How To Convert List Into Ienumerable

May 1, 2010

I am using LINQ for data connectivity and have made class which return me the result set into presentation here is the syntax:-

public List<ClsDermaInvestigation> MthdisplayInvestigation()
List<ClsDermaInvestigation> lstinvst = new List<ClsDermaInvestigation>();
ISingleResult<USP_Patient_Dermatology_InvestigationResult> investresult = objderma.USP_Patient_Dermatology_Investigation(PatientID, RepDate, Hb, TLC, F);
foreach(USP_Patient_Dermatology_InvestigationResult rel in investresult)
ClsDermaInvestigation objinvest = new ClsDermaInvestigation();
objinvest.Albumin = Convert.ToDouble(rel.Albumin);
objinvest.ALP = rel.ALP;
objinvest.ANA = rel.ANA;
objinvest.Date =;
lstinvest.add(objinvest)}return lstinvest}
This list is returning me the result.It works fine but in 1 case am using the same list to bind my Date dropdownlist.
//aspx.cs code
List<Dermatology.ClsDermaInvestigation> objlstinvest = objinvest.MthdisplayInvestigation();
//Array s =
drpDate.DataSource = s;
drpDate.DataTextField = "Repdate";
drpDate.DataValueField = "Repdate";

But it throws an error that list does not conatin a property with "Repdate";. How can i bind this list with dropdownlist?? Can i convert it into some type so that i would be able to bind it??

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Convert Datatable To IENumerable?

Feb 10, 2010

Dim list As List(Of DataRow) = dt.AsEnumerable().ToList()When I compile I get the error:
'AsEnumerable' is not a member of 'System.Data.DataTable'.I added Imports to the file..This code works when I run it on a project But when I use the same code in Website it returns the above error..Can anyone help solve this error.

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DataSource Controls :: Convert An Ienumerable To A Datatable()

May 24, 2010

I am having trouble converting a ienumerable to a datatabe here is the code:The problem is in the following line-

ViewState("dt") = elements.CopyToDataTable()
Dim dt As New DataTable
Private Sub DisplayAuthorLastName(ByVal strLetter As String)


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ADO.NET :: WCF Entity Framework - Convert IEnumerable To Datatable?

Oct 13, 2010

We are using WCF and ADO.NET entity framework in our ASP.NET 4.0 application. we are using Entity Framework in our WCF service to execute a storedprocedure and return the results.

public List<Cs_MT> GetSearchResult(string emailId, string localTitle, string colorGrouping)

We are calling the WCF service from our client application and get the results as IEnumerable

IEnumerable<GetSearchResult_ByEmail_Result> SearchResult = dsContext.Execute<GetSearchResult_ByEmail_Result>(new Uri(url));

I want to loop through the records and form a new table. How to loop through it and read the values?Or How to convert IEnumerable to Datatable?

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DataSource Controls :: Convert Linq Query Into IEnumerable DataRows?

May 19, 2010

IEnumerable<DataRow> query = (from obj1 in objeDC.tmpPolicyRenewals.AsEnumerable()
where obj1.AgentCode == "Admin"
select new
}) as IEnumerable<DataRow>;

Getting null value. whats error ?

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What Is The Difference Between IEnumerable And List

May 18, 2010

I've read some articles about this but for some reason they're just not doing it for me. I'd like to understand the difference between

IEnumerable<string> myList and List<string>myListToo

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IEnumerable - Get The Split String Into OpensReviews List

Sep 24, 2010

I have a string which is stored as a cookie. The string is made up of the following data:

int userId
DateTime expiryDate

A user can have a number of these, so I store them like this "userId,expiryDate$userId,expiryDate"

When I retrieve the cookie value, I then split the string and add it to a list. The list is List<OpenReviews> openReviews, which contains the two variables above. I use the following piece of code to split the string:

string[][] reviews = value.Split( '$' ).Select( f => f.Split( ',' ) ).ToArray();

As you can see it goes to an array which I then have to iterate through to add it back into my list. All of which seems extremely long winded. I believe I can use the code above to put it into an IEnumerable<IEnumerable<string>> format. The problem is I don't know how to then get it into my List<OpenReviews> I'm therefore looking at getting the split string into my OpensReviews list as efficiently as possible.

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Using The IEnumerable Function Intersect() To Combine A Few List And Get The Similar Integers?

Jun 2, 2010

I would like to use the IEnumerable function Intersect() to combine a few list and get the similar integers from each list. The problem I'm faced with is that I don't know how many list I will need to compare.

Here is an example:


results = A.Intersect(B).Intersect(C)

This works great, but the next time around I may have a D{1,2} next time I come across the function.

I'd like to use the Intersect method, but I'm open to new ideas as well.

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How To Convert List<user> To List<object>

May 8, 2010

i have list of user class but now i have to return it as a list of object, i try to convert it but it gives me error like. can not implicitly convert.

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ADO.NET :: Want Ot Convert This To List Of Type List<Reports>?

Aug 5, 2010

I am executing a Stored procedure from Nhibernate.Below is the sample of my code.

public IList ReportDetails()
ISQLQuery query1 = session.CreateSQLQuery("EXEC dbo.Reports");
System.Collections.IList list = query1.List();
return list;

This returns me an Ilist. I want ot convert this to List of Type List<Reports>.Reports class contains all the properties which i will get from Stored Procedure.

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ADO.NET :: How To Convert List To Dataset

Mar 8, 2011

I have used the Generic List , so i want to convert the List into dataset, after converting the dataset i have to export the excel in all the details,

how can i convert List to dataset , and also the Export the details.

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How To Convert List To Datatable

Jul 27, 2010

Possible DuplicateNET - Convert Generic Collection to DataTable
i want to convert list datatype to datatype.
wrote the function

static DataTable ListToDataTable<T>(IEnumerable<T> list)
var dt = new DataTable();
foreach (var info in typeof(T).GetProperties())
dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn(info.Name, info.PropertyType));

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ADO.NET ::Convert Dataset Into List

Nov 10, 2010

I am developing a website using Visual Studio 2010, SQL server 2008 and WCF. Already i have developed DAL (Data Access Layer), for some of pages i want to use WCF services and Silverlight, I am new for WCF and i understand that all should be done in List<> for Silverlight and WCF. But all my methods in DAL will return the records in DATA SET format, So my ultimate aim is to convert the DATA SET into List. I browsed in internet and got many explanation like serialization , IEnumarable and so.... but i have 1000 of methods in my DAL, so for the each method i do not want DATA SET to LIST convertion. So i am thinking of having one common class the responsibility of comman class will be get the dataset and return the List [Convert DATA SET to LIST ] For example(Just Psedo explanation for undertanding, Ignore the Syntax error )

Public List< > DsTOLi(dsRecord)
// Here we will convert DATA SET to LIST
return liRecord;

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ADO.NET :: Generic List Convert To DataTable

Sep 20, 2010

I have a GenericList and i want to convert that to DataTable My code is here


I am getting Count in "objFinOpRegs". But i want to convert "objFinOpRegs " to DataTable.

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C# - Convert An EntityCollection<T> To List<POCOObj>?

Mar 13, 2010

I have Entity Framework entities Events which have an EntityCollection of RSVP. I want to convert the EntityCollection of RSVP to a generic List<> of a POCO class RSVP.

So I want EntityCollection -> List. What would be the best way to go about achieving this?

So far I have this (it's missing the RSVP part)

var events = from e in _entities.Event.Include("RSVP")
select new BizObjects.Event
EventId = e.EventId,
Name = e.Name,
Location = e.Location,
Organizer = e.Organizer,


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Convert List To Dataset Using C Sharp?

Mar 8, 2011

How to convert list to dataset using c sharp?

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Convert String Data Array To List?

May 11, 2010

i have an string data array which contains data like this


now a method returns an value like string [] data public string [] names()

return data.Toarray()
public class Person
public string Name { get; set; }
public int Age { get; set; }
List<Person> persons = new List<Person>();
string [] names =names();

now i need to copy all the data from an string array to an list<person> and finally bind to grid view

gridview.datasource= persons

how can i do it?

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Jquery - How To Convert An Object List Into JSON

Mar 20, 2010

I have a list of person objects which I want to send in response to a jquery' ajax request. I want to send the list into JSON format. The list is as follows -

List<Person> PersonList = new List<Person>();
Person Atiq = new Person("Atiq Hasan Mollah", 23, "Whassap Homie");
Person Sajib = new Person("Sajib Mamud", 24, "Chol kheye ashi");

How can I convert the "PersonList" list into JSON ?

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State Management :: How To Convert Viewstate To List

Jan 31, 2011

I stored a list<mytype> object in a viewstate. Type of list<mytype> comes from a public structure which is defined at page.

When I try to convert viewstate to a list<mytype> object it cause error.

Public struct mytype
{ list<mytype> obj = new list<mytype>();
list<mytype> tempobj = new list<mytype>();
tempobj = (list<mytype>)viewstate["mystate"];// this line cause error !

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C# - How To Convert Query To List Without Loop Foreach

Feb 14, 2011

List<string> IDs = new List<string>();
XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(xmlFile);
var query = from c in doc.Root.Elements("a").Elements("b")
select new { ID = c.Element("val").Value};

How can I convert query to List without loop foreach ?

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How To Convert A RadioButtonList Into A JQuery UI Button List

Nov 17, 2010

I have an ASP.NET RadioButtonList on my form and I would like to convert it so that it is a JQuery Button like this.

<asp:Label ID="lblOrderType" Text="Order Type" runat="server" CssClass="label" />
<asp:RadioButtonList ID="radOrderType" runat="server" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" CssClass="radioButtonList">
<asp:ListItem value="M" Selected="True">Market</asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem value="L">Limit</asp:ListItem>

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C# - How To Convert Lambda Expression Output To List

Mar 14, 2011

I am selecting the checked rows from Gridview. To achieve this i have written a lambda expression using dynamic keyword.

var dn = gvLoans.Rows.OfType<dynamic>().Where(s => s.FindControl("chkSelect").Checked == true).Select(s => s.FindControl("lblCD")).ToList();

I want the output of this in List. Can it be achieved by extending the query or i have to write foreach statement.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Convert Sqldatareader To List

Jun 28, 2010

how to convert sqldatareader to List

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Web Forms :: Error Adding Item To List Box When Trying To Convert From VB.Net Code

Feb 24, 2010

I inherited an application written for VB.Net and am converting it over to ASP.Net, with VB as the back end. I have a data pull that adds values to a new instance of a class, then adds the item to a listbox. It worked great in the VB.Net version, but I get the following error in the Visual Studio Text Editor when I try to use the code:

Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'Add' can be called with these arguments:

'Public Sub Add(Item As System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListItem)':Value of type 'MyItem' cannot be converted to System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListItem'.
'Public Sub Add(Item as String)':Value of type 'MyItem' cannot be converted to String.

I have played around with the code quite a bit and have been researching online, but I'm just drawing a blank here.

I put the class("MyItem") in the "App_Code" folder in a file called "MyItem.vb". The class code is as follows:


The code I have for the sub that is supposed to add the items to the listbox is as follows:


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Convert A String Into A Clickable Hyperlink Before Putting It Into An Array List?

Jul 28, 2010

I am trying to convert a string into a clickable hyperlink, before putting it into an array list. Here is my code and attempt, which doesnt work..


string stringy = gin.Value + " ";
string stringy = "<a href=http://" + gin.Value + "</a> ";

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