How To Display Data From Table In To Textbox

May 6, 2010

i am using sql server 2005, VS 2008,,

i have the following table.

create table accounttbl( idno int primary key, salary int, name varchar(50));
sample values (1,1000,Girmay)
(2,1500, Helen)
(3,800, Azeb)

now i want to display the salaries and names in a single label.

for example label 1= Azeb 800 <br/>
Girmay 1000<br/>
Helen 1500

so how do i develop the code?

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Making Use Of Multi Line Textbox To Display Multiple Table Of 2?

Jun 6, 2010

I am making use of multi line textbox to display multiple table of 2 , but it is only showing the last value i.e 20. I made the following code:

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Empty GridView To Insert New Record If No Data Retreived From Data Table

Jan 11, 2010

How to display empty GridView to insert new record if no data retreived for some record on the result from data table?Actually i am trying to give a user an option to add recrod from Gridview. On result of some query it is perfectly displaying data and a footer row with the insertion textbox but when there is no data in the gridview it is not displaying. It should display with footer having insert textbox.

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How To Display Data In Table Using C#

Jul 9, 2010

give me the sample for display data in table using

I using sql quory as below:


How to display data in table using c#

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Forms Data Controls :: Show The Textbox In The Gridview, When The Table Is Not Having Any Data?

Dec 2, 2010

I want to show the textbox which is in Gridview, eventhough the Datasource[Table] of the Gridview is empty.The user has to enter some value and save it in the table. My problem, when there is no value in the table, textbox is not shown. I am using Linq, So the Gridview has to bind using Linq list or table The objective of the task:

1. Show the blank textbox when there is no data in the table.

2.A Addnew Buton has to show, If the user clicks the Addnew button, One more textbox has to shown and user can enter the second input.

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Display A Table From Session Data?

Jan 26, 2010

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to create a table from data stored in a session. What I want to build is a Questionnaire application where my office manager can create pop quizes about the training that they give us each month. So far I have been reasearching about using Wizard Control, Arrays (lists, diccionaries, etc..)Viewstates and even cookies and of course Sessions.

So far Sessions make more sense but I need to know if I can do the following:

Add a string (unlimited characters although I dont think it will be more than 8000 characters)

Display each entry in a table after my OM clicks the submit button

This table will have a Red 'X' or something next to it so if she wants she can delete it before saving it

Send the data in the table to an SQL server (this I know I can do)

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Databases :: Data Display In Table?

Dec 30, 2009

i'm developing a site and requires to display data in a table format in a normal table rows and columns using mysqland i'm not able to do itplease help me out in making my projectthe requirement is this table in 2

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Web Forms :: Posting Data From Textbox To Table

Dec 4, 2009

Im getting error,when I post data into db. I have ddlcity control,and if i select city 0Other,one txtbox should appear and post tht value to the 2 tables(city table and Register table). If im selecting other narmal cities values,all should noramlly posted to Register table. Here im getting error when I select Other in ddlcity and while txtbox values posting to db. Im getting SQL exception error as "Cannot insert NULL value to the column Country in table City!,Insert fails!!!" Getting error in CityId = (int)cmd3.ExecuteScalar();

protected void BtnRegister_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["StrConn"]);
int CityId = 0;
if ((txtOther.Text != "") && (ddlcity.SelectedItem.Text == "Other"))
string insertquery1 = @"insert into City(Cityname) values('" + txtOther.Text + "')";
SqlCommand cmd3 = new SqlCommand(insertquery1, conn);

CityId = (int)cmd3.ExecuteScalar();
CityId = Convert.ToInt32(ddlcity.SelectedValue);
string insertquery = @"insert into " +
" Register(Name,Address1,Address2,Zipcode,CityId, " +
" Country,PhoneNo,Email,Sex) values('" + TxtName.Text + "', " +
"'" + TxtAddr1.Text + "','" + TxtAddr2.Text + "', " +
"'" + TxtZipcode.Text + "'," + CityId + ", " +
"'" + ddrCountry.SelectedItem + "','" + TxtPhoneno.Text + "', " +
"'" + TxtEmail.Text + "','" + rdbSex.SelectedValue + "')"; ;
SqlCommand cmd1 = new SqlCommand(insertquery, conn);
Label12.Text = "Record Registered!";
Label12.Visible = true;

my db has 2 tbles. Register. Name varchar,Address1 varchar,Address2 varchar,Zipcode varchar,Cityid int ,Foreign Key(CityId) References tblCity(CityId),Country varchar,PhoneNo varchar,Email varchar,Sex char(1) Citynew table has CityId int primary key Identity(1,1),CityName Varchar,Country varchar

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Access :: Specify A Particular Data From The TextBox To Be Inserted Into A Table?

Sep 18, 2009

I was trying to insert some sample data into a Table, and here are some of codes that I used:


I noticed that the orders of inserted data are according to the orders of the formField in <asp:formparameter ...> in each row, which means that data from "TestBox1" and from Comment1 were inserted into the first column and the second column respectively. But I noticed that something strange's happened after I'd changed the orders of <asp:formparameter...> in each row in this way:


then the data from "Comment1" would be inserted to the first column, and the data from TextBox1 be inserted to the second column.

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How To Display The Data In Textbox Using Sqldatasource

Dec 8, 2009

displaying the data in the textbox using a sqldatasource.i tried to fix the problem but i just can get it.

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Display Data To Textbox Using Sql Server And C#?

Apr 1, 2010

how can i display data to textbox using sql server in with c#..

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Forms Data Controls :: Display Data From This Table In A Gridview Using Template Fields

Oct 26, 2010

I have a datatable with the following column names

ProviceID, ProvinceName, Year,
TPM, PM 10, PM 2.5, B(a)p

I'm trying to display data from this table in a gridview using template fields. Here's an example of a label in my item template


When i bind data to this grid view, i get an error saying column "PM 2" was not found. For some reason, the program is dropping the .5 from the column name. I am exploring the possibility of replacing the number with alphabets only but this may not be possible as the end user may not find it user friendly. Is there a way for me to get around this problem? I get a similar problem with B(a)p, it drops everything after the B. Any ideas on how to get the gridview to bind column names with special chars in it?

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Forms Data Controls :: Display Data In Html Table From Dataset Inside Td?

Dec 13, 2009

how do i display data in html table from dataset inside td.... <% =ds.rows[0]["col"]%>not working its not recognizing ds in html

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use Table Control To Display Data From An Sql Connection

Jan 20, 2010

Can someone show me how to programmatically construct a table (using the server table control)?

I am retrieving a table from an sqldata connection, and I've placed it into a dataset.

I want to insert it into the table control which will for the first row create headercells, and for subsequent rows create table cells.

I just want to see a simple example of what this looks like.

I find the following type of examples very unhelpful as they get the number of rows and columns from the user, but there's no actual data! :


can I have an example with a data connection!

I'm using c#!

Web Developer 2008, Sql Server 2000.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Data In HTML Control Table

Apr 15, 2010

I am using HTML Control table. My design is complete by hard coding the data at design time. But, now I have to fetch data from database and display in <td></td> tags.

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Forms Data Controls :: Multiple Table Row Data To Display Per Gridview Row?

Feb 10, 2010

i want to get multiple row data from a data base table and display 1 record per specific group as shown below in a gridview. for example.

two columns with this data.

1 Good
1 Bad
1 Neutral
1 N/A
2 Excellent
2 Poor
3 Yes
3 No
3 Maybe

The data needs to display in the gridview as such.

1 Good Bad Neutral N/A
2 Excellent Poor
3 Yes No Maybe

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Forms Data Controls :: Get The Selected Row Data And Display In Textbox By Clicking GridView Row

Dec 25, 2009

when I click a girdivew row, I get the selected row data and display these in textbox.

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Forms Data Controls :: Display A Data In The Textbox From A Gridview Using A Slqdatasource?

Dec 8, 2009

i find hard in displaying a data in a textbox while using a gridview. i have my main data display in a grid and i wanted to display the detail description of the data in separate form or another way around.

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ADO.NET :: Display Data By Selecting A Linker Table (SQL)?

Feb 8, 2011

I have three tables namely tblPerson, tblAction and tblLog.

tblPerson and tblAction has many to many relationship, so a linker table which is tblLog is necessary. tblLog contains three fields, which is logID, PersonID (tblPerson) and ActionID (tblAction). Now, I need to display the data from the GUI. How could I display the records from tblLog wherein instead of the ID from tblPerson and tblAction, the other fields would show. I know that's the purpose of a linker table, but how to use it?

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Dynamic Data Foreign Key Table Display Name?

Nov 26, 2010

I have these two tables in my diagram:

the 1st:
PAR_TipiDocumento with
idTipoDocumento PK

the 2nd:
PAR_ClassiDocumento with
idClasseDocumento PK

and a foreing key FK_PAR_TipiDocumento_PAR_ClassiDocumento from PAR_TipiDocumento.idClasseDocumentoto PAR_ClassiDocumento.idClasseDocumento.

This is my .cs code for the metadata:

[DisplayName("Tipi Documento")]
public partial class PAR_TipiDocumento[code]....

The problem is that in the Dynamic Data generated pages I correctly see all the display names "Tipi Documento" except for the header row of the PAR_ClassiDocumento table where I have "PAR_TipiDocumentos" (the plural generated by LINQ to SQL). The values under this column are correctly rendered as links to the PAR_TipiDocumento table with the right display name ("View Tipi Documento").

How can I change the Display Name of that "PAR_TipiDocumentos"?

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How To Display Data From Dataset In A HTML Table From .cs

Sep 18, 2010

I have a asp table and working dataset.How can I bind the dataset with the table.The code is here....

<asp:table id="tblcampaign" runat="server" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<asp:TableHeaderRow ID="content_table_heading">
<asp:TableHeaderCell Width="39"><img src="Images/table_heading_bg_lft.gif" alt="" width="39" height="41" /></asp:TableHeaderCell>
<asp:TableCell width="91">Campaign ID</asp:TableCell>
<asp:TableCell width="132">Campaign Name</asp:TableCell>
<asp:TableCell width="134">Parent Campaign</asp:TableCell>
<asp:TableCell width="121">Target Segment</asp:TableCell>
<asp:TableCell width="95">Objective</asp:TableCell>.......

.cs code is here..

MCMS.DAL.Dataset.MobileCampaign mob_cam = new MCMS.DAL.Dataset.MobileCampaign();
MCMS.BL.MobileCampaignHandler obj = new MCMS.BL.MobileCampaignHandler();
mob_cam = obj.GetCampaignDetails();

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Web Forms :: Display Xml Document Into Data Table?

Sep 24, 2009

im trying to display an xml document returned by a web service in a datatable and then bind to a data grid, i dont seem to be getting any errors atall and the code doesnt either appear to be getting in to the loop... can anyone advise me as to where im going wrong with this


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Web Forms :: Display Data In Table Form?

Mar 16, 2010

I am having set of data like UserName, Address and image. I am having this information in Dataset. I need to show these information in Web page like

User1 User2
User3 User4
User5 User6

I try to display the data using DataList, but this is display all users Vertically. But i need to split into twocolumns and show the data.

How can i achieve this, which control should i use?

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Forms Data Controls :: Inserting Value Of A Textbox Into A Table?

Oct 2, 2010

I have a detailsview, and I was wondering how I can insert value from a textbox instead of a boundfield value. I am able assign value to textbox in code behind.


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How To Display Data From A Sql Database To A Giving Textbox

Oct 1, 2009

how do you display data from a sql database to a giving textbox. example: i have 3 column and 3 textboxes. i want to display the column data in the textbox accordingly. trying to get single pieces of data out of the dataset.

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Access :: How To Display The Data From Gridview To Textbox

Dec 12, 2009

i created a sample web application.

i use a gridview,sqldatasource,textbox and a button.

i tried to display the data from the grid to the textbox but i still encounter errors.

i did not use a formview to bind all text box. i simply wanted to display the data in the textbox directly but unfortunately i can't find the solution.

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Forms Data Controls :: Accessing A Property With Datalist / Binding The Data On The Display All The Parent Table Fields Can Be Rendered?

Jun 7, 2010

Am using datalist to create a kinsd of message board, in the back end am having two tables one for the parent comment , and other for the child comments

The data source is extracted by LINQ to SQL with the load option , so I get everthing when I debug on the code behind , and I can see all the fields each parent comment and the child comments.

the problem is with binding the data on the disply for example all the parent table fildes can be rendred without any problems:

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "comment1Parent") %>; "showing me the orginal post"

Problem here:

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Childcomment") %> is not rendred and I got this error msg:

DataBinding: 'DataAccessLayer.Comment' does not contain a property with the name 'childComment'.
In the debug I navigate to the childComment and this is its HTML visualisar:

new System.Linq.SystemCore_EnumerableDebugView<DataAccessLayer.Comment>(((ASP.usercontrols_comments_ascx)this).Comments)).Items[0]._comments_Replies.entities.items[0].childComment

I tried

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "_comments_Replies.childcomment")

Same as above error came to me.

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Retrieve Data From Sql Database And Display On Webform Table?

Mar 12, 2010

I am creating a kind of feedback website which has a feedback form on it. Each question is answered choosing from a radio button group. the answers to each question are (very good, good, bad, failed). I need to be able to create a table on the webform that will display the number of answers to each questions. for example, if the question is "Rate the use of this software" i need to be able to put in table format say 20 people said "very good", 30 said "good" etc. at the moment i only have one table to display the questions and answers and a date that will be used to select the date's report. so all the information i need is coming from this table. all i need to do is how to say like "SELECT Count* Question where Review date = "user entered date" and answer = "very good" etc.

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MVC :: How To Display Database Table Data In Grid View

Jul 26, 2009

I want to display database table data in a GridView. I don't want to use OR mappers like Entity Framewrok, LINQ to SQL etc. I want to use the conventional method like binding the GridView to DataSet, the dataset having the table records fetched through table adapter.

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DataSource Controls :: Web Page To Display Data From A Table?

Apr 19, 2010

i want my web page to display data from a table, but instead of the "id" fields displayed, i want to display more meaningful field names. these are stored in other tables. my select statement is as follows:

SELECT [tblRelationship].[individual_id_1], [tblRelationship].[individual_id_2],
[tblRelationship].[relationship_type_id], [tblRelationship].[relationship_id],
[tblIndividual].[first_name], [tblIndividual].[individual_id] FROM

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