Web Forms :: Multiple Instances Of User Control

Aug 20, 2010

I have a user control that I place on a page severl times. When I make a selection on a ddl in one one control the SelectedIndexChanged event fires for all the control on the page for that ddl. So I get duplication of an insert that I do. Is there a ay to make sure these events are isolated so this doesn't happen.

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Web Forms :: Can Use Multiple Instances By Same User Control

Sep 10, 2010

I have an ASP.NET page inside of an ASP.NET Master page, and inside the page I have two instances of the same web user control. I have given them different IDs, but when I click a button on the first user control it causes the second user control to do the expected activity and the first one does nothing. Is there something I need to do to make sure that the controls don't get confused?

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Web Forms :: Multiple Instances Of Same User Control On Same Page?

Aug 22, 2010

I have built a User Control in VB which displays two gridviews and allows a user to select an item in the first gridview and display multiple rows in the second grid with the key of the selected item from the first. The data to be displayed is passed to the User Control as a datatable object via a public property of the User Control.

The user control works perfectly, but to allow the the subs in the codebehind of the User Control to access the data set when the user control is initialised, I have declared them as "Private Shared".

Having got everything to work, I now want to display multiple instances of the same User Control with different datasets.

However, because my data objects are defined as "Private Shared" each instance of the user control is overwriting the data of the others.

I can fix this problem by removing the "Shared" keyword, and have also tried setting them to "Protected" instead but then my variables expire after being set and contain "Nothing" when I get to the "RowCommand" event in the Code Behind.

I'm sure I must be doing something stupid, because surely the whole idea of User Controls is to make reusable code drven by parameters.

Here is my code:

Main Program .aspx


Main Program Code Behind


User Control .ascx


User Control Code Behind


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AJAX :: Update Panel & Update Progress In User Control / Multiple Instances On Same Page

Feb 16, 2010

I have a user control, that has an update panel and update progress control in it.

I use this user control in more than 1 location on the same page.... problem is, when ucA posts back, I see the update progress control for both ucA and ucB. I assume this is because it is a user control and the update panel and progress are named the same?

Either way - how do I make it so that the update progress only displays for the proper user control?

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Web Forms :: 2 Instances Of A User Control On The Same Page Causing Page_Loads To Fire On Both?

Jan 12, 2011

I've created a User Control (.ascx), which has a dropdown. When an item is selected, it uses some model classes to pull back a set of data which it then dynamically displays as a list of checkboxes in a panel control.

When I add one to the page, it works very well indeed.

However, when I add another I get this behaviour:

1. Select an item from the first dropdown, the checkboxes appear underneath ok.

2. Select an item from the second dropdown, the new lot of checkboxes appear ok, but the first lot disappear.

It's rather frustrating, they both have different IDs on the page, so they shouldn't interfere with each other should they? There is some Javascript that I've added but I use the Panel.ClientControlID to separate these out (I've already thought of that one).

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#SEQ Keyword - Charting Control With Multiple Azure Cloud Application Instances

Feb 27, 2010

I am having a simple Azure cloud app(WebRole=ASP.Net MVC) which draws charts using ASP.Net Charting control. Chart RenderType = ImageMap Chart ImageLocation = "/Images/Chart_#SEQ(1000,1)" Number of app instances deployed on Windows Azure = 5 App contains a button which draws charts as per users parameters. When user clicks on this button, MVC action is called which provides necessary ViewData for drawing chart and returns a partial view which after getting rendered sends ImageMap and Image location to client.

When I try to draw charts from IE8 I always get the charts as per my parameters but when I simulataneously try to draw charts on FireFox sometimes I get wrong charts(wrong images). Is is due to roundrobin used - #SEQ(1000,1) or due to mutiple instances of my cloud app?

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Required Field Validations In USER CONTROL Are Fired In All Instances?

Nov 12, 2010

I have usercontrol which has required field validation in it. I have 2 instances of this usercontrol in single web page . Now if I click button on first usercontrol the validation messages are fired for 2 user controls. But only the required fields of that user control has to be fired.

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Web Forms :: Can't Have Multiple Instances Of A Custom Validator

Feb 8, 2011

I have the current block of code inside an OnPreRender method of a validator that is inheriting from BaseValidator. If I have one instance of the validator this works fine, but if there are multiple instances the javascript flakes out. As it stands the acutal evaluation function has to be rendered on a per instance basis. I know it's kind of a drop in the bucket, but I'd like to register the block below just once instead of giving each instance a unique key to register with.


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Multiple Controls On A Page With Multiple Instances Of Javascript?

May 10, 2010

I have created a Web Control in ASP for use in integrating with Telligent CommunityServer. The control is written in ASP with some 10 lines of C# backend for controlling visibility of the UI elements based on permissions, but I'd say 90% of the functionality is straight-up Javascript. The control works beautifully, until you drop two instances of the Control on the same page--since they reference the exact same Javascript functions, only one control works. How can I take this functionality that I have, this 1200 lines of Javascript, and make it so that each instance of the control can reference its each unique instance of Javascript?

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Web Forms :: Use Multiple TinyMCE Editor Instances On A Single Webpage

Oct 12, 2013

How we can use multiple tiny mce on a single webpage i.e..aspx page?

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Web Forms :: Adding Multiple Instances Of Usercontrol On Button Click Event

Aug 13, 2010

As you said that for storing use data table and make property in the .ascx.cs file but I have problem that I m not able to get that property in the .aspx page. How to add multiple instances of web usercontrol on page on button click event?

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Web Forms :: Multiple User Control With Update Panel Causing Multiple Page Load?

May 2, 2010

I have an update panel in a user control and I am adding multiple instances of it for example 5.

When that update panel refreshes the page load occurs 5 times.

How can I prevent it only for once?

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VS 02/03 - Prevent Multiple Instances Of Web App

Apr 1, 2010

Is there an easy way to prevent users from opening multiple instances of the same web application? Can I add something to the application start section of the global page which would prevent this?

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Creating Instances Of Web User Controls?

Nov 1, 2010

It seems when I try to dynamically create multiple instances of a User Control, I get an Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object error on any ASP control that I'm using in that User Control

Here's the class where I'm creating them.


Am I able to successfully refer to a panel on the page that I'm calling this routine from simply by ByVal ... As Panel, or should I use HttpContext?

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Multiple Instances Of Same JQuery Plugin?

Oct 15, 2010

In an aspx page I am calling a jquery plugin for two listboxes as below.

$(document).ready(function() {


Managed to solved this issue by having same class name for both the listboxes and then passing both the list box objects to the plugin

$('select.select_field').custSelectBox(null, $('#EditUsers_Organisations'), $('#EditUsers_AdditionalLanguages'));

This might not be the best solution but nothing else worked for me.

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Regex Pattern / How To Use Multiple Instances

Mar 7, 2011

YARPQ - Yet Another Regex Pattern Question:

What I am trying to figure out is how to use a custom delimiter, single character or set of characters, to wrap a block of text inside a larger body of text and then pull that text out via regex. I have successfully done this with a single instance of wrapped text. If I have multiple instances, it blows up. Here is an example.

This would be my text block with the internally wrapped text:


When my current regex runs on this block, the greedy nature gives me a match starting with my first wrapped block delimeter and ending with my second wrapped block end delimeter. So my regex of @"#Delim(.*)#EndDelim" doesn't work in this instance. I am trying to figure out how to exclude the #EndDelim from my grouping. Simply using ([^#EndDelim]*) doesn't work as it tells regex to ignore the individual characters inside the brackets and not the actual word so this breaks if I have any of those characters inside my wrapped block of text.

I am probably making this harder than it needs to be. Does anyone know of a good solution or how to ignore entire words in regex?

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Retrieving Multiple Instances Of The Same Session Variable

Mar 16, 2010

I'm having problems with retrieving multiple instances of a session variable from an InProc session state. In the following code I persist a simple BusinessObject into a session variable on the Page_Load event. On the click of a button I try to retrieve the object back into 2 new declared instances of the same BusinessObject. All works great until I change one of the properties in the first instance, it changes the second instance as well. Is this normal behaviour? I would have thought as these were new instances they wouldn't demonstrate static behaviour?

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
' create a new instance of a business object and set a containg variable
Dim BO As New BusinessObject
BO.SomeVariable = "test"
' persist to inproc session
Session("BO") = BO
End If
End Sub

Protected Sub btnRetrieveSessionVariable_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles btnRetrieveSessionVariable.Click
' retrieve the session variable to a new instance of BusinessObject
Dim BO1 As New BusinessObject
If Not Session("BO") Is Nothing Then BO1 = Session("BO")
' retrieve the session variable to a new instance of BusinessObject...............................

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C# - How To Use Multiple Instances Of A Usercontrol With Jquery On The Same Page

May 19, 2010

I've been working on an usercontrol with a jquery timer in it. At first I had the jquery within the usercontrol. But when I add 2 of those controls to my page the second usercontrol isn't showing it's data very well.Now I've put the jquery into the mainpage and the usercontrol only uses the id's of the jquery.

<%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="WebUserControl.ascx.cs"
Inherits="WebUserControl" %>
<style type="text/css">

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Static Variables To Be Accessed Across Multiple Instances

Feb 17, 2010

is there any way to stop share the static variable at multiple users....I need to create a new insatnce of static variables or not accessing the same static variables across multiple who are using the same site.....while googling i found like hisSystem.Threading.Interlocked.Increment(ref MyClass.InstanceCounter); by using can I do....or is there any other way to stop accessing the static variables accross multiple instances of my site......and in my scenario i cannot use rely on session variable also

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Multiple ScriptControl Instances Sharing Variable?

Oct 20, 2010

I have a ScriptControl that uses an image as an embedded resource and GetWebResourceUrl to generate the WebResource.axd URL. I am currently using GetScriptDescriptors() to send the URL to the JavaScript object.The ScriptControl can be in a Repeater, so you may have 20+ instances. They all use the same images (not customizable through property), so I would like to set the URL once in a variable and share it. I know I could register a script block with a global variable, but would like to avoid that if possible. Is there a way to set a variable within the scope of the control type (global -> control type -> control instance)?

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How To Make Multiple Web App Instances Read Same File

Jun 22, 2011

If more than one person is using the web application, and the web application requires to read a specific file (and in my case, I use StreamReader), I've noticed that the any other instance of the web application would have an exception error when trying to read a file. How do you handle this? And how about when it comes to writing to the same file (if possible)?

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Loading (several) Multiple Instances Of Crystal's ReportDocuments In Memory

Aug 25, 2010

I'm having trouble loading (several) multiple instances of crystal's ReportDocuments in memory. Using the following code:

Dim sRPT As New ReportDocument
Dim sRPTs As New List(Of ReportDocument)
For i = 0 To 100
Dim sClone As ReportDocument = sRPT.Clone
Console.WriteLine("RPT Clonado " & i.ToString())

when I reach the 74th instance, the Refresh() call throws a "Report Load failed" exception. Furthermore, the same exception happens even directly calling the .Load(path) method, and affects all ReportDocumetns within the application, regardless the RPT file I'm loading/refreshing.

I'm currently using Crystal XI R2, but testing this code with the v12 assemblies (CR 2008) ended with the same problem. Has anyone ever stumbled with something like this? The reason for all this instances is a report caching for multiple rpt files, per user, and will most likely stay as it is if there is a not-so-nasty workaround for this problema.

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AJAX :: Multiple Instances Of A Same Usercontrol With Javascript Pageload Method

Nov 15, 2010

I have a usercontrol that wprks fine as along as one instance is on a pageut as soon as i have two instances of it nothing works. I figured out that it could be the pageload function that adds handler for keydown and other that is the cause.As each instance is reproducing the same javascript in the viewsource.So can you tell me how can i make the usercontrol that it can have multiple nstances that have their own javascript pageload

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Turning A Single Instance Web Application Into Multiple Instances - Concept?

Feb 11, 2010

Here is a conceptual questions that I was going over the last few days. I have a simple application that I want to turn into a hosted solution.

My take on it is that in a sense each record in the database would have its own ID representing the hosted instance of the application, rather

than installing the application each time a new one is needed. Then I can easily differentiate between the instances, however I don't want to

store the instance ID in a session (bad for URL back links etc.) and don't really want to add it as part of the URL.

What would you suggest ?

Another part of the question would be how to pragmatically create a sub-domain representing the application instance, however that's a

Whole different question J

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Security :: Single Sign On Among Multiple Instances Of Classified Starter Kit?

Mar 30, 2011

I am using classified starter kit for various purposes like for business listing,classified listing and event listing.These are 3 independent application with their membership information stored in their independent database.I have used this 3 listings in a portal .I need a single sign on now.

I tried to do with machinekey & cookie .This way user able to login but as there is no record in that database for that user.So even if he post anything in that application it stores memberid field as zero. So in this case what should be done. i am stuck here since few weeks.

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