C# - Password Validator For MembershipProvider?

Nov 23, 2010

I would like to validate a password field for creating / updating users in asp.net (.net 3.5). The password will be used for a MembershipProvider.What is the best way to implement this so that the validation will use the configuration settings of the membership provider? Of course I can just write the code, but this seems like something so fundamental that there must be a drop-in way to do it.[edit] clarified that this is a password field for new users or for changing passwords, so ValidateUser doesn't help.

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C# - Apply Compare Validator For Password And Confirm Password In MVC2?

Oct 15, 2010

how to apply compare validater for password and confirm password in ASP.NET MVC2.

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Regular Expression Password Validator?

Sep 28, 2010

I'm having a hard time trying to create a right regular expression for the RegularExpressionValidator control that allows password to be checked for the following:- Is greater than seven characters.- Contains at least one digit.- Contains at least one special (non-alphanumeric) character.Cant seem to find any results out there too.

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Web Forms :: Password Field Validation Using Custom Validator?

Jan 12, 2010

How can validate Password field using Custom validater control in asp.net 2.0 ?

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Web Forms :: Create A Required Password Validator That Requires?

Jun 14, 2010

create a required password validator that requires: numbers, char, minimun 6 char

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Security :: Change Password Not Functioning / Password Incorrect Or New Password Invalid

Mar 14, 2011

I can recover my password but when I try to change my password to something a bit easier to remember it gives me:

Password incorrect or New Password invalid. New Password length minimum: 7. Non-alphanumeric characters required: 1.

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Forms Data Controls :: Text Validator Case-sensitive / Change The Server-side validator?

Dec 13, 2010

I have a validator on a textbox that validates against a list to ensure that the user doesn't input the same name. When testing it, if I type in the same name including the same case structure, it returns an error. If I change one letter to a different case, it doesn't return an error but rather my SQL server returns a duplicate error. How do I change the server-side validator so that it picks up duplicate names regardless of case?

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Web Forms :: Using Range Validator And Regular Expression Validator For A Text Box?

Dec 31, 2010

I using RangeValidator (0-10)gularExpressionValidator for text box ,Iam using regx for validate numeric characters

But if i enter charcters it will fire both RangeValidator and regx validator eventhoug i am enterd character,

i want to fire both validators seperatly

Here is my code


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Web Forms :: Compare Validator /Range Validator Does Not Work While Using Localization

Oct 27, 2010

I have a requirement of converting existing english form to multi lingual form.I am currently converting english form to spanish form.

Everything works except the date formats.

The range validator is not working in a spanish form but works in a english form.

I have set the maximum and minimum value in page load as below in the english form

Heres how i have set the values


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Web Forms :: Is Using Both A Required Field Validator And A Compare Validator

Mar 1, 2010

When it comes to field validation, when I use a Compare Validator to make sure a date is a date or a numeric field has a number, I must also use a Required Field Validator to make sure there is something actually enetered. In other words, the Compare Validator allows a blank value even though a blank is not a date or number or whatever.

Is using both a Required Field Validator and a Compare Validator the way to do this or is there some way to make the Compare Validator also require input of some kind?

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Web Forms :: Reset Password" Form, The First Text Box Set With TextMode Set To "Password" Is Populated With The Users Saved Password?

Mar 11, 2011

When a user that has their IE set to save passwords hits my "Reset Password" form, the first text box set with TextMode set to "Password" is populated with the users saved password. Understandable, this is not the affect I would like as this is their "old" password. I cannot set the text of a text box with mode set to "Password" (naturally). Does someone know how to suppress or clear this value when IE is saving passwords?

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Does A Custom Validator Have To Be Used With The Validator Callout Extender

Jul 6, 2010

I have a validator callout extender that works, it shows the callout box. But, it does a postback. It didn't do a post back the first time I clicked the button but it did for subsequent times. I read on the AJAX site that a custom validator must be used with this for it to work. I'm currently using this with a required field and regular expression validator. It works, the callout appears, but it doesn't work every time with out the post back.I posted this to see if there is a way to get this to work with a required field and regular expression validator, with out using a custom validator. I'm using the newest release of the toolkit, so I thought the documentation may be old, since the callout is appearing.

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C# - Trying To Unit Test The MembershipProvider?

Nov 21, 2010

I'm trying to unit test the MembershipProvider, however I cant figure out how or whether there is any need for unit testing of it...

My business layer:

public interface IAccountService
MembershipCreateStatus CreateUser(string userName, string password, string email);
public class AccountService : IAccountService
private readonly MembershipProvider provider;
public AccountService() : this(null) { }
public AccountService(MembershipProvider providera)
this.provider = providera ?? Membership.Provider;
public MembershipCreateStatus CreateUser(string userName, string password, string email)
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(userName)) throw new ArgumentException("Value cannot be null or empty.", userName);
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(password)) throw new ArgumentException("Value cannot be null or empty.", password);
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(email)) throw new ArgumentException("Value cannot be null or empty.", email);
MembershipCreateStatus status;
provider.CreateUser(userName, password, email, null, null, true, null, out status);
return status;

The only examples I've found so far requires a "MockMembershipProvider" with a local database setup... seems quite odd to me.

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Custom MembershipProvider With Web Interface And DAL?

Jan 7, 2010

I'm working on an ASP.NET solution with 2 projects. One is the web interface and the other contains my business logic. I'm using LINQ to SQL for my data access in the second project.

Apart of my database, I have a table called Users which holds user information.

I've started to implement a MembershipProvider. I notice that MembershipUser is coupled with MembershipProvider. What is the most correct way of getting my BLL/DAL to talk about Users?
Should I minimally implement MembershipUser and whenever a user calls a method, it will call for eg. GetUserInfo() in my BLL/DAL, to get complete information about the user?

Or should I make the MembershipUser class methods call my custom "Users" class methods (like a wrapper) in the BLL/DAL (this custom users class is not related to linq)?

Or can I somehow extend the Linq to sql class "CFUsers" to extend MembershipUser.

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Can Configure The ResetPassword In C# MembershipProvider

Apr 2, 2010

I have an C# asp.net app using the default Sql MembershipProvider. My web.config has a few settings that control how I'm using this Provider:


The problem I'm running into is that when people reset their passwords, it seems the ResetPassword() method returns a password that is longer than I want and has characters that can be confusing (l,1,i,I,0,O). Furthermore, I'm sending my users an email with a plain-text message and an HTML message (I'm using MailMessage with AlternateViews). If the password has unsafe HTML characters in it, when the email clients render the HTML text the password might be different (e.g. the %, &, and < aren't exactly HTML safe).

I've looked over the "add" element that belongs in the web.config, but I don't see any extra configuration properties to only include certain characters in the ResetPassword() method and to limit the password length.

Can I configure the ResetPassword() method to limit the password length and limit the character set it is choosing from?

Right now I have a workaround: I call ResetPassword() to make sure the supplied answer is correct, and then I use a RandomPassword generator I downloaded off the internet to generate a password that I like (without ambiguous characters, HTML safe, and only 8 characters long) and then I call ChangePassword() to change the user's password after I've already reset it.

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Php - MembershipProvider.GetPassword Algorithm?

Dec 1, 2010

We are converting an ASP site (using DotNetNuke) to a new PHP site. The only thing we have right now is a full export of the existing database. One of the tables is called "aspnet_Membership" and contains the following fields:

Password (looks like base64)
PasswordFormat (always value 2)
PasswordSalt (looks like base64)
PasswordQuestion (always empty)
PasswordAnswer (always empty)

We would like to decode these passwords and hash them to fit our own framework. From what I understand from the .NET documentation these kind of passwords can be decrypted. Is there an algorithm available that can do this or is it more complicated than that? Will it be possible if we create an ASP script on the current server?

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MVC :: Get Reference To Current MembershipProvider?

Aug 5, 2010

Within a controller action, how do I get a reference to the current MembershipProvider? That would be the one specified in web.config as the default provider. I newed up an AccountMembershipService object, but it does not expose the _provider within it.I am not entirely clear on what I want. I want to create a site user in code and then store the UserId as a foreign key in the vendor master of my application. To do that I am thinking I can add a method to my custom membership provider that creates a user and returns the ID of that new user. What I need is be able to get a reference to the custom membership provider in the controller action method.

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Security :: Get The ConnectionStringName Of MembershipProvider?

Nov 12, 2010

i have a class library for membership provider and inherits from System.Web.Security.sqlMembershipProvider

i just want to change somthing in it this class library will work in difrent web form application

i need to get the connectionStringName in web.config where the membership set to work with it.

how can i get the connectionStringName?

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How To Change An Email In The Db User The MembershipProvider

Oct 14, 2010

I need to give a user the ability to change the email of any other user listed in the aspnetdb. I can easily change their password, but I can't get the email to change. I thought that usr.email = [URL] would work, but it doesn't. It doesn't error, but it also doesn't change anything.

This is the basic code:

Dim usr As MembershipUser = Membership.GetUser(userName)
usr.Email = txtEmail.Text

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C# - Implement Custom MembershipUser And MembershipProvider

Apr 4, 2011

I try to implement a Custom MembershipPriver with a Custom MemberShipUser in my own database (with a specifics Users Table Model) : This is ly diffent files:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Security;
using System.Collections.Specialized;
using iTwitter.Models;
public class iTwitterMembershipProvider : MembershipProvider
public override string ApplicationName
get { return _ApplicationName; }
set { _ApplicationName = value; }
public override bool ChangePassword(string username, string oldPassword, string newPassword)
throw new NotImplementedException();
public override bool ChangePasswordQuestionAndAnswer(string username, string password, string newPasswordQuestion, string newPasswordAnswer)
return false;
public override iTwitterMembershipUser CreateUser(string login,
string password,
string email,
string tokenKey,
string tokenSecret,
string twitterUserId,
object providerUserKey,
out MembershipCreateStatus status)
ValidatePasswordEventArgs args = new ValidatePasswordEventArgs(login,


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Access :: Add An Element To Membership For MembershipProvider?

Jan 19, 2011

i am using AccessMembershipProvider in my asp.net project.

I want to add "Address" element to membership.

I added a column "Address" to aspnet_Membership table in ASPNetDB.mdb.

But i can't do other settings.(web.config, configuration,AccessMembershipProvider.cs)

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Security :: Membershipprovider And Requiresuniqueemail=false?

Jun 7, 2010

I'm working with the default asp.net membershipprovider. Now, by default, that requires that all members registere have all unique email-addresses.However, I'd like to override that because, in a code behind of a certain webpage, I do not need emails to be unique.

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Security :: Unit Testing MembershipProvider?

Nov 21, 2010

I'm trying to unit test the MembershipProvider, however I cant figure out how or whether there is any need for unit testing of it...My business layer:


The only examples I've found so far requires a "MockMembershipProvider" with a local database setup... seems quite odd to me.

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WCF / ASMX :: Writing A MembershipProvider That Authenticates Using A Provider?

Jul 6, 2010

I've been wondering how i go about writing a MembershipProvider that authenticates using a WCF Provider. At the moment i have a wcf service that will authenticate a username and password.

I can write my own Membership provider that will authenticate using WCF calls, thats no problem. What i want is to have the WCF as the actually provider.

Meaning in the web.config file i just put the WCF service as the MembershipProvider. Or is this not possible or not the way this is to be done.

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.net - How To Control MembershipProvider Instance Creation / Lifetime

Nov 16, 2010

I have registered a custom MembershipProvider class in my Web.Config file. I'm using Inversion Of Control using Castle Windsor and I have registered my custom MembershipProvider class as transient (because it's using a service that's transient as well).

This means that I want the Membership provider instance recreated on every web request. Currently, it is created only once per application domain so when it tries to access the service it depends on, that service instance is reused while it is not supposed to.

Now I need to find a way of having Windsor control the lifetime of my custom MembershipProvider but I don't know how. I expected a factory sitting around somewhere in the .NET Framework, allowing me to override the instance creation and rerouting it to Windsor but I can't find anything alike.

By the way, I'm using .NET 4.0.

UPDATE: Here's some of my code so you can see what I'm doing exactly:


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