DataList Control - Combine Three Table Information Into Single Table

Apr 1, 2012

I have three table in my database they are ...

                             1. Category
                            2. Forum
                            3. Topic

I need to above three table information into a single table ...

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SQL Reporting :: How To Combine Two Table In A Database To Create A Single Report In SSRS 2008

Jan 12, 2011

How to combine two table in a database to create a single report. For example I am having two tables in a database linked each other by means of primary and foreign key I cant able to combine these two tables while designing in aspx window. I can able to combine in .rdl file that is normal ssrs, when coming here (.rdlc) I cant able to combine the two tables. I am using VS2008 and SQL2008.

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Web Forms :: Single DataList - Retrieve Data From Three Table

Apr 5, 2012

With a single datalist control, I need to retrieve the data from three table..

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ADO.NET :: Filling Labels With Table Data Outside Datalist Using Single Call To Db?

Oct 15, 2010

On a single page, I'd like to fill 2 hyperlink controls as well as a datalist control with table data using one call to the database. The page looks like this:


In the code-behind, I've tried several ways to accomplish filling the labels and the datalist with a single call but I can't make it happen without using either or if ( on the line before I make the call to fill the labels and the datalist. This fills the hyperlink controls correctly but advances the recordset forward by one, which results in the datalist missing it's first record.

I've tried using while (, but I get an "invalid attempt to read when no data is present" error. I've also tried using if (reader.hasrows) but I get the same error as above.Here's an example of one of the 2 ways I can get the labels and the datalist filled with data, but again this advances the recordset forward and I end up missing the row of data:


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SQL Server :: How To Check (true/false) If Every Single Entry In Table Exists In Other Table

Oct 15, 2010

I have 2 tables:

- Salesmen with Pk.SalesmenID
- Appointments with Fk.SalesmenID and busy(bit)

How can I check if every salesmen has at least one appointment

Am I on the right way with statement below, though I got syntax problems


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Can Insert Rows To Table A Based On Values In Table B By A Single INSERT Statement

Dec 7, 2010

I am doing a data warehouse project.I have two tables tblA (id, type) and tblB(city, no_crimes, type).I want to create (insert) a number of rows based on the value of no_crimes.For Example, in tblB(Leeds, 2000, murder). SO, I need to insert 2000 rows into tblA by a single INSERT statement (not 2000 statements).

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DataSource Controls :: Combine Two Result Sets From One Table?

Jan 6, 2010

I have a table that contains a date column along with others. I need to extract two sets of data from this table for two different time periods. Call them Current and Previous, so that I can compare them line for line. There are exactly the same number of days in both time periods.

The problem is that I need to return the data like this:

CurrentDate, Count(CurrentItems), Sum(Amt), Count(PreviousItems), Sum(PrevAmt)

JOIN puts the data into the result vertically, so that doesn't work. So far, I have not found a method that will arrange the data correctly.

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Access :: Combine Items From Two Table Rows Into One View Row?

May 8, 2010

Working in Access, I need to create a view which takes values from two different records in another table and puts them on one row in the view. I'm having a hard time doing this since both row items come from the same field in the original table (actually in this case, using views instead of tables).

I have two queries I try to join together, but come up with the wrong results:

SELECT q.CompStatus, q.EQID, c.CompsID, q.LastName, q.FirstNameFROM _EQ AS q, Comps AS cWHERE q.CompStatus=1 AND c.CompsID=q.CompID
SELECT q.CompStatus, q.EQID, c.CompsID, q.LastName, q.FirstName
FROM _EQAS q, CompsAS c
WHERE q.CompStatus=2 AND c.CompsID=q.CompID
SELECT vwComp1.*, vwComp2.*
FROM vwComp1, vwComp2

This does fine in the vwComp2 part of vwAssignment, in the sense that it displays the correct name information, etc.; but for vwComp1, it just takes the name and other fields from the first row of vwComp1 and repeats it on every row of vwAssignment. This is really strange because vwComp1 and vwComp2, when displayed individually, each correctly puts the names in each row; something like this:

Bob White Rhonda Red
Bob White Freda Freschetta
Bob White Linda Lime
Bob White Jean Green

--when it should read something like this:
Bob White Rhonda Red
Fred Redd Freda Freschetta
Jim Brown Linda Lime
Rob Black Jean Green

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Forms Data Controls :: Combine Two Table From Database Into One Gridview?

Feb 18, 2010

i would like to know some of these:

how to combine two table from database into one gridview?

is it possible to add in a textbox into gridview?

why my checkbox is not showing in the gridview. this is the UI and the code. the UI display the data i retrieved from the database but why is the image and the checkbox not showing?


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Web Forms :: Generate A Dynamic Table And Add Rows To A Table Control?

Mar 29, 2010

I am trying to generate a dynamic table andd add rows to a ASP.Net table control on my UI. My problem is as I add a new row from MyTable, in to another table the table I am copying from, will loose one row. Here is the code:

myTable = new


am just reading one row in every loop and add that row in to another table object, why is 'myTable' loosing loosing one row in each loop?

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Web Forms :: How To Import Exsisting SQL Server Table To Access Table(new Table)

Dec 10, 2010

my main intention is that, the exsisting table of sql server database(.dbo) with 1000's of records, that should be import to a new access database table(.mdb).for example if we want to had a new table in db2, of exsisting table in db1 with some conditions by using "select * into New_Tabel from (select * from Exsisting_Table where <Condition>) as objectName". Here the new table is created and records inserted in one execution in db2. The same work should be done for access(sqlserver db --> Access db).Here the new access database table with given name (as string_sysdate) must be created dynamically by clicking a button (multiples time creating new table).Is there any query or c# code for sql server database to access database.

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How To Save Table Information As A XML File

Aug 2, 2010

Bellow is my SQL syntax


I want to create a XML file on my project's App_Data folder.This XML use as the source file of my AspxMenu.I know how to bind XML data to AspxMenu but i dont know how to create XML file .I want to save this table information as a XML file on my App_Data to save table information as a XML file.

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Web Forms :: Table Does Contain Information About Web Parts?

Feb 9, 2011

Which table does contain information about web parts?

For example: if I minimize web part zone and I again connect to my web application (even after server restart) this web part zone still will be minimized.

In which table this information is stored?

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Web Forms :: Use Html To Create Table(<table></table>) In Code Behind C#?

Jan 13, 2010

how can i use html to create table(<table></table>) in code behind c#?

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Security :: Creating New Profile Table And Getting Information

Feb 25, 2010

In my application I am using the aspnetdb membership for authorizing users. I created a new table UserProfiles that will hold their profile information. The UserID is linked to aspnet_users UserID with a foreign key. One of the columns in the table represent CompanyID (int). I want to be able to restrict logged in users to only see records from their company based on the CompanyID. There can be more than one user with the same CompanyID to the UserID would not work. I can restrict their access by UsedID to only see records they created by using code behind:


and my select statement is:


How would be the best way to restrict the selected data to UserProfiles.CompanyID?

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ADO.NET :: How To Update A Single Field In The Db Table

Feb 22, 2011

net.3.5 linq 2 sql

if i need to update a single field in the db table - do i need to select all the row first?

can i say update myTable Field2 = x where field1=y?

dont know its look like too mach recourses

Order order =new ();
order.ID = 1; orderStatus = "test";
db.Refresh(RefreshMode.KeepCurrentValues, oOrder);

well that delete all the other fields values

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AJAX :: Populate Gridview On Each Tab With Information From Same Table But With Different Columns?

Feb 27, 2011

Need to Populate Gridview on Each Tab with Informationfrom same table but with Different Columns

The tabs are Like-Personal,Proffesional of particular's employee from same table

now my gridview will contain various functionality for editing and updating etc. so..what procedure should i follow..?

binding gridview everytime on each active tab changed but that will cause a postback.

any other or better solution with Update Panel..?

here is my Page Source


My Page Code

Class File


Default Page Code


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DataList Is Outside The Table?

Jan 11, 2011

I want to put a DataList in table but my DataList shows outside the table... I don't understand why.

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder2" Runat="Server">
<table class="four_tile_table" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">


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SQL Server :: Compare Row From Previous Row In A Single Table?

Jan 5, 2011

My table is :

ID Dated
1 2010-01-01 00:00:00.000
2 2010-02-20 00:00:00.000
3 2010-09-15 00:00:00.000
4 2010-04-03 00:00:00.000
5 2010-11-09 00:00:00.000
6 2010-12-11 00:00:00.000
7 2011-01-18 00:00:00.000

Now I want to find(select) Id and dated columns which have a difference of 4 months(less or greater than) from previous ID (row).

Expected Result

ID Dated
1 2010-01-01 00:00:00.000
2 2010-02-20 00:00:00.000
6 2010-12-11 00:00:00.000
7 2011-01-18 00:00:00.000

How to do this.

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ADO.NET :: Update A Single Table In Edmx File?

Sep 23, 2010

I'm working on the big project who has edmx file with lots of table. I want to update a table from DB. But when I update the edmx file, it also refresh the other tables from DB. How do I update single table?

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Databases :: Pulling Profile Information From Custom Oracle Table

Jun 4, 2010

I am using 3.5 and Oracle Providers for membership and roles. Now, using CreateUserWizard i can make user register here but for storing custom information like First name, last name, address etc. i am using couple of custom oracle tables instead of Oracle Profile Provider. In this case, i am using the USERID field which is of GUID type as primary key. Now, my problem is that i dont know how to draw information from my custom oracle tables for those users who are currently logged in. I have searched a lot in this forum and elsewhere where there are many topics relating to it but i failed to follow any of them. So, i would request you to kindly guide me to solve the issue. Oracle Membership

Table(ORA_ASPNET_USERS) USERID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(some guid value) Username=abc and so on.. My Custom Table(UserProfile): USERID RAW(16), --> referenced to USERID field of ORA_ASPNET_USERS table fname varchar2(20) lname varchar2(20) I've the profiles of username "abc" having some userid stored in Userprofile table So, how can i fetch data from UserProfile table for the user "abc" when he is logged in?

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Forms Data Controls :: Display Information In Table Using Repeaters

Jan 22, 2010

I am having trouble getting the following code to display side by side in a table. At the moment it displays next to each other in different cells but the cell on the right stretches further down than i would like, the opening item in the cell - <%#Eval("Product_ID") %> - is level with the end of the image in the cell on the left and everything else continues on new lines below it, when what i was hoping would happen would be for the product id to be directly across from the top of the image and the rest of the items to go below that. I have tried datalists and detailsview but they do not give me what i want either


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SQL Server :: Search A Word In All The Columns Of A Single Table?

Sep 17, 2010

How can I search a word in all the columns of a table?

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SQL Server :: How To Concatenate Multiple Rows Of Single Table

Mar 8, 2011

I've a table where one person teaches multiple classes. It looks like this.


Id Name Class Subject
2 Sam 12 English
2 Sam 10 Maths
2 Sam 10 English
2 Sam 8 History
2 Sam 12 Economics

Here Sam teaches Class 12 - English & Economics, Class 10 - Maths & English, Class 8 - History

I want to display the result like this -

Id Name Class Subject
2 Sam 12 English, Economics
2 Sam 10 Maths, English
2 Sam 8 History

How to concatenate multiple Rows?

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Create Multiple RadioButtonLists From A Single Table In SQL Server Using C#?

Nov 11, 2010

I would like to use, C# and SQL to display a list of games with radio buttons like below (the x is the radio). One team can be selected for each game.

game 1: x team 4 x team 2
game 2: x team 6 x team 1
game 3: x team 5 x team 3

The game list is stored in a table in an SQL database. So far, I can pull all teams into one big RadioButtonList. I cannot figure out how to create multiple RadioButtonList controls from this single table of games. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished - or reference to an example / tutorial that accomplishes something like this?

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