Firefox - Finding Firebug Addon Automation / How To Interact With Firefox Addons

Nov 16, 2010

has any one done any automation related to Firefox - Firebug

I am trying to automate some task using C#

I found these two open source projects related to automating firefox


how to interact with firefox addons

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Custom Server Controls :: Firefox (Firefox/3.6.13 ) Not Saving Cookies For Https In Logi Report(It's A Reporting Software0?

Feb 7, 2011

I am using Logi Reports for creating reports in my application. I am passing cookies from web application to these logi reports. Cookies were workign correctly before, but after the release of this version. Cookies are not working in these logi reports.

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C# - Serving An Exe To Firefox From An Aspx. Firefox Downloads It As "Content". Incorrect Filename And No Extension?

Mar 28, 2011

I'm trying to server an exe to Firefox from an aspx page. The aspx page handles the headers and the page is launched by our Flex GUI. Flex correctly launches the link for all browsers (including Firefox) so I'm certain that's not the issue.

The problem I'm having is when I try to download the file from within Firefox, FF downloads the file fine but it names it "Content". It has no extension and the file name is incorrect. All the other browsers download it with the file name I specified in the aspx page and they all have the .exe extension. I should note that if I rename the "Content" file to "Content.exe" it runs correctly.Below is the code I'm using in my aspx page -

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
string fileName = Request.QueryString["file"];
System.IO.FileInfo fileInfo = new System.IO.FileInfo(Server.MapPath(fileName));


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Firefox Does Not Work With IE7?

Mar 29, 2011

I am trying to implement a feature for my web site for library access. Normally users access the site with This => a welcome/logon page, you may decide to register, etc etc. I programmed access from This URL (or one like it) is intended to be a link on a web page within a library: clicking the link opens the site with the user already logged on as "testlibrary", with some differences in function compared with an individual logon. This all works perfectly in my testing, using Firefox. However it does not work with IE7. I programmed diagnostic statements that should appear from all paths: but these don't appear with IE7 (but they do with Firefox).

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C# - Web App Works In Firefox But Not IE8?

Oct 19, 2010

I've built this app that displays employee photos stored in several sharepoint folders. It also displays the employee name extracted from the file name and a previous and next button to move through the photos.

The markup is surrounded by an update panel to prevent the entire page from reloading when you click to view the next photo.

The app is working fine in firefox, but the images do not display in IE8. Can anyone tell what is causing this?

public List<string> photoFileList = new List<string>();
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!IsPostBack)
Session["index"] = 0;


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Ckeditor Will Not Work In FireFox?

Sep 27, 2010

I'm using ckeditor in my page and it's work fine, except when I'm sending email. The mailbody is empty in FireFox, in IE it works fine. What can it be? Here is my code


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Firefox Won't Display All Tags?

Mar 5, 2011

I have an issue with Firefox. After creating a new template for my website using <div> tags, i noticed that not all tags are displayed when i preview the site in firefox.

I put the sample template in the following location:


I was able to verify my CSS with the following link: [URL] and it passed without any problems. The html part is correct as well.

My question is how come two div tags: <div class="header9"></div> and <div id="sidebar"></div> are not displayed in firefox. It works fine with explorer but firefox has issues.

Also the background-color for <body> takes over in the middle, even though i've created a <div id="wrapper"> with all divs inside and background color assigned to white.

I've tried developer extension for firefox but still was not able to find the problem.

It's very annoying that simple (basic) tags such <div> could have isssues being displayed. Does anyone know what am i doing wrong and how to fix that issue?

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Div Visibility Is Not Working In Firefox?

Jun 22, 2010

The Div can be visible or invisible in IE, but not in FireFox, the main purpose is: when user typing text in a password textbox, if the CAP LOCK is one, show the div:

<asp:TextBox ID="Password" runat="server" TextMode="Password"
<div id="divMayus" style="visibility:hidden; background-image:url(../App_Themes/CapLockOnAtHome.png); height:25px; width:100px;">
<script type="text/jscript">
function capLock(e){
kc = e.keyCode?e.keyCode:e.which;
sk = e.shiftKey?e.shiftKey:((kc == 16)?true:false);
if(((kc >= 65 && kc <= 90) && !sk)||((kc >= 97 && kc <= 122) && sk))
document.getElementById('divMayus').style.visibility = 'visible';
document.getElementById('divMayus').style.visibility = 'hidden';

Have also tried: display='none', display='block' or display='inline', also not working, no I am confused which to use for both IE and Firefox.

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FireFox Running Page_Load Twice?

Feb 25, 2010

I am having a problem with FireFox, I have an app using VS 2008 and it is using a Wizard control. Under IE the app only runs Page_Load once but FireFox is running it twice which would'nt be a big deal except the second time it is not going through as a post back so all of my setting are getting reset as if it was the first time through. I have see in previous post that the problem was autoEventWireup needed set to False, well mine is. I am using Ajax and UpdatePanel.

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Scrollbar Not Showing Up In Firefox?

Apr 29, 2010

I know browser compatability isn't fun, but this one is odd. I have the following code:


When the user clicks on a link in any version of IE, Chrome, or Safari, the scrollbar on the right side is there, no problem. But when they do it in Firefox, the scrollbar is missing. They can hit page down to scroll through the info, but why wouldn't the scrollbar be there as well?

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How To See A Query String In FireFox

Jan 19, 2010

In IE 7, I can right click on my page and select properties and (usually) see the query string that was passed to that page.

How do I see this in FireFox? I am having a bug where I should be passing consecutive numbers in the query string, such as deal_ik=1,2,3,4,5 etc but 5 is missing. So I want to examine the query string that is actually getting passed.

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RequiredFieldValidator Not Working Under Firefox

Feb 24, 2010

I use 2 requiredfiledvalidator for 2 selects, one is working but the second one (the one I need) isnt

<asp:dropdownlist id="ddlMod" runat="server" Width="235px" AutoPostBack="True" Font-Names="Arial" Font-Size="XX-Small">
<asp:requiredfieldvalidator id="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server" Font-Names="Arial" Font-Size="XX-Small"
ErrorMessage="Select Mod" InitialValue="00" Display="Dynamic" ControlToValidate="ddlMod">
<asp:dropdownlist id="ddlInd" runat="server" Width="235px" AutoPostBack="True" Font-Size="XX-Small">
<asp:requiredfieldvalidator id="RequiredFieldValidator2" runat="server" Font-Names="Arial" Font-Size="XX-Small"
ErrorMessage="Select Ind" InitialValue="0" Display="Dynamic" ControlToValidate="ddlInd">

If i select the 2nd one I can see the error message for the 1st one, but I can't see any message if I dont select any or if I select the 1st one.

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Fckeditor Not Working In Firefox

Jul 12, 2010

var oEditor = FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance("<%=FCKeditorSelfDocument.ClientID %>");
var oDOM = oEditor.EditorDocument;
oDOM.body.innerText = 'Hello';

it is working fine in IE and chrome but not working in firefox 3.6.4

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C# - Page Working In Firefox And Not In IE

Nov 14, 2010

We were deploying our ASP.NET web app onto a new production server today. In our test server, the pages were working fine on both IE and Firefox. But now in the production server the main welcome page loads and to enter the application which has a submit/enter button in it does not work in IE and shows a page not found exception. The same link is working fine in Firefox. We are using css and JavaScript and i have read that they may cause problems. But i wonder how i did not have any issues with both IE/Firefox in my test server.

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MVC's And Firefox's Cache Work?

Aug 3, 2010

I use the following code to write cache header on *.png requests:

response.Buffer = false;
response.BufferOutput = false;
// Emit content type and encoding based on the file extension and
// whether the response is compressed
response.ContentType = MimeMapping.GetMimeMapping(physicalFilePath);
if (mode != ResponseCompressionType.None)
response.AppendHeader("Content-Encoding", mode.ToString().ToLower());
response.AppendHeader("Content-Length", count.ToString());
// Emit proper cache headers that will cache the response in browser's
// cache for the default cache duration
response.Cache.AppendCacheExtension("must-revalidate, proxy-revalidate");

But every time I refresh the page which contains the PNG URL, it will post to web server again. It seems that the cache header not work, and worse, it make the browser cache not work too. I am using mvc.

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Will A Web App Designed For IE Run On Firefox Without Any Modifications

Jan 21, 2011

We have designed C# .Net our web app to run on IE.

I mean the front-end: Will the front-end be perfectly the same for all types of browsers like lE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc?

Or will we have to do changes and keep separate versions for each browser type? Will it be possible to use
style sheets for this without coding? If so how?

Will there be any affect on the back-end also?

Also will Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. support Javascript, Jscript etc?

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C# - Undefined Coming Up In Firefox / How To Fix It

Jan 12, 2011

my previous quesion was answered, but now the same thing that works in IE doesn't work like it should in Firefox.

my C# looks like this:


The problem is that this works fine in IE but when I try it in Firefox, after alert D displays "D" the next alert just displays "undefined". I googled around and found some things relating to events but I could not understand nor correctly implement them.

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Firefox Does Not Save The Form?

Feb 10, 2010

I've got a form that inserts data into a database using ASP.NET 2.0 . The problem is that when I hit the submit button on FireFox, the page submits and I'm redirected to the correct page. The problem is that the data isn't actually saved.When I try this on IE, it works fine. When I try this on FireFox using another browser it works fine. When I mirrored the application and data locally and use FireFox, it works fine.

It just doesn't work on production, and it seems like only my FireFox is having this problem. I've cleared out the cache in FireFox already, but it still doesn't work.Any ideas what is going on? I can't tell if this is client side or server side, and there is no way to debug right now.

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Web Forms :: Rendering XML In Firefox

Feb 10, 2011

is works fine in IE and the Markup validates for XML, but I cannot get firefox to render the XML as anything but the plain text.

<%@ Page Language="VB" ContentType="application/xml" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="ShowXMLMessage.aspx.vb" Inherits="XML_ShowXMLMessage" Theme="" StylesheetTheme="" EnableTheming="false" %>

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Javascript - Unload In Firefox?

Oct 11, 2010

I have a client register startup script like so:

" " +
"document.body.onunload =
clearSession; " +


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Firefox 4 Cannot Load Site?

Mar 23, 2011

I downloaded Firefox 4 yesterday and when I try to open my site (ASP .Net 2.0 site using masterpages) it tries to open the file rather than display the page. The message in the popup is: "You have chosen to open contactus.aspx which is a: aspx File from: 'my site'. What should Firefox do with this file?"

I am sending the following content-type: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> I also tried changing the charset to utf-8, same thing.

When I try to run the page through the w3 validator it gives me this message:

Warning Character Encoding mismatch!

The character encoding specified in the HTTP header (utf-8) is different from the value in the <meta> element (iso-8859-1). I will use the value from the HTTP header (utf-8) for this validation.

Is the server (IIS) somehow setting the default charset? Could this mismatch be the problem? What else can I look for? Also, one more thing, I have a mobile site running on the same server which uses "application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8" as the content-type and it works fine in FF4.

Edit: here is an example page from the site: [URL]

Edit 2: I think I have narrowed down the problem to the mobile detection. I am using 51 degrees mobile device detection from [URL]

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C# - PostBackUrls Not Working In Firefox?

Feb 22, 2011

I am using PostBackUrls in ASP.NET which work fine in Chrome and IE. Nothing happens when I select a button that has a PostBackUrl in Firefox. How can I make this work? Is there a bit of code that can be applied to all postbacks that I can add without the need of changing each of them individually?

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.net - Javascript Not Executed In Firefox?

Mar 25, 2011

Open new popup window without address bars in firefox & IE

I have the following code which works in ie(no addressbar, status bar, etc but not firefox..

function popUpDetails(trackNum) {
var newWindow = ('popUpDetails.aspx?trackNum=' + trackNum, 'Title', 'width=540,height=265, location=no, menubar=no, status=no, toolbar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no, modal=no'));

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Adsense In FireFox Not Showing?

Mar 16, 2010

I came accross something very strange when i was testing my pages in FireFox.
The Adsense blocks are commented out (green) in firefox.

It does render however properly when i paste all the rendered code in a blank aspx page in the same project without using masterpage.


Here's a picture of the problem. As you can see on one of the pages the script code is green. How is that possible?

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RegisterClientScriptBlock Isn't Working Well With Firefox?

May 6, 2010

I've added the next code to show an alert box if a statement is true:


The "str" variable is the javascript code.

It's working great in IE8, but when using Firefox, the alert shows, and afterwards, the page goes blank, instead of going back.

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