Binding Data From LinqDataSource To Textbox / How To Bind Texbox To One Property From Linqdatasource

Sep 1, 2010

How I can bind texbox to one property from linqdatasource?

I mean something like databinding contols in c# app

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Forms Data Controls :: Reading The Data In A LinqDataSource Without Binding It To A WebControl?

Jan 27, 2010

in other words, reading the content (records that lies within) of a LinqDataSource object programatically (i.e. similar to what the GridView class does internally when binding to a LinqDataSource object).

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Binding LinqDataSource From Code - Behind To Gridview?

Sep 8, 2010

i have a grdidview control on the .aspx page and i am trying to connect dynamically from code behind and bind the gridview but somehow it throwing me an error... what is wrong with this code?

LinqDataSource LDS_POReport = new LinqDataSource();
LDS_POReport.ContextTypeName = "DataContextDataContext";
LDS_POReport.Selecting += new EventHandler<LinqDataSourceSelectEventArgs>(LinqDataSourcePO_Selecting);
this.gvReport.DataSource = "LDS_POReport";


after i update the code to this.gvReport.DataSource = LDS_POReport;

it works fine but when i try to sort i get this error:

The GridView 'gvReport' fired event Sorting which wasn't handled.

i added this but no effect.

LDS_POReport.AutoPage = true;
LDS_POReport.AutoSort = true;

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C# - LinqDataSource - Filtering And Binding To Gridview?

Jul 28, 2010

the problem is not solved the way i wanted but i go ahead give the credit to : Ɓ for his time and effort.

i am using gridview control and a linqdatasource and its all working fine and i have added the functionlity of searchingBySubject and i added WhereParameters and than binding my gridview (see the code below) but somehow its not returning any rows and i see i have number of rows based on what i am searching.

protected void btnSearch_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.LinqDataSource1.WhereParameters["Subject"].DefaultValue = this.txtSubject.Text;


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C# - Binding LinqDataSource To Two Separate Table?

Mar 24, 2011

I have two tables:


As you can see I have also added this column:

asp:BoundField DataField = 'Bind("Users.FirstName")'

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DataSource Controls :: Bind The Results From SQLDataSource To LinqDataSource?

Apr 21, 2010

Is it possible to assign the SQLDataSource.Select results to the LinqDataSource results ?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use The Linqdatasource

Apr 15, 2010

I have written the below pages (base of question) to populate my listview control from an objectdatasource. To allow for easier CRUD commands and to make my application more efficient I want to replace this objectdatasource with a linqdatasource but when I attempt this I receive a binding error which stops my ItemDataBound event firing? I'm basically replacing my objectdatasource with the below linqdatasource...



Am I placing my query within the wrong event? Why does my ItemDataBound event not fire?




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DataSource Controls :: Get Data From A LinqDataSource From Code Behind?

Nov 18, 2010

If I have a Linqdatasource that isn't connected to a a bound control on my page how do I use the data source to read data in the code behind. ie

var query = (from x in linqdatasource select x)

What I actually want to do is create a data array (myArray) within the code, read all of the data from the linqdatasource (selecting 1 field to form tableDataArray), then compare the two arrays and then write (insert) those into in myArray that are not already in the datasource to the datasource (ie execute an insert back on the datasource).

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DataSource Controls :: Retrieve The Data In Linqdatasource In Code Behind?

Jul 30, 2010

How can i retrieve the data in linqdatasource in code behind?i have a dynamic database design with column storing the datatype eg. text, int, date.i need to retrieve the value in order to populate the control and bind it.

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DataContext Not Visible When Choosing Data Source For LinqDataSource?

Apr 1, 2010

I have a page on which I've thrown a LinqDataSource and a GridView. I've created a DataContext LINQ-to-SQL class called dcResidents.dbml. When I attempt to configure the LinqDataSource to utilize the dcResidents data context - it doesn't appear in the list of options...though under class view (tab in VS) it does appear.
I do have several other working datacontexts - why is this one not being recognized by VS?

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Forms Data Controls :: LinqDataSource Selecting Event Fire Twice?

Sep 23, 2010

In my web app, I used LinqDataSource, ListView and DataPager (.NET 3.5 sp1) to implement search feature with paging. I have a button to trigger the search.

But In the first time, the Selecting event of LinqDataSource fire twice and I don't know why (I debugged my code very carefully). I don't use QueryString with DataPager and assign PageSize of DataPager in the first time of page load to prevent the ListView bind again (as in some instructions I found in forum)

I can't post my code because it's quite large.

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E.Result When Data Source Was Shaped - Linqdatasource Selected Event

Sep 21, 2010

How do I handle using e.Result when my datasource was shaped (select new{})? example aspx markup below:


1) since I shaped, it's an anonymous type right? so what do I cast e.Result to in order to be able to get at the data? 2) I am thinking of using the selected event to handle some conditional page setup based on whether or not any results were actually found from the main query (the one that is used to bind data to a gridView via this linqdatasource control)... so I need to check for count > 0 and if it is, I need to fill a few dropdown controls based on a few new queries

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MVC :: When Does A LinqDataSource Or Any Data Aware Control Begin To Hurt Pattern

Jan 2, 2010

I am seeing things that lead me to believe that using data aware controls is almost the opposite of what VC tries to do? But how can I recoupe the advantages of a data aware control and cooperate with the MVC Model?

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DataSource Controls :: ListView With LinqDataSource Doesn't Display Data?

Mar 30, 2010

I have a ListView with a LinqDataSource that's not displaying data. Here is my source code:


why the data won't display? As far as I can see, I've done everything right.

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Forms Data Controls :: DataPager Resenting After Requery The Linqdatasource In The Codebehind

Mar 2, 2011

I have the datapager working great. I have linkbuttons with certain commandnames and in the listview _itemcommand implement what to do when the linkbuttons are clicked. I have it now where I requery the lindatasource(LinqDataSource1.Where = "Category = ""Metals""") it works fine. When the linkbutton is clicked the datapager acts correct showing the right results, but when I click on the next page it resets to the linqdatasource1 results w/ out the where clause I implemented in the command. How do you maintain the datapager after you requery the linqdatasource in the codebehind.

<asp:DataPager ID="DataPager1" runat="server" PagedControlID="ListView1" PageSize="5" EnableViewState="True">
<Fields> [code]....

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Forms Data Controls :: No Parameterless Constructor Defined For Object When Using LinQDataSource And A GridView?

Jan 5, 2010

I'm using a GridView and a LinQDataSource (Northwind database) and this error appears when website runs.

Here is my codes on aspx file and no codes in cs file.


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DataSource Controls :: FormView Bound To LinqDataSource Shows Data But Won't Update Database

Feb 10, 2011

I have a FormView bound to LinqDataSource, that is intended to allow editing of a single product's details, that is selected from a GridView. The LDS has a Where parameter set to point to the GridView control (i.e. a ControlParameter).

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Forms Data Controls :: Master - Detail View - Get ONLY One Item From The LinqDataSource On The Page

Feb 22, 2010

Im making a Master details web page ASP.NET. I have one aspx page with all the items in a listview, then a link to another page to show the details view, but I dont want to use a asp:detailsview control becasue it generates a table, and I want a more complex layout. I want work each property of the item, but I dont know how. I want to do in LINQ. This is my very bad aprox: I need an orientation of how to get ONLY one item from the LinqDataSource on the page load and not to query the database everytime I need a column. I dont need biding because I only need to show data, not insert, not update, not delete...

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Speeding Up LinqDataSource

Mar 4, 2011

Greetings, I have a following question. Suppose where are two tables in the database:


The second one references the first one, that is each order is assigned to the client. Now suppose I have an .aspx page with a LinqDataSource for Orders table, and a GridView that uses this datasource and displays a table with a following columns:

Order name.
Order desc.
Client name.
Client address.

As far as I understand, the Linq to SQL is designed in such a way, that by default it does not load any associated entities, it only does it when a child property is requested. So, when a page is loaded, the following situation will occur:

First query will retrieve the records from the Orders table. For each row displayed by GridView an additional query will be performed when one of the client properties is requested. Therefore, if we have 100 orders, this means will perform 101 queries instead of one (or even maybe 201, if a query will be performed for each client property)? How to avoid this and make LinqDataSource load all the required fields by a single query? Right now I see the only workaround for this problem - use an SqlDataSource with a join query, that will retrieve all required fields at once.

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C# - Dynamic Columns With LinqDataSource?

Aug 24, 2010

Im using LinqDataSource like that:

<asp:LinqDataSource ID="LinqDataSource3" runat="server" OnSelecting="LinqDataSource3_OnSelecting">
And I have ASPxGridView
<dxwgv:ASPxGridView ID="ASPxGridView2" ClientInstanceName="ASPxGridView2Client"
runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"

In this way Im able to add columns dynamically while handling onSelecting event:

protected void LinqDataSource3_OnSelecting(object sender, LinqDataSourceSelectEventArgs e)
MyModelDataContext context = new MyModelDataContext();
ASPxGridView grid = ASPxPageControl1.TabPages[3].FindControl("ASPxGridView2") as ASPxGridView;
if(grid.Columns.Count == 0){
GridViewDataTextColumn txtColumn1 = new GridViewDataTextColumn();
GridViewDataTextColumn txtColumn2 = new GridViewDataTextColumn();
txtColumn1.FieldName = "UserId";
txtColumn2.FieldName = "FirstName";
e.Result = from u in context.Users select new { UserId = u.UserId, FirstName = u.FirstName };

It is all made simply to test cause my idea is to have solution that makes it possible to use inqDataSource as a datasource for de ASPxGridView but join 2 or 3 tables and show results in this grid.

What I want to ask is if its good solution or is there any other better way to present some views made from couple of tables by join?

Second question is that I have Users and Group and I would like to have one table in which I would have two columns Name and Type For groups type would by group and for users type would be user. I dont have such a table in my database Is it possible to create specific class. Create List of objects of that class and fill it using linq query and the use it as linq data source for that grid ?

clas would be:


Class MyClass {
string Type;
string Name;

or is there any other way to create such a table ?

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DataSource Controls :: LinqDataSource?

Jun 11, 2010

Im trying to build a where clause in c# for a LinqDataSource, but I cant get it to work, heres my code


when I set category to 'Concerts' tyhe where clause is

'Category = Concerts'

this generates an error telling me there is no column called 'Concerts'. I assume I somehow have to enclose the search term in quotes, Ive tried single and double quotes, but nothing works.

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DataSource Controls :: Using LIKE In A Linqdatasource?

Nov 16, 2010

So I need to take the literal "SELECT....FROM Bay....WHERE Warehouse=1 and ((BAY LIKE '1.0%' or BAY LIKE '2.0%'))I have set up a linqdatasource on my asp page and I want to bind that to a gridview. Here is the start of the HTML:



How do I add a parameter so that it includes the LIKE statement?

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Web Forms :: RadioButtonList And LinqDataSource?

May 5, 2010

ViewState is active and I have a RadioButtonList with DataSourceID to LinqDataSource.If I postback and cause event SelectedIndexChanged, I can read the SelectedValue property, but if the postback is caused by another control, SelectedValue its always empty...Note if I turn ViewState off, works fine, SelectedValue has always a non empty string...

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Specify Stored Procedure In LinqDataSource?

May 18, 2010

I have a Listview that I want to read the results of a Stored procedure. I have created the DBML object with the table and the stored procedure. When I configure my LinqDataSource on the page I cannot specify the SProc - only the Table. Or do I need to do it in the Listview?

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C# - Getting Xml Columns From LinqDataSource To Appear In A GridView?

Jul 25, 2010

I have a LinqDataSource and a GridView displaying a table. Columns of type xml don't show up. I'd like them to show up something like they do in Sql Server query outputs, with a link to display the clickable xml, though there may be another approach i'm not considering (maybe a styled display of the xml data, etc.). Two things i'd like to know how to do

First, get the xml converted to a string, and display it in the table. Maybe the first 30 chars.
Finally, style the xml into something useful, like a clickable link to display the full xml, or a sub-table, or a styled string.

So the following works, and displays a nice table, with edit and delete links. But Xml fields are missing. How would you go about adding support for the Xml fields?


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