How To Draw A Simple Point Or Circle In Webform

Jul 26, 2010

how to draw shapes in ASP.Net. I did a lot of research for the same. But every solution tht i got involved using Paint events wich are not available in ASP.nET. I also imported all the required pakackes like Drawing,Imaging,Drawing2D etc..

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Webform For A Simple Lookup Table Maintenance?

Aug 31, 2010

I'm looking for a simple webform for maintenance of a SQL Server which has only two columns: LookupID (int, not null) identity and LookupValue (nvarchar (50), not null).

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C# - Simple Feedback Upon Data Edit On Webform?

Sep 24, 2010

I'm using a GridView control, using the Northwind database as a sandbox.

I have allowed editing of rows using AutoGenerateEditButton="true" and that all works fine. The book I'm using for reference the following code behind for error handling (C#):


However, this seems to have no effect upon my label text, leading me to believe that the exception handling snippet won't work either.

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Web Forms :: Getting Error WebForm_PostBackOptions Is Undefined In Simple Test Webform With RequiredFieldValid

Jun 19, 2010

I've installed Visual Web Developer 2010 Express on a Windows XP Pro PC. IIS is NOT installed yet. I am just evaluating this now, and the built in web server works fine for now.

I've followed these very basic steps and I'm stuck with this error:

Error WebForm_PostBackOptions is undefined

I am trying to add a RequiredFieldsValidator control to the page. Here are the steps I followed...

1- Menu options: File -> New Web Site

2- ASP.NET Empty Web Site

3- Website -> Add new item

4- Select Web Form with Place Code in separate file checked. Master page not checked.

5- No changes to the web.config file

6- I added a couple text boxes and labels to the page and a button.

7- If I click the button now, no problem. The page submits and is displayed with the information entered in the text box fields.

8- Add a RequiredFieldsValidator next to the first text box.

9- I set the ErrorMessage to some text

10- I set the ControlToValidate to the first text box's ID

11- I save then run with CTL + F5

12- The page is displayed in IE 7. I hit the Submit button and I get the popup error described above.

I used the Web Platform Installer for the installation. Everything went fine. All other aspects of my development and testing have been fine. This is the first major roadblock I hit. I think it has something to do with a configuration setting in the web.config file, but I do not know what setting to add/change.

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Visual Studio :: Unable To Attach. The Binding Handle Is Invalid/ Not Point To The Break Point?

Dec 13, 2010

Not point to the break gives above error massege when start debbuging. How i fix this.

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Web Forms :: RadioButtonList Without The Radio Button Circle?

Jan 8, 2010

i just want the RadioButtonList without the radio button on it, i will code the rbl so that selected items have a different background color and make it look more professional, the radio buttons themselves i want to be able to get rid of in terms of appearance...

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Web Forms :: Trying To Calculate The Circumference And Area Of A Circle When The Diamet...

Sep 20, 2010

I'm trying to calculate the circumference and area of a circle when the diameter is entered by the user,I need the page to include a text box control to enter the diameter in, a button to post back the page and perform the necessary calculations on its on_click event and two label controls to display the results,with them rounded to two decimal places,

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Forms Data Controls :: Showing Database Records In Circle?

Sep 24, 2010

I want to show my database records in circle. If i use grid view or data grid or datalist then records will show in table structure. I want to show dynamic records in circle not as like forum view.

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Break Poins Are Changed To The Empty Circle Withthe Error No Symbols Loaded?

Mar 15, 2010

I have a website that I have release onto our server. I am trying to debug an issue. I start my Site. I open VS2008 I select attach to process and all my break poins are changed to the empty circle withthe error no symbols loaded. I try to go to debug -> Windwos -> modules but I do not see my .dll on the list to load sysmbols for. I have the smae .dll and .pdb on the server as on my local machine. My build mode is Debug. the server is using IIS7. Ihave tried deleting the Windows -> Microsoft.Net -> Framework -> v2.0.50727 -> Temporary ASP.Net Files.

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Using Webform User Control On Webform In MVC Project?

Feb 26, 2010

I am using a server control on a single web.forms page. I have to use this control on a web.forms page since its a server control, although this is actually a MVC project. So I created a web.forms folder and put my new page in it. I then copy the example code from the signature control. I get the following error:

The base class includes the field 'ctrlSign', but its type (WebSignatureCapture.SignatureControl) is not compatible with the type of control (ASP.signaturecapture_signaturecontrol_ctlsignature_ascx).

I know the code works because if I removed the ID attribute from the server control, it no longer gives me this error and my control renders. But I need the attribute for the ID so I can perform is post event

I am using this signature control. Here's the web.forms code...

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Index.aspx.cs" Inherits="KahunaCentralTIDRevamp.SignatureCapture.Index" %> [code]....

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How To Send Parameter From One Webform To Another Webform

Oct 19, 2010

in webform 1, i have search button when i click its open webform2 and there the gridview.

I want when i click the link in gridview in webform 2 then it close webform 2 and change the datasource parameter in webform 1 without open the new window (still same window)

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C# - Send Visitors From One Webform To Other Webform?

Mar 21, 2011

What is right way to send visitors from one webform to other. What are their limitations and their plus points.

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Architecture :: Should The Unit Of Work Point To The Service Layer Or The Repository And Then The Repository Point To The Service Layer

Jan 26, 2011

Just wondering, in an ASP.NET MVC3 environnement with entity framework. Should the Unit of Work point to the service layer or the repository (and then the repository point to the service layer) ?

Ive saw two example:

* One where the unit of work and repository both have an instance to the service layer..

Link: Entity Framework 4 CTP 4 / CTP 5 Generic Repository Pattern and Unit Testable

Doesn't use a service layer but its obvious that one could be use in that case.

* Second where the unit of work have an instance to the repository which have an instance to the service layer..


What would be better ?

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How To Draw Triangle In Chart Control

Sep 10, 2010

I am looking for a control that can draw a very customized chart in ASP.NET. The chart comprises:

1. A closed triangle, or polygon, shaded, drawn according to a fixed set of xy vertices.

2. A series of x,y points plotted on top of the triangle or polygon.

I thought the chart Control wasthe best, but I can't figure out how to draw the close triangle or polygon.

Is GDI+ the better way?

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Web Forms :: Draw On Image With Mouse

Jun 4, 2010

I have an image of an eyeball and i'd like to make some complex markings on it with the mouse.

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Draw The Vertical Line In Designing?

Dec 23, 2010

I want to draw the vertical line in designing. For example Table 1 Keep your job-search confidential Control your privacy Reach to over 35000 recruiters Get Job Alerts in your inbox Apply to jobs from your Mobile. I want to draw vertical line both side about table1

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Web Forms :: How To Draw Line Graphs

Mar 12, 2010

i am working on a web page that needs to display a graph. The graph is fairly basic it will show time series data so on the Y axis i will show values between -100 and +100 for 4 lines and on the X axis i wont to show Dates (30 dates in total)

Can anyone recomend a control or way of doing this. (I see there are commercially available controls out there which look great but some cost 000's of dollars i nly need simople good looking line graph)

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SQL Reporting :: How To Draw Some Images In A Report

Mar 25, 2011

I would like to know if there is any way to draw some dynamic number of points and lines in a report.

I will have a group of "coordinates" that will define where in the report I must draw the items (cm from the left, and cm from the top).

Is there any way to achieve that? I can draw fixed elements, but I want positioning them dynamically.

The final target is to draw a map which mantains a scale, and draw some relevant elements in the map.

I'm thinking to have a datasource with all the location, the appearance and text data, and then (still don't know how) draw each element with it's style.

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C# - Calculate Some Data And Draw Corresponding Image?

Dec 5, 2010

I got a question with my ASP.NET page. On the page I have a form with some textboxes and a submit button. How can I do the following:

Get data from the textboxes Calculate some values Draw and place an image after the form using these values.

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Web Forms :: How To Draw Vertical Rule In C#

May 23, 2010

i have images in left ,right,bottom of the page so i want to draw border like this , in vertical and horizontal,can you give example:


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Web Forms :: How To Draw And Scribble On Page

May 7, 2015

I want to know is it possible to create a draw editor as we do it on microsoft word using pen.I found a article system.drawing.pen but that was using windows form my requirement is on web form

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AJAX :: TabContainer Occasionally Failing To Draw?

Mar 2, 2010

Okay, so this is one of those annoying bugs that happens sometimes, but not with enough regularity to really root out.

Fair warning that I'm still just toddling in ASP.NET, so I could be doing something heartbreakingly stupid. Here's the gist:

I've got a page with the bulk of its content inside of a TabContainer from the AJAX Toolkit. There are a few page elements outside the TabContainer -- mostly just header/footer stuff from the master page. Sometimes the page will load (either initially or on a postback) and the TabContainer will completely fail to draw, leaving a mostly-empty page. Clicking "Reload" in the browser almost always makes everything appear as usual.

What would make a TabContainer occasionally fail to draw? How can I go about debugging this.

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Draw Text Onto A Jpg And Re-save It Using System.drawing In C#?

Oct 11, 2010

Anyone have good example of how to write text onto a jpg image and resave it using System.Drawing in .NET?

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How To Draw Centered Text Onto A Jpg Using System.drawing In C#

Oct 11, 2010

I am using the following code to draw text onto a jpg image but it requires x/y coordinate percision on where to place the text.


How would I go about centering text onto an image? I am guessing it would have to do with defining some sort of container (rectangle maybe?) that is the width of the image and centering the text within that? Not sure what the best practice would be for this.

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Looking For A Good Technology To Draw Shape And Manage Them

Jan 24, 2011

I'm currently programming an application in MVC and I'm looking for a plug-in or anything that will to draw some rectangles and manage them. The rectangles should be resizable, movable and they should be compose of 8 points (at the middle of each corner and at each corner). I already found SVG, HTML 5(canvas) and [URL].

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