Css File Cache Dot Being Cleared After New Version Uploaded To Server?

Nov 24, 2010

i uploaded a new version of my website. and some users complained that they see some page i changed very very wrong. anyway after a refresh they see it fine. i think its because my css file got cached by them on an earlier time...why isnt the browser downloading the css file by himself on first load?..

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Determine Excel .XLSX Version From Uploaded File

Aug 10, 2010

In my application I've allowed users to upload Excel 2003 .xls files, and import them into a Gridview. This has been working fine using the following connection string:


Now my users are using Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010, I need to allow the newer file extensions (.XLSX) to be accessible too.

Therefore, within the connection string above I presume I could change the Excel version from 8.0 to 9.0 or 10.0 respectively, but is there much difference between Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 files?

If so, is it possible to 'detect' the Excel file version so that I can use the appropriate connection string to read the data from the files?

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SQL Server :: Upload The Time That The File Was Uploaded T

Nov 6, 2010

How can you upload the time that the file was uploaded to the database?

And how to show the results that are made that day?

"SELECT x,y,z aspnet_Upload WHERE Date = @Date"; ??

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File Upload - Exception In Deleting Image Uploaded To The Server?

Jul 30, 2010

In asp.net, we have uploaded a .jpeg file and saved this as bitmap image using following code

HttpPostedFile uploadFile;
System.IO.Stream stream = uploadFile.InputStream;
using (System.Drawing.Image imgSource = System.Drawing.Bitmap.FromStream(stream))
System.Drawing.Image.GetThumbnailImageAbort myCallback = new System.Drawing.Image.GetThumbnailImageAbort(ThumbnailCallback);
using (System.Drawing.Image imgThumbnail = imgSource.GetThumbnailImage(imgSource.Width, imgSource.Height, myCallback, IntPtr.Zero))
imgThumbnail.Save(filePath, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);

After upload, if we perfrom delete operation it throws error. We are following code to do so;

if (File.Exists(filePath))

The exception says:The process cannot access the file 'abc.jpg' because it is being used by another process.

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Custom Server Controls :: How To Programmatically Cache A Server Control And Add A Cache Dependency?

Feb 11, 2011

I have a server control that I developed which generates navigation based on a third party CMS API. Currently I am caching this control using the PartialCaching attribute. The CMS uses cache key dependencies to invalidate the cache when a user makes an edit, however in the case of my server control it does not get invalidated and the updated navigation will not show up until the cache expiration set by the PartialCaching attribute.Here is my two part question:

What is the proper way to programmatically cache a server control, without using the PartialCaching attribute, and adding a cache key dependency?

Is it possible to continue to use the PartialCaching attribute and add a cache key dependency?

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DataSource Controls :: Version 661. This Server Supports Version 655

May 22, 2010

I have Visual Studio 2008 installed on this workstation with SQL 2000, 2005 Express, 2008 Express and I think 2008 R2 (not sure if that is a version itselve or not)

I will call that workstation HOME

I created some tables in SQLEXPRESS through VS2008.

I worked on this project on another workstation that I just installed VS2008 annd SQLEXPRESS 2008 and I know that was R2

Installed Visual Studio 2010 trial edition between the thiem I made the tables on HOME and tonight for the first time since that install

I am now getting the "cannot be opened becuase it is version Version 661. This Server supports version 655..."

What to do now?

I can opened SQLExpress 2008 management studio and it is running.

So is my SQL 2000. The problem seems to be that after the VS2010 install neither VS2008 or VS2010 can connect to the SQLExpress 2008

What do I do now?

I can't remove sql 2000 because it is tied to several 3+ gig databases that will not work in Express.

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SQL Server :: How To Open An Sdf File With SQL Management Studio 2008 / Incompatible Database Version

Dec 23, 2010

I usually use WebMatrix to manage my database (sdf file). I wonder if it can be possible to manage this database with SQL Management Studio 2008? When I try to open it with SQL Management Studio 2008 I get the error:

Incompatible database version. What's wrong?

BUT When I create a new sdf database with SQL Management Studio 2008, I have no problem for open it again with SQL Management Studio 2008 but if I try to open it with WebMatrix it doesn't work...(server not found?)

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Architecture :: Distributed Caching / Keeping Cache In Sync Between Multiple Webservers Or Even Better Farm Cache Management To Another Server?

Feb 26, 2010

I've got a web application that runs of a state server. It looks like soon it may need to distributed and there will be two web servers behind a load balancer.

This works great for session state but my next challenge is Cache

My application leverages heavily of cache. I understand ASP.Net 4.0 will be offering more here but nothing much has been said about the how too.

There are two challenges that I face

1). Each webserver will have its own copy of cache whereas it would be more efficient to put this to a third server the same as session state is put to state server.

2). The real challenge is keeping cache in sync if a simple dataset derived from the database is changed my code dumps that cache item and reloads the cache. That's all well on one webserver but webserver number two wont know to drop that particular cache item and reload it. This could cause some unexpected problems in the application.

For scenario number 2 I could attempt to do some smart coding so server number two knows to dump the cache and reload it.

My guess is someone else has already been here before and there's probably a better implementation approach rather than writing extra code.

Does anyone know how I could achieve the goal of keeping Cache in sync between multiple webservers or even better farm Cache management to another server?

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Web Forms :: How To Get The Full File Path In Of The Uploaded File In FileUpload Control

Jul 17, 2012

How to get the full path of the file that is selected using the fileuploader.

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Getting The Full Path Of The File Uploaded Using HTML Inputfile Type To Read The Content Of The File?

May 20, 2010

I would like to use HTML input file type in my aspx page to allow user to browse for a excel file and then read the content of the excel sheet programmatically.If I want to read the excel sheet I need the full path of the file to connect to the excel sheet using asp.net.I do not understand how can I get the full path of the file.I know I can get the filename using postedFile.FileName property.But I need the full path of the file.

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Web Forms :: How To Check File Length Uploaded By Fileupload Control, In Case If File Size Is Greater Then 4 Mb

Jul 26, 2010

i am uploading a file through file upload control , file size has greater then 4 MB, I have to give the proper alert msg to the user that file size exceeding the limit.how to do it , because at server side it is crashed on the IIS and not return to the server to check the file size validation.that how it is possible to validate the file size and give the proper alert messege

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How To Calculate The File Size Of Uploaded File

Jan 14, 2010

I need to calculate the file size of uploaded file in order to catch System.Web.HttpException: Maximum request length exceeded.

This is my code


I changed the file size in web.config.

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="10240" />

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Keep Uploaded File Name?

Mar 6, 2011

I want to keep the uploaded file name to make it possible to users to download the file under the same name. But how can I implement it? The one option I see is to store each file to folder with unique name (GUID, for example).

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MVC :: How To Download The Uploaded File

Mar 1, 2011

how to download the uploaded file

I have used this in .aspx page...

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Vreate URL To Uploaded File?

Jan 27, 2010

I have a web form that uploads files by <asp:FileUpload> control. It uploads files to any folder on the disk (path to uploads can change in web.config, for example "c:UploadedFiles"). After file has been uploaded I need to show a link on the WebPage to download this file.

How it's possible create a link to this file (or what is another solution) on the web page if my website is in completely different place!?

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Get Date Of Uploaded File?

Dec 24, 2010

Can anybody gives me the codes to get the date for upload file in asp.net(vb)

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Work With An Uploaded File In .NET?

Mar 18, 2011

I need to create a custom web control which will be a part of a class library. This custom web control implements the upload functionality. I have implemented this with a web user control where I have a fixed path to a page in the web project where the upload of files take place and it works just fine.

The created control in this class library is used in the web project. How do I post the uploaded file to a page, say SomeClass.cs, in the class library.

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SQL Server :: This Version Of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Can Only Be Used To Connect To SQL Server?

Jan 20, 2011

I have SQL Server 2005 in my computer.I am using SQL Server 2005 for Development.

I can connect to my local & "COMPAQSQLEXPRESS" Server.

But while connecting to Remote Server i m getting the following error

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to x.x.xxx.xx.


This version of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can only be used to connect to SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 servers. (ConnectionDlg)



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Web Forms :: "Incorrect Syntax Near The Keyword File" Error When Storing Uploaded File Into Db?

Dec 15, 2010

Actually i am trying to storing the uploaded file into database but when i run this codes:


I got this error: " Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'File'.Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'File'. " can anybody tell me why this error came out?I tried toi change my connection string in web config,but it still showing the same error each time i run it in my local.

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How To Prevent Exe File From Being Uploaded In A Website

May 11, 2010

how to prevent exe file from being uploaded in a website , even if exe file is inside zip file( exe file in a new folder and new folder is then zipped and uploaded)?

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Getting URL Of Uploaded File By FileUpload Control?

Dec 3, 2010

i'me developing an ASP.NET application and it includes a FileUpload control, an object to show content of a format and a button to do functions. I want that when I upload the file, it will be shown in the object and for this reason i want to know the method to get the URL of the uploaded file.

This is the code:


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Get Thumbnail From The Uploaded Flv Video File?

May 28, 2010

is there any method on showing the image for the uploaded video files which are in flv format? i saw all the video in youtube got show the image of the video. how to do it?

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Configuration :: File Uploaded To FTP Is Empty?

Feb 15, 2011

I was trying to copy file to ftp via in my asp.net application... I did it successfully, however; when I open the copied file it is empty, I checked the properties aswell and its showing 0kb.

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Linking To Uploaded File With Spaces?

Feb 11, 2011


Linking to Uploaded File with Spaces

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Databases :: Csv File Uploaded But Cannot Be Imported Into Sql

Nov 1, 2010

I want to upload csv file and import the data into sql. but I cant do the import thing. The file is uploaded but it cannot be imported into sql. This is my code. Hope that someone can tell me what is the problem.


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