Looking For Pointers For MVC / Ajax / JQuery Application

Nov 23, 2010

Used jQuery enough to "enhance" my views (client side validations, modal popups, etc) but for nothing serious.Working on a app that's pretty much what one could call whatever you would call something like Google Mail.So while I'm jumping into some chapters on Asp.Net MVC with Ajax, I thought I'd ask here for some links to good resources on the topic.

One big question is if one will still be able to "post" strongly typed viewmodels? I saw some of the existing code today where the form values (there are multiple "forms" on each view, though I won't call it forms....they are not wrapped in forms!) where the values of the input controls get collected and passed on to an action method with jQuery. Did not make sense to me sending of the individual values seperately into an action method taking like 10 input parameters.

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Dot Net Has Pointers?

Aug 31, 2010

doses c# dotnet has pointers if yes how can we use it ,

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JQuery :: How To Integrate Ajax With Dynamic Features Of Application

Aug 12, 2010

Im new to ASP.net. But im really interested about learning ASP.net and related technologies. I referred to sevaral Ajax and Jquery samples and managed to run those jquery and Ajax codes with ASP.net. But i would like to know how to integrate jquery/ajax menu with my asp.net website's category menu. Categary menu is daynamic and it changes nodes according to back office operations. In other words i want to apply jquery/ajax in to several dynamic features on my website. Ex: Dynamic menu and Search reasult.

how to integrate jquery/ajax to dynamic features on my ecommerce website.

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AJAX :: Integrate Jquery With Dynamic Features Of Application?

Aug 16, 2010

Im new to ASP.net. But im really interested about learning ASP.net and related technologies. I referred to sevaral Ajax and Jquery samples and managed to run those jquery and Ajax codes with ASP.net. But i would like to know how to integrate jquery/ajax menu with my asp.net website's category menu. Categary menu is daynamic and it changes nodes according to back office operations. In other words i want to apply jquery/ajax in to several dynamic features on my website. Ex: Dynamic menu and Search reasult.

how to integrate jquery/ajax to dynamic features on my ecommerce website.

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Couple Pointers For A Club Website?

Mar 24, 2010

I have been learning ASP.NET my self and is about to dive into the nitty gritty by creating a club website for a club.

It will be basically pretty simple. It will have around 4-6 pages consisting of:

1. Homepage/News

2. Gallery

3. About

4. Contact

5. Calendar for events

My question is should I use MVC to develop such website? As I am totally a noob in MVC development, but if it is better then I would need to learn MVC first, otherwise I'll just do it the standard way.What should I use for the calendar of events?

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C# - Any Pointers To How To Use Telerik RADGrid In C Sharp

Mar 24, 2011

give me any pointers for free tutorial on RADGRID or give me a simple example on how to create a RADGRID and bind it to data source.

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Suggestions/pointers For Post/Get To Page From A Desktop App?

May 26, 2010

I'm planning to have a desktop app interact with some .ASP or .ASPX pages on a server.

I've only done a little bit with .asp pages and I'm thinking I'd just Post or Get a URL with some variables:


I'm wondering if there is any better way to go about this?

Am I missing something? Is there perhaps a better way to go about this?

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Custom Server Controls :: Looking For Pointers/advice For Creating This Control?

Jan 18, 2011

Within an existing ASP.NET page I've created the following layout, which is a tabbed header and content area. When the tabs are clicked (using JQuery) I show the relevant content, and hide all the other content for that respective tab, like so...

I'd like to expand this functionality to make it into a User Control, so that I could re-use the code more easily. Once the control is created, I'd like to be able to use it like this:[Code]....

where I can start learning how to do this, or offer direct help on the code? I've read many tutorials for creating controls using existing controls (e.g. custom labels etc) but they are all too simple. With the above, do I need to create a ContentArea control first, then work onto the TabbedControl? How do I get ASP.NET to render out the contents of my ContentArea (including ASP.NET controls that are contained within it)?

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JQuery :: Create Twitter Like Registration Form For An (C#) Web Application With JQUERY?

Jul 23, 2010

I want to create a twitter like user registartion form for my asp.net(C#) web application. I have configured asp.net membership module for my site. I have searched alot but couldn't find any all in one JQuery Plugin which provide the following functionalities to my webform

1. Form Feild highlight when onFocus and on error
2. Tooltip when form feild is in focus
3. Proper client-side form valodation
4. Check user name avalibility
5. Check email re-registration
6. Calculate Password strength
7. Nice feedback when form is submitted

Can anyone know any all in one plugin wich I can add to my asp.net(C#) registration forms to make my forms live? I'm extremly new to jquery and it my firstever jquery project.

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Custom Server Controls :: Pointers On Writing Server Control?

Nov 15, 2010

I'm a little stuck here, with my first server control. I'll just post the whole thing, as I'm sure I've done plenty of mistakes. The main thing for me to find out is if there's a more elegang way to write this.

What I'm trying to accomplish here is to write a panel with custom HTML inside it. Inside the custom HTML, I need to put some server controls I can actually reach. My attempt at finding the span in the code failed, so there's obviously something wrong.


Obviously, I've only just begun, but I'd really value some feedback before I dig myself in too deep ;)

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JQuery :: Need To Use The Jquery Progress In Web Application?

Sep 23, 2010

I need to use the jquery progress in my web application, basically when the user clicks the submit button, the screen must dim to grey (similar effect to lightbox) and then the progress bar must activate showing the user the progress. When the progress is fully complete, the application should return to its normal color and everything should function properly.I cannot find any examples

jquery progress bar---> http://jqueryui.com/demos/progressbar/

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JQuery-AJAX Calling Page Method / How To Return Value Back To JQuery

Jan 31, 2011

If I use jQuery AJAX to call a specific ASP.NET page method how to have that method return a value back to the AJAX method that called it?


My situation is I have an existing web application with many existing methods. I would like to be able to use jQuery to execute some of these methods and then update the UI with the results. My mandate is to stay away from ASP.NET AJAX and stick with jQuery. Management is concerned about continued development and support with ASP.NET AJAX from Microsoft. I agree with them.

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C# - How To Fetch Return Values Between Jquery Functions And Post Ajax Jquery Request To Webservice

Aug 26, 2010

I have the following code where the function codeaddress geocodes the text feild value and returns geocoded value , geocoded value is stored in variable example ,how will i return the variable v2 to the function call and post to asmx webservice.


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Data Controls :: Bind JQuery Full Calendar Events Database Using JQuery AJAX

Dec 23, 2015

I am using jquery fullcalender..

I want to bind Events to each days of the calender dynamically from the json return by the ajax method..

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JQuery :: Data Size While Making Cross Domain JSONP Call Using JQuery .ajax() Method

Dec 21, 2010

I am developing web application and in application i need to make call of jQuery using .ajax(); method with datatype is set jsonp. Now all works well with limited data but problem start to occur when data size is increasing......

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JQuery :: Return HTML And Javascript From A Jquery Ajax Call

Feb 17, 2011

I have this code being called


which returns <div>here</div><script language=javascript>alert('');</script> The content gets loaded property, but no alert. How would I get a javascript routine to work from an ajax call along with posting the HTML code?

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AJAX :: Implement JQuery SparkLines Chart Using JQuery And WebMethod

May 7, 2015

(function () {
var linechartResize;
linechartResize = function () {
$("#linechart-2").sparkline([160, 240, 250, 280, 300, 250, 230, 200, 280, 380, 400, 360, 300, 220, 200, 150, 100, 100, 180, 180, 200, 160, 220, 140], {
type: "line",
width: "100%",
height: "226",

[Code] ....

In the above javaScript function i am supplying numeric array . I want those values from C# method which gets the those values from database....

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JQuery :: AJAX GET Data Won't Catch Jquery Script?

Nov 26, 2010

I have a page that enables a person to post a message from a message box; when the person submits the message I use the httpRequest object to send that message data to a webservice where I store the message in my database, then the webservice method is sending back a table with a text field (html textarea right now) and some html buttons formatted in a table (all in a single string) back to the original page so that other users can comment on the post submitted by the original user (in this case the original poster would be commenting on his/her own original post; possibly more then once).When I send the Html back to the original page I can't seem to get those new HTML objects to connect with the Jquery formats/actions. I tried sending the Jquery back with the HTML as well with no luck.How do I get the new html objects to connect with the Jquery script?

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JQuery :: How To Apply Paging Via JQuery/Ajax

Jan 10, 2011

I've read this great article showing how to apply paging in ASP.NET via jQuery/Ajax [URL]. But it use JTemplate. My questions are:

1. Should I use asp:listview control instead of Jtemplate. Because JTemplate is not familiar to me.

2. If I can use asp:listview control, show me how to replace Jtemplate.

3. If not. May you show me how to apply paging in listview ASP.NET via JQuery/Ajax ?

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JQuery :: How To Download Attachment Using JQuery Ajax

Jun 30, 2010

I am using JQuery in my application. I am having a div in my page which will get fill with another page content on a button click.

The following is the code.


Now i am having a button in this Deafult.aspx page which will download an attahchment from the database.

If i write a server side event to download the page is getting postback and the content in the div has gone. So, i have used JQuery Ajax method to download the attachment. But i the attachment is not getting downloaded.

type: "POST",
url: '../Forms/frmUpdateProblemTicketStatus.aspx',
data: 'AttachmentID='+AttachmentID,
dataType: 'JSON',
success: goodSubmit,
error: failedSubmit

I am not able to download this.

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JQuery :: Get Jquery/ajax Parameters On The Server?

Aug 31, 2010

It is my code:



How can I get my parameters(category,city) on the server? Request's parameters is always null.

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AJAX :: Accessing A WCF Service Application From A Web Application?

Feb 10, 2010

I have a VS2K8 solution with a web app and a WCF Service App. In my web app I've added the service reference and can get to the service in the service app from code behind:

WebTest.ServiceReference1.Service1Client prox = new
fromStandAlone.InnerHtml = prox.GetData(9);

how to add an AJAX Enabled WCF service to the service app and how to access it from the web app?

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JQuery :: How To Get HTML Content Of Editor Control Given In AJAX Toolkit Control Through JQuery In Client

Mar 11, 2011

I have a Editor control with ID="Editor1" . But i want to retrieve its html content entered by the user in the client side through jQuery .

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How To Use JQuery And CSS In MVC 3 When We Develop Application Through Razor

Jan 17, 2011

when i am working with razor application i found that their is no intellisense work for jQuery even i put the Vsdoc file in Master [layout page]. i find a another probelm that in aspx i can find the classes i define in stylesheet by press CTRL + space after put class attribute for tag or element not they not work too.

are their any good way to use this both feature when we work using Razor

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Call Web Service From Another Web Application Using Jquery?

Dec 12, 2010

I have created an WCF data service in a new asp.net web application and i want to call this web service from another web application using jquery, but it always returns null.

My jquery call looks like this:


Note that [URL] works in the browser but since the jquery call is from localhost:3410 i assume its a problem with cross domain.

I have been reading that i should use jsonp for this, but i have a hard time figuring it out.

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