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AJAX :: Dynamically Remove And Then Add Content To An Updatepanel?


I have an update panel and insidethere area button i want when i press the button the content well be cleared and then a label will be added to theupdate panel dynamiclyand focus that the button is inside the update panel

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AJAX :: How To Change UpdatePanel Content From Another UpdatePanel
I have a dropdownlist, that causes a postback. On the SelectedIndexChanged event, is it possible to force a placeholder that is within a different UpdatePanel to change it's visibility?

For example, when the SelectedItem.Value of DropDownList1 is "1" then show Placeholder1, otherwise hide it.

What I am most interested in is how to configure the UpdatePanels to allow this.

Posted: Jun 23, 2010 02:49 PM

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AJAX :: Add Or Remove Control Dynamically?
Suppose I have two controls in my page named Textbox1 (For the purpose of taking Employee ID as input) and another one is Button1.

I am using northwind data base and my server name is "DON".

The thing which i want is that when i click on the button1 the task showing below should be:

1. Disable the page (Like when we download the Ajax Tool kit from the Codeplex. An agreement come and the page gets disable)

2. A panel should be display as Image Shown Below

Is it Possible with the help of query string (if yes please make your answer query string oriented) a close button should be appear also in the top right corner of panel which should close the panel and re enable the form.

Posted: Feb 22, 2010 06:26 PM

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AJAX :: Cannot Dynamically Add / Remove Textboxes
I have a weird problem, using ModalPopup extender. I am unable to add/remove the textboxes I need. I am adding a default textbox and enabling "Add" button to add more. The user should be able to remove the unnecessary textboxes.


Posted: Mar 22, 2011 03:21 PM

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Remove Controls Dynamically (using Ajax)?
I wrote this code and it works perfectly to add controls.

When I click on the link button "Add group" it correctly adds new DropDownLists and LinkButtons, the problem is that the removeGroup function (which is added also dinamically) does not work.

Here is the code:


The panelGroup is within an UpdatePanel.

Posted: May 20, 2010 09:25 AM

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel Content Not Centering
I'm having an odd problem. I have a <td> that is set to align it's content in the center. There is a label at the top of the TD that is centered. But then I have an UpdatePanel, and the content of the update panel is not centered. I tried clearing the browser cache, and everything in between but for some reason all of the contents (two GridViews) of the UpdatePanel will not center.

Posted: Mar 09, 2011 01:30 AM

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel On Textbox Content Change?
I am 100% sure this question has been asked before and I am really sorry if I have been blind in not being able to find it through searching, I have tried! :o)

First off, I have a text box which updates an UpdatePanel when clicked off, however I want the Panel to update as I type another character without changing my cursor focus.

Posted: Jan 08, 2008 01:44 PM

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AJAX :: Adding Trigger To UpdatePanel From Content Page?
I got an updatepanel which contains a normal panel on MasterPage. The updatepanel does not contain content place holder. On the content page, I have to add triggers to updatepanel for buttons that are dynamically created on "page_load" event. The problem is that, since the page_load event of content page is being called before master page's page_load event, UpdatePanel is not being created. So that, whenever i try to add triggers in page_load event of content page, i got an error like "A control with ID 'ctl00$editableContent$ctl42' could not be found for the trigger in UpdatePanel 'up1'."

The code below is for adding triggers to updatepanel for buttons.

MasterClass master = (MasterClass)Page.Master;
AsyncPostBackTrigger trig = new AsyncPostBackTrigger(); [code]....

Posted: Sep 10, 2010 11:23 AM

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AJAX :: Content Disappears After Multiple Postbacks In UpdatePanel

Content Disappears after multiple postbacks in UpdatePanel

Posted: Jun 28, 2007 07:06 AM

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel Not Working For RadioButtonList In Content Page?
I have the same problemas [URL] However, the solution doesn't work for me since I'm using .Net 4.0 and xhtmlConformance is not there from start.

Basically, using a master page, the RadioButtonList still do the whole page postback even it's in the UpdatePanel. When I put the exact same code in a standalone page without a master page, it works as expected.

Master Page:


Content page:


Standalone page:


Posted: Feb 04, 2010 03:07 PM

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AJAX :: Updating Content Within A Placeholder (updatepanel) Using A Timer?
GOAL: on a web page ( content in a placeholder will refresh with a different .ascx (user control) every 30 seconds (rotating 3 in total) and of course i dont want to refresh the whole page, just the placeholder.

I'm new at AJAX (that's my first problem - lol)

I set the timer up to call a function, but not sure how to go about refreshing the placeholder with a different ascx file.I'm sure i'll be using UpdatePanel to do this, but haven't been able to figure this out.Easy to replace a value in a label using AsyncPostBack trigger, but nothing on howto achieve this.

Posted: Feb 01, 2011 12:36 PM

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel And Update Progress Content When The Page Refresh
I have a page under MasterPageFile, I try the following code into my page; However, I can't see the update progress content when the page refresh.

<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" runat="Server">
<asp:UpdatePanel runat="server" ID="upLN" UpdateMode="Conditional">

<!-- My Web page content here.... -->

<asp:UpdateProgress runat="server" ID="ugLN" AssociatedUpdatePanelID="upLN">
<ProgressTemplate>Image here for showing the progress bar...</ProgressTemplate>

Posted: Jan 14, 2010 11:56 PM

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AJAX :: Dynamically Adding Controls To A Page With An Updatepanel?
I amdynamically adding controls to a page with an updatepanel. The controls do trigger a post back but their events do not fire.

For example:

LinkButton link =
link.Height = 45;
link.Width = 250;
link.Font.Underline =
link.Font.Bold =
link.ValidationGroup = "NoValidation";
link.Click += new

I have set a break point on the Load_Page and in the EventDoesNotFire method. The Load_Page fires, but it never enters the EverDoesNotFire method.

Posted: Nov 14, 2010 07:29 PM

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AJAX :: Dynamically Adding A Link Button To An Updatepanel
I have gone through several posts on this forum about adding a linkbutton to an updatepanel dynamically. A lot of them say just give it a unique ID and some say you have to register add an AsyncPostBackTrigger to the triggers collection. I have tried both and neither work. I have this simple test that I created - the code is below - there is nothing else in this project but the code you see so I know nothing else is interfering with it.

I have also seem people complaining that the linkbutton causes the entire page to postback - in my case nothing happens... I have seen people talk about having to add the triggers on the page init however I can't do that - I am dynamically creating menus based on a selection in a listbox... (not in this simple test but in a larger project) I am using Visual web developer express 2010 if that makes any difference.


Posted: Jul 26, 2010 04:01 PM

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AJAX :: Switching Between The Execution Of UserControl In UpdatePanel Dynamically?
my problem is it that i when loaded usercontrol in Updatepanel dynamically,so can not execute javascript or jquery code in second usercontrol.

"EconomicBongah.ascx" UserControl work correctly, because that this usercontrol loaded in Page_Load Event for the first time.

when i click on the btn_Article,"EconomicArticleMarket.ascx" UserControl Get loaded, but with the first user control code will interfere,and therefor Javascript or jquery code in second usercontrol can not execute, and encounter with error in Jquery-1.4.4.js file.

i loaded usercontrol dynamically in this case:


Posted: Jan 16, 2011 06:58 AM

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AJAX :: Use Dynamically Created Button To Update A Label In An UpdatePanel
I have some code that I am working on that uses an UpdatePanel and some dynamically created buttons to perform functions. The problem is that the dynamically created buttons aren't working the same as my test static button, which is behaving exactly as it should be.

So I was wondering if someone would be willing to simply post an example (in VB.NET or C# please) of the following:

An UpdatePanel has a Label and a Placeholder inside of it

The Placeholder has a dynamic button added to it

Clicking on this button will make the Label say "Hi" without performing a full page postback.

If I can just get that much to work, I am sure that the rest of the code will be fine. I just can't seem to get my dynamic buttons to act like my static ones do in an UpdatePanel.

Posted: Mar 09, 2010 09:36 PM

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AJAX :: Dynamically Added Controls Not Working/causes Full Post Back In Updatepanel?
This is what i am trying to do with updatepanel.i have button and a panel inside my updatepanel. when the button inside the updatepanel gets clicked i want to dynamically add new controls such as LinkButtons to my panel1 without full post back. Now when the dynamically added controls gets clicked it causes a full post pack and also not calling "LinkButton1_Click" event. i am sure i am doing something wrong here.



Posted: Jun 25, 2010 11:46 AM

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AJAX :: Tab Container W/ Dynamically Added Tabs - Content Mixing On Postback
I have a page with 4 fixed Tabs. Tabs 1 and 2 are always in position 1 and 2. However, the users are allowed to create their own tabs and add their own html content. I do this by creating a new tab in codebehind and inserting it into the tabcontainer AFTER the frist 2 and before the last 2 tabs. There could be several of these. EX: "F1 | F2 | U1 | U2 | U3 | F3 |F4" where F is a fixed tab and U is a custom tab.

As long as ALL tabs are visible then everything works fine after postbacks.

Based on user settings I sometimes hide fixed tab 1. Everything loads fine the first time. However, on postback The content on fixed tab 4 (always the last tab) is displayed on the bottom of EVERY tab (fixed or custom). It is still displayed in fixed tab 4.

A little background on the code:

Since the tabs are added dynamically they do not exist on postback and must be re-generated every time. This is done in Page_LoadComplete. I have tried it on PageLoad and it behaves the same way.

If I do not re-generate the pages on post back then the problem goes away - as do the custom tabs.

The only thing I could find was from last year, and was supposedly fixed (

Posted: Mar 02, 2010 11:16 PM

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AJAX :: Refresh UpdatePanel At Content Page Asynchronously From Master Page?
I have master page

MyMasterPage.aspx and content page MyDefault.aspx.
MyMasterPage.aspx has one input button [value="Menu-1"]. When user click the button, the button will pass value "Menu-1" into
TextBox1Default1 at content page MyDefault.aspx, and then refresh
UpdatePanelDefault1 at content page MyDefault.aspx asynchronously.

My problem is the post back is full post back when refreshing UpdatePanelDefault1. I would like asynchronously post back during refreshing UpdatePanelDefault1. copy the full code MyMasterPage.aspx and MyDefault.aspx below, and then paste / overwrite it into your blank aspx page for testing. I am using VS 2008

Below is full code MyMasterPage.aspx.[Code]....

Posted: Mar 05, 2011 01:02 AM

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel On Master Page Keeps Refreshing Content Page?
I have an updatepanel on my master page that just updates the database every 30 seconds, what is happening is that everytime it is fired, it will refresh everything on the page_load of the content page that are not under ispostback = false. to disable such a thing just for this specific updatepanel?

Posted: Mar 29, 2010 11:55 AM

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Web Forms :: Loading HTML Content Data Dynamically Into Placeholders In Content Pages
Iwill be getting data through wcf service comingform commerce server (instead of DB). Data which is comingwill bein the form big html content with all html tags or may be a single line sentence. I should display this dynamic data into the placeholder in the content page (master content page). I have been trying but not able to load when the data is in the form of HTML page. html content or may be single lline of senetence.

Posted: Jan 30, 2010 03:13 PM

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Remove The Border Of A UpdatePanel?
I can't able to remove the border of the Update panel. It does not support style property.

Posted: Jan 16 10 at 10:26

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Web Forms :: Remove Content From Printing?
how do I remove add note and invoice history text from the print function below

The below entire page is getting printed whivh I dont want plzzzz

<Hospitality:Message ID="Validation" runat="server" />
<!-- content -->
<p id="pagetools"><a href="javascript:print();">Print</a>
<p id="notes">


Posted: May 14, 2010 02:06 PM

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Remove Unwanted Id For A Control When Declared In Content
Consider sample piece of code in which has a master page associated with it

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolderA" Runat="Server" >
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBoxB" runat="server" CausesValidation="True" Height="96px" Width="426px" />

When the page is rendered in browser id generated for textbox with id "TextBoxB" is


Below is the equivalent html code.

<input name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolderA$TextBoxB" type="text" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderA_TextBoxB" style="height:96px;width:426px;" />

Is it possible to have same id of TextBoxB in both HTML and aspx page.

Posted: Jun 24 10 at 9:43

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Control To Remove Flash Content Message?
I am looking for a simple .Net control that can display flash on my pages. I want a simple control which only takes the path, width, height and quality parameter and displays the flash content (swf) file. The major feature thatI need is that it must fix the Active Xmessage "Click to activate and use this control". I need a free control there are many controls out there but none of them are free. SecondlyI know the message issue can be fixed by JS butI am looking for a.Net control to fix this problem.

Posted: Dec 02, 2009 05:20 AM

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Web Forms :: Panel Control / Remove All Of Its Content At Once?
I have a panel control in my page and I am creating its content dynamically ! But in one section, I need to remove all of its content. buttons, labels, anything in this panel I wanna remove it !

Posted: Jun 30, 2010 03:03 PM

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AJAX :: Updatepanel Control / Drag Updatepanel On Asp Page It Is Not Resizable?
I am currently using a 2.0 with visual studio 2005.

I am trying to build a web application using ajax.

but whenIdrag the ajax updatepanel on page it is not resizable,so how should i put other controls on it?

Posted: Mar 11, 2010 04:05 AM

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AJAX :: TabContainer And UpdatePanel - Embed An UpdatePanel In Order To Update Each Tab?
i am using a TabContainer and at each TabPanel i have embed an UpdatePanel in order to update each tab alone.

this is my code:


the problem is that it makes several seconds to update each tab (the same time for every tab) and i asume that this is happening because it updates all the TabContainer and not the selected Tab.

Posted: Oct 14, 2010 05:24 AM

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Web Forms :: Remove HTML Content And New String In The Response Object?
How can I remove the html contentand add new string to theResponse object. IfI use the Respose.Write method the page contains the string, butwhile taking the view sourceoption from browser it will display somehtml tag like Doctype,head, body etc. My requirement isonly the string should bedisplayed in the source.

Posted: Feb 22, 2010 03:56 AM

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Web Forms :: Edit Masterpage From Content Page Remove Items?
Is it possible to remove an item from the master page when within a content page? so in my example i have a column on left and right which i have created in the master using divs but i want to remove them in a particular page

Posted: Mar 11, 2010 07:54 AM

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MVC :: Can Dynamically Add Or Remove Inputs On The Form
do have a very particular question and if you want to answer it go straight to the end. But I do welcome comments and advices hence the lengthy post. we deal with a lot of forms and some of these forms are quite lengthy and have many fields. We also have a requirement - in addition to top level fields - to be able to have variable number of repating rows - as we call them. For example, let's think of a customer which has name, surname and age while it can have zero or many addresses (say 0 to 10) so the user must be able to add or remove contacts from the form while filling it in.

Posted: Feb 04, 2011 01:40 PM

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Web Forms :: How To Dynamically Remove Treenodes
This one is giving me a real headache for the last couple of days. I'm wriing a TreeView and this is how it should work. Tree view has set of nodes and each node contains set of other nodes as well. Based on the logged in users access rights I want to remove some nodes. I'm getting access rights as a string from the DB and looks like this

Here is the deal
I want to remove the treeNodes and I tried this code
if (readOnly == "0")
which gives an exception to me stating that "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
This is the code segment I have above that if statement to add the Nodes
//NOTE: Node name has to be applicatin wide unique name
//User Administration
TreeNode Admin = treeView1.Nodes.Add("Admin");
Admin.Nodes.Add("frmAdminUser", "User");
Admin.Nodes.Add("frmAdminRegisterWindow", "Register Window");

So if the nodeName = Admin it should remove the TreeNode Admin, but instead I'm getting the above exception.

Posted: Sep 04, 2009 02:22 PM

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C# - Dynamically Add / Remove Table Rows?
Does anyone know how to dynamically add and remove rows in a table triggered by a button click from the backend (in c#) using

Here's how it might be done in javascript, is there any way to do this in the framework?


Posted: Jan 20 at 19:53

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Add Remove WebPartZone?
I am new in web parts I used webparts, webpartmanager,webpartzone at design time all are doing well now Sir how can I add WebPartZone dynamically in a table's TD(column) and webparts in that.

Posted: Sep 15, 2004 11:13 PM

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Web Forms :: How To Dynamically Remove Control From Panel
Say I have:

<asp:panel id="pnlPrevie" runat="server">
<asp:Literal id="lbPreviewTitle" runat="server">

I tried:

pnlPreview.Controls.Remove(pnlPreview.FindControl(lbPreviewTitle.ID)); and

Both not working...

Posted: Sep 07, 2009 01:00 AM

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SQL Reporting :: Create / Remove Columns Dynamically?
I need to be able to add and remove columns dynamically depending on the results of the datasource (stored proc).

Posted: Jun 18, 2010 10:16 AM

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Web Forms :: Remove Dynamically Created Controller?
I'm having trouble when removing a dynamically created control,cause,on page_load i'm creating a new controller so the control.count is not counting correctly.

Here's the code for removing a controller:


And if anyone is interested here's the whole code:


Posted: Apr 06, 2010 02:57 PM

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel Doesn't Update Another UpdatePanel?
I have two updatepanels on my site (upanProfileSearch and upanMemberList). When I hit the button in the upanProfileSearch it should bind the Data Items in the gridview in upanMemberList and here make a RowFilter on the text in upanProfileSearch. When I make a run to curser, I can see, it happens. It makes a RowFilter. but it doesn't update the gridview. Can anyone tell me why it doesn't update? IhaveUpdateMode="Always" and RenderMode="inline" on both UpdatePanels.



Posted: Jan 20, 2011 09:47 PM

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AJAX :: How To Implement Updatepanel Functionality Without Updatepanel
How to implement updatepanel functionality without updatepanel?

I am tring to use XMLHttpRequest but I am getting problem while redering a usercontrol containing postback controls in response of an Ajax request.

Here is my code




Posted: Nov 11, 2010 08:23 AM

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AJAX :: How To Trigger Updatepanel Postback From Another Updatepanel
I have a web user control with one updatepanel (pnlUpdate_2), some controls and one apply button. I display the web user control as a modalpopup in my default page. In my default page i have an updatepanel (pnlUpdate_1) with a gridview and I modify that gridview with the apply button of the web user control. The web user control is for made a custom search of the gridview data. I have a problem with both updatepanels. If I set the updatemode as always in one of them (pnlUpdate_1) and the other as conditional (pnlUpdate_2), the pnlUpdate_1 make a postback in the pnlUpdate_2; I'm not an expert on this but I think that's why the pnlUpdate_2 disappear and reappear after postback of some controls in that updatepanel (not the apply button, it close the modal after postback). I try all the combinations and the problem persists. So I put both updatepanels as conditional and in some way it works; now the problem is that when I click the apply button in pnlUpdate_2 to modify the gridview in pnlUpdate_1 the pnlUpdate_1 not made the postback I get the pnlUpdate_2 postback when I use some control inside the pnlUpdate_1.

How can I postback the pnlUpdate1 from pnlUpdate_2 with the apply button?

Posted: Mar 04, 2011 04:40 PM

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