AJAX :: Tabs With JQuery Carousel / The First One Displayed On The Page Always Works. But Any Other Tabs Dont Work When I Select The Tab

Feb 14, 2011

I have been adding different JQuery Carousels to AJAX Tabbed Panels - the first one displayed on the page always works. But any other tabs dont work when I select the tab. I have about a dozen different carousels.

Can anyone recommend one that works in AJAX Tabs or how I can go about rectifying this?

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MVC :: Jquery Tabs - Second And Third Tabs Do Not Fire Any Event On Button Click?

May 24, 2010

I have created an asp.net applications in which i am using jquery tabs to show say profile modifications information. I want user to see his profile info as well as he will be able to edit his details and save the information. for this purpose i have created an aspx page "MyProfile.aspx" and 3 ascx pages

say "page1", "page2" and "page3".

When i run "MyProfile.aspx" i can see all 3 tabs showing correct information. But problem is when i edit contents and try to save them back to the database. Contents on page1 are stored correctly. But page2 and page3 doest not fire any event. In all 3 pages I am using ajax n jquery to save data to database. and when i try to save contents of page2 and page3 nothing occurs.I am showing 3 tabs there of which first tab edits save the details but second and third tabs do not fire any event on button click.

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AJAX :: After A Redirect To A Page With A Tabcontainer The Tabs Don't Work

Jan 11, 2011

I have a page with a AJAX Tabcontainer. In that page/tab is a link to another page. On the other page (no AJAX Tabcontainer there) a user can fill in some information and a button there triggers a WebMethod. When the WebMethod is successfully executed my javascript method (The one then gets triggered after the WebMethod is finished) redirects (window.location = ..aspx) back to the aspx page that contains the AJAX Tabcontainer.

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Jquery UI Tabs - Perform Page Navigation Without Ajax?

Feb 2, 2011

How can you perform page navigation with Jquery tabs without the ajax events firing? Following the tutorial, I added

select: function (event, ui) {
var url = $.data(ui.tab, 'load.tabs');
if (url) {
location.href = url;
return false;
return true;

And I added hrefs to the tabs going to other pages. The problem is, I have ajax used on the page and onload it posts to the url with an ajax call. I was hoping to disable ajax altogether for the tabs and just use them for straight navigation so I can leverage the styles.

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Jquery Tabs Won't Select From The Index

Apr 15, 2010

I am using ASP.NET page with updatepanels and Jquery UI tabs. However, I'm having a problem with it. When I click on a button it should set the value of a hidden field which when the page posts back, it will select the new tab. So in document onload set the tab to the initialised value of the hidden field:

var loadTab = $("#<%= hidTabSelected.ClientID %>").val();

{ selected: loadTab ,
select: saveTab

Now when I want to change the tab, in the ASP.NET page button click handler I do some processing and finally set hidTabSelected = 1 (previously 0). When the page posts because I am in UpdatePanels I won't get a doc ready event. So instead I intercept the pageLoad() and attempt to set the tab again:

function pageLoad()
var loadTab = $("#<%= hidTabSelected.ClientID %>").val();
$('#dvJqTabs').tabs( { selected: loadTab } );

The tab is not getting selected? If I go into console of firebug and inspect $("#hidTabSelected").val() I get 1. So why isn't the 2nd tab showing?

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JQuery :: Relative Url On IE Doesn't Work - Generate Vertical Tabs Using Template

Feb 9, 2011

I'm trying to generate jquery vertical tabs using jquery template. I use this code :


Everything works greate on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari but in IE this code doesn't work. When i looked on html source i saw that in IE instead on


I get


Because of this jqury vertical tabs doesn't work on IE.

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AJAX :: Can't Select Different Tabs On Toolkit's TabContainer

Oct 1, 2010

I've been searching the net for the past 3 days looking for solutions for this... but apparently it is only happening to me... As far as I've seen (even in this video: [URL], TabContainer/TabPanel is pretty much drag & drop. But for some so far unknown reason, I can't click on the tabs to change them, and I can't see the selected tab(there is no difference in the rendering of the tabs to show selected tab).

Is there any javascript function that I have to add to my page by default to make it work?

This is the way the tabContainer is being rendered:

As you can see, even though we know tab 1 is selected, the 3 buttons look the same. And when you try to click "Tab Two" or "Tab Three", it is as if the tabs were read-only...

My code is as follows... The optional properties that I setted, such as Enabled="true" on the tabpanels, are the tries I've done these past 3 days to fix the problem... And I made all TagPrefix="asp" just to make matters simple!


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Web Forms :: Setup The Page To Make It Look Like You Can Select Different Tabs With A MultiView

Mar 24, 2011

I've been looking for the best method to add "Tab Views" to my .ASPX web pages. I read about one method on the internet and actually remembered the other possible method from a control in the default VS2010 toolkit.

I like the <asp:MultiView> control because its so easy to use. The only thing is that it requires the page to be posted back. The second method would use CSS + JavaScript to essentially emulate tabbed views in the same webpage by changing the styles of <div> elements based upon the users tab selection, making the selected tab appear visible and the other tabs appear invisible.

I like the ease of implementation of the <asp:MultiView> but I dislike the fact that it requires the page to be posted back and resent. Also, I haven't even tried this myself yet but Im assuming there is a way to setup the page to make it look like you can select different tabs with a MultiView. Can anyone confirm this?

I like the CSS+JavaScript method of "Tab Views" because no page postback is required but it is a little more work to code. No big deal really though once its done.

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AJAX :: Jquery Tabs Do Lazy Loading?

Jul 9, 2010

At present I am using ajax:TabContainer for the tabs. As you know that does not do Lazy loading. Can sonone give me links to or some code examples to do Tabs with Lazy loading. I know that the Jquery tabs do lazy loading but there are no complete examples on the web which tells you on how to do lazy loading with JQuery tabs.

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C# - How To Use Jquery Tabs - Ajax, And Dynamic Content Pages

Dec 22, 2010

Problem: Postbacks are causing eventtarget errors because they are going back to the aspx page where the tabs are defined instead of going to the href page. I have a main page called Default.aspx. On it is the setup for the jquery tabs using ajaxoptions.

Default.aspx javascript for tabs:


The dropdown is filled during the page load of lists.aspx. How can I get the postback to go to lists.aspx instead of back to the Default.aspx? I tried using IFrames and it worked great for postback issue but not for dynamic loading of pages. It loaded all pages up front which is not ok.

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Ajax Tabs - Is It Possible To Use Sub Tabs

Apr 8, 2010

Does Ajax Tab support using sub tabs (or children tabs)?I have a project where I need to show several tabs like "Sales" "Production" "Revenue" and when I click on for example "Sales" I would like to see a new tab tab with "Currentales", "History", "Comparison" etc etc. and be able to click each one of these for further processing.

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JQuery :: How To Load Aspx Page Inside Tabs

Jan 27, 2011

At the moment, I have an aspx page with a tabcontainer (ajax toolkit). Inside each tab, I have a little form or other content. At page load, each tab is loaded. Technically I can load the tabs at tabclick (with use of update panels) but this result in unnecessary data traffic.

Is there are a way or example how to use jquery tabs that loads aspx content (html)?

This way we can still use vs.net design tool with aspx pages and load data in a much smarter way.

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Way Of Creating Tabs Like Ajax Control Tool Kit In Webforms Without Using Jquery

Mar 3, 2011

I saw some example in google..and all of them with jquery...is there any way of creating tabs like ajax control tool kit in webforms without using Jquery...its not a requirement..i want to know the best way of doing it..I am very new to MVC and I know its not posibble to use Ajax control tool kit in mvc...I just noticed in this asp.net site My Profile page got some cool tabs..can anyone know how to do something like

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AJAX :: Missing Tabs When Reloading Page?

May 12, 2010

I have an ajax toolkit tabcontainer that used to work ok. It has three tabPanels and I can work correctly with the content inside them.

Now I'm trying to add some new tabPanels but I face a problem.

The first time the page is loaded I see all the new tabs. If I make any postback due to any control interaction, the new panels are still visible, but when I move to another page and go back to the page with the tabContainer, I only see my three original tabs.

I have to close the web server (the one coming with visual studio) to be able to see again all my tab panels

I've added a new tabContainer and is the same. The first time I load the page I see everything, but the following times I only see my original three tabPanels inside my first tabContainer (the new tabContainer is not seen at all).

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AJAX :: Trying To Get A Page Working Using A Tab Container And Multiple Tabs?

Apr 26, 2010

I'm trying to get a page working using a tab container and multiple tabs. So, I created a new blank page and pointed it to my master page. The master page has two content panels within it.

I'm adding the tab container in the top conent holder, but when I go to view the page, I get an error. Below is the error followed by the code.

The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).


An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).

Source Error:


Stack Trace:


Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.3607; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.3082


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10 Jqgrid Can Work With Tabs

Nov 26, 2010

I have 10 pages, each with a jqgrid, and a separate master page. In the master page I use jquery tabs and divs to specify the jqgrid in each page. Everything works fine apart, except that all the pages are loading when the application starts. What I want is for them to load individually whenever a user clicks on a tab. The grid should then load and display the result. I've tried with div onclick (which specifes the page and tab too) but that doesn't work.

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AJAX :: Display Vertical Tabs In Master Page Using TabContainer?

Mar 17, 2014

i seen ajax tab container... got answer also but it working fine in normal page if i add that to aspx page which is attached with master page it is not working properly.. means tab are coming horizontaly instead of vertical

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Use Vertical Tabs With Jquery?

Jun 1, 2010

how to use vertical tabs with jquery. In my web site i want to use partial views i implemented it with jquery horizontal tabs but i want it with vertical tab as my links are in right side. so any one know the solution plz tel me. I am using asp.net mvc application

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Create Tabs Which Also Have Sub-tabs?

Mar 9, 2011

I would like to create two tabs called Info and place. However when the mouse is over the info tab, all the sub-tabs associated with it will show-up and in this case, the sub-tab will be report_1 and report_2 and also when the mouse is over the place tab, all the sub-tabs associated with place will show up and in this case, the sub-tab will be place_report_1 and place_report_2. how do I go about doing this?

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Jquery UI Tabs Only Reload The Tab Contents

Jun 10, 2010

<div id="example">
<li><a href="ahah_1.aspx"><span>Content 1</span></a></li>
<li><a href="ahah_2.aspx"><span>Content 2</span></a></li>
<li><a href="ahah_3.aspx"><span>Content 3</span></a></li>

I am using Jquery ui tabs in Ajax mode. When my page ahaha_1.aspx postbacks my main page dissapears and I am redirected to ahaha_1.aspx. How do I get it to only reload the tab and not the entire page.

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MVC :: Disbale Jquery Tabs Within Controller?

Aug 17, 2010

I am using a jquery tab control with multiple tabs. I want to do some actions in my controller and depending on those actions i want to disable or enable the tabs.

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JQuery :: Want To Use Carousel In Website Carousel And Get Item From Database?

Dec 19, 2010

i want use jQuery Carousel in my website but items in jQuery Carousel must come from database how can i do that

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Jquery Tabs Not Loading Partial Views In IE 8

Feb 3, 2011

Scenario: Loading partial views into jquery tabs(Ajax Mode) using MVC3 &Razor . Works fine in FF but not in IE8 or IE7. I can trace the ajax request & responses in firebug fine and see partial views returned from the server (containing JqGrid Html Helper methods).This loads up fine within the tab conatiners in firefox.But in IE nothing happens and i cant see any ajax requests getting fired from changing tabs when i use Fiddler.Ive tried playing around with the ajaxOptions when i initialize jq Tabs to no avail.

Ive had this problem on MVC2 and i resorted to laying the tabs contents out statically ,which i dont want this time, as i need lazy loading. Below is a full page source dump from IE8, renedered using the razor view engine. (Links to all Csss and JS libs)

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
<div id="tabs">
<li><a href="/"><span>Home</span></a> </li>
<li><a href="/ServicesMonitored/GetServicesMonitoredTab"><span>Monitored Services</span></a> </li>
<li><a href="/ServicesMonitored/GetServicesFullTab"><span>Full Services</span></a></li>
From Controller:
public class ServicesMonitoredController : Controller
IServicesMonitoredRepository<ServiceHeaderInfo,InfoDataItem> Services;
public ServicesMonitoredController() {
Services = new ServicesMonitoredRepository();
public ActionResult GetServicesMonitoredTab()
return PartialView("ServicesMonitoredTab");
public ActionResult GetServicesFullTab()
return PartialView("ServicesFullTab");
#region Return Services
public JsonResult ReturnServices(string sidx, string sord, int page, int rows)

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MVC :: Jquery Tabs And Posting Its Data To Controller

May 14, 2010

I am using asp.net mvc 1.0. In this I have to create an UI for modifying the profile of the user. Now this modfiy profile will contain jquery tabs. and each jqeury tab will show some results such as user's personel information, professional info, etc on seperate tabs. I also want to give user ability to modify the fields and save this modified data. I am just not getting any idea how to do that. I have searched on internet for various jquery examples. most of them are just showing data to user by creating some partial views. Also i am not getting exactly how this functionality can be achieved through ajax on click of button.

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Update Panel Not Working With Jquery Tabs?

Oct 14, 2010

I am using JQuery tabs in my aspx page, but update panel is not working. If I do any operation in tab2, after posting back, tab1 is activated.

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