Web Forms :: Need Mathematical Captcha Image Verification

Sep 15, 2012

how you have implemented mathematics type captcha in comments sections in URL...I like to implement this type of captcha security, its more clean and user friendly.

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How To Use The Captcha Image Verification In C#

Dec 26, 2010

how can i use CAPTCHA Image Verification in C#

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Web Forms :: Word / Image Verification For Security?

May 5, 2010

anyone have link or code to create image / word verification? i want to use this on my contact form to avoid spamming and better security. i've not found anything useful on net.

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Web Forms :: How To Add Captcha Image Validation

Jun 23, 2012

I want to have the captcha image validation where users need to enter the text shown in image.

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Web Forms :: Image Show / Captcha Show Only One Image That Created For First Time?

Mar 4, 2010

i have a image control that show Captcha...

Problem:in the Host(not local system) Captcha show only one image that created for first time,but in my local system every things is right,and captcha change for every page load...

i think image can't find server folder address and always show first produced image!!!

see code:


where is the problem?

notice:when i see server "Upload" folder and "AddIntuitionReflexRandom.gif" file,content change truly,but that can't show in my image.

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Web Forms :: Bind Image Control With Captcha From Generic Handler Using JQuery

Jul 11, 2012

How can I bind image control with captcha from generic handler using jquery.

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Captcha Image Being Blocked By IIS?

Aug 20, 2010

I'm implementing captcha on my website like the one in [URL]. It is working fine while running on VS2008. However, not when uploaded on IIS. I think the image is being blocked by IIS.. anyone knows how to fix this?

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Web Forms :: Captcha Control Image Not Showing When Forms Authentication Is Used

Aug 18, 2015

I am using the ASPNET_Captcha control for my login page. It works fine. However when i implement the forms authentication, the catcha image does not appear. 

Do i need the location section in the web.config file? If yes can you share the details for the same.

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Captcha Image Works In VS2008 But Not Via The Internet ?

Jan 14, 2010

I have a web application running asp.net and SQL Server 2008.

When i run the site within VS2008, the captcha image works fine, but when i run the site via the internet i have no captcha image.

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MVC :: Captcha Image Isn't Being Generated In Production Part?

Dec 9, 2010

I used a custom captha inside my mvc application and it works perfectly fine in local but in production it isn't being generated. why is that?

I used the following statement for saving the image. do you think it is beacuse of that?


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User Controls :: Captcha Control Not Showing Image?

Apr 17, 2012

I have implemented as writeen in the aritcle but the captcha image is not being shown when I run the application.why

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Finding Captcha That Support Mvc Application With Refresh Image Facility

Oct 5, 2010

captcha which supports in MVC application and allow captcha image to refresh with "Genreate new image" link.

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IIS Configuration :: Image Path Not Getting / It Shows Alter Text Captcha

May 7, 2015

I have issue in Mathematical captcha, its not working in IIS,Image path not getting, it shows altertext "Captcha".

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IIS Configuration :: Mondor Captcha Image Not Showing When Deployed In Server

Feb 25, 2016

I have implemented captcha control in my webpage based on the article How to implement Captcha in ASP.Net.

It is working fine when running through the VS IDE, but when i deployed the website in IIS 8 (Windows 8.1) server the captcha image does not show. 

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AJAX :: HTTP Generic Handler For Captcha Image Not Working Inside Update Panel

Mar 23, 2013

I tried this link to generate verification Image [URL] ..... It works fine.

But I'd like to put a button in page for regenerating captcha for example. When the image was unreadable for user.

So I put an updatepanel in page and this is my code:

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
<tr> <td colspan="2">
<asp:Image ID="imCaptcha" ImageUrl="~/Captcha.ashx" runat="server" />

[Code] .....

Although the image changes but the whole page is refreshed. Whether this is due to incompatibilities httphandler and updatepanel?

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Security :: Login From Verification Email. Skip Login.aspx From Verification Email?

Mar 11, 2011

Does anyone know if its possible to log someone into a site from their verification email? I don't want to take them to the login page from their email.

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Forms Data Controls :: Perform Mathematical Equation On A Field?

Mar 17, 2010

Is there a way to perform a mathematical equation on a field which has been EVAL'd in a gridview?


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Update A Gridview Footer With A Mathematical Operation

Jan 12, 2011

I have two textBox, one button and one gridview. In one texbox, I enter a value, click the button to add this entry to the gridview and the footer is computing the sum as i add more entries to the gridview.

I also have a textbox outside the gridview that will hold an amount, now I want to perform an operation like...(txtOutsideGridview - gridviewEntry1 - gridviewEntry2), and display the result of this operation inside the footer of the gridview, instead of the sum. How do I go about doing this?

So far all I have been able to do is sum up the total of entries within the Gridview, but that is not my desired operation...here is what my current code looks like


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How To Use Mathematical Symbols In Application

Jan 10, 2011

IS it possible to use mathematical symbols in asp.net application.

I am developing a online assessment web application. In that I need to use mathematical sysmbols as question and the user also should be able to use that symbols.

Is it possible? Is any other third party editor is required?

Can I store that symbols into MS SQL database?

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How To Encrypt The Url In A Mathematical Approach

Aug 25, 2010

I am looking into the possibility of shortening / encrypting a url which will be from 150 to 250 characters in length to maximum 12 characters using an algorithm. Initially I am doubting it's possible but I wanted to leverage the great minds of StackOverflow :)

the algorithm should be one that can be written in classic asp, sql, c#, vb, or foxpro or other language.

Is that even possible without a database centric approach?

I was reading here that AES in CFB mode, will do a stream cipher and the output length will be the same as the input length. Is there any way to shorten it even more?

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Converting Strings For Mathematical Calculations?

Jul 15, 2010

I'm new to .NET and converting and proper way to convert strings to other values. Specifically, here is a situation I'm facing:

I'm returning two values from a datasource as strings. One values is a representation of a span of time, and another is a count of how many attempts to access a system took place within the span of time.

Given these parameters (for example):

Span of time: 00:01:00
Attempts: 13

I'd like to calculate a third value that shows how many seconds each attempt to connect took place during that span of time. This involves converting the time span to seconds and then dividing by attempts. Where I am getting lost is with the conversion of types. I know the span of time needs to be converted to a date, reduced to seconds, then converted to a number to be divided by the attempts field, also converted to a number.

I've been playing around with code segments like this all morning to no avail:

Dim thisTime As String = "00:01:00"
Dim thisAttempts As String = "13"
Label1.Text = thisTime
Label2.Text = thisAttempts
Label3.Text = Math.Round(Integer.Parse(Convert.ToDateTime(Label1.Text)) / Integer.Parse(Label2.Text), 2)

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How To Add Mathematical Formula Editor To Website

Dec 13, 2010

Any open source javascript mathematical formula editor to recommend? I want to add mathematical formula editor to my web site, so that when people submit message using text box, they can insert related mathematical formula.

BTW: I am using VSTS 2010 + C# + .Net 4.0 + ASP.Net + IIS 7.0, any such controls provided by MSFT?

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How To Create An Editor For Mathematical And Sceintific Equations

May 27, 2010

I want to create an editor for mathematical and Sceintific Equations.

My clients requirement is that he wants to set the Exam for students and need an editor for all mathematical and Scientific equations.

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MVC :: To Perform Mathematical Operations Within A .aspx View?

Jan 14, 2011

Is it possible to perform mathematical operations within a .aspx View.? for example..lets say i have a total number of pencils of say 100. and i have 12 students on a data table with his or her name, and the number of pencils she has

Student Name: Pencil #

John 10

Sarah 12

Linus 19

But while rendering the view i want to calculate the Percentage of pencils one student possesses out of the total. (John would have 10% of the total 100 pencils)

How would i just perform this basic math operation, and encode the result into the view. I know i need to store the 100, and divide by each count of pencils for each student within the foreach loop. but i keep getting 0. This seems very elementary i know.. Help would be very appreciated. Google seems to have nothing for me.

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Web Forms :: Email Verification Link Not Working?

Jul 3, 2012

when a user registers himself on my website i send a confirmation email to the user.when the user clicks on the link in email he is supposed to be redirected to a verified page.but instead he is redirected to the home page of the website.but when the user copy pastes the link then it is working fine.the above scenario is working fine on my local machine but not on the server.


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