Calculating Relative Time Offset?

Oct 13, 2010

I was reading this article about relative time calculationThe problem is that the results are wrong due to the time offset. My webpage is Greek.So how should i modify that function to work correctly, including the GMT+2 or GMT+3 hours offset?

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C# - Calculating Relative Path Change?

Oct 6, 2010

Assuming I have a .css file with the following linebody { background-image: url('../images/bg.png') }My build process does some CSS magic and eventuall move this file from

This invalidates the url statement in the file and needs re-written to ../Content/images/bg.pngThis is my question - given the original file location, the new file location and the background-image url in the file is there a reusable way calculate a new relative path for the image?In case someone doesn't know css urls should be relative to the css file it is contained within.

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SQL Server :: Calculating Time And Average Speed?

Mar 4, 2011

I have two datetime2(1) fields in my db. I will calculate the time in hours and minutes between them. That I have done this way:


This works. But how can I calculate the avgerage speed if I have drived 665 kilometers in this time? I know how to do it with only houurs but not with the minutes to. I have tried this and I think it works. Is it correct?


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Web Forms :: Calculate Relative Time - Minutes / Hours Or Weeks Ago In Words

May 7, 2015

I would like to get the accurarte (days, minutes, months and years) differnce between two date time variables and not just who is greater.

Is there a better way to do it then run DateTime's methods (TotalDays, TotalHours, TotalMinutes. etc...) and do the calculation?

The bottom line is to display something like "a minute ago", "an hour ago", "Three weeks ago", etc...

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Setting A Offset Value For A Particular Id?

Mar 31, 2010

i am designing a website in which i need to generate an offset value for a product(and store it in database) between 1 to 999 for every product id i store into my database from a textbox..but first it must check if a particular value starting from 1 to 999 is already taken if yes then it generates the next available number between 1 to 999..the problem is how can i retrieve and check the available numbers already stored in offset column of my database and then generate next available number?for example: if 1 ,2 ,3 ,6,8 numbers are taken offset value generated should be 4 and not 7..though its difficult to explain but if u understand my question i wuld be glad to have some code of how to achieve it??

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Web Forms :: Get Image Offset Position?

Apr 22, 2010

Is there anyway in .NET to get an image offset position in the webform?Javascript can get this information from the "offsetX" and "offsetY" values but are there anyway to get the same info in .NET?Or can I use javascript to catch the info and send it to the backend? Like creating a hidden input field with the data and then read the data from the code behind?

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C# - Offset Latitude Slightly If Not Unique?

Feb 5, 2011

I have a bunch of events with their location being pulled from the db and I am doing the following:

List<Place> placeList = new List<Place>();
foreach (var item in eventsList)
bool coordinateExist= placeList.Where(x => x.latitude == item.Latitude && x.longitude == item.Longitude).Count()>0;
Place place;
if (coordinateExist)
place = new Place() { title = item.Title, latitude = item.Latitude+0.0001, longitude = item.Longitude};
place = new Place() { title = item.Title, latitude = item.Latitude, longitude = item.Longitude};

I have a slight issue though. If two locations have the exact same latitude and longitude I want to offset the latitude by the slightest amount (equiv to a few meters maybe?), and then add it to placeList. Hence I will have a list full of unique coordinates.

how can i achieve this nicely? The above works but not nice IMO

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C# - Get Clients Timezone Offset From His Ip Address?

May 4, 2010

I want to get clients Time Zone offset from his IP address for my web app. I have tried using Javascripts getTimezone function, but, some clients have their timezone or time set incorrectly. I want to get the offset and render some information back on client based on their timezone.

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SQL Server :: Incorrect Syntax ' OFFSET ' ! - How To Correct It

Mar 22, 2011

I have a problem and I'm at an impasse. Incorrect syntax ' OFFSET ' ! - how to correct it

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AJAX :: Increase The Shadow Offset Or Width In DropShadowExtender?

Sep 27, 2010

I don't see any properties, but thought I'd ask to see if there way to increase the width of the shadow or offset of shadow from the pop-up panel or div I'm displaying?

I just want to make the pop-up appear to "stand-out" a littlle more.

runat="server" TargetControlID="pnlPopUp"
Rounded="false" TrackPosition="true"

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AJAX :: ComboBox Results In ModalPopup Display Offset From Box?

Aug 17, 2010

My ComboBox is now rendering its button and results list on top of the ModalPopup panel

[URL] However, the results are showing up completely separate from the textbox. This is bacially the same problem described at [URL] However, forcing the position of the list did nothing and I'm already using the very latest (release) build of the toolkit (so alaa9jo's post about it being fixed in the November 2009 build isn't true for my instance).

I need the combobox functionality for my form.

why the scrollbars in comboboxes choose to show sometimes and not other? My main combobox is missing them, but the combobox reference above has them. Both use the same CSS settings and databindings; the only difference is that the one with scrollbars is inside the ModalPopup.

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Web Forms :: Images Displayed Offset From Text On The Same Line?

Nov 27, 2010

I am generating a list of labels with an Image Button control at the start of each line. Unfortunately, my browser displays this list on a web page with the image higher than the label text by a few pixels. This results in a blank line of a few pixels wide between each line of text. Even the image has a blank line above it. This especially puzzles me since I went to the trouble of specifying the height, in pixels, of the image and labels. Is there any way to make the image and text appear evenly on the same line?

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AJAX :: HTMLeditor In ModalPopup - 'Insert/Edit URL Link' Box Is Wildly Offset?

Jan 13, 2010

I have placed an AJAX Control Toolkit (version 3.0.30512.1) HTMLEditor inside a ModalPopup. Everything works fine except when you click the 'Insert/Edit URL Link' button. The resulting 'add a link' popup moves to the extreme bottom right of the ModalPopup - and drastically shifts the HTML Editor. This happens in Firefox, IE8 and Chrome so far. A screenshot to illustrate this is shown at the bottom of this message.

Secondly, as you can also see on this screenshot, there is a lot of white space below the HTML Editor before the Horizontal Rule - there are no other HTML tags between the HTML Editor and the Horizontal Rule. This space only 'closes up' if I increase the height of the HTML Editor - it does not reduce automatically.

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Calculating Age From To Dates?

May 25, 2010

I am simply trying to determine age from a selection of Month, Day and Year representing birthdate, which I have captured from three drop down list boxes, by subtracting the studnetBirthDate from Today. How can I get Age? Using a calendar to select birth date seemed too clumsy because of the year navigation, age ranges from 3 to 26 yrs old. If anyone has a better idea I would be open to that as well. Instead I am using three dropdown boxes, one each for day, month and year.

Dim studentBirthDate
Dim stMonth

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SQL Server :: Calculating Is Only The First Row In OrderDetails

Dec 5, 2010

I have this SP. When I run this one my calculations is only the first row in OrderDetails. I want it to calculate all rows


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SQL Server :: Calculating Timespan Of Two Datetime?

Sep 25, 2010

in my application two time input will be passing to my sql stored procedures and I need to calculate the timespan between them. how can I do that? is there any way that I can do the following in t-sql?


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Calculating Date Range For A Certain Period?

Mar 11, 2011

I have a dropdownlist having values 'today','yesterday',lastweek', 'last month', 'lastyear'.

when the user select any value from this dropdown, i want to show the from date and to date in two text boxes.

e.g. if the user selects last week, 'to date' should be today's date and 'from date' should be (today's date - 7). if current date is 12, 'from date' = 6 and 'to date' = 12

How do I do this?

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ADO.NET :: Calculating Total Amount In DataTable

Nov 6, 2010

I have a datatable as below:

Type Amount
A 1
A 2
B 3
C 5
B 1

How do I calculate and group the data to become the following datatable?

Type Amount
A 3
B 4
C 5

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Calculating Age From Date Of Birth In Particular Format

Apr 1, 2010

want to calculate age from data of birth in following following format.27 Year 03 Months 05 Days

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DataSource Controls :: Calculating Sum Of A Column?

Mar 31, 2010

i have a button and in click event i want to take the SUM() of a one cloumn and assign it into a integer and if that integer is > 20 display "pass" or something

i've tried many ways but non worked.

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Web Forms :: Calculating Figures In A Text File?

Aug 10, 2010

I need to calculate figures in a text file. There is a column which is number based in the file. I have two listboxes. I have the add/remove function on them. When I want to add one item to the right list box, I want it to start to add up in a 'label'. The label will calulate the figures once they are moved into the right hand listbox.

I'm nearly completed my project, but I'm struggling with a few minor points.

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Web Forms :: Calculating Number Of Spaces Between Characters

Sep 20, 2010

I need to calculate the number of free spaces between two characters.Consider the following Example

tring str = "This is the sample" ;

I need to calculate the spaces between "This" and "is"

als find the spaces between "is" and "the" How to find it?

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SQL Reporting :: Calculating The Minimum Height Of A TextBox?

Dec 29, 2010

Given a font size of 8pt, PaddingTop & PaddingBottom of 2pt each. Allow height increase is off.When the border is not drawn, to prevent clipping would I need a TextBox 12pt high? If a top or bottom border is drawn does that add to the height? Are there other things that need to be accounted for?

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SQL Server :: Calculating The Current Week Of Class?

Dec 23, 2010

I have events that have start and end dates and I want to display the current week that the event is in progress. To currently do this I am finding the week of the end date and subtracting the week of getdate(). This works unless the event goes into the next year and then it returns 0 .Here is my sql

course_status_1 = CASE

What I need to happen is for an event with start date and end date in differnet years to calculate what week of the event get date is currenty in.

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AJAX :: Calculating Age From CalendarExtender And Display In Other TextBox

Sep 5, 2013

I have one problem.. I have two TextBoxs. 1 textbox for CalenderExtender and other textbox for displaying age from calenderextender. I display the from calenderextender but when i click a button(clientside code for navigation tabpanels in tabcontainer) it will be 0. 

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