How To Create Master Page Using Side Panels

Mar 3, 2011

I have used Master Pages with ASP.Net for some time. I have been able to develop Master pages with header and footing content but never sucessful with side panels.What this project needs is a Main Master page with header and footer contents. Then another master page that uses the first master page and has it's content of the left side of the remaining middle. The Detail will go to the right with the left master content about one third and the detail about two third.

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Web Forms :: Get Panels Side By Side + Create A Windows Form In .aspx File... With Using Ajax Control

Aug 26, 2010

I have one big panel called Panel1. Withine Panel1 I have Panel2 and Panel3. WHen I drag the panels into Panel1, Panel2 is on top of Panel3. How can I get them side by side?..

another is how can i create a windows form in .aspx file... with using ajax control or coollet..

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Web Forms :: How To Show / Hide Panels In A Master Page

Nov 24, 2010

I'm trying to show/hide panels in a masterpage depending on what page the user is on.

I was trying this..


But it didnt work.

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Hiding All Panels On A Web Content Form Within A Master Page

May 7, 2010

I'm trying to hide all panels on a page, when a button click occurs.

This is on a web content form, within a master page.

The contentplageholder is named: MainContent

So I have:

foreach (Control c in Page.Form.FindControl("MainContent").Controls) {
if (c is Panel) {
c.Visible = false;

This never find any panels. The panels are within an Update Panel, and I tried

foreach(Control c in updatePanel.Controls) { }

and this didn't work either. I also tried :

foreach(Control c in Page.Controls) { }

and that didn't work either.

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Web Forms :: Way To Insert Side By Side Panels(2) Within A Main Panel

Jan 14, 2011

way to insert 2 child panels with in a parent panel. These 2 panels have to be horizontally side by side and not one above the other(that is possible and very easy to do).

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MVC :: Create A Dynamic Field In The Master Page (site.Master)

Oct 10, 2010

I'm starting with ASP.NET MVC (1.0). I have a problem to resolve. I have developed a web applicaton (an application of articles like e-commerce) with a head (logo and menu). I have defined the head (logo and menu) in the Master page (site.master). Now, I must display the number of articles in the head in a field (like the number of articles in the virtual basket in the e-commerce). I can read the number of articles in the data base (in the controller), but i can't integrate it in the master page.

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Web Forms :: Page Margins Or Side Bars In A Master Page?

Dec 8, 2010

I am trying to set up a master page and sub page where the margins are one color and the content is in the middle of the page set from the top of the browser to the bottom. Pretty standard stuff.

Except when I do this, I end up with my table not extending all the way to the top and not all the way down.

I set the body background color in the master page and then set the table background to white. I centered the table, and set the height property to 100%. But this is not working.

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MVC :: Hide Panels On Client Side?

Jun 24, 2010

I am using strong typed views in my MVC and have now manage to show all the editors for my register form as I like.

The problem is that I have a radiogroup containing 4 radiobotton, When selecting a radiobutton I neet to hide some of the editors that are bound to the strong typed propertie fields.

I could create a javascript function like this


The problem with this is that it will be a BIG function and Im not sure how the MVC Validation will handle it if a editor that is not valid are hidden? Will it still be possible to submit?

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C# - How To Create Create Variables / Properties In Master Page And Let Sub-pages Access Them

Apr 14, 2010

How to create create variables/properties in master page, and let sub-pages access them? So my master will have a string property HomeUrl How can any page that uses the master page access this property?

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Web Forms :: Create Multiple Masterpages And Create A Handler To Dynamically Set The Correct Master Page?

Feb 18, 2011

I'm currently in the process of creating a webshop. This webshop supports theming, but I also want customers to choose a lay-out. I can create multiple masterpages and create a handler to dynamically set the correct master page. But some components, like the shopping cart, are controls which have to be present in the master page and are also used in the aspx pages. The shopping cart control for instance, has an Update method which is called whenever the user adds a product to their cart. So the question is: can I somehow create a default masterpage which has all the components on it, but still be able to create multiple lay-outs. And how should I reference that master page from the aspx pages? I also thought of creating an Interface class which defines the masterpage and it's public components, but I don't know if I can reference an interface from aspx pages.

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Web Forms :: Side Navigation Menu (Vertical Orrientation) For A Master Page?

Feb 28, 2010

I want to have a side navigation menu (Vertical Orrientation) for a master page. Now the problem is, when I created a web form and include my created masterpage, the objects inside the content placeholder of a webform appears in the bottom of the side navigation menu. I want to make the objects appear at the right side of my navigation menu. How can this be done??

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Web Forms :: How To Create Page With Default Template From Master Page Programmatically

Oct 7, 2010

exactly like cms , i want to create page programmatically with this options:1: page-name2: add template (master-page)and etc...

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How To Create Master Page

Jan 6, 2011

i am new for application now i want to create one website. how to create master page and how to insert table(template).


see this link: [URL]

i expect this format simple to create tell me step by step now i am using visual studio 2010 software in my system.....

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Web Forms :: How To Create Dynamic Panels

Dec 23, 2015

I want to create adynamic number of panels inside td in atable depending on number of items in dropdownlist ex (if dropdownlist have 5 items i want to create 5 panels)Each panel contans :Table that consist of 1- Fist row will be header that will be the title2- Second row will consist of number of cells depending on text for a label (ex 3,4,5 ,...)

I want to pass each panel with its table to its selected value from dropdownlistand when change dropdownlist value to the second value for example the first panel still show and the second panel apperand when change to the 3rd value in dropdownlist the 2 other panels still showed and the third apper and so on...

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Create Master Page Menus

Sep 1, 2010

I want to create a master page for my already developed project. Since the project contains many forms it is quite difficult to include the master page in each form. Is there any possibilities to include the master page in any other simplest way

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Create Form Name Is Master Page?

Mar 26, 2011

I have created the Master Page.And now i have created one page and i am not able to create <form tag>.

I have to write some java script and some event on form load event.

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Create A Descent Master Page Menu?

Apr 22, 2010

So i want to create a simple menu but i'm just getting started so here is my thoughts.

1)I've seen a lot of javascript based menus.Can i incorporate one of them inside a server control?Also can i use roles to determine who views what page?With sitemap?

2)Sitemap ok for menus and roles?

3)I'm testing a menu control with a SiteMapDataSource. Ok i have much problems but the no1 problem is that i want the tabs to go horizontal in the page and not vertical.


I thought i could change the sitemap but it only allows on sitemapnode. Here is a sitemap i have done long time ago and i used it. I don't know why i have set p.e. ?cat=usr, probably wrong?I don't get anything from a querystring.Ajnyway i thought i'll leave it so you may comment.


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AJAX :: Create ModalPopupExtender In Master Page?

Jan 18, 2011

I want to create ModalPopupExtender in master page (or somewhere else) and call that in content pages.

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Web Forms :: How To Create Menu Bar In Master Page Through CSS

Jun 9, 2012

i want to create menus on left side

in a way that when i click on one Menu then SubMenus Should be Opened under main menu and there shoud be a Symbol of + in Front of Main Menu when not Explored and  - when Explored,

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Web Forms :: How To Create Master Page In Code Behind Dynamically

Mar 21, 2011

How to Create Master Page in Code Behind Dynamically?

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C# - MVC Can Create Dynamic Navigation Sub-menu On The Master Page?

May 16, 2010

I'm trying to create an ASP.NET MVC master page so the site navigation on it will look like this:

Main Menu:Home | About | News
Sub Menu: Home_Page1 | Home_Page2

The Sub Menu section should always show sub-menu for the currently selected Main Menu page (on the example above 'Home' page is selected) unless a user hovers the mouse on another Main Menu item (then it shows that item's sub-menu instead).

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Web Forms :: How To Create Master Form And Transaction Page

Jul 19, 2012

How to create a master form , transaction page .....

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Ajax - 4 Update Panels Create 4 Different HTTP Requests To The Server?

Mar 16, 2011

I use four different update panels, that use the same timer as trigger.

1) Will the 4 update panels create 4 different HTTP requests to the server?
2) I'm using 4 different panels as the controls are located in different parts of the page, is there a way of putting them in the same update panel?
3) Is this a good coding practice?

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State Management :: Master Page's Treeview Selected Node / Setting The Properties In Master Page?

Aug 2, 2010

I have a master page containing a tree and 3 dropdown lists. I am populating a context menu on right click of each node, and when clicked on any item of the context menu, it navigates to required pages.

My problem is after navigating to the required page, the selected values from the drop down lists and the selected node from the tree are getting cleared.

I can set the selected values for the dropdown lists by making some properties in master page.
But how do i maintain the selected node?

In my content page, i have got the valuepath of the right clicked node.

Or is there any other way than setting the properties in master page?

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Web Forms :: Define Reusable Master Page Type To Reuse Parts Of The Master Page?

Jan 5, 2011

My Project is a normal web site, not a Web Project, and I am using VS 2005.

I am trying to define common Master Page Type in app_code which has an area to display error messages and the like. Very simple.

I added the following in app_code:


Also, I added the following in Master Page Source Declaration:


Also, I added the controls tblrowErrMsg and lblErrMsg as server controls to the Master Page.

Why I am doing this ?

This will allow me to display error messages from nearly any where inside the code in code-behined, app_code, and other core Class Projects (DLL).

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