Sql Server - A Book On Load-testing An .NET Application

Feb 12, 2010

I need a book to recommend strategies for load-testing an ASP.NET application with SQL Server backend.Some info that may be useful:how to write a load test planwhat perfmon counters to use andtypical threshold valuesfinding bottleneck various load testing tools

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Good Techniques For Load Testing A Web Application

Jun 30, 2010

I am trying to load test a web application, but I am having a hard time finding good tools that are affordable. I cam across Web Performance Load Testing Tool which is pretty cool, but limits you to 10 users and after that it costs thousands. any good techniques for load testing a web application?

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Crystal Reports :: How To Print Cheque Book (Check Book)

Oct 10, 2013

How to design crystal report such type that it is exct print into the bank checkbook?

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Access :: How To Solve Load Testing

Aug 31, 2010

I am using multiple logins at a time to my application ,but it seems it stops working after some time.I am using MS Access as a backend and use oledb connection for database connection.also closing it every time wht will be the solution for that

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Web Forms :: How To Perform Load Testing

Jun 14, 2012

I want to perform load testing for my entire solution. I am using VS 2008 and .Net 3.5.

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Good Automated Web Load Testing Tool

Jun 4, 2010

What are some good automated tools for load testing (stress testing) web applications, that do not use record and replay of HTTP network packets?I am aware that there are numerous load testing tools on the market that record and replay HTTP network packets. But these are unsuitable for my purpose, because of this:he HTTP packet format changes very often in our application (e.g. whenwe optimize an AJAX call). We do not want to adapt all test scripts just becausethere is a slight change in HTTP packet format

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Visual Studio 2008 - How To Load Testing An .NET Web Site

Feb 25, 2011

I want to load test an ASP.NET web service. I have Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition and Visual Studio 2010. Can either one of these products facilitate load testing? I can't seem to find anything and all Google returns is higher end editions of Visual Studio.If not, what are some of the alternatives.

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Visual Studio :: Load And Performance Testing Using .net 2008?

Feb 4, 2010

Is there any way to test my website using MS .net 2008 tool.

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Simulate Load On A Site In The Development / Testing Phase?

Oct 11, 2010

Is there a way to simulate load on a site in the development/testing phase?

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Load An Image From The Server In A Web Application In C#?

Mar 30, 2011

I actually have a C# winform application which load images from my computer C://images/... with the Image object and the function Fromfile.


but in my web application (ASP)

<asp:Image ID="viewPhoto" runat="server" Width="550px" Height="400px"/>

I use the attribute ImageURL.

viewPhoto.ImageURL = Path

But the problem is that it doesn't find the correct path because with this way. The path will be http://localhost:3656/C://images....

I would like to load an image directly from my server to have the correct path for both of my applications.(web ASP and winform)


This actually doesn't work because the program doesn't find any photo in this path.

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How To Implement Unit Testing For A .Net Web Application

Sep 3, 2010

I want to imlement the Unit Testing in my asp.net web application.How to identify the scope of this. I mean, How should i start on this front.

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Application Performance And Stress Testing?

Jul 29, 2010

I want to test asp.net application for stress, load and performance. Please guide me what free tools should be used for this ? Is there any tool which particularly can be used to analyse individual components, functions and scripts and resources they use ?

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Web Forms :: How To Do Automation Testing For Application

Jun 8, 2012

i have made a project in c# and i want to do automation testing for it.

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Configuration :: Server Error In '/' Application. => Could Not Load Type '..control'?

May 24, 2010

I can not figure out what the problem is with my programming. There is no problem working locally, but uploading and making live is where this problem occures.

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Installation :: Testing A Cloud Application Locally?

Nov 26, 2010

I am currently building a web application that will involve many servers to get it to run efficiently. I am trying to test this web site at home and I have a few computers running the website. To connect to the website I would type this into the address bar or I would typehttp:// However when I transfer my site from one computer to another the web browser can no longer read the cookies. I would like to set up a home DNS server and have the computers in my house access the site like this w1.MySite.com and w2.MySite.com instead of or I would type so I can test if my cookies are working accross subdomains. how to set up a local DNS server so I can do this?

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State Management :: Got .net Web Application And Testing The Pages?

Nov 28, 2010

Ive got an ASP.net web application and was testing the pages.At the moment I store a variable in the


say the user is authenticated when they have been verified on login.So if the login is successful the authenticated is set to true.This is checked on every page load to make sure they have logged in.What I did was to log in and then the Main Menu page is displayed.I copied the address of this, set the page to goggle's page then pasted the address back into the address bar and the page loaded back up.How can I stop this from happening?Should have some mechanisim to prevent this?If so how.

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Web Forms :: Get Load Information On Application Server In Terms Of Memory Or CPU Usage?

Feb 11, 2010

Is there a way to get load information on Application Server? How much memory or CPU is being used at a given point? I want to either 1. Limit users to use specific functionality of ASP.NET 3.5 application or 2. Deny users from accessing the application saying "Server is busy at the moment"

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Visual Studio :: Unit Testing Tool For Web Application?

Aug 26, 2010

I am lookinf for a Unit testing Tool for asp.net web application. i intended to use visual studio 2008 web test. Please tell me where can i get nice tutorials to start up on this tool. and also suggest me is any other web testing tools out there.

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Visual Studio :: Application Testing At Developing Stage?

Mar 22, 2010

For developing a VS-2008 application at developing stage best softwares for test the application.we found some of the testing applications like NUnit and MSUnit, which are the softwares best to test the application at developing stage.

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Architecture :: Unit Testing - Testing Private Methods Using PrivateObject?

Feb 23, 2011

Recently for a class to implement unit test for one of its private methods I used PrivateObject by creating private accessor instead of refelection, to which i received a code review comment as below

"My main concern with Private Object is the use of object[] in constructor. It replaces strong typing enforced by compiler with JavaScript-style run-time error detection.Consequently , personally, I would not recommend it."

Comments above confused me beacuse as per my understanding reflection also needs the object[] to invoke any method.

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How To Integration Testing On Application Without Necessarily Running All The Tests Via The Browser

Jun 4, 2010

ASP.Net MVC - How should i do integration testing on an ASP.net MVC application without necessarily running all the tests via the browser?

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Web Testing Software - TFS And Visual Studio Testing Tool.

Jan 18, 2011

am working as a web developer in a company. I am not aware of anything related to testing. Our company is planning to buy some testing softwares. Presently we are working on ASP.NET. We will be working on PHP and JAVA in future. I need your help to find out the best but cost effective testing sofwares.on TFS and Visual Studio Testing tool.

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Web Forms :: Adding Controls To Master Page To Manage Application Testing?

Aug 31, 2010

I have Web Application which uses the Logged In User (Authenticated User) to query his Profile Data from Adabas/Unix using OLEDB. The application provides the user with about 21 different pages (Basic Info, Employment Info, Education, Dependants, Financial Info ...).

The web application has a master page, and each profile data page is based on a User Control loaded in the Child ASPX Page.

The Data Layer of this Web Application will have to undergo major modification, since we are migrating our legacy applications from Adabas/Unix to SAP, the development Team has prepared web services to query for the same Profile Data from SAP using Web Services. Now, we have to modify the web application to consume the web services instead of using OLEDB to query Adabas.

Since we are in the testing phase, and we have only very limited data in SAP, I have to provide temporary control to allow test query the Staff Profile for a Specified User (instead of the Authenticated User) and to select the Source:

1. SAP, or

2. Adabas.

So I am thinking to add the following "Control Section" in the Master Page:


See image below to clarify:


Becuase the users defined in SAP are based on Dummy Data, so we want to allow the user to Enter the required SAP User, and he will select "SAP" from the Drop-Down-List. In this case, the program will query for Staff Profile Data from SAP for the specified "Staff ID" (txtSAPStaffID) instead of the Authenticated User. But, if "Adabas" is selected for the "ddlDataSource" then, it will default to the Authenticated User.

I noticed that when I am following the above technique, if I press "Go", the Staff Profile Data Page is disappeared, and when I navigate from page to another, the selection on the values entered in the "Control Section" in the master page are reset to default value, ie, the last values are not maintained.


1. What is your feedback on the method I followed above ? Any other recommendations? I need very simple method.

2. Why the data page (the child page of the master page) is cleared (disappears) when I press the Go button ?

3. How to maintain the values selected when I navigate from one page to another ?

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SQL Server :: Inserting Bulk Records In Server For Testing?

Aug 19, 2010

I need to test the counts shown in SSRS report. The report reads the counts from one of the tables.

I need to verify the counts shown in the report. For this I need to insert bulk records in the table (with different userid, datetime, etc).

How can I do this? I really don't want to do this manually.

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Integration Testing Web Services Against A Testing Database?

Oct 27, 2010

I'm currently building a .net web application that uses WCF web services to allow a Flex front end to access the database.

I'm in the process of setting up some unit/integration style testing on the web services and am trying to work out the best way to allow the tests to access and modify data in a separate test database.

Currently, the connection string in my unit test project points to my testing database, and the connection string in my web services project points to my development database. However, as I am using Linq it appears that when I call the web service methods from my test class, it uses the development database connection string. I have looked into creating mock objects or in-memory database but I believe the same issue would occur.

Is there a way to get this to work, or is my entire idea about what I want incorrect, in which case is there a better way to set this up?

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