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Popup Needs To Refer Back To Textbox Within A Content Control / Window.opener.document.form1 Is Undefined

I have a link that is located inside a content control. This link calls a javascript function that opens a popup window containing a calendar and passes it the transformed id from the server of a textbox control using clientid. I need to be able to click on a date and have the popup close and insert the date into the textbox of the id I passed into the function which again, is located inside the content control.

This is the link in the content control:


I should also mention the error I'm getting is:

window.opener.document.form1 is undefined

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"popup Window" Send Checked Treeview Items From Child Window To Parent Window Textbox?
how to send the checked treeview items from the child window to the parent window textbox

Posted: Dec 11, 2008 04:13 AM

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Web Forms :: Accessing Textbox In Parent Window From Popup Window
I am using a master page in my project. I opened a popup window from content page. What I want to do is, when I close the popup window, the data in the textbox available in popup should be assigned to a text box in parent form. But I dont want to refresh the parent window when I close the popup window. Can any one tell me how can I access textbox in a parent window from a popup window without refreshing the screens.

Posted: Feb 15, 2011 02:37 PM

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MVC :: Close The Popup And Redirect To Opener?
There is a View 'Proc' with a button 'End' that opens aView in a popup window.This popup window has a button on click of which I want toclose the popupand redirect to the operner window.On Click of the button on popup, an action is executed and at the end of that action it opens anotherView 'RedirectEndProc'.

Following javascript code is present in the aspx page ofthe view 'RedirectEndProc' -

window.opener.location.href = window.opener.location.href;


It works fine in normal scenario.However, in following scenario it throws the error -

1. On the view 'Proc' there is another button calledAssign. On click of Assign, an action (ProcSave)executes and throws validation error.After this action the url of the window changes from .../Proc to .../ProcSave?id=9898&name=join

2. When I click on the End button, it opens the popup.

3. But when I click on the button on that popup, I am getting following error -

"Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /Section/ProcSave"

Posted: Dec 29, 2009 10:08 PM

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Web Forms :: Call Window.opener.reload From Different Server?
my project (located at a page (abc.aspx)which call the content of a page "aaa.aspx"using iframe(located at,

inside "aaa.aspx" contain a button to popup another window, when the pop up window is close, it will call window.opener.reload, but its return me errorbecause it from 2 difference server,

Posted: Apr 20, 2009 07:04 AM

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VS 02/03 Using Window.opener.location.reload(); In IE7 To Refresh Parent Page?
I have a web page that opens another web page in a pop up window. I would like to refresh the parent page when the submit button is clicked on the pop up page. I tried using window.opener.location.reload(); in IE7 but nothing seems to be happening.

Posted: May 16th, 2010, 01:54 PM

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AJAX :: Javascript Window.history.back() With Modal Popup Extender
I have page thathas a list of items. When one of the items from the list is clicked a details page is displayed. This details page has a link button to show a popup for history of the item. The details page also has a button with text 'Back'.The back button has onclick event set to "javascript:window.history.back();".

This back button works fine and goes back to the first page. However when the user is on the second page and opens the pop up by clicking on the link button, the back button stop working and displays Webpage has expired message.

Posted: Sep 30, 2010 06:33 AM

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Programmatically Fire A Server-side Event In Window.opener With JavaScript
I have a DropDownList that fires off some server-side databinding in its OnSelectedIndexChanged event.

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlGroup" runat="server"
AutoPostBack="True" OnSelectedIndexChanged="SelectGroup" />

Elsewhere in the page, some JavaScript opens a popup. When the popup is filled out and submitted, I want to use JavaScript to fire that OnSelectedIndexChanged event in the opener page. I found some other code that does something similar:

if (window.opener != null ) {
var cf = window.opener.document.forms['aspnetForm'];
if (!cf) {
cf = window.opener.document.aspnetForm;

Posted: Feb 18 at 16:28

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WCF / ASMX :: Microsoft JScript Runtime Error: 'document.Form1.txtScrollY' Is Null Or Not An Object?
I am upgrading a website from .Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 Framework.My Code is working well in mozilla but the same code is creating one problem in explorerthat is :- "Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'document.Form1.txtScrollY' is null or not an object"It is showing 3 options for every action i do in the net Break , Continue, Ignore.

Posted: May 19, 2010 10:56 AM

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Pass Control Value From Parent Window To Popup Window's Code Behind
I want to receive value from parent's control to popup window's code behind. for example

<asp:RadioButton ID="rdoRate" GroupName="CouponType" value="0" runat="server" checked/>Rate
<asp:RadioButton ID="rdoAmount" GroupName="CouponType" value="1" runat="server"/>dollar

and recive selected radiobutton's value from popup window's code behind. My Solution is make querystring and pass the value.

for example > + ?selectedRadioVal=" + $("#~~checkedradiovalue~~) .. blah balh)
and receive the value by Reqeust.Querystring.Get().

But I can't send very long string. (maybe the url length is limited, right? Is there any good way to solve?

Posted: Apr 16 10 at 12:38

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Want Pass To A Textbox The Html Content Of A WebBrowser1.Document ?
i want pass to a textbox the html content of a WebBrowser1.Document

Posted: Feb 18, 2009, 12:00

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How To Display Word Document Content In Any Textbox Which Supports
there is one linkbtn , on click i have to display word document content inside any textBox which supports, i used simple textbox but am facing the formatting problem. and also it does not show image. there is for problem in display word document content inside any textBox .

Posted: Jun 1 10 at 18:36

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Passing Value From Popup Window To Parent Form's TextBox?
Work on vs08 C#.i have a page .From this page i need to call a page on popup.On the popup page selected value will be set on the parent page text control.1) One parent page2)One child page.3)call parent to child as popup.4)On popup window contain a grid.5)on popup grid have command select,click on select close popup and selected value will set on parent page text control.

Posted: Jan 19 10 at 7:21

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Clear Textbox Values Inside A Modal Popup Window?
I need to clear the textbox valus inside a modal poup window, the reset command button also in the same panel. The panel only having all the textboxex and command buttons, how to clear textbox values in the button click event.

Posted: Nov 27th, 2009, 07:07 AM

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AJAX :: Clear Textbox Values Inside A Modal Popup Window?
I need to clear the textbox valus inside a modal poup window, the reset command button also in the same panel.

The panel only having all the textboxex and command buttons, how to clear textbox values in the button click event.

Posted: Nov 27, 2009 12:01 PM

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Forms Data Controls :: Pass Value From Child (popup Window) To Textbox Within Listview In Parent Page
I have a listview that has n rows.

Within the EditItemTemplate and InsertItemTemplate I have a cell that has a textbox and a button.

When the button is clicked a popup window is shown, where the user can upload a picture. The name of the uploaded picture is retrieved.

Now I want to send that picture name back to the textbox within the listviews EditItemTemplate or/and InsertItemTemplate (that is ofcourse one at a time depending on what the user is doing, inserting or editing a row).

The code I have written so far looks like this. The below code has been abbreviated


The code behind looks like this (also abbreviated). Actually I don't think the code behind is needed, since its mainly javascript from the popup window (child page), but nevertheless here it goes.


And at last the child page / popup page.

Well there is not anything to see here, cause I'm using the Telerik RAD upload control, which is doing everything for me.

However the line below may be of interest. Here I'm taking the name of the uploaded file (picture) and printing it to a label.


Posted: May 25, 2010 07:19 PM

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Javascript - .NET Cross Domain Modal Window (window.showModalDialog) - Parameter Value Always "undefined"?
I have two webpages, parent page .aspx and child page .html.
On parent page I have JavaScript function for invoking child page as modal window via window.showModalDialog.

function viewCourseModal(url) {

var sPars = SomeParameters();
var returnedValue = window.showModalDialog(url, "", sPars);[CODE]...

So when I launch parent window and invoke child modal window, parameter with "someValue" gets returned to the parent window (to modalReadyForTest control) upon clicking the button Button1.It works fine when I have both parent and child pages on the same domain. When I have them on different domains, value of the parameters does not get passed and instead it is always "undefined".Is there any way to have modal window from different domain returning parameter value to parent page? Can those cross domain issues be solved at all or should I try completely different approach?

Posted: Aug 27 10 at 20:29

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How The Calendar Control Is Displayed In A Popup Window
how The calendar control is displayed in a popup window and the selected date will be displayed inside a Textbox control.

Posted: Oct 23 10 at 10:10

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Open A Popup Window From User Control?
I would like to open a popup window from user control on button click event. I am using the following code but I am not able to open new window


Posted: Oct 27, 2010 05:00 AM

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MVC :: Open A Ascx Control Popup Window The Way?
I need to open a ascx control as a popup window (so that I can then allow a button to do a window.print() inside it) How do I pass the Html result of the ascx control into a popup window? Possibly using javascript? I want to keep it with the MVC way of doing things ideally

Posted: Feb 02, 2009 01:13 PM

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Web Forms :: Open A User Control As A Popup Window?
I have a requirement whereI need to open a User Control as a PopUp without using Ajax. I have created a User Control with a List Box ,OK and Cancel buttons. My parent page is an ASPX page with an Image button and Gridview control. When I click on Image button , I need to open the Pop Up window,select a few items in the list box .When clicked on OK in the pop up,the selected items in list view need to be binded in gridview in parent page.

For opening the pop up I've given the code as:

System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this.Page, this.GetType(), "temp", "<script type='text/javascript'>'UCFilter.ascx', '', 'height=200,width=500,top=250,left=250,resizable=no,titlebar=0,menubar=0,toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,scrollbars=no,status=0',
'false');</script>", false);

I am getting this error :

This type of page is not served. Description: The type of page you have requested is not served because it has been explicitly forbidden. The extension '.ascx' may be incorrect. Please review the URL below and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Posted: Sep 22, 2009 07:52 AM

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SQL Reporting :: Displaying New Popup Window In ReportViewer Control?
when i clink on a column of rldc then i want popup(not jump) a new aspx windows.

Posted: Dec 19, 2009 04:02 AM

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AJAX :: Datalist And Control Toolkit Modal Popup Window?
I have created list of thumbnail imagesin datalist and on clicking image i want topass image name to Ajax control toolkit Modal Popup window which display bigger image.

Posted: Sep 03, 2010 05:39 AM

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Window.XMLHttpRequest Is Undefined In IE7 / IE8
Value of window.XMLHttpRequest is Undefined when i run my application even in IE7 or IE8, Is there anything i have to enable in IE7 to make it work.

Posted: Mar 2 10 at 13:04

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Javascript - JS: "The Callee (server [not Server Application]) Is Not Available And Disappeared." Accessing Window.opener?
In our (quite large and old) ASP.NET application we use a lot of pages loaded into frames, iframes, and modal dialogs (using window.showModalDialog). We are starting to see the error above quite a bit, and I can't seem to find a single rational explanation for it anywhere.Popup Blockers. Nope. We're not running them. Not even the built-in blocker.Trusted Zone. Nope. The application runs on LocalHost right now, and it's in the trusted sites list.Stray Cosmic Rays. Possible, but not probable. It's way too consistent.

I did eventually find the error message buried on Microsoft's site in some dusty tome about retrieving automation error message information. In it, they were talking about Excel, and they said: "In this example, Microsoft Excel is the server application. Referencing a workbook object once it is destroyed (or closed) generates the error."That is probably as close as I've ever come to an explanation for the cause of the error, without a real, concrete explanation. Someone tried to use something after their reference to it was disposed of. Oddly, you can still see the windows on the screen. Curiously, however, this smacks suspiciously to me of the accepted answer to this.So here's what happens.

Page A is the main page.PageA displays PageB in a frame. PageB is a toolbar.PageA displays PageC in another frame. That's the content.PageC displays PageD in a nonmodal dialog. PageD, for reasons unknown to me, wants to modify the controls in PageB. It's trying to use window.opener to do that, and failing horribly.If someone could enlighten me as to why this is the case (the code works in FF), I'd appreciate it.

Posted: Oct 1 10 at 14:23

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Forms Data Controls :: Can A Popup Or A Window Containing The Data Inside TextBox
I have a DataGrid which has a Multiline TextBox. I only display 3 rows and the user can scroll down to see the rest of the data.

However I'd to open up a window, baloon, whatever every time the user hover the mouse over the TextBox area.

And when he moves the mouse out, the window should close automatically.

Posted: Sep 13, 2010 09:02 PM

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Print Div Content From User Control Without Opening A New Window?
I have a USER CONTROL with a <div> tag and a button. I want to print the content of the <div> when the button is clicked. Only the content of the div and nothing else no matter where the control is used. This without opening a new window.

Posted: Feb 2 10 at 14:35

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AJAX :: CalendarShown Undefined - Got It To Show Up In Modal Popup


Anyone run in to this problem?

Posted: Oct 29, 2010 08:46 PM

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Javascript - Passing Data Between A Parent Window And A Child Popup Window With JQuery
I have the following HTML

<td class="label" valign="top">
Affiliate Party
<td class="field">
<input type="hidden" name="ctl00$MainContent$ExternalAccountAttributes$AffiliatePartyId" id="AffiliatePartyId" />
<input name="ctl00$MainContent$ExternalAccountAttributes$AffiliatePartyName" type="text" id="AffiliatePartyName" class="PartyLookup" />

and the following Javascript/jQuery

$(".PartyLookup").after("<img src='Images/book_open.png' class='PartyLookupToggle' style='padding-left:4px;' />");
$(".PartyLookupToggle").click(function () {"PartySearch.aspx", "PartySearch", "width=400,height=50");
return false;

I need to be able to flag ANY PartyId input field with class="PartyLookup" so that it will modify the DOM and include the image next to the input field. The popup window returns data to populate both the hidden and text fields, but since the click() is generic I need to pass it the ID of the input field.

Posted: Dec 3 10 at 21:58

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Forms Data Controls :: Populate Value From Popup Window To A Grid In Parent Window?
I have to develop a time sheet application for my organization, where employees will select the nature of work, enter client details (into textbox inside grid) and other details and enter the number of hours spent.

In that, while selecting clients I have to show them a pop window which again will have grid showing client address, name and other details. From the pop up window employee will select a client. After that that client name and address has to populate to the grid in the parent window.

Can I use gridview for this or is there any best solution for this ?

How to populate selected value in pop-up window to grid in the parent window ?

Posted: Nov 05, 2009 10:52 AM

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Web Forms :: Return True Or False From Popup Window To Parent Window
I am trying to return true or false from popup window to the parent window. Actually the parent window has a button control, which on click popup another window. The popup window holds some emailing data and a button "send". This "send" button onclick send email. Now I want to return true if the email is successfully sent otherwise false, to the parent window. Depending on returning value a label present on parent window displays a text message. But I am not able to implement it. Because it might happen that the popup window is blocked by web-browsers popup blocker or popup window is accidentally closed by user. So how can I confirm to parent window whether or not the email is successfully sent?

Posted: Sep 25, 2010 08:14 AM

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Web Forms :: Call Parent Window Method From Model Popup Window?
i have a page Parent.aspx,, and this is responsible to open the window as a model dialog(model.apsx). model.apsx has OK button when we click on this button then server side method called to save the data. while saving the data it return the id of saved data. i need this id on my Parent.aspx.Cs file, so how can i get this id on my Parent.aspx.cs file?

Posted: Nov 17, 2010 06:18 AM

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Web Forms :: Close Popup Window And Open Page In Parent Window?
I have a login page that is loaded in popup window (colorbox) and after user logs in it should be closed and parent window should be loaded with new page.

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Do While reader.Read()
If Trim(reader("ZAP").ToString()) = Trim(textBoxZap.Text) Then
Session("A") = "1"
lblErr.Text = "incorect"
End If

So once the buton is clicked and user name and password is corect popup window should be closed and user redirected to default aspx.

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 09:08 AM

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Web Forms :: Retrieve Value From Popup Window Opened Using
I am trying to open a popup window from main window using method. How to get back the value from the called popup window to the calling window in, basically i need to get back the value and populate in the text box available in the main window.

Posted: Apr 28, 2010 08:08 PM

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Web Forms :: Passing Variables Between Parent Window And Popup Window
I have a page wich opens a popup window. I want to pass some variables, like some textbox.text and 2 dataTables from parent window to the popup window. And then I'll have to return some vars from popup window to parent window. So what is the best way to do this,

1) using Sessions("")


2)passing the variables as parameteres:

LinkButton1.Attributes.Add("onclick", "'popup.aspx?field1=" & value1 & "&field2=" & value2 & ......

I don't know if it's appropiated passing 8 or 10 variables as the option2 because the user will see a very long url with all the variables, but maybe is more efficient than using Sessions.... Anyway, could somebody clear me up?

Posted: Apr 29, 2010 04:01 PM

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Open A Popup Window On Top Of A Popup Window
I have a scenario where I have a popup window open and that will have links to open up another window that's going to pop open on top of the already open popup window. I've tried all sort of tricks (javascript, target="_blank" etc.) but nothing seem to work. It always was opening the page on the already opened popup window.

Posted: May 7 10 at 13:24

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Web Forms :: Get Value From Popup Window To The Parent Window Without Form Tag?
if the parent window is embedded into the master page. how can i get the value from the popup window to the parent window if the parent haven't have the form tag.

Posted: Nov 20, 2009 02:24 AM

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Get Data From Popup Window And Refresh The Already Opened Window
I have a Homepage.aspx on which there are search button when i clicked that button a new popup window is opened and i do some stuff there. Now i want that when i close that window i have a values in session["rm_id"], the previous Homepage.aspx(parent page) should be refreshed on whose Page_load i will get session["rm_id"]. i tried Response.redirect("Homepage.aspx") but it opened a new page

Posted: Dec 10 09

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Javascript - IE - Get Popup's Opening Window When Using (url)?
we are running a click-to-call service, my idea is basically like this: website have a link on their page, when the link is clicked, a web page(say it is popup.aspx) hosted on our server is popup, user can input their phone number, and click "call me" button to let the website call him. In the button click event, I want to get Request.UrlReferrer, then query the db to get website's phone. But in IE, Request.UrlReferrer is null(firefox is ok, not test chrome yet),my question is how to get opening window' url in IE? we put popup.aspx on our server because

our client website is not force to use we have the control what we put on the popup window, and can modify the page just from our side, if we put the pop window on our partner's side, if we have 100 partner, and we change the page's design, we will notify everyone of them to change this, change that. we can implement a statics system to know how popup a day, which site is most popular,etc

Posted: Sep 23 10 at 0:59

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Set Focus On The First Textbox Control In A Popup (modal)?
How can i set focus on the first textbox control in a popup (modal)? It's a login window.

I tried javascript, but that failed.

Posted: Oct 1 10 at 9:28

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