 40% (which makes me the think that it is not CPU bound)
Physical memory is around 60% used
At peak times the DatabaseServer CPU is around 30% (which makes me think it is not Database bound)

My conclusion is that something else is stopping the server from handling the requests faster. Possible suspects:

Deadlocks (!syncblk only gives one lock)
Disk I/O (checked via sysinternals procesexplorer: 3.5 mB/s)
Garbage collection (10~15% during peaks)
Network I/O (connect time still low)

To find out what the proces is doing I created to minidumps.

I managed to create two MemoryDumps 20 seconds apart. This is the output of the first:

CPU utilization 6%
Worker Thread: Total: 95 Running: 72 Idle: 23 MaxLimit: 200 MinLimit: 100
Work Request in Queue: 1
Number of Timers: 64

and the output of the second:

CPU utilization 9%
Worker Thread: Total: 111 Running: 111 Idle: 0 MaxLimit: 200 MinLimit: 100
Work Request in Queue: 1589

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How To Performance Test An Application

Nov 12, 2010

Performance testing best practices for an ap .net application

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.net - Can A 32 Bit Only DLL In Web Application Cause Performance Decrease

Dec 7, 2010

Web forms .NET application, is starting to meet 64 bits Windows servers and we have a 32bit DLL from one of our component vendors (its a hardware key, actually). I checked the instructions here "compiling a .net application with either a 32-bit or 64-bit dll". It is also what our vendor sugested. question: is there a performance impact on compiling a web application to run on x86 mode ?Please don't flame me for using a hardware key

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Performance Counter And How To Use Them In Application

Feb 9, 2011

What is Performance Counter and how to use them in ASP.NET application.

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Increase Web Application's Performance?

Apr 18, 2010

I have a ASP.NET web application (.NET 2008) using MS SQL server 2005, I want to increase the performance of the web site, If anyone have an article contains steps to do that, step by step , In SQL(Indexes, ..... etc.) and in the code.

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