Url Rewriting - Consecutive Are Backslashes Removed From Url?

Oct 28, 2010

I'm having an issue in my ASP.NET web app where intentionally consecutive backslashes are being removed from the request url.

I'll request something like:

But when the request hits the page, the raw url is:

Not sure if this is the culprit, but I do have a Url Rewite regex in place, here's the rule:


So, after the rewrite, the querystring is coming out as Page.aspx?1=A&2=C&3= When it should be Page.aspx?1=A&2=&3=C

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Namespace Removed In Web.config Not Removed In A Page With Master?

Sep 12, 2010

I have defined this in the web.config of a subdirectory

<remove namespace="App"/>
<add namespace="Tom"/>

App is imported in the parent web.config file, Tom and App have classes with the same names.To avoid errors resulting from ambiguous class names I removed the App namespace from the sub-directory where the Tom namespace is used.

However the namespace App is still imported on content pages that have a master page outside the Tom directory. This causes the aforementioned errors.Here is my dir structure

-Root Directory
--web.config (App is added in web.config)
--Tom Sub-diretory
---web.config (App is removed in web.config)
---Content page that uses Default.master (Here is the problem)
---Page without master (Works OK)

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Escaping Backslashes In String.replace?

Jan 25, 2011

I have an image control with the following string


I want to replace string cleartext=imagePath.Replace("","/"); but the backslash causes a problem -- how can I replace the backslash?

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Mvc Outputting Json With Backslashes ( Escape) Despite Many Attemps To Filter?

Apr 24, 2010

i have an asp.net controller that output Json as the results a section of it is here

returnString += string.Format(@"{{""filename"":""{0}"",""line"":[", file.Filename);

what i get returned is this:


i have tried to return with the following methods:

return Json(returnString);
return Json(returnString.Replace("\","");

return Json will serialize my string to a jSon string, this i know but it likes to escape for some reason, how can i get rid of it? for info this is how i call it with jQuery:


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Web Forms :: URL Rewriting - Looking For Easiest Way To URL Rewriting

Apr 10, 2010

I am trying to implement URL rewriting technique in my Web application.I have found some articles on net 2 rewrite URL. But i m not able to understand. tell me any API or DLL which will take care of all url rewriting techniques in my Web applications.

I have heard something abt UrlRewriter.ddl . But i have not used it yet. provide me the easiest way to do that. If any sample application is there then it will be better ti understand

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Name Contains More Than 3 Fields And 2 Consecutive Spaces?

Mar 12, 2010

I m reading Name as string. When I m reading, I want my name like this

Last First MI

Johnny Travis M.

If it is like this. Johnny Travis M paul. It contains more than 3 data fields. I want to throw error.

If it is like this Johnny Travis M. It contains more than 1 space after last name. I want to throw error.

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Display Consecutive Regular Expressions?

Apr 1, 2010

if there are two consecutive apostrophe or two consecutive hyphens or two consecutive comma or two consecutive spaces or two consecutive periods or two consecutive periods..I want to display those particular error.

and One more thing is if there are any of the above combinations like apostrophe+hyphen or apostrophe+space or hyphen+space, I want to throw that specific error.

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Regex - How To Specify Restriction Of Two Consecutive Characters?

Oct 19, 2010

My Question is as follows:Using ASP.NET syntax for the RegularExpressionValidator control, how do you specify restriction of two consecutive characters, say character 'x'?

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Web Forms :: How To Avoid Consecutive Button Click

Dec 21, 2010

I have a button on my web page and i would like to know if its possible to aviod consecutive clicks. Lets say i have a submit button or another button which inserts into db. And i figured out that there are two records in the db. So i would like to avoid consecutive button clicks.

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Consecutive Comma Dot Single Quote Should Not Be Allowed To Key In?

Jul 19, 2010

I have a textbox and button in my child page it inherits a master page.the textbox should allow to key in only alphabets,comma,dot,space,single quote. And also consecutive comma dot single quote should not be allowed to key in. first and last character should be alphabets.

I have a javascript but it does not check for consecutive comma,dot,single quote...

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C# - How To Calculate Time Elapsed Between Two Consecutive Requests

Nov 18, 2010

I am want to develop a quiz site using MVC 2. A single page will display only one question. The examinee will select or type the answer and press Next button to proceed.

My business logic on the server side will record the time elapsed between two consecutive page requests. This time elapsed must not be tempered by any means to make a reliable diagnostic report.

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C# - Regular Expression To Remove Consecutive Characters?

Mar 23, 2011

Need a regular expression to replace the following sequence

Before : abbbccdd After : abcd

And also if numeric data is present instead of alphabets i would like to remove the duplicates and display

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Why Isn't The Last Row In A Repeater Get Removed

Nov 10, 2010

I have a ASP .NET Repeater data bound to a DataTable. Everything works fine where I can add rows to the DataTable & Bind() and the Repeater will gracefully show the newly bound data and delete from the DataTable and Bind() and the Repeater will remove the data.

However a strange problem exists where when rows are been deleted, the last standing row, although perfectly deleted from the DataTable would still be shown in the web page. It's as if for the last row, the Repeater is not data bound! But I have put break points and analysed that the item is definitely deleted from the DataTable and the Repeater1.DataBound() is called as well. If the page is refreshed, the last item is deleted as well (just as it should).

if (dtTelephoneNumbers.Rows.Count == 0)

Here is my delete code.


public static DataTable dtTelephoneNumbers = new DataTable();

And everything happens inside a UpdatePanel which is inside a Wizard Step.


The data is local only (for now). I collect all information from the user using a wizard and finally add it to the database.


Works just fine when used without an UpdatePanel. :( Looks like the UpdatePanel has got something to do with this!

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Tag Is Completly Removed Again And Again?

Mar 4, 2011

http://forums.asp.net/p/1594624/4042812.aspxi have come across hopefully this can be fixed...if the texteditor has a value of <h4>Test</h4> and then i click on a custom h1 button, the h4 is converted to h1 but it leaves a h4 tag as well as below

<h4 />

How can i make sure the the tag is completly removed again i get a simlar issue with a "paragraph" button.

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Querystring Value Removed On Postback?

Apr 2, 2010

I'm getting date value from calendar pop up window to the parent page but when my parent page gets postback that date value is being removed. anyone knows the solution, i'm using 2.0

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VS 2008 Tooltip Not Removed

Apr 16, 2010

to remove the tooltip,i write-

TextBox1.ToolTip = String.Empty
Even I use the the below code-

TextBox1.ToolTip = "";
But the tooltip doesn't remove!!!

protected void Button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
TextBox1.ToolTip = String.Empty;
TextBox1.ToolTip = "";
protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
TextBox1.ToolTip = "soia";

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Spaces Being Removed From String When Received?

May 26, 2010

I am attempting to pass a small xml doc as a string to an affiliate's classic asp page. Here is how I am doing it:


However, when they receive this info the spaces are stripped out of the xml tag causing it to not parse and be invalid. Here is what it looks like when it arrives:


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Web Forms :: UserControl Removed When Load Dynamic One

May 20, 2010

in my aspx page i have some controls loadded dynamic and other one loaded static, when i am loading the user control dynamically,the dynamic usercontrols loaded successfully, but all static control inside page will be removed! i load the user control using the bellow code inside PlaceHolder. this is my code in aspx page:


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Enter Key Stroke Will Not Removed All The TEXTBOX Data

Aug 2, 2010

The WEBFORM1.ASPX is working well and I am very Puzzle by the data entry TEXTBOX. Each time after the User has input the data and hit ENTER KEY, very strangely all the TEXTBOX contained data have been cleared off data. How do I ensure that when ENTER KEY is pressed by user it will not removed all the TEXTBOX Data. Here is the sample coding of the data entry TEXTBOX.:

<div class="LeftMargin">
<table style="width:100%;"
<td align=left class="style2">
<asp:Label ID="lblCustID" CssClass="labelText" runat="server" Width="160px" Text="Customer ID: *"></asp:Label>
<asp:TextBox ID="txtCustID" CssClass="textbox" runat="server" ></asp:TextBox>
<asp:Label ID="lblCustAddr" CssClass="labelText" runat="server" Width="150px" Text="Address : *"></asp:Label>
<asp:TextBox ID="txtCustAddr" CssClass="textbox" Width="250px" runat="server" ></asp:TextBox >
<td align=left class="style3">
<asp:Label ID="lblContname" CssClass="labelText" runat="server" Width="160px" Text="Contact Name :*"></asp:Label>
<asp:TextBox ID="txtContName" CssClass="textbox" Width="300px" runat="server" ></asp:TextBox>
<td class="style1">
<asp:Label ID="lblCity" CssClass="labelText" runat="server" Width="150px" Text="City : *"></asp:Label>
<asp:TextBox ID="txtCity" CssClass="textbox" Width="250px" runat="server" ></asp:TextBox>
<td align=left class="style2">
<asp:Label ID="lblBlank1" CssClass="labelText" runat="server" Width="460px" Text="" ></asp:Label> </td>
<asp:Label ID="lblPostCode" CssClass="labelText" runat="server" Width="150px" Text="Post Code: * "></asp:Label>
<asp:TextBox ID="txtPostCode" CssClass="textbox" Width="250px" runat="server" ></asp:TextBox>

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Security :: Getting Error/Padding Is Invalid And Cannot Be Removed.

Jan 15, 2010

I have all application errors sent to my email. I keep getting this:

Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.

[Exception Info]

Stack Trace: at System.Security.Cryptography.RijndaelManagedTransform.DecryptData(Byte[] inputBuffer, Int32 inputOffset, Int32 inputCount, Byte[]& outputBuffer, Int32 outputOffset, PaddingMode paddingMode, Boolean fLast)
at System.Security.Cryptography.RijndaelManagedTransform.TransformFinalBlock(Byte[] inputBuffer, Int32 inputOffset, Int32 inputCount)
at System.Security.Cryptography.CryptoStream.FlushFinalBlock()

i googled and read to add machineKey in my web.config <system.web> which i did:
<machineKey validationKey='0EFA95136AEA44850D5CEDDF0CC7502B1A009.....' decryptionKey='E88EB13ADB2C3D395193AA71DBB1E...' validation='SHA1'/>

and added
<pages masterPageFile enableViewStateMac="true" viewStateEncryptionMode="Auto"> to my masterpage.But i keep getting that error.

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When Publishing A Website Default Document Name Keeps Getting Removed From IIS

Nov 7, 2010

I have an ASP.NET web site project, which I'm publishing to IIS on my Win2k8 R2 server. It has a default page called login.aspx. I set that up on the published web site.

Trouble is, every time I publish a new version of the web site, the login.aspx entry gets erased from the "Default Document" settings of the web site in IIS. This is very annoying. How can I publish my web site from Visual Studio without wiping out the default page every time?

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404 - File Or Directory Not Found - Resource Has Been Removed?

Oct 15, 2010

i created a site using asp.net, i got hosting space and uploaded my files, as per my process i ll send the Email verification link to users mail id with link to my site, if they click the link they will directly redirect to my site's registration page.it's working fine in my local iis and in visual studio, but in the host i'm getting error as Server Error 404 - File or directory not found.The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailabl

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AJAX :: Is ComboBox Still In Control Toolkit Or Removed

Mar 19, 2010

I just downloaded the latest ajax control toolkit and was trying to use ComboBox (as described on the samples page). However, I can't find it (tried to do reflection on the assembly as well).So is the ComboBox still in ajax control toolkit or it is removed or renamed etc?

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Web Forms :: Validation Error Messages Not Being Removed

Aug 5, 2010

I have a form that has contact fields, billing address, and shipping address. So if i fill out my contact information ONLY and left billing and shipping address blank then hit submit, the validation for the billing address and shipping address appears. Ok no problem, there is a check in each billing and shipping fields that once click on it copies the address from contact to billing or shipping fields. Everything works except for the validation messages. They are still there. Is there a way to remove the validation message after the textboxes are populated with data?

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Forms Data Controls :: AlternateRowStyle When Row Is Removed?

Jun 30, 2010

I have a GridView that has a RowStyleColor which is White and an AlternatingRowStyleColor which is a light blue.

I am having an issue where under certain cases a row with will be hidden if a cell contains a certain value and this causes issues with my row styles.

I though by adding the row styles during the RowDataBound event, this would resolve my issue:


Unfortunately, this does not seem to have any effect and I get the same results as if I were to add the row styles in the .ASPX page.

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