Multiple Update Panels In A Datalist - Can't Add Trigger

Jul 16, 2010

My issues here is that this does not compile. I get "A control with ID 'LinkButtonRemove' could not be found for the trigger in UpdatePanel 'UpdatePanelFiles'." What I am trying to do is have two buttons in the item template. One that updates just the ITEM and one that updates the entire DataList. "LinkButtonRemove" is what I want to update the entire datalist. Any ideas on why this isnt working? Or how to do what I want to do?


I want one control to update the item updatepanel only and the other to update the entire datalist.

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanelFiles" runat="server" ChildrenAsTriggers="False" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="LinkButtonRemove" />
<asp:DataList ID="DataListFiles" class="MediaManagerDataList" runat="server" ItemStyle-BackColor="#ffffff" AlternatingItemStyle-BackColor="#E7F4FF" OnItemCommand="DataListFiles_ItemCommand">
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanelItem" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<div class="item">
<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButtonRemove" CommandName="remove" runat="server">Remove</asp:LinkButton>

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Sep 20, 2010

I've got a single table, with project information and schedule information. To make the data easier to present, I created a tab control with two panels (a detailsview in each). The first tab is for project info, the second tab is for schedule info (again, all fields in the same table). The problem is, if i change info in both tabs, and then hit the update button, only the data from one tab is added to the table. I think this problem is simple to fix, and boils down to the way I have the page organized, but I can't quite figure it out.

I've boiled my code down to the following conceptualized structure:


When you click the update button, you return to the listview, but with only the information from your current tab saved. How can I get it to update from both detailsviews?

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AJAX :: Multiple Update Panels On Same Page?

Jan 5, 2010

i have 3 update panels on the same page with labels that are showing different countdown and i want then to run separate from each other. I've tried to use timer control that triggers each of them separatley with limitations in ontick event., the coutdowns are strating but after a few seconds are stoping and i don't know why.i'm not using scripts. I want to run like those on mafia wars on Facebook when something is done to start one contdown and something else other timer.

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AJAX :: Load Multiple Update Panels Simultaneously

Aug 22, 2012

I have two different repeater control which are in two different Update panel.I want to bind one Repeater value with another.But When i am using asyncPostBackTrigger or postbacktrigger it is reloading whole page.

I want to load only load update panel

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Jquery - Update Trigger From Multiple Controls In Gridview

Mar 7, 2011

I have a gridview with multiple checkboxes, sometimes 40+. I want the checkboxes to call a .net function in the code behind when clicked. Normally this would be simple if the checkboxes were outside of the gridview. But because they are in the gridview and I don't know how many there are, I don't know their id's before runtime.

I am at the point right now that when you click a checkbox, a jQuery script returns the id and value of the checkbox. Unfortunately, I don't know how to pass the value to a function - that will in turn update another gridview. AFAIK my only option is to get the id's of the controls (checkboxes) before page load and to programatically add then to the update trigger portion of the update panel. Is there any other way to say 'if any checkboxes are clicked, run this'?

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AJAX :: Update Panel: Need To Trigger A Partial Update For Any Event?

Mar 18, 2010

I am building a system for a school project. I currently have several Update Panels on the page that have many different controls on them. I also have a single Label control that i use to display messages to the user. I would like to have this label within an update panel also but there are literally hundreds of triggers that would require it to be updated and i dont want to type an absurd number of triggers for this one control.Is there a way for me to have this one panel update regardless of what happens?

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AJAX :: Suppress Update Progress Trigger From Update Panel?

Aug 9, 2010

I have update panel , in update panel i have one button control which exposes onlientClick event ( it dosent have click event to do postback to server).

and i have one updateprogress panel. So my problem is though i'm performing operation on client side , internally the async event is firing and making updateprogress panel to act (having rotation gif image) which i dont want , as it rotates for 10-15 sec more even after the operation at client side is done !

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AJAX :: Only Specified Update Panels Update - Not All

May 11, 2010

i have 4 update panels, and 1 of them updates after a button has been clicked, and the other 3 panels contain other buttons, but what i would like to do is that, when the button is clicked, how would i make it ONLY trigger for that update panel, as it updates the whole page, and is affecting my Textbox on the page, which is also in an update panel. how i could make just that specific panel update, and not all of them?

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C# - Search Using Update Panels

Mar 21, 2011

Is it possible to use an UpdatePanel that has like a few text boxes, and a search button, and then perhaps another UpdatePanel that has a gridview in it to return the results of what was searched. When the user clicks search it hides the boxes, and displays the gridview. Can I do this with UpdatePanels? I am using c# for my coding. Or should I be doing this another way?

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C# - Make Independent Update Panels?

Jan 19, 2010

As far as I understand UpdatePanels, they should be invalidated separately, i.e. triggerring one UpdatePanel should not touch the controls of the other panel. It does work so for controls outside of any UpdatePanels, however those which are inside ANY UpdatePanel are touched by triggering ANY UpdatePanel:

<form id="form1" runat="server">
<asp:ScriptManager ID="SM1" runat="server"/>


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2 Update Panels Always Posting Back?

Nov 16, 2010

i have the below page and i am racking my brain as to why when i have two update panels do they both get post backs. i can tell cause i have two user controls- one in each panel and they both fire page load events when only the left panel should be posing back and updating itself... or else whats the point of update panels if in reality the entire page is posting back!

<asp:Content ID="StyleContent" ContentPlaceHolderID="Style" runat="server">
<link href="../Styles/ReportWizard.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<div class="clearFix"></div>
<div class="wizardContainer">
<asp:UpdatePanel runat="server" ID="pnlWizard">


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VS 2008 How To Use Update Panels To Stop The Flicker

Nov 23, 2010

so I got the following page - student listed with 6 buttons to indicate a lunch choice. Clicking the button will update the DB immediately - so a postback happens and lots of screen flicker.

Where do I put update panels in this messy repeater in order to make just a row "redraw"? I broke the code into two parts so you can see the StudentRepeater in the second code window.Also - note that the lunch counts in the labels on the left will also update from the DB. Does that go in it's own update panel?

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="BodyPlaceHolder" Runat="Server">
<table id="treetable" style="width: 100%;">
<tr> [code].....

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Javascript - Validation Using AJAX Without Update Panels

Dec 15, 2010

I'm looking for a way to use custom ASP.NET validators to validate input, without using UpdatePanels, and without a full postback. The validators do several things - not just length/regex, but some other non-standard stuff as well. Javascript is required for our users, so I don't have to worry about normal users who have javascript turned off. I see several options, but none are ideal:

1) Suck it up and use UpdatePanels. I'm in the "UpdatePanels are evil" group, so I'd prefer not to do this.

2) Without using validation controls, manually validate the fields by passing the values to a PageMethod static method, via jQuery or any other AJAX framework. This would require client and server coding each time I needed to use a validator.

3) Use jQuery (or any other javascript framework) validation for client validation, then if they somehow get by that, have server-code validation controls for full postback. This would require all of the validation rules to be written in javascript as well as C#. I don't care about the full failed postback at this point, because the javascript validation would catch real users who weren't trying to screw me over.

Is there alternative out there for using real CustomValidator controls, with partial postback, C# code only, for validating input without UpdatePanels and without a lot of redundant javascript?

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How To Display Different AJAX Update Panels In One Location

Apr 19, 2010

I have a page with 5 buttons on top. I want the area below the buttons to contain an update panel that will display button 1's panel if they click button 1. If they click on Button 2, then I want button 2's update panel to replace the button 1 update panel. Each panel has stuff on it like check boxes and text boxes.

Is there a way to do this? Is there a more efficient way to do this?

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AJAX :: Update Panels, Repeaters And Lists?

Jun 3, 2010

I realise that there are many posts on update panels and repeaters but none that quite solve my problem. I have a page with two Repeaters each inside seperate update panels. They sit next to each other one on the left and one on the right. The left repeater is filled from my database on my page load event. Im am storing the data in a List<> and then binding the list to the repeater. This works correctly and displays all my results. Each item in the left repeat has a button aswell. The button needs toremove the data from the left repeater and place it in the right repeater. I only want the database to be accessed in the Page_Load and then never again during the use of the page, until the data is saved (I have not got to this feature yet). So I have decided to use List<> objects.

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AJAX :: If (masterPageScriptManager.IsInAsyncPostBack) With 2 Update Panels?

Mar 13, 2011

I'm using two update panels, and in the Page_Load, I'm calling if (masterPageScriptManager.IsInAsyncPostBack).Is there a way to test where the update came from and only refresh the affected panel?

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AJAX :: Detecting Cause Of Slowness In Update Panels?

Jan 27, 2010

I have a page that display a record set inside an update panel. There are also a handfull of checkboxes/textboxes that allow filters to be placed. Each checkbox/textbox is set as an async trigger for the update panel and set to autopostback.

If a single checkbox is clicked the whole filter/render process takes roughly 1.5s.

If I check a filter and then several more before the intial postback is complete I get a postback time of somewhere between 20-50s depending how many boxes I've clicked.

I notice (via firebug) when I check a box that triggers an async postback and than another box the original async post back is aborted. And yet it seems like it still executes (or maybe locks?) something on the server.

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AJAX :: Update Panels Work In All Browsers But IE?

Dec 22, 2010

I have multiple update panels on a page. The page works perfectly in Chrome, Firefox, safari, and opera but it does not work in IE. I am using .NET 4.0.

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AJAX :: Shows Data In Multiple Panels

Apr 13, 2010

I have web page with multiple update panels on it, each update panel has a detail view which is bound to different data sources, since the data loading takes time so i want that when data from any source is available the update panel shows it, while the other update panel shows a progress panel till data loading is done.

I have set all the update panel to 'Contional Mode' updating and a trigger is set to them against a buttons click event. on button click i load data from Db. hoever, when i click the button all update panel start the progree bar and they load data syncronously, but i want the above secario.

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AJAX :: Update Panels In Website Become Unknown Element?

Nov 6, 2010

Suddenly all update panels in my website became unknown elements. They work fine when I run site.


no intellisense in update panel (no properties appear, no tags, like "triggers")
no ID property when I drag updatepanel from toolbox
VS says that I check if webconfig contains reference to System.Web.Extensions

But I have this reference already.

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Web Forms :: Two User Controls With Update Panels In The Same Webpage?

Jul 28, 2010

i have created an user control with a text box and a list control inside ajax update panel to create a control like the google search text box which floods the values as the user types in.

its working fine whats my problem is that when i am trying to use two user controls that i created in the same page. when i am running the page am able to use only the second user control. when i start typing in the first control the focus control is getting passed to the second one automatically and i am not able to type in anything in the first control.

what can be the reason? am using only one script manager for both. the update panel is inside the usercontrol.

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AJAX :: Update Panels And Setting The Text Of A Label?

Jul 16, 2010

I have 3 updatepanels on my page and I want 2 of them to update when an event is fired. In one of the update panels I have an asp ReoderList.




I've stepped through the code and I can't figure out why it isn't working.



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AJAX :: .NET " Update Panels Slow Down The Process In IE 7?

Jul 26, 2010

I have a web application which has several update panel this page is taking around 2 miniutes to process. Is it a problem with the IE 7

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C# - List All Update Panels ClientID In Webform Page?

Jul 23, 2010

Anyone know of a way to read out in a list all of the UpdatePanel Client ID's I have on a page? Basically I need to loop through all controls in the page with a type of UpdatePanel, and display the ClientID for each..

I have four update panels on this page and I am using this

private string LoopUpdatePanel(ControlCollection controlCollection)
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
foreach (Control control in controlCollection)


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DRAGON (assistive Technology) Tool And Update Panels?

Oct 5, 2010

Our web application currently uses a Master Page and each individual web page has at least one update panel. Then each control has its own javascript to focus back on it after a page refresh. Now the problem I am running into is the the listed AT tool is not being refreshed to see the appropriate controls unless the "Skip navigation" link (which points to the content of the page via "#Content") is selected. Are there any suggestions on how to get the skip navigation link executed automatically? Or even any suggestions on how to tackle this problem? Our group cannot write this off as a work around nor as a vendor problem.

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